July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries for travel in 2022

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022 - Vyasan Magazine

Despite some restrictions, a vacation abroad is still possible. And this does not mean that you have to pay a tidy sum for the trip. Among the destinations available to Russians, there are cheap countries for vacation in 2022. And saving on costs does not mean saving on experiences.

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Abkhazia: the beauty of nature and gastronomic paradise

Despite the fact that this is a budget destination, the country is able to fascinate with the diversity of nature. There is the sea, the mountains, alpine meadows and protected forests. Even the beaches are unusual – with white cliffs of limestone, which residents call “marble. And for dessert – the beauty of mountain lake Ritsa, which overflows with different shades of blue, from blue to emerald. Tourists call it “dreamy” because of the unusual water and the mirror reflection of the snowy mountains.

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia

In Abkhazia you can become a real explorer. The ruins of the ancient city Dioscuria in the depths of the sea near the coast, the underground lakes and corallite stone flowers in the New Athos karst cave, horseback rides to a medieval temple and a waterfall in the Pitsundo-Musser Reserve – every day of the trip can become special.

Even the taste of Abkhazia is beautiful – there are feasts with wine and delicious dishes like achash (pie with cheese) and akurma (lamb stew with herbs and spices).

To visit Abkhazia, you only need a Russian passport and no coronavirus certificate.

Suitable period for a trip is from May to September, but the country is interesting all year round. Budget holiday – at the end of spring, when prices are low, and the weather is suitable for bathing and excursions.

Prices in Abkhazia
Trip by transport 22 р.
Average bill at a local cafe 230 р.
Bottle of water 0,5 l. 32 р.
Loaf of bread 30 р.

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Turkey: a cheap Mediterranean destination

A tour to Turkey will cost from 40 thousand rubles per person

Turkey, especially at the beginning of the season and in September (Indian Ocean season) is cheaper than other Mediterranean destinations. And the famous “all-inclusive” format reduces the amount of extra expenses.

Prices in Turkey
Average bill in a cafe 200-800 р.
A cup of cappuccino 100 р.
Bottle of water 0,5 l. 17 р.
Public transportation fare 33 р.

Turkey attracts not only by the warm sea and well-groomed beaches but also by its history. The mosques of Istanbul, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, rocks and caves in Cappadocia – there are hundreds of tourist routes with Russian-speaking guides.

To travel to Turkish resorts you need a passport and a certificate of vaccination (Russian “Sputnik V” is allowed). Unvaccinated tourists present a negative PCR test, a certificate of convalescence or a negative antigen test result. There is no quarantine on arrival.

The climate is pleasant throughout the year, but for a beach holiday is suitable from May to September. October is the season for excursions.

We can help you choose a tour to Turkey. Fast, free, with attention to detail. Just tell us how you want to rest.

Presented prices are current at the time of publication with a flight from Moscow, in order to get the actual prices – use the search form.

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Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Egypt: the birthplace of the pyramids

Tour to Egypt starts from 47 000 rub per person

Egypt manages to combine modern service and centuries-old history. The country is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops). Among the local resorts popular is Hurghada – a settlement on the shores of the Red Sea. For entertainment go to Sharm el-Sheikh, where there are many clubs, cafes and luxury hotels. If you are interested in local color, it is worth a rest in Dahab – especially for the excursions to the canyons of colored sands and settlements Bedouin.

Prices in Egypt
Bottle of water 0,5 l. 33 р.
Rice 1 kg 43 р.
Bananas 1 kg 48 р.

There are direct flights (regular and charter) to Egypt. To enter, you will need a certificate of vaccination “Sputnik V” or PCR test.

The best time to travel is from late September to November or from April to early May.

We can help you choose a tour to Egypt. Fast, free, with attention to detail. Just tell us how you want to rest.

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Tunisia: Africa in French

The cost of the tour – from 89 thousand rubles per person.

Planning a vacation in 2022, it is worth considering a trip to Tunisia – the oriental color here is combined with a European approach to service. A trip to Tunisia is an opportunity to see the golden sands of the Sahara, swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and try curative thalassotherapy. The pride of Tunisia is the remains of the ancient city of Carthage, the older brother of Rome.

The country welcomes visitors all year round, but in winter the Mediterranean Sea is not suitable for swimming. The best period for a beach holiday is from early summer to mid-autumn.

Tunisia is a visa-free country for Russians. Period of stay up to 60 days. Now Tunisia accepts certificates of vaccination (“Sputnik V” is among the approved vaccines) and PCR tests, all other tourists are sent to a 10-day quarantine on arrival.

