Katekavia airline: passenger reviews

KATEKAvia airlines

Katekavia airline, Boeing 757. It’s the first time I’ve heard such a scary name. I even got scared! I read the reviews on their site, some kind of horror. Who flew, share your impressions?

I flew, all is well. :) There were no delays, the plane was very big, there were lots of toilets, no queues, lots of food, plaid blankets, and a TV show. :)

Went on the plane without delays, it had a long plane, lots of lavatories, no queues, good food, plaid blankets, cinema on TV.

We were flying to Egypt in May. I was scared of the name at first. Everything was fine. On the way there, the flight was delayed by 20 minutes. On the way back, no delays. Everything was great. Food and staff. It’s a subsidiary of Nordwyn, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Went there a week ago, there was a 4 hour delay, and a 2 hour delay back. Plane is big, really doesn’t bug my ears, and the food is good.

[url=http://www.u-mama.ru/forum/family/travel/648536/index.html]katek-avia what kind of “beast” is it? topic from May 12, 2015.[/url] I wrote there about the seating on the 757. Have a great holiday!

I will do everything in my power to never get on board this company. I flew with my mom and my kid from St. Petersburg to St. Petersburg on June 7-14, 2015. I got tired on the way to Antalya: the flight lasted for almost 4 hours, I was fed a bun in a paper envelope, there were constant queues to the restroom with no one rushing to put them in order, all the recycling bins were full! On the way back, my shock increased: the child asked for two drinks, I took one, and the flight attendant said to my mother that the limit in our row was maxed out. And she drives her car faster from us, even though the flight lasted almost 4 hours and there was a ban on carrying passengers’ own liquids in the hand luggage. I could understand it, many companies have to cut costs, but it was a total mess, a shame and disgrace. I recommend everyone to avoid this company, it is dangerous to your health and nervous system.

And here are other reviews http://www.airlines-inform.ru/about_airline/Katekavia/ By the way you can carry water in your hand luggage, which we did. I brought a couple of bottles of baby water. But on the plane, we called the flight attendants and they brought us extra water, poured tea. My friend was taking tea in big mugs, and she got a refill a few times.

Katekavia is a daughter company of Utair, in fact one and the same company, we also fly with them at the end of July in Turkey,

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They are a former UTair, even their logo is still on the plane. We flew to Turkey at the beginning of June, from EKB the flight was delayed for an hour. On the way back the flight was delayed by 3. hours. Without any announcements or explanations. Food is certainly better compared to other companies, but still a 3. The worst thing is the seats on the plane. As in a gazelle-shuttle. There’s very little space. The seat in front is too close. The middle row is hell. When we were just U-terra, it was much better. I flew once and don’t want to anymore.

Katekavia airline: passenger reviews

katekavia airline reviews

We have summarized the reviews of passengers who have flown with Katecavia (flies under the Azur Air brand) – positive and negative. To fly or not to fly this airline?

Russian airline “Katekavia” appeared on the market of services in 1995. Initially it was a regional company located at Sharypovo airport in Krasnoyarsk region and operated in Siberian and Volga regions. In 2012, Katekavia became a subsidiary of another major air carrier, Utair.

In 2015, the company moved to the Anex Tourism Group holding and is now known under the Azur Air brand. It is based in Domodedovo in Moscow and specializes in international charter flights of Anex Tour tour operator.

The airline’s fleet includes Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300ER aircrafts. The company performs flights from Russian cities to Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Vietnam, and Thailand. Reviews about Katekavia Airlines are plentiful: read below claims about the carrier and positive comments.

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Positive reviews about Katekavia Airlines

Judging by the reviews of passengers of airline “Katekavia” (now Azur Air), this carrier has an excellent staff, ready to help solve any problem. The airline has significantly upgraded its fleet, but some complaints about cleanliness and comfort still remain.

