Local islands in the Maldives: pros and cons

Local Maldives or resorts: what to choose?

If funds allow, it is recommended for every traveler to go to the Maldives at least once.

Although, I have met many people who after their first trip fell in love with these islands so much that they went there many times afterwards. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with them too.

In this article we will take apart the local Maldives and their advantages and disadvantages over resorts.

Why go to the Maldives?

The Maldives is an amazingly beautiful place.

With the Seychelles and other tropical countries they have a lot of differences.

So if you’ve been to the Seychelles, Thailand, Vietnam, take the time to say you’ve seen it all.

Yes, the Maldives is also tropical. But that’s where the similarities end. In some ways, both the flora and fauna will resonate with many countries, but here, even within the different islands will be different.

The main thing that goes to the Maldives is not even the paradise views a la “bounty”. This underwater world.

He is here is incredibly beautiful. Because of strong warming in the Indian Ocean in 1996, many corals were lost [in Seychelles, too, by the way], but the number of fish is not affected. The underwater world of the Maldives is just fabulously beautiful.

And, of course, the “bounty. Where without it.

Island resorts – this is just a fairy tale: clean, safe and very beautiful.

On these islands, you can experience feelings that can not be experienced anywhere else.

I will tell you about what you can save.

Tour Operator.

In contrast to the Seychelles, tour operators in the Maldives sometimes know how to make a good tour.

So, before the pandemic, there were good discounts on a trip to one four-star resort, with a direct flight by Aeroflot.

But that’s not always the case, so you need to compare the pros and cons of an independent trip and a package trip in each particular season, devoting some time to this.

If you prefer to buy a tour package, then I recommend that you study the proposals of this service, which is an aggregator of proposals of all known tour operators.

2 . Airfare.

You can save money on air travel, just as you did with the trip to the Seychelles.

A quick link to find airfare is here. I will also post recommendations on how to choose tickets soon.

3. lodging.

And here begins the most interesting part.

In the Maldives there are two components, which give the impression that this holiday is only for the oligarchs: it’s housing and transportation.

Until about 2014 it was possible to go to the Maldives only to an island resort, hereinafter I will call it a resort.

However, the Maldives government at some point gave the green light to build tourist facilities, and many residential islands began to open hotels and gesthouses and accept tourists.

So there are only two ways to save money on accommodation in the Maldives:

3.1 Go to a residential island. 3.2. Catch a hot offer on a budget resort.

And now I will tell you the difference between local Maldives and resorts.

So, local islands.

3.1.1 The beauty of the underwater world is not inferior to the resort.

In this respect, the underwater world will be rich everywhere. Rather, even for you in terms of the underwater world, it is not the ratio of local island vs. resort that matters, but which atoll it is. Where exactly it is located.

Some islands have a prettier reef, no matter what it is.

On some islands the reef is poorer. Somewhere there are live corals, somewhere not.

On some islands there is no house reef at all. And among the resorts, too, there are enough of them. In this regard, you should read the reviews of people who have already been on a particular island: how they liked the reef.

3.1.2 A warm welcome. In general, I have the impression that the local islands are more willing to fight for the client. The resorts are a little worse in this regard.

Reviews are also higher on the local islands. However, let them, still, do not mislead you too much. Comparing reviews of local hostels with those of resorts is like comparing sour and soft.

It is important to understand that the resorts reviews are worse in this comparison, because wealthy clients are often more picky in terms of service.

In this vein, it is better to compare the resorts of a similar category, i.e. hostels of local islands with local island hostels, and resorts with the same number of stars.

3 . 1.3 Internet, which is available almost everywhere.

The local island hotels are a little luckier in this respect.

Rarely in any hostel there is no Internet now. What can not be said about the resorts. I will not talk about luxury resorts, but good budget resorts often have Internet only at the reception desk.

3.1.4 Democratic prices.

Hotel prices on local islands are often very interesting. And this is almost the only thing for which people go to the local Maldives.

3.1.5 Low price for transfers.

The main feature of all the local islands is that there is public transport. It will either be a state ferry, local airlines, or a public speedboat.

Sometimes it will be a direct connection, and sometimes you will have to get there by shuttle bus. But the main difference is that such a transfer will always be much cheaper.

3.1.6 There is infrastructure.

Since the islands are residential, they will have stores, mosques, and perhaps even a pharmacy.