Prices in Tunisia.
Average cafe bill for locals 133 р.
Average bill in a tourist cafe 1116 р.
A cup of cappuccino 76 р.
Bottle of water 0,5 l. 13 р.
Transportation fare 14 р.

Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Armenia: the Land of Mountains and Medieval Monasteries

A weekly tour to Armenia for one person will cost from 22 thousand rubles.

Hospitable southern country is famous for its vineyards and heavenly beautiful nature, but not only. Armenia is called “a museum in the open air” for a reason – there are many ancient temples and other ancient buildings. The country is considered virtually the “cradle of Christianity,” so a trip here will please not only connoisseurs of beauty and comfort, but also history buffs.

Separately, we should mention the national Armenian cuisine. Suffice it to say that the local lavash is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The food in Armenia is inexpensive but very tasty due to the addition of a large number of specific spices, many of which are difficult to find anywhere else but here.

There is no sea in the country but beach rest is developed. In Armenian Highland is located Sevan, the largest lake of Caucasus. The lake is clean and beautifully decorated and there is enough space near the water for everybody.

Prices in Armenia
Baton or a loaf of bread 37 р.
Carbonated water from automatic vending machine 15 р.
Lunch at khinkali, average bill 600 – 900 р.
Transportation fare 14 – 44 р.
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Fresh top 15 cheapest countries to travel to in 2022

Azerbaijan: the Pearl of Transcaucasia

You can go to Azerbaijan from 28 thousand rubles per person.

The country, where Europe and the East meet, attracts tourists with its pleasant climate, picturesque nature and ancient history. Here there are many traditions, ready to reveal their secrets to tourists. Architectural masterpieces of previous centuries, mosques, luxurious hamams are combined in the central region of Azerbaijan with the latest achievements of civilization: the rest will not only be beautiful but also comfortable.

A large number of hotels allows you to choose a convenient location and not to devastate the wallet. Settle in the capital is not necessary: in the periphery also has something to see and enjoy.

Baku is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea (lake) – a huge body of water with comfortable beaches, which are great for swimming for both children and adults.

Azerbaijani cuisine deserves special attention. This is beloved pilaf, dolma, kebab, oriental sweets (baklava, olive and watermelon jam). Here they can cook very juicy meat and grow the most delicious fruits.

Prices in Azerbaijan
Bottle of plain water, 0,5 l. 44 р.
Lunch at local cafe from 350 r.
Average bill in a cafe 800 – 1500 р.
Transportation fare from 7 p.

Some destinations do not yet have direct flights from Russia, but you can get to resorts in these countries with connections in Turkey, Serbia and other transit countries.

Where to go to rest in July 2022 abroad by sea


Vacation at sea is the main and quite affordable way to restore strength, improve physical health and positive emotions. It is the sea air is good for the lungs. And the sight of the sea and the sound of the waves has a calming therapeutic effect.

Where inexpensive to go to rest in July 2022 abroad by sea

July is considered the hottest summer month. The desire to relax by the sea increases at times. For a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation at the seaside resort should take care of its organization in advance.

Avoid the accumulation of tourists will allow you to choose a quiet and not too famous place for a vacation.

The Balkan Peninsula is located at a convenient geographic latitude, where in July the highest temperatures of the sea. The undiscovered Balkans is rich in seaside resorts. Economically advantageous offers due to the lack of an influx of tourists, just beginning to develop the tourism industry.

So, for a vacation in hot July at the sea will suit:

  • Montenegro;
  • Croatia;
  • Slovenia;
  • Albania;
  • Bulgaria.

The most budget-friendly option is Albania. The country has long been behind the iron curtain of communism. Now it is a dynamically developing country with centuries-old traditions, especially exotic for the sophisticated tourist. The airports receiving Russians are:

  • Tirana (Albania);
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia);;
  • Tivat (Montenegro);
  • Sofia (Bulgaria).

To get to the Balkan Peninsula is possible from the capital by direct flights or with connections from the regions of Russia.

Holidays in July 2022 at sea with children

Organizing a vacation with children, it is necessary to consider several basic factors:

  • nutrition;
  • the depth of the sea;
  • The remoteness of the hotel / apartment from the sea;
  • the presence of animation and a sufficient number of entertainment services.

Browsing through the list, you can easily decide where to go on vacation in July 2022 abroad in the sea with a child.

Since the weather in July the best for a vacation with children, about the water temperature does not have to worry. At this period in the sea it is about +25 … +28 ° C.

