Journey of dreams to literary St. Petersburg

Journey of dreams to literary St. Petersburg

trip to St. Petersburg

A trip to St. Petersburg with a visit to the museum-apartments of favorite poets and writers.

The program of the trip was written for the contest 30 000 rubles for a dream trip organized by the site MAKE-TRIP.RU. The challenge was to come up with an original idea and route for the trip and to keep within 30 000 rubles for the flights. The best texts of the participants will be published in a separate rubric.

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Author: Anna Pestova .

Imagination is capable of transporting us in the blink of an eye to any place we think of.

My friend, the longing to travel has taken hold of me again. I took your universal message as a good omen. Perhaps I will be the hero whose name you will call at the end of spring.

I know you have no time at all, so I will be brief. I have one happy habit: I love to read. Maybe you, my faithful listener, can help me greatly expand my acquaintance with those with whom I spend my nights by the light of an energy-saving lamp! I want to give myself to a journey through the city of “good, magical people,” “fervent confessions and splashing water,” “copper riders” and “endless rain.” I want to go to St. Petersburg.

But “…except the sky and the Neva,/ The expanse of squares, sprawling foliage,/ And except the statues and bridges, and dreams of power…” I also want to visit places first of all that have become the source of inspiration for my re-read poems and novels. First of all, my invaluable friend, I’ll go to the museum-apartment of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, which is located on the embankment of the Moika. And then I’ll go to the Lyceum Museum. Do you think I’ll stop there? Oh, no. At the “Bronze Horseman” monument I’ll read in a languid voice poems from the book, which will be waiting for me on a dusty shelf in my small apartment:

I love you, Peter’s creation,

I love your stern, slender appearance,

The Neva’s sovereign currents,

Its coastal granite…

And I will read and read, And leave Senate Square among the last.

And a new day, and God-inspired weather. And I do not stop dreaming. I go to live the life of another great man. I am a guest of Alexander Blok, in his house on Decembrist Street, where he lived for 9 years. I traced the outline of his face with the tip of my finger and I notice that his portrait radiates a magical charm. I’ve never seen eyes like that before.

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Completely absorbed in my dream, I go to the cafe. There I wait for her. “And slowly, walking among the drunks,/ Always without companions, alone,/ Breathing perfumes and mists,/ She sits by the window.” Yes, in St. Petersburg I must meet my friend, to whom I must surely dedicate a poem by A. Blok.

Oh, dear wish-fulfillment, I close my eyes. I flit through the streets of St. Petersburg. I open my eyes. And there’s my tiny crib-room, and I’m in an old stretchy sweater. It is very cold in Krasnoyarsk today. On the table is a shabby book, passed down to me from my great-grandmother. “The stuffiness, crowding, lime, wood, bricks, dust, and that peculiar stench of summer, so familiar to every Petersburger who cannot afford a dacha… The unbearable stench of booze-houses, of which there are many in this part of the city, and drunks, who every minute were caught, despite the busy hour, completed the hideous and sad coloring of the picture. This is how Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky describes the city of my dreams in his book Crime and Punishment. Eh, if I were in St. Petersburg, I couldn’t resist visiting the Dostoevsky Memorial Literary Museum in the house on Kuznechny Lane.

I am in unspeakably joyful anguish, imagining myself a part of St. Petersburg. But I remember, my friend, that you listened to me very patiently and that it is time for you to go. Ah yes, let me say one last thing. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I’m an elementary school teacher, as well as all the other days. Tomorrow I’m reading a poem to the children:

And she followed me, followed me

Along Sadovaya Street, along Sennaya Street.

To the Tauride Garden,

I jumped over the fence,

And she’s after me

And she bites like a she-wolf.

These lines are from “Moidodyr.” The washcloth was born in St. Petersburg. I wish my route were like that: along Sadovaya, along the Seine…

Did you like my letter? “A good performer must be rewarded”, that’s what I always tell my students.

I wish you unforgettable adventures, uninterrupted successes and victories, my friend with the name MAKE-TRIP.

Literary excursions in St. Petersburg.

Excursion-quest in Tsarskoye Selo

In this quest-walk you will see the pranks of lyceum students, poems of great Pushkin, intrigues of the royal court and the luxury of Catherine the Great’s Park. In an easy-to-play format, collecting clues and clues, kids will learn about the history and the main attractions of Tsarskoye Selo, solve the riddles of the Empress, perform tasks at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and – step by step – collect the map, which will lead to the treasure! Learn more.