Going to the Maldives cheap: 7 secrets. Review of prices - 2022

On the larger islands may even be a doctor or hospital [this must be learned in advance].

This, unfortunately, is where the pluses end and begin…

3.1.7 Dress Code.

The Maldives is an Islamic state.

This means that you can wear swimsuits, shorts, and T-shirts only outside the fenced area of the hostel.

You cannot walk around the island, even in front of the hostel, dressed like that. You have to respect the local traditions and culture.

This means that both men and women should have their shoulders and knees covered wherever you go. Moreover, you should dress decently, because there are schools on the local islands, and children go there.

Tourists dressed inappropriately may be approached by locals and asked to cover themselves. There may be judgmental looks. And the police may come up and make a reprimand.

And the more so, you can not in a bikini or even just a swimsuit prancing around the island. Even if “only just” in a nearby store for ice cream.

But it’s better not to convince yourself that this is an innocent offense, and it can be violated. It is not. In Islamic nations, naked people are considered naked.

In some African tribes people walk around naked all day. But once in Moscow I saw a woman in Pushkin Square undressed and walked down the street naked.

And everyone thought she was just crazy.

So you should always consider the dress code and traditions of the country you’re going to.

If you do not like it, it is better not to go to the local islands.

The same applies to the beaches. Even though there may be many beaches on a local island, you can only swim in a bikini in specially designated places called bikini beaches. Such beaches can be near your hotel, or they can be very far away.

3 . 1.8 Alcohol is prohibited.

Alcohol is not sold in the Maldives residential islands. In any form. Only non-alcoholic beer. Importation of alcohol into the country is prohibited. Even if you bought it in duty free.

On the Internet I have encountered many discussions on forums where people bragged about smuggling alcohol in cold tea bags, juice sacks and, oh my God, in rubber heating pads!

Unless you’re a provincial gopnik-alcoholic, forget it. Not to mention that if the border guards find out you have alcohol, or if your bag bursts, there will be a lot of embarrassment.

And after the disgrace there are consequences for breaking the law.

If you want to drink on holiday, go to the resort. Or go to another country.

3.1.9 Trash.

Plastic bottles and garbage are a problem in many Indian Ocean countries. Even on the beach at the resort I went to, the ocean occasionally sought to throw bottle shards. At the island resort they were immediately cleaned up before you could even blink an eye.

But on the local islands, all is far from being so chocolaty. Garbage you will be sure to show here and there.

The territory is public, it is also cleaned, but much less often.

To many it can strongly spoil impressions from rest.

In addition to plastic, which comes from the ocean, the ocean also sometimes brings algae and other crap that does not have time to clean up the local islands.

3.1.10. No Privacy.

The main thing about the bounty effect is privacy and silence. When there aren’t many people around you. When no one is running around shouting loudly, not driving a scooter, not smoking right in your face and not trying to give you the impression that you came to Gelendzhik.

On some local islands there is partly this effect on the tourist beaches, where the locals do not go, or you can still go to the uninhabited picnic islands, the so-called picnic island.

In other places there will be a lot of people all the time. In the evening, maybe less. But during the day there will be for sure.

3.1.11. Small Area .

Hostels usually have a very small private area. It is limited to the hotel itself and a small area nearby, often there are tables for eating. That’s all. I don’t know about you, but it’s a problem for me.

3.1.12. You have to get there on your own.

In some cases the hosts of the hostel can help you book a plane or ferry ticket, but very often they will just meet you at the pier of the island to which you have to get by yourself and buy tickets for transportation too.

3.1.13. Some of the islands are heavily logged out.

Local Maldives.

This image belongs to booking.com

For example, Maafushi Island, Guli Island and some others may have very few trees.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough dense development in a metropolis.

3.1.14. Dense development on some islands.

For example, the residential islands of Maafushi, Hulhumale, and some others are very densely built up.

Hulhumale Island, Maldives

Hulhumale Island, Maldives

Because of this it completely loses that very feeling of Robinsonian and seclusion. As I said, there will be people snooping around and doing things all the time.

Dense development also means a lot of tourists. Sometimes it can mean crowding on the beach.

Certainly not always. There are residential islands that are very, very interesting. Some are very green, some are quite sparsely populated. There are all kinds. But the disadvantages I’m talking about here will be inherent in all of them to one degree or another.

3 . 1.15. Design and plumbing without frills.

What was probably most disconcerting was the fact that the vast majority of the ghettos are very unassuming furnishings.