Where to go to the sea with children in June 2022

Considering your child’s specific interests, age and abilities, it is easy to choose a vacation destination. Resorts in Bulgaria are suitable for vacations with small children: the gentle sandy entrance to the sea, the availability of both hotels and apartments offered for rent, expands the choice with limited economic opportunities. Meals in hotels or cafes are always rich in fresh vegetables.

If a child eats only home-cooked food, it is more profitable to rent an apartment.

If the child is 12-16 years old, it will be more interesting in Croatian resorts. The country has several amusement parks. The youth islands of Pag also organize parties for minors. Natural conditions, mountains, islands, waterfalls, lakes give room for a rich excursion program. The nature reserves Plitvi Lakes, Krk lakes have a convenient infrastructure. It is possible to move around the reserve on wooden bridges or to take a trip by boat.

Extreme parks, rope tours will also be of interest to teenagers. The country is small enough, any entertainment can be arranged regardless of where you live. The beach is stony, which gives the water an even more transparent turquoise color.

In Montenegro and Albania you can organize a vacation for the whole family at sea. The beaches are both sandy and pebbly. The rich history and developed tourist infrastructure will help entertain teenagers. The shallow, warm sea will suit younger children.

Apartments are a good option, meals in the country are inexpensive, it is better to organize it in the nearest cafe. The menu of cafes and restaurants does not differ from home food.

Also in many stores, you can cook fresh fish or meat bought here. Holidays in these countries will be inexpensive and safe.

Slovenia is a small country, hidden from the eyes of the mass tourists. The coast is small, filled with hotel resorts. Organization and infrastructure in this country is higher. Going on vacation with an infant, you do not have to worry about cleaning and cooking at the hotel. Most hotels offer “all inclusive” meals.

Sea with pebble beaches or concrete ramps. A distinctive feature of the coast is its organization:

  • sun loungers;
  • playgrounds for children;
  • well-groomed embankments.

Holidays in Slovenia are much more expensive than other resorts in the Balkans. The proximity to Italy allows for day trips. Organize water excursions to Venice.

Where to have a rest abroad at the sea without a visa

The summer vacations in visa-free countries for Russian citizens simplify its organization and reduce the cost of the trip. You can find the countries that accept Russian citizens without visas at the sites of the consulates of the future vacation destinations.

As a rule, the countries that live off tourism allow visa-free entry in the summer period:

  1. Albania, Bulgaria allow entry into the country for not more than 90 days from April to October on favorable terms.
  2. Favored Turkey provides the opportunity to stay on its territory for 2 months in a row at any time of the year.
  3. The Bulgarian coast is also ready to meet guests without visas during the summer tourist season.
  4. The Kingdom of Thailand offers organized tours without a visa.

It is worth remembering that in July in Thailand, the rainy season.

The best resorts for a vacation at sea in July 2022

Undiscovered countries of the Balkan Peninsula and already favorite resorts in July 2022 are ready to provide their beaches for tourists.

Herceg Novi

In Montenegro, it is worth paying attention to the resort town of Herceg Novi. It is located on the border with Croatia. It is a clean resort with well-developed infrastructure. The beach is a fine pebble. The nearby islands are equipped with sandy beaches (artificial).

Beach vacation in October 2022. Where is inexpensive? Cheap Tours and Tickets

Montenegro is a fairly small country, so any day you can arrange day trips:

  • to the mountains;
  • to the islands;
  • to Dubrovnik;
  • Thematic tours to lakes or mussel farms.

The convenient location of apartments close to the beach allows for vacations with small children.

The resort of Durres sandy beaches. They have sunbeds (included in the hotel price). As such, there is no promenade, the evening entertainment takes place on the sandy beach. There is a small souvenir market, various entertainment activities for children and adults. There are discos for young people. The resort is conveniently located close to the airport (30 minutes from the airport at Tirana).

Also close and the capital itself, where you can have an interesting experience during a walk, seeing how to weave together religions, political structures and modern foundations of the country.

The entertainment center of the resort is the waterfront of the city of Durres itself. On the promenade “Volga” there are:

  • cafes;
  • restaurants with local and Italian cuisine;
  • children’s attractions;
  • lounge bars.

Vlora resort

To the south, in the direction of Greece, is the resort of Vlora. The town visually somewhat resembles Miami with a wide promenade, tall palm trees. The beaches in the area are pebbly – white fine pebbles and shallow entrance to the sea. The main housing stock of the resort – apartments. The town is 2-3 hours from the airport by cab.

