Ko Lan: How to get there and how to have a great time

Ko Lan

The island of Ko Lan travelers, attracted by the vibrant nightlife and exoticism of the resort town of Pattaya, usually choose for a beach holiday. In Pattaya itself the sea is very dirty, and everywhere, up to the Bang Sarai, a place near the city. That is, some tourists, of course, swim, but the pleasure is questionable, and next to there is almost a place of paradise – Ko Lan. Ko Lan (ko means island in Thai) is quite large, its area is larger than the popular Samet, which can also be reached from Pattaya. But Ko Lan is closer and more accessible and still it takes a while to get there if you choose a budget option. I liked Samet better just because there are fewer tourists.

How to get there

First you need to get to Pattia, it’s not difficult, there are flights to Uttapao Airport in the city, or you can fly to Bangkok, and from there you can take a bus to the center of Thai nightlife. You can fly to Bagkok from many cities in Russia, it’s almost the whole country, but to Uttapao fly rarely, and only by plane from Moscow. You can find convenient flight options in this section of Travelascope.

Then we are looking for Bali Hai pier, where the ferries to Ko Lan depart from, and it is located at the very end of Woking Street. If you walk along the boardwalk to the letters Pattaya, which are nearly impossible to miss, you will definitely come to the beginning of Woking Street. Determine that you are in the right place is easy, there are always a lot of tourists. But in the morning and afternoon, of course, it’s quieter. The whole promenade is very long, so it is better to go to Woking Street, it costs only 30 cents, 10 baht. To get to the waterfront itself is also no problem, blue tuk (open bus, the trip which will cost the same 30 cents, 10 baht), goes to the waterfront, you can brake it anywhere on the street, and determine which side of the sea can be asked passersby, among them will certainly be and compatriots, or you can just look carefully, from many places in the city offers a good view.

To find Bali Hai you have to walk all the way down Woking Street, leaving the Mixx disco behind. The pier building itself is large, there are always a lot of Chinese here now, but it’s not hard to figure out, the ticket office is easy to find, as is the pier.

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There are two ways to get there:

  • cheap, here we use only public transport and the ferry;
  • The fast way is just to rent a speedboat, a boat. It takes about 20 minutes to get there, but the cost rises several times.

The first option I will consider in more detail in the relevant paragraph, but here is what is important to know if you choose the second way.

Speedboat and its advantages and disadvantages

Speedboat is a speedboat.

  • place;
  • the vehicle as a whole.

To rent a seat, you must also come to Bali Hai, boats leave every hour from 9-30 to 13-30. Back from Ko Lana the boat sails at 15-00, as well as at 17-00 and at 19-00 hours. The fare is 150 baht each way.

The speedboat docks directly at Samae Beach.

If you want to rent a whole boat for a day or other time during the day, you should pay 2500-3000 baht (baht/USD rate before the fall of Russian ruble was approximately identical to our currency rate, i.e. 35-36 baht for a dollar). Expensive or cheap, given the associated costs and the number of tourists, it is up to the participants of the trip. But it is possible to visit not only Ko Lan, and, although it is the most popular island, there are many small islands near Pattaya, with beautiful bays and clear sea.

Convenience and speed, these are the main advantages of speedboat, the cost, that is what often stops tourists.

We must also note that the boats are small, they often get seasick. I got carsick twice and it takes at least half an hour to get to Ko Lan. It goes really fast, so that it gets a little exciting, present and some thrill, as if you are driving a car. But I liked the ferry better. Yes, there are a lot of fellow passengers, but it’s so much fun to watch them, and the slow speed will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views.

There is actually another way – take an excursion to Ko Lan. So you will be taken to the pier or boat by minibus, and lunch is included in the price. But this is for the lazy and not curious tourists, I think.

Ko Lan: How to get there and how to have a great time

Holidays on the island of Ko Lan

Probably everyone during holidays in Pattaya went to Ko Lan. Here you can see why the island is so popular, how to get to Ko Lan, its beaches, hotels, and other places of interest. Why do they take so many tourists from China to Ko Lan?

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The advantages of rest in Ko Lan.