Malé - Toddoo fruit ferry: how to find, price and review

If the owners of hotels at resorts and resorts in some other countries are somehow trying to give their homes a picturesque and unique look to attract tourists, some kind of gardens are planted and interior design is helpless.

Not that expensive, but clearly something with tastefully trying to do.

In many of the Maldivian hostels I saw in the photos, no one even tries to come up with an interesting interior. Typical cabinets, beds, everything without frills and very boring.

Next, the plumbing. About 70% of the ghettos have this kind of plumbing:

Plumbing in the Maldives local islands

Image courtesy of Booking.com

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is just about it.

3.1.16. Fences around the hotel.

I don’t know why about 95% of the hotels on the local islands are fenced in with these fences. Maybe it is required by law so that tourists don’t embarrass locals by walking around in bathing suits. Or maybe it’s just a way to mark their private territory. I do not know.

But on the whole, such fences depress me a lot.

They block the view of the sea, greatly reduce the perception of the surrounding area and create a sense of isolation.

Only a very small percentage of hostels have direct access to the sea and does not have a fence around it.

3.1.17. Low prices are not everywhere.

Some hotels on the local islands, especially those with direct access to the sea, with their own private beach, and without a fence around it, sometimes charge very high prices.

That is, for 10 days for one may be asked 40,000-50,000 rubles, and only on breakfast, and sometimes even without taxes. That is, the final bill will need to add another 23%.

For this money if you want you can get very interesting offers from resorts.

I believe that the red price for a hostel on the local island 20 000-25 000 rubles per person for 10 days. If it is higher, and it does not include any additional services or meals, it makes no sense.

After all, the disadvantages of local islands remain.

3.1.18. There are no lifeguards.

In fact, there are often no lifeguards at the resorts, too. But there at least they hang diagrams of reefs, currents, and sometimes even warn that you have to go to the dive center for a safety briefing before you start swimming in the ocean.

On the local islands, you’ll be more on your own.

But on the other hand, there’s nothing stopping you from asking the gesta administration about safety on that particular island’s reef.

They have been there a long time and probably know the island better than you.

3. 1.19. Stamped sand.

You’ve probably already heard that since the Maldives are coral islands, the sand is imported.

The sand in the Maldives is coral, its incomparable advantage – it is not heated in the sun.

In resorts for the state of the sand monitored. Therefore, the sand there is lush, airy and white.

In some resorts the quality of the sand of standard rooms may slightly deteriorate: the sand thins, is mixed with the soil.

But on the local islands it is so thin almost everywhere! Except maybe a couple of beaches.

In other words, on a residential island you will have difficulty getting the very maldivian experience that people go to the Maldives for.

If you’ve never been to the Maldives, this may not seem like a big deal at first.

Especially if you read the reviews of other tourists in the sources I mentioned earlier.

Many people who have spent holidays in the local islands, said that, in principle, almost did not notice any difference between the resorts and these islands. And there are many among them who have been to both.

And yet, don’t believe it! Psychologically, people don’t like to admit that they made a mistake, so people will be inclined to level out the flaws and exaggerate the merits to the last.

It’s not you they need to convince that “there’s no difference”. It is important for them to convince themselves. You need to understand that.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to a residential island, or that it’s bad there, no. You will be treated very well. And the people on the local islands are awesome! And you will most likely enjoy your vacation very much, because it’s the Maldives.

It’s just that if you make that choice, you shouldn’t expect exactly a “bounty”.

You will have a wonderful tropical vacation and interesting tropical experiences. But it will still be a slightly different experience.

3.1.20. PCR test when you leave the country.

Hopefully this will change at some point. But for now, for vacationers in the local Maldives, there is a rule imposed by the Maldivian government about mandatory PCR testing not only when entering the country, but also when leaving the country.

From the resorts on departure, a PCR test is required only if your airline requires it.

Again, this is all subject to change, including for resorts. So be sure to check this, as we said in the article about resorts.

If you are also interested in budget Maldivian island resorts, you can read about them in the article, an excerpt of which I give here. You can click on the link and continue reading.

There you can also read about the conditions of entry to the Maldives, the experiences of other travelers who have been to “both there and there”, insurance, booking deadlines and many other important points of a Maldives vacation.