Here are the main positive reviews of the airline “Katekavia”, which noted passengers in their comments:

  • Good service, polite staff.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Clean planes, although some of them still seemed to passengers old and cramped.
  • Normal food on board, in the estimation of experienced travelers – quite acceptable “airplane food”.
  • A good luggage allowance (20 kg and 5 kg of hand luggage). It is allowed to sum baggage for members of one family and carry a stroller in addition to the luggage.
  • Small animals – up to 8 kg can be carried in the cabin in a special container.
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Negative reviews of Katekavia airline

Most of the complaints of passengers flying with aircrafts of “Katecavia” (now Azur Air) comes down to the rudeness of some individuals of the service personnel, discomfort during the flight and poor food. Tourists’ greatest indignation is caused by frequent delays of charters.

A generalized list of all the negative reviews about Katekavia, indicated by people in their comments:

  • Some passengers complained about the smell in the cabin, noise, cramped and small distance between seats. Tall people are not very comfortable to fly.
  • Many passengers complained about the cold in the cabin and the limited number of warm plaids, for this reason they were given only to children.
  • Quite common complaints about the hard landing. It is not clear from the reviews, whether it is the subjective perception of individual passengers, or the different professional level of the pilots. But opinions are completely divided – some tourists praise the smoothness of the flight and takeoff and landing, while others categorically stated that they have experienced a real nightmare.
  • Repeated hours-long delays of departures, including those due to malfunctions.

Another important detail that travelers who have decided to use the services of this company should know: according to the rules of the carrier, pregnant women with up to 36 weeks of pregnancy are allowed on board if they have a medical certificate for the flight. The date of issue of the certificate shall not be earlier than 7 days prior to departure. The carrier explains such a restriction by concern for the health of its passengers and the lack of specialized medical care.

The company “Katekavia” has its positive sides, but there are also disadvantages, there are things to work on. Whether to fly with this company or not – each one must decide for oneself. If you’ve flown with Katecavia (Azur Air), leave your feedbacks about it in the comments.

First photo: www.azurair.com.

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Comrades, run away from Azure Air as far away as possible. This company has no place on the market. Constant flight delays or postponements are the order of the day. We missed our flight because of them. No one helped us and did not even lift a finger to solve our problem or put us on another flight. And this was their fault. What happened was the opposite: instead of helping the passengers they turned off all their phones in the office so that no one would bother them. Then they advised us to buy tickets again at our own expense for the flight. It was an outrage! They are crooks.

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I agree with many dissatisfied passengers. Went from Vladivostok to Nha Trang and back. The flight from Vladivostok was delayed by 2 hours, and back from Nha Trang by 5 hours. Without even explaining the reason for the delay. The planes are terrible! It is terrible to fly on such planes. The impression was that it was about to fall apart. The seats are uncomfortable, the seats are narrow. In short, a lot of negative impressions.

I flew from Moscow to India and back with this company… Terrible airline, not enough space between the seats, the food is disgusting, the staff is not friendly, they don’t give candy before the flight, half the plane (excuse me) puked in it, they don’t have pills in the medicine cabinet. I flew five times with Transaero, it’s a shame our government did not support them.

Delayed 5 hours there (breakage of the pipeline, futile attempts to repair the result was no water in the toilet) and 2 hours back (no idea why). Today, 08.12 acquaintances flying to Phuket, the delay has already 5:30 pm at Pulkovo this shady airline even do not announce on the speakerphone, just move the time in the scoreboard. I wish they would go bankrupt.

Terrible and dead planes, narrow aisles, little space between the rows. Our flight to Thailand in November was 8 hours late, and the return flight was hours late. It is impossible to determine the exact time of departure with them – they postpone everything and everything!

On November 6, 2015 I flew from the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana airport. Unfortunately, all the impressions of a wonderful vacation were spoiled! Not only that the flight attendants were answering any question or request with expressed dissatisfaction, so the entire flight we had to feel great discomfort due to lack of plastic cups, juice, milk, plaid, were not earplugs. The flight from Moscow to Dominican Republic was just as bad, the flight was delayed for 4 hours, and the return flight was terrible. We were fed at the beginning of the flight and 1-2 hours before landing, they threw us a sandwich with a very “kind” look, like dogs. Do not forget, the flight lasts 12 hours! In the future, my husband and I will avoid flights with Katekavia.