Ko Lan means “island of millions” or “million islands” in Thai. Around the main island is several smaller islands. Most of them are uninhabited.

Tourists go to Ko Lan for beach holidays. The ecology of the beaches in sprawling Pattaya leaves much to be desired, but on Ko Lan beach is covered with white coral sand, and the sea water is very clean.

On the plus side is the trip to the island. In the heat of +33 ° C is nice to spend 40 minutes on the windblown deck of the ferry. Ko Lan has internet, 7-eleven store, small shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels for those who want to stay for a few days. A true tropical paradise just 8 km from Pattaya!

Ferry to Ko Lan

Ko Lan Island, Pattaya (Photo: unsplash.com / @a_pril)

How to get to Ko Lan Island from Pattaya

We traveled to the island by ferry and speedboat, and we want to say that both options are convenient in their own way. The ferry from Pattaya to Ko Lan departs from Bali Hai Pier, which is located at the southern end of the resort’s main bay.

The town’s songteo does not go to the pier itself – you need to get off at Beach Road and walk along Walking Street to the pier. If you come from Jomtien, get off at the junction with Third Street and walk 600-800 meters to the pier.

On the way you will meet Thais who will offer to take you to Ko Lan by speed boat. We will describe this option below.

Double-deck boats are waiting for passengers at the end of the concrete pier. The ferry schedule from Pattaya to Ko Lan can be found here. The first flight from Pattaya is at 7:00 and the last one is at 6:30 p.m. On the way back the ferries go from 6:30 to 18:00 with intervals of 1.5-2 hours. Don’t be late for the last ferry! It takes 40-50 minutes one way and the fare is only 30 baht.

The schedule is never exactly observed. When one ferry fills up with tourists, it departs, and those waiting on the pier begin to be let on the other boat. Passengers are disembarked at the main pier of Ko Lana – Na Baan or on the opposite side of the island – at the pier of Tavaen Beach.

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There are companies that take tourists on the same wooden boats for 150-400 baht to Ko Lan and back. They are ready to drop you off at any of the selected beaches. From the ferry to the shore you take a boat.

Near Pattaya the sea water is still dirty, but as you get farther from the shore it becomes cleaner and clearer. Nice breeze, the noise of the motor. Unless there are too many people around…

If you want to get without the crowd and faster – for 15-20 minutes, get on a speedboat. The advantage is not only in time. You don’t have to wait long for the departure.

Speedboats from Pattaya to Ko Lana go one after another, and not only from the pier of Bali Hai. Tourists are taken from the beaches of Jomtien and the Central Beach, which stretches along Beach Road. The way with the breeze costs 2000-3000 baht per boat, that is 200-300 baht per person.

How to get from Pattaya to Ko Lan

Beach on Ko Lan. Do not expect to find a place for seclusion on this island – thousands of tourists, mostly Chinese, arrive daily on Ko Lan. (Photo: katgalamay / pixabay.com)

Getting around the island

Most ferries arrive at the central pier, which is located on the east side of the island. There is a 7-eleven store, restaurants, shops, and hotels near the Na Baan pier. Prices are slightly higher than in Pattaya. You are advised to buy fruit, water and snacks here – everything is more expensive on the beaches.

Na Baan – the port part of the island. To get to the beaches you need to take a sngteo. The stop is located 150 meters south of the 7-eleven store. It is impossible to miss it. There is a map of the beaches near the stop. Tell the driver the name, and for 40-50 baht he will take you there.

Some ferries sail around Ko Lan from the North and drop off tourists on the West Coast – near the large beach of Tavaen. The trip is a little bit longer than usual – 45-50 minutes.

Beaches of Ko Lan Island

The beaches on Ko Lan are much better than those in Pattaya. The most popular are on the west coast. The sea here is much cleaner than the side of Pattaya. Beaches with infrastructure – seven. In addition, there are small bays on the island, where lovers of secluded rest like.

The main beach of Ko Lana – Tavaen . Because Hat Ta Waen brings a lot of tourists from China, the beach is called Chinese. At any time of the year it is crowded. There are stores, eateries, cafes, and sunteos that can take you to any part of the island.

