Love Sevastopol: 28 best places to see

Love Sevastopol: 28 best places to see

Sevastopol: sights with photos and descriptions. What to see on your own, where to go.

Tauric Chersonesos

Chersonesos Taurica photo

Photo of Tauric Chersonesos

Chersonesos is an ancient polis founded by ancient Greeks in the 5th century BC. The urban life there lasted until the late 16th century. It is located in Gagarin district of Sevastopol. It is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The first excavations were conducted in 1827. Today tourists can see the main square (Agora), the ancient amphitheater, Zenon tower, the ruins of the walls, the remains of the streets of Chersonesos.

Grafskaya Wharf

Grafskaya Wharf photo

Grafskaya Wharf photo

This architectural monument is located on the Nakhimov square. The pier was built in 1783 and was an ordinary wooden boat pier. In 1846 the Earl’s Wharf was rebuilt and made a grand entrance to Sevastopol from the sea. The project was designed by John Upton. Wide stairs decorated with statues of marble lions lead to the sea. The grand passage is formed by a double colonnade.

Monument of sunken ships

Monument of sunken ships photo

It is an architectural symbol of the city, used as an emblem of Sevastopol. It was installed in 1905, next to Admiral Nakhimov Square. Sculptor Adamson, architect Feldman and military engineer Enberg worked on the project. The monument stands in the sea, 23 meters from the waterfront. It is a granite rock (9 m), on which stands a triumphal column (7.1 m). The column is crowned with a two-headed eagle. In his beak he holds a wreath with an anchor.

Assault on Sapun Mountain” diorama

This is a major work of battle-piece painting. It is dedicated to the events of May 7, 1944, when Soviet soldiers liberated Sevastopol from Nazi invaders. The diorama is situated in a semicircular and austere building on the top of Sapun hill. On the first floor there are exhibits, witnessing the defense of the city, on the second floor there is the largest diorama in the world. The canvas is 5.5 meters high and 25.5 meters long. All the figures are life-size. In front of the building are the samples of military equipment 1941 – 1945.

Malakhov Kurgan

Malakhov Kurgan photo

Malakhov Kurgan photo

An important height in the city known for heroic battles. It was glorified during the Crimean War and the Great Patriotic War. The historical complex includes a defense tower, a museum and the main avenue. The defense tower is a semicircular structure at the top of the mountain. The museum contains exhibits about the defense of the city. Along the edges of the alley are land and ship’s guns. There is also a monument to Kornilov, monuments to the soldiers, a cemetery, and so on.

Sevastopol Sea Aquarium Museum

Sebastopol Sea Aquarium Museum photo

It was opened in 1897 and was the first such institution in the Russian Empire. The creator – A.O. Kovalevsky. The inhabitants of the museum could not survive the conditions of the Great Patriotic War, but then the aquarium was restored and improved. The current museum occupies five halls. They show the inhabitants of fresh waters, seas, rare and endangered fish species, the inhabitants of coral reefs.

Eco-Park Lukomorye

Eco park Lukomorye photo

Eco park Lukomorye photo

The children’s small town is located in the Nakhimovsky district of Sevastopol. It was laid in 1984. Today, Lukomorye has many attractions, a touching zoo, puppet theater, an eco-trail. The park grows many exotic species of plants. Those who wish can visit the marmalade museum and the Indian Museum. In the alleys are fairy-tale characters: Baba Yaga, Koschey the Immortal, Don Quixote and many others.

Cembalo Genoese fortress

Genoese fortress Cembalo photo

Photo Genoese fortress Cembalo

The fortress is located on the territory of Balaklava. It is an ensemble of fortresses. The first mention of Cembalo goes back to 1343. Today it is the main attraction of the city, but it remains in ruins. Tourists can see fragments of towers and walls, the remains of St. Nicholas polis.

Balaklava Bay

Balaklava bay photo

Photo Balaklava bay

The bay is located in the territorial limits of Sevastopol. On its shores is the ancient city of Balaklava. It appeared due to a tectonic fault. The length of the bay is 1500 meters, width – 200 to 400 meters, the average depth of 5 to 10 meters. It is invisible from the sea and surrounded by mountains. It is considered the best place for yachting.

Inkerman cave monastery

Inkerman Cave Monastery photo

Photo of Inkerman Cave Monastery

It is a male Orthodox monastery and is considered to be one of the oldest cave monasteries of the Crimea. It is located in the suburbs of Sevastopol – Inkerman. The main rooms were carved by the inhabitants in the cliff of the monastery. The time of foundation is still unknown. Historians disagree in opinions, believing that Inkerman Monastery appeared in the period of 8 – 9 century or 14 – 15 century.

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Recreation camp “YASNO”.


Sevastopol, p. Andreevka, Verkhnyaya street, 51

Read a book on the beach, do yoga in a pine forest, enjoy the sea view or vineyards right from your room, arrange a SPA day in a Russian sauna on firewood and a massage room, or get together with friends around the campfire in a specially equipped area – everything is possible here. Recreation base is suitable for organization of retreats, festivals and trainings, as well as for family vacations. The guests appreciate the Scandinavian-style interior, different meals, from a buffet to a vegan menu, activities for adults and children, and most importantly, the privacy and incredible scenery. That’s why they come back here and recommend it to their friends.