How much does it cost to vacation in the Maldives - 2022

10 budget resort hotels in Maldives in 2022

RATING UPDATED 10.09.2022 Which resort hotels to choose for a vacation in 2022? The Maldives have traditionally been considered one of the most expensive vacation destinations in the world. How to have a good rest in the Maldives, not squandering your fortune? It becomes possible if you choose the right resort for the rest. Traditionally, many resorts offer interesting options at prices. However […]

There is one global disadvantage to resorts: price.

Otherwise some resorts are worse, some are better. Somewhere the range of services will be more, somewhere less. Somewhere there will be water villas, somewhere not. The islands come in big ones and small ones.

Transfers can be more expensive and less expensive. Internet is in the rooms, and somewhere only in public areas.

However, local islands are also popular with readers of our website. Here are the most popular islands:

In my purely personal opinion the islands of Yukulhas and Toddu are more interesting, Maafushi is much closer to Male and is very, just very densely populated.

You can see even more interesting suggestions here.

It is important to understand that although we may recommend some hotels out of personal preference, this site is a personal blog, we are not a tour operator, we are not representatives of reservation systems or hotel, we have no legal or financial obligation to monitor the rules of entry and opening dates of hotels, as well as the need to pass quarantine (in countries where it is necessary) and hotel opening dates, and we are not responsible for compliance of hotels and reservation systems with their obligations.

Local island or resort: what to choose in the Maldives

What island to choose for the perfect holiday in the Maldives: the pros and cons of residential islands and fashionable resorts.

The Maldives consists of more than a thousand islands scattered in the azure Indian Ocean. And only some of them are inhabited. But inhabited islands fall into two categories: luxury resort islands, which are fully occupied by hotels. And the local islands, where the locals live and ordinary life flows. What is the best choice for your vacation, and on which island you will have more experience?

In the past, only the rich could rest in the Maldives. Because the average cost of recreation started at $1500 for two people for just four nights. In the Maldives there were only fashionable resorts located on resort islands. And on the islands, where the locals live, tourists simply had nowhere to stay. Therefore, until 2008 the Maldives was a fairly closed resort for wealthy tourists. But the country changed its laws and Maldivians were allowed to open their own tourist business on the local islands. Thus, hotels and guest houses appeared on ordinary islands, which made recreation in the Maldives quite accessible.



Features of rest in the local islands

The Maldives islands are quite small. The population on the local islands is comparable to the population of a small village: from 500 to 2.5 thousand people. On a hundred of these islands there are guest houses. And about 30 islands have a fairly well-developed infrastructure: gesthouses, café-restaurants, bikini beaches, diving centers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of vacationing on such islands?

  • The cost of living

Life on local islands is much cheaper than on the island-resort. This is a major plus. You can rent accommodation from $30 per night, depending on the hotel and the season: in the summer, accommodation is cheaper. Of course, the cost of rooms in the Maldives is higher than in neighboring Asian countries, but you have to bring everything to the islands – except coconuts and palm trees in the Maldives, almost nothing grows.

Guest houses in the Maldives are quite small. They offer their customers from 2 to 12 rooms. Each room has air conditioning, private bathroom, table, chairs, sometimes a mini-bar, new furniture, clean linens, often free Wi-fi. In the local hotel will be equipped with a courtyard with sun loungers, sometimes a small pool, a bar with freshly squeezed juices. All guesthouses usually have a tour desk, a cafe, and a small restaurant nearby.



Another undeniable plus of the local islands is budget food. The local islands have cafes and stores, which is not the case on the resort islands, where there is no alternative to high-priced restaurants. Lunch for one person costs about $10, while a bottle of mineral water on a resort island is about $5.

Guesthouses offer breakfast, board or half board, and sometimes all inclusive. But none of the meals include alcoholic beverages. As a rule, continental and Maldivian dishes are served. Rice and vegetables are the basis of the meal. Of the meat, beef and chicken are served. You should prepare for an abundance of spices in all dishes. Also, depending on the hotel you choose, the hostel will offer seafood: lobster, crabs, octopus and fish. The food, of course, is not as diverse as in the resort islands, so gourmands local islands will not be to their liking. But you can buy an all-inclusive package at one of the resort islands for a day and go for relaxation and tasting.