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Literary Petersburg. The classics alive on the streets of the city

What streets did Major Kovalev’s nose walk through? Why Raskolnikov could only live in St. Petersburg? Our author’s walk – about the Northern capital, which created the great writers. You’ll recall their lines and walk through the center of the city, gala and not so gala, across squares, alleys and bridges, where even today hovers the spirit of the Golden Age of literature. Read more.

Petersburg of Dostoevsky: author's walking tour with a member of the Writers Union

Russia is part of the world’s culture, first and foremost, thanks to its literary classics. That’s why studying their works is always a mystery of touching something that was recognized as the heritage of mankind. Behind the tour that I am inviting you to, there is a lot of research, and articles have been published and television programs have been made on its materials. We will talk about the city in the life and books of Dostoevsky. And about the life of the writer, as reflected in the pages of his great novels. Read more.

In the works of Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg is not just the background, but their full-fledged character. On my tour you will walk along the places where the main events of Crime and Punishment unfolded. The symbols and references hidden in the text will make the walk look like a quest full of unexpected discoveries. I promise that on this tour you will feel as if you are on the pages of the novel. Read more.

Gogol and Dostoevsky in the City on the Neva River

St. Petersburg is an amazing city for Russian culture. On its streets you can find houses where not only Russian classics lived, but also the characters of their great works. You’ll walk along the places where the events of Crime and Punishment and The Nose unfolded, you’ll imagine Gogol and Dostoevsky wandering in the same streets, and you’ll look at the Northern Capital as if it were the 19th century. Read more.

Petersburg: History and Poetry

St. Petersburg has inspired and amazed more than one generation of writers, poets and travelers with its magnificence. I’ll read Pushkin’s and Esenin’s masterpieces, tell you about the history of the main squares and show you the city’s calling cards: the Admiralty, the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Bronze Horseman. I’ll share the local secrets and help you feel the beauty of the northern capital. Learn more.

Petersburg of Dostoevsky

The lives of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky and his characters are intertwined extremely closely: they lived in the same neighborhoods, walked the same streets, walked the same taverns. Is it any wonder, then, that there’s a neighborhood in the city that’s called “Dostoevsky’s Petersburg”? You’ll walk its famous landmarks, trying to spot the incredibly thin line between the writer’s imaginative world and the reality of the 19th century, the time when Fyodor Mikhailovich lived, fell in love, suffered, and took risks. Read more.

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Gogol's Guide: a literary tour around St. Petersburg

Studying the works of a classic is the mystery of touching that which is recognized as the heritage of mankind. During this tour we will compare the real St. Petersburg of the time of Nicholas I and the capital from Gogol’s books – to understand how the writer’s life flowed into his novels. You will discover what his works were made of, see where his characters lived, and look at the city through the eyes of the great writer. Read more.

In places of Dovlatov

All of Dovlatov’s life in Leningrad took place in the vicinity of Vladimirskaya Square and “Five Corners”, washed by the waters of the Fontanka River. I will tell you about a room in a communal apartment, which is generally associated with the writer’s happy childhood, and the apartment in the courtyard-well, where he spent the worst weeks of his life awaiting arrest. You will make a rich and memorable journey through the neighborhoods where Dovlatov loved to roam and where his characters continue to live. Read more.

Literary Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad

The center of St. Petersburg was home to some of Russia’s greatest writers and poets. We will walk through the same streets where Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Akhmatova, Mayakovsky and Brodsky left their feet. Read more.

Brodsky and Dovlatov in Leningrad

The stories and fates of Brodsky and Dovlatov overlap in many respects: both did not intend to fight against the authorities – they simply tried not to notice them; one was in prison, the other guarded prisoners; both were forced to leave for America, where they found fame. Both did not return to their homeland. But many places and addresses remained in St. Petersburg, glimpsed in their texts, recollections of acquaintances, commemorative plaques. Brodsky and Dovlatov’s Leningrad did not disappear, nor did they themselves, dissolving in the poetry and prose imbued with the spirit of the gray city. Read more.

Addresses of Love of the Silver Age

Silver Age is the time of the magnificent flowering of art, historical cataclysms and turbulent novels! You’ll visit the places that witnessed passionate meetings and love triangles of great Russian poets and artists, and learn the most unexpected details of their private lives. Read more.

Alexander Blok and St. Petersburg

My tour will immerse you in the history of St. Petersburg and the fate of the amazing poet of the Silver Age – Alexander Blok, in which there was a place for fateful events, strange coincidences and accidents. You’ll walk along the streets where he lived and visited, see and imagine the images that inspired his work. And the poems of the poet will be the key to the mysteries of St. Petersburg, the special aura that permeates each of Blok’s works. Read more.