Coincidentally I myself witnessed a review of the flight with Katekavia (Azurair): in August this year we met relatives in Bogashevo, Tomsk from Nha Trang-Tomsk flight. They admitted that all the way, which is about 8 hours of summer (.), not slept a wink, as after takeoff something on their head began to rattle and bang. And so all the way, without stopping. I have got the tickets to Nha Trang with the same carrier – there are no other carriers from Tomsk :-((((( If I look at the reviews of the real passengers, I understand my luck with the plane: some are newer, some not. I pray to God to be lucky with the plane.

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My husband and I are flying to Phuket in February. Who has flown? Is everything alright with the planes. Kinda scared (!)

I flew flight 3401 on October 3, 2015 on the route Krasnodar – Antalya! I was very happy to meet the cabin crew from Krasnoyarsk! Many thanks to the captain for a beautiful flight, take off and landing! And our girls, so nice serving passengers! So tasty food to all! (Surprisingly) was a hot breakfast! Such a beautiful form! Smiles never left the faces of our beauties! Polichenko Julia 2. Kadikova Catherine 3. Bodagovskaya Christina 4. Protkina Alena 5. I`m very proud of my fellow countrymen! I dreamt to become a stewardess in my youth! Because of my fullness A. Zhuravlyova (in 1979) I was denied it!

I flew to Hurghada and back with this airline at the end of July after reading the angry reviews we expected the worst, but it turned out that all comments from the “dissatisfied” were just empty. Flights in both directions were at the level of any charter flight, similar companies. The flight to Hurghada was not delayed even for a minute, the flight back was even 20 minutes earlier. The food is the same as everywhere else, not better or worse, quite friendly flight attendants and stewardesses, so I do not advise focusing on bad reviews, and if some tourists do not like the food and stuff, welcome to business class.

“Thank you for being alive. “We flew ZF3367-ZF3368 Moscow (27.07.15)-Nyachang-Moscow (6.08.15). (27.07.15)It all started with the fact that the flight a/c “Katekavia” delayed for 6 hours, then on the runway, an hour later we were told that due to technical problems the plane is delayed, despite the fact that the air temperature in Moscow reached +30 °, after 1.5 hours of waiting on the runway with the doors closed from the lack of air in the cabin people started panicking (!) From the back of the plane people started to move to the nose of the plane! There was indifferent silence from the crew. Suddenly, without any warning, without turning on the onboard signals, without turning off the cabin light, the plane entered the runway and abruptly started takeoff. The people who were not on their seats panicked and went to their seats. The flight continued relatively smoothly, landing on time in Nha Trang. (6.08.15) And now “Thanks for being alive. “or “11 hours of hell” We were on the same plane. The flight was delayed for 1.5-2 hours as usual. The check-in went relatively smoothly, but I was surprised that the crew of the plane went through passport control in the general queue. Boarding went quickly, but they opened it 15 minutes before takeoff. After a 40 minute wait, the commander announced that the plane was ready for takeoff and. During the climb from 22nd to 26th row began to pour water from the ceiling. There was no intelligible answer to the steward as to the reason for the situation, there was tension in the cabin, there was a strong noise and cracking in the area of the aircraft liner. Water continued to drip from the ceiling. When we gained altitude the water started to freeze and fall in the form of snowy icicles. The flight attendant was repeatedly called out – passengers were outraged and told that this was an absolute norm, and that everything should go away when we gained altitude. Then it was worse, with the cabin cracked and the plane began to lose balance and I heard women’s cries and babies crying. The crew had no words of comfort or explanation, they were just as frightened as we were and it was obvious to all the passengers. Fear and anxiety followed everyone until boarding and the medical kit migrated around the cabin.

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P.S. The girl sitting next to me cried out of fear the rest of the 10 hours.

And now who wants to test themselves buy a one-way ticket on the flight of airline “Katekavia” (Azur air)

I flew from Nha Trang a week ago with Anex azure air, water was flowing from the ceiling, the service was rude, there was noise on takeoff and landing, the rows were packed so much that there was no room even for people who were not tall.

After the plane crash from Sharm, I think it is not a fantasy, but a fact. Rust buckets fly in the sky, and only God knows whether you will make it or not.

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