The Maldives is an island nation. You can get to the islands only by water or air. Given that the distance between the northernmost and southernmost atolls is more than 1200 km, the question of transportation is quite acute. The cheapest way to get to the inhabited islands, located near the capital of Maldives, Male. Between inhabited islands ply inexpensive state ferries, which do not go to the resort islands. The fare can be about $5-30. This way you can save a lot on transfers. However, note that the ferries are three times slower than the speedboat. And if the local islands are located far away, the duration of the trip may take 12-15 hours. In addition, sometimes ferries are canceled due to bad weather. Also they do not run daily: you may have to wait for a few days until the ferry goes to the selected island. All this time you have to spend in the capital or pay for a costly transfer by seaplane or speedboat.

New Year in the Maldives - 2023

Guest houses can arrange a private boat, but the cost of the trip is about $200, while the resorts will cost from $90 per person two ways, and on a seaplane – from $360 in 2 directions. A flight on domestic airlines and then a speedboat ride is from $430 per person 2 ways. The resort has no task to make money on transportation of tourists: the main thing is to get them to the island. And a hostel does not have its own transport and appeals to private individuals.



  • Features of local culture

The Republic of Maldives is an Islamic state. Therefore, it is worth to show respect for the traditions of local residents. Many women wear traditional Islamic attire. If you vacation on the local islands, short miniskirts, shorts and tops are somewhat inappropriate. Should wear shirts that cover the shoulders, and shorts or dresses that at least reach the middle of the knee. But there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life on the islands: it is fundamentally different from the experience of tourists-islands resorts. Holidays on the local islands will appeal to lovers of adventure and those who are interested in immersing themselves in a new environment.



Bounty beaches on local islands are hard to find. As a rule, tourist beaches are cleaned and kept in order, but it is not as perfect a picture as on the resort islands. From lacks of rest on local islands – to bathe in bathing suits habitual for Europeans it is possible only on bikini beaches. They are specially created for tourists. On all other beaches to bathe like locals: in clothes that cover the body. Unfortunately, not all local islands have bikini beaches: this should be considered when choosing a place to stay. In such cases, guests are offered to ferry to the nearest uninhabited island, where there is a special equipped tourist beach. Many local islands have a beautiful home reef, where you can find not only fish, but also mantas, whale sharks, stingrays and other underwater creatures.

Asad Photo Maldives

Asad Photo Maldives.

On the popular islands a large selection of water activities. For example, on a variety of water activities Ukulas or Toddoo are not inferior to the resort islands. At the same time, the cost of water activities on local islands is cheaper than on the island-hotel.

  • The cleanliness of the water and the islands

Note that on the beaches of local islands there are often tubes going into the ocean. Do not swim near them, because on local islands, the drainage system goes straight into the water. Also on the local islands is still a problem of trash: it is not always taken out in time. They wait for a special boat, which is often delayed on the way.

There are a few grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, souvenir stores on the local islands. But supermarkets can be found only on the larger islands and in Male. This will not spoil the holiday: small stores have everything you need for life. And the cost of souvenirs on the local islands is much lower than the same things on the island-resorts.

Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba Maldives

  • Nightlife

On the local islands, life comes to a standstill at dusk. Discos and entertainment can only be found in the capital city of the Maldives. On the smaller islands, evening life moves to the local bars or beaches. It is worth remembering that it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages on local islands. Alcohol is not sold in local stores. You can get them in a floating bar: it is a boat not far from the local island, to which the boats are ferried. The cost of alcohol is high: from $5-10 for a can of beer, and the selection is small.



Island resorts Maldives: Features of the holiday

There are about 130 resorts in the Maldives, and new ones open every year. Resorts cover the entire territory of the island. On one island there may be one hotel. Less often a single hotel occupies a number of neighboring islands, connected by a bridge. The size of the island-resorts is usually much smaller than the local ones: it can be less than a kilometer long. The size of the hotel depends on the size of the island. As a rule, it is from 100 to 200 rooms, which is much larger than on the local islands. But due to the location of the villas, creates the feeling of an uninhabited island.

  • The cost of living

The cost of renting, on average, from $100 dollars per day including taxes. However, the final price depends on the type of food chosen. Luxury resorts on an all-inclusive system can cost several thousand dollars a day. When booking a resort it is worth considering the taxes: they may not be included in the initial price and may be up to 30% of the price. By the way, at wiotto.com all taxes and fees are already included in the price presented in the catalog.

Ukulhas Island in Maldives. Our review, photos and tips

Almost all of the islands have bungalows – individual villas that are located on the beach or on the water. The space of the island is limited, and the Maldivian authorities put a condition: to preserve the islands, to build up no more than 20% of the land. Hoteliers got out of the situation by building charming water villas encircling the islands. The resort islands have their own infrastructure, including swimming pools, bars, restaurants, spa center, diving center, fitness center, water activities center.