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Literary Paths on Vasilyevsky Island

Ready to walk on the pages of the masterpieces of world literature through three centuries? We’ll set out for Vasilyevsky Island, a special place on the map of St. Petersburg and a veritable “city within a city. We will walk its front lines and peek into the atmospheric alleys, uncover the details of 19th century life and marvel at the unfinished stories about the artists, duelists and poets of the Silver Age. Read more.

To better know and understand our Russian genius, let’s try to see the world through his eyes. You’ll walk through Tsarskoe Selo, see where the poet studied, lived and worked, and learn why his dacha neighbor pulled the curtains. You’ll see scenes from famous Pushkin’s works – and then you’ll see the voluminous, vivid image of Alexander Pushkin. Read more.

Petersburg classics: boat trip with audioguide

We invite you to take a walk along the most “Petersburg” route – the Griboyedov Canal, that unites a whole bunch of literary addresses and monuments of the city. You’ll comfortably accommodate up to 11 guests on the boat “Da Vinci” and sail along the most beautiful embankments, see the houses of Sonia Marmeladova and the old money-launderer, and listen to an audio guide. Learn more.

What does the notion of the Capital of Culture consist of? We’ll walk through the cultural puzzle of literature, music, theater, and painting over the last 100 years and spice it all up with the habits of St. Petersburg’s citizens. I’ll show you where some of St. Petersburg’s greatest authors have lived and worked, where rock legends have gathered, and where contemporary artists continue to beautify the city’s skyline. Read more.

We admire Dostoevsky together

“Man is a mystery. If you’ve been solving it all your life, don’t say you’ve wasted your time. I am engaged in this mystery, for I want to be human.” – Dostoevsky formulated his creative credo at the age of 18 with this thought. What distinguishes a gifted author from other people? How are the character and life of a writer related to his works? You will think about this and get to know Dostoevsky as a Man, a Citizen, and a Writer. Read more.

Chicherin House and Literary Cafe: art and merchants

My author’s program is devoted to the Chicherin Mansion (Talion Hotel), and the “Literary Cafe” – a restaurant where Pushkin used to be. We will look at these buildings in the context of the famous Eliseev merchant dynasty. I will tell their true story as a researcher-biographer, share curious facts and focus on the details of the halls. Read more.

Masterpieces were written here: a literary tour of St. Petersburg

The architecture of St. Petersburg hides many cultural layers, and this time we’re going to talk about literature. We will visit three literary and historical dimensions at once: the gloomy Petersburg of Dostoevsky, the gala Petersburg of Pushkin and the absurd Petersburg of Gogol. Walk from the Bronze Horseman to Sennaya along the same roads that were used by Raskolnikov and Sonya Marmeladova, Onegin and Eugene from The Bronze Horseman, Major Kovalev’s nose and the “chukha nymphs” from Nevsky Prospekt.

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Everything was great. The organizer came on time, led an interesting story. Our child was very interested and learned a lot of new and interesting things about Catherine Palace. Thank you so much.

Excellent tour, very interesting and informative, both we adults and children aged 11 and 14 were fascinated. Catherine is a very nice girl, she tells calmly with examples and facts, she keeps pausing and interested, gives the opportunity to admire the views, if necessary to be photographed. The 2 hours flew by unnoticed, I wanted to walk around the park and listen to the guide. For children were nice surprises and gifts, which was also a lot of joy. Many thanks! Definitely next time we will use the services of Catherine.

We were sorry, that our guide was not Lyudmila. We liked both the route and the content of the quest, and the guide had extensive knowledge. But something didn’t work out very well. Maybe the speech of the guide – slow and full of phrase “So to speak.

An entertaining tour for different-aged and different-sex children is difficult. Interests are different, the level of knowledge is also different: one thinks he is smarter than everyone else, the second has barely learned to read. How to get them involved? Preferably both. An almost insurmountable task for parents, but Ludmila Petrovna was able to cope with it. The promised (and found) treasure not only turned out to be a pleasant surprise, but also kept the couple in line. Scraps of the map, which had to be found by solving charades, looking for clues on historic buildings, reciting poems, and playing CHGK, became the “treasure road.” Three hours of searching, mind work, burning eyes, and enthusiastic and involved tour guide, teacher, and guide. I am absolutely sure that they will remember this tour and the knowledge that the teacher passed on to them, and if something is forgotten, the next such tour will be a welcome joy, not a chore. I desperately recommend it to parents of our age group (ages 5 and 9).

During the tour we were told where else to go to see something (look outside or in the building). Also during the tour we had small games with questions. During the quest we were looking for a treasure and at the end of the game got small gifts. I liked it very much Lyudmila Petrovna. Xiusha 10 years old

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