There are two resorts in the south of Albania, a favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of northern Scandinavian countries, Saranda and Ksamil. Both are located on the Ionian Sea. Saranda is quite a developed resort town. There are both hotel stock, as well as apartments. A wide promenade for an evening stroll with restaurants and bars of local cuisine.

Saranda is a port city. Every day takes cruise ships and fishing boats. The beach within the city is a narrow strip of gravel embankment – not the best option for recreation, but the nearby beaches make up for this drawback. Between Albania’s two southernmost resorts are organized beaches that have their own parking lot, cafes with opportunities to eat or hide from the sun, and lounge chairs. Prices usually range from 5 to 12 euros, depending on the beach and the location of the sunbed.

Remember that Albania has its own currency (Lek), but the calculations are often in euros.

Ksamil – a place of three islands. Sandy beach (fine fractured white pebbles) was organized artificially. The scenery resembles the Maldives with its clear water. The shallow sea and organized infrastructure will be suitable for holidays with small children. There are water activities:

  • catamarans;
  • bananas;
  • scooters, etc.

There is no hotel fund as such in Xamile. There are apartments and boutique hotels. Travel time from Tirana airport is 4-5 hours. It should be noted that the road network is new and this time passes unnoticed.

One of the reasons to choose resorts in southern Albania is the direct location opposite Greece. In one day (no visa required) you can make an excursion to a neighboring country – it takes only 40 minutes by ferry. The views of the Greek islands of Kerkyra are also noteworthy.

The historical part of the vacation organized on the Ionian coast of Albania does not end at Lekrusi Castle. Nearby is the unique Butrinti National Park. The most important part of the national park is the archaeological site of Butrinti, on the site of an ancient town that appeared in the Iron Age, but was destroyed and abandoned in the Middle Ages. What has been preserved are:

  • city walls;
  • a late antique baptistery;
  • the great basilica;
  • Roman theater;
  • 2 fortresses.
March 2016: where to go on vacation?

Another natural phenomenon (Blue Eye) is located near the resort. It is a fresh lake of turquoise color, in which there is a well.

No one has yet been able to find out its exact depth. Water pushes out with such force that it is impossible to dive deep.

Croatian resort Sibenik

The Croatian resort of Sibenik is located in a small bay. Medieval cozy town provides apartments for a beach holiday. The town’s beach is small, but it has a gentle descent and shallow water. The water temperature is always higher than average on the Adriatic coast, as the beach is in a sheltered bay, there are no waves. Entrance is free. The location near the historic center and the small size of the resort will benefit families and travelers. Distances to the outskirts of the city can be covered in 5-10 minutes.

The Krk national nature reserve with waterfalls is 5 km from the resort. Sea excursions to Croatian islands are organized daily.

The cost of recreation in such a place is much cheaper than the promoted resorts.

Turkish resorts have always been a major destination for tourists from Russia. Alanya, Kemer, Marmaris – developed resort towns, providing a variety of hotel facilities, from three-star to five-star luxury hotels. Prices for such vacations will largely depend on the chosen hotel and type of food. Service Turkish coast is so high that they can provide entire hotels according to:

  • age categories (e.g. hotels 18+);
  • food preferences (vegetarian hotels);
  • religious beliefs.

In July, there is a high percentage of resort attendance. It is necessary to choose hotels with private beaches and large areas, so you can avoid crowds of people. Need to remember about the rocky beaches in the resort area of Kemer, they are not too suitable for a trip with children. You can get as a charter (when buying a package from a travel company), and regular flights.

On a side note!

Paying attention to less well-known Turkish resorts such as Side, Kas, Demre, you can get the same high level of service, warm sea and excellent food for a lower price.


For a more “luxury” vacation you can go to Bodrum. It is a seaside resort in Turkey, which is the center of nightlife in the country. The activities on offer, such as surfing, diving and other extreme water sports, are suitable for young people. Bodrum is surrounded by mountains and orange and tangerine groves, which significantly affects the quality of the air.

The largest discotheque in Europe, recreation on yachts and luxury hotels attract bohemians from all over the world.

Prices for vacations in Bodrum are among the highest in Turkey, as the level of entertainment and service at this resort is much higher.

The pandemic, a long stay in an enclosed space in quarantine affected the mental and physical well-being of people. Vacation in nature, sea air and saturation with vitamin D are not only relevant as entertainment, but also necessary to improve the health of the body. Choosing where to go on vacation in July 2022 abroad, taking into account all the needs and characteristics of a particular case, you can greatly improve your well-being, spiritually renewed, to enjoy the historical value of the resort areas, energized for many months to come.

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