Grand Park Kodhipparu

Grand Park Kodhipparu.

Owning your own villa is the highlight of island resorts. Maldivian villas are characterized by chic furnishings, infinity pools, glass floors, allowing you to view the beauty of the Indian Ocean. Villas can be cozy and small, designed for two travelers. But also hotels offer residences with many rooms, designed for a large number of guests. By the way, to use the Internet in villas in hotels-resorts may be asked to pay extra: it will be free only in the common area.

  • Transfer

You can get to the island by speedboat, seaplane or by flying domestic airlines. There are no state ferries to the resort islands. The cost of the transfer, at wiotto.com , is included in the price of the tour package.

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

The main reason one chooses the Maldives is privacy. On local islands, you still can’t fully escape civilization. Couples who want romance and want to hide from prying eyes prefer resort islands. Hotels, which are chosen by the celebrities and oligarchs, are reverent about the privacy of their guests. There are villas, which can be reached only by boat, and absolutely no neighbors nearby. Some resorts profess the principle of “no shoes”, which means no shoes, no news: a complete relaxation. On local islands with privacy is much more difficult, because in fact, the tourist finds himself in an inhabited village.

Most hotels offer four meals to choose from: breakfast, board, half board and all inclusive. But only choosing all-inclusive you can have an unlimited amount of alcoholic drinks without paying extra. If you choose any other type of meal, you will have to pay for alcohol separately. Its cost is high. At premium hotels, guests are offered an Ultra All-inclusive, which includes premium brands of alcohol.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Resorts offer exceptional service by providing their guests with a personal butler. Service at the resort islands is always top-notch.

  • Nightlife

The Maldives is not Ibiza, where one goes for entertainment. You can find nightlife only on the resort islands, where there are bars, karaoke and discos. Not all resorts are focused on nightlife. At the resorts, alcohol is available to guests and legal to consume.

  • Activities

Every island resort is sure to have a dive center and aquatic activity center. Not only do they offer snorkeling and diving assistance, but also jet skis, boat rides, surfing, catamarans, fishing, and excursions.

Grand Park Kodhipparu

The resorts practice recycling and modern purification systems. Therefore, the water in the ocean around the resort island remains crystal clear. Wastewater is treated and used to irrigate plants on the island. Many resorts care about ecology and support the development of flora and fauna, have a marine biologist, research centers. Also offer guests organic products and use in the food fruits and vegetables grown on the island. The resorts often forbid the use of plastic.

Asad Photo Maldives

Asad Photo Maldives.

  • Visiting with children

Many resorts are family-friendly. Guests are offered a children’s club, where animators deal with children. Usually take children from 4 years: for babies for an extra fee, you can hire a babysitter. Family hotel restaurants offer children’s menus and high chairs.

  • Installations. Landscape pools and transparent bathtubs overlooking the turquoise ocean are the shots that many bloggers go to the Maldives for.

To summarize: which is better – a local island or a resort?

What do a local island and a resort in the Maldives have in common? You could say ocean, sun and palm trees. The underwater world everywhere is incredible and the sand is snow white.

  • Diving and snorkeling on the local islands and resort islands are not much different. Tourists from the local islands will be taken to the same dive sites where tourists from neighboring resort islands are taken. The main thing is to understand what exactly you want to see and choose the right season and atoll.
  • In terms of infrastructure, modest hotels on local islands are not comparable to the hotels-resorts. Hotel on the local islands is just a room for settlement, while the hotel on the island – a posh complex with restaurants, bars, pools, entertainment programs, discos, fitness clubs, children’s animation.
  • Full All inclusive is only possible on the resort islands. In hostels it is also sometimes offered, but it does not include alcohol and a wide variety of dishes.
  • Island resorts, of course, more expensive than the rest on the local islands. But give an exclusive vacation away from civilization.
  • The biggest advantage of the local islands is saving money and full immersion in the local culture.

The choice of location for recreation depends on the budget and personal preferences. With a limited budget and a love of learning new things, go to the local islands to experience the local culture.

But for beach relaxation, incredible photos and gastronomic pleasures go to the resort islands. It’s these that give you serene rest, comfort and heavenly pleasures!

Asad Photo Maldives

Asad Photo Maldives.

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