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Some tourists don’t like the pandemonium on Tawaen, but we love this beach. The water is the cleanest here. Lots of shallow water for relaxing with kids. The Chinese are interesting to watch. They genuinely enjoy the sea. Often go into the water in groups, holding hands and begin to sing songs. As for noise, the tourists of different nationalities make the same noise on the beaches.

The bottom near Tavaen is carefully cleaned, so sea urchins live only on stilts near the pier. Once we saw needle-like fish – gargans – popping out of the water. To be honest, we were frightened, we thought that someone was hunting for small fish, and we hurried to get out of the water.

The Chinese beach on Ko Lan is very good. Be sure to go to Ko Lan! This is such an amazingly azure water on Ko Lan. Almost like the Maldives.

On the neighboring beach Tonglang less people. Hat Thong Lang is a nice beach, but the entrance to the water is not so gentle and you can find sharp rocks not far from the shore.

The small beach of Tai-Yai stretches for only 100 meters. The water is clear, but there are frequent waves. At Hat Ta Yai, people swim, sunbathe, and fish.

Naul, or Monkey Beach, is located on the Pattaya side of the island and is 300m long. As the name suggests, there are monkeys living near the shore. Take care of your cameras, glasses and other valuables from them. Little thieves are always on guard!

The beach Samae, in our opinion, one of the best in Ko Lana. Hat Samae is accessible by sunteo from the main jetty and the pier near Tavaen beach. The water entrance is good here. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, showers, hotels, but during the season it is very crowded.

Thien beach is smaller than Same, but has everything you need for a comfortable holiday. Maybe we were unlucky, but during our vacation at Hat Thien there was trash on the beach.

The small beach of Sang Wan is located to the south of Tavaen Beach. Hat Sang Wan is easily accessible and pleasant to relax on.

Renting a couple of sun loungers and umbrellas on any of the beaches of Ko Lan costs 50-100 baht.

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Map of Ko Lana Beach and Pattaya

Entertainment and attractions

Beaches are not all! What to do in Ko Lan? Tourists ride jet skis and “bananas”. Popular kayaking and parasailing. On the island you can go snorkeling and diving. There are boats for diving and equipment rentals. There is a good shooting range in the village of Na Baan. The pleasure of shooting with an army gun costs 400 baht.

Lovers of walking go up to the observation decks. From a height of 200 meters on the hill Khao Nom a good view of the hotels of Pattaya, the rugged coast of Ko Lan and the small islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

If you want to explore the island, rent a bike. Tourists with little driving experience may have problems. The roads are twisty, with sharp turns. We have seen twice how bad drivers and passengers fell from the bikes on the flat. It was good that there were no injuries!

Holidaymakers who come to Bali Hai Pier wonder why so many Chinese people come to Ko Lan. Why do people from the Middle Kingdom like to travel to the island in the evening?

They are pilgrimage tours. The goal of the Chinese is not the beaches, but the Buddhist shrines of Ko Lan. From Tavaen Beach, they climb to the statues of the Black and Golden Buddha. The Chinese visit the New Joy Buddhist temple, Maisamran, to leave offerings at the Buddha statue and light incense sticks.

Buddha Statue of Ko Lana

Hotels in Ko Lana

Depart back home from Ko Lan by 5:00 p.m. at the latest. If you miss the last ferry, you will have to get to the mainland on an expensive speedboat, or stay overnight at one of the hotels on the island.

Double room in the most expensive hotel Sealey Resort 4 * costs from 3700 baht. A night in a 3* hotel will cost 2,000-2,500 baht. Most tourists prefer cheap hotels. For 900-1300 baht you can easily find a clean room with air conditioning and breakfast. Cheaper hotels are off the beaten track.

RoomGuru – hotels on the island of Ko Lan.

Conclusion – is it worth going to Ko Lan

Lan Island – the best place in Pattaya. We realized this a long time ago – about ten years ago. Since then, a lot of time has passed. Pattaya has become more noisy and … dirty, and Ko Lan is flourishing. It gets new sanctuaries, build hotels and accepts boats with tourists year round.

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