Zurbagan Waterpark

“The writer Alexander Grin called the city of dreams ‘Zurbagan’. Water amusement park, which opened in Sevastopol in 2005 – this is a real fairy tale, embodied in life. It is adored by children and adults alike. On an area of over 2 hectares are located water rides, cafes, pools with geysers and artificial waves, high slides for extreme climbers.

The water park is located on a picturesque coastline in the central part of Sevastopol on 9 Parkovaya Street. Right in front of the entrance stop buses number 23 and 34. The water park is open from June to September.

How to get there

The nearest train station is in Simferopol. From here you can get to Sevastopol by train.

Sevastopol Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium in Sevastopol

Sevastopol Dolphinarium.

The dolphinarium was created on the basis of the State Oceanarium in 1997. Now it is one of the largest in Europe. Here you can not only admire the colorful shows that organize together with the trainers of these intelligent mammals, but also swim with dolphins in the pool.

Dolphin therapy is an interesting area of activity: it is believed to be ideal for people who have experienced severe stress and deep trauma of the psyche. The secret is that the sounds produced by dolphins, promotes the production of hormones of happiness and tranquility. Even the youngest visitors can attend a session. Dolphinarium also puts on shows with seals, and there is an exhibition of colorful parrots ara.

Address: Sevastopol Dolphinarium, Kornilov embankment, Sevastopol.

What excursions are worth visiting?

City walking tour with a guide

A guided walking tour offers the guests of the city to get acquainted with Sevastopol from an unusual side: walk through the streets, squares and hills, see the sunset over the Sevastopol bay and learn interesting facts about the origin and important events of the city. The starting point of the tour is Nakhimov Square.

Cost – 3490 ₽ for a group of up to 10 people, regardless of the number of participants.

Walking tour

This 3-hour walking tour for groups up to 5 people includes sightseeing of little-known tourist attractions: Ship Slobodka, where the city began; the Bastions of the Crimean War; the Roman Aqueduct; the places where the writer A. Green liked to visit, etc. Also we recommend visiting the Malakhov Kurgan (Malakhov Hill) and several viewing points.

  • Cost – 2000 ₽, regardless the number of participants.

Individual tour

This walking tour is devoted to the events of the Crimean War and the Great Patriotic War. In 2.5 hours the excursionists will walk along the Historical Boulevard, visit the Panorama of the First Defense of Sevastopol; see the places where battles during the Great Patriotic War took place and visit the Memorial to Soviet Soldiers; get acquainted with the key attractions of the city, dedicated to the events of the war years.

  • Cost – 2600 ₽ for groups of up to 10 people, regardless the number of participants. Additional costs: visit to the Panorama, optional boat trip.

We believe that this is the reserve Chersonese ! It is the ruins of an ancient ancient city, with interesting museums on the territory and beautiful sea views. Cost of excursions – from 350 ₽ for adults, from 175 ₽ for children from 7 years old. A visit to the ancient exposition – 150 ₽/75 ₽, the Byzantine exposition – 150 ₽/75 ₽.

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Inkermansky factory of vintage wines

Inkerman Factory of Vintage Wines

Inkerman factory of vintage wines.

Inkerman winery is a popular destination for wine tourism. The area of the cellars, located on the territory of the former drifts – 55 thousand m2. In the cellars there is an unusual silence: the employees believe that the sounds can distort the bouquet of the drink. It is also cool and rather humid in the underground rooms where the wine is supposed to ripen.

The hall where the drinks “mature” is located in a rock massif. They are aged in massive oak barrels that give a special flavor to the wine. Tours are led by the company’s employees, which makes them especially authentic and entertaining. Guests will be introduced to the secrets and traditions of wine making, etiquette of drinking, will be taken to the laboratory.

Of course, the tasting of drinks is included in the tour program: tourists will be offered to try 6-10 kinds of Inkerman’s wine.

Address: Factory of vintage wines, Malinovsky Street, Inkerman.

Assault on Sapun Mountain” diorama

Assault on Sapun Mountain

The building where the diorama “Sapun Mountain Assault” is located.

Battle of Sapun Mountain in 1944 is a momentous event in the military history of Sevastopol: it brought the city the final victory. The triumph is immortalized in a diorama, based on a painting by Maltsev. The diorama is executed with great care and precision, and is located exactly at the place of the historic battle. Even the foreground objects are taken from the battlefields.

The picture depicts the heat of battle, but the red banner in the hands of the soldiers hints that victory is near. The diorama is decorated not only visually, but it is also accompanied by audio that reproduces the sounds of battle: the roar of cannons, the explosions of shells and the rumble of planes. Such design allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of battle. The museum also has an exposition of historical photographs, documents, awards and household items, also found on the mountain.

Address: Diorama “Assault of Sapun Mountain on 7 August 1944 rock”, Balaklava road, Sevastopol.

The object of the Mole.

The Mole

This is the largest underground structure located in a rock massif of the Sevastopol bay. Initially it was planned that the “Mole” will be an underground power station. It was assumed that the facility would occupy 4 – 5 floors, a total area of 32 thousand square meters. But construction was slow, and in 1980 it was frozen. Today there are endless empty labyrinths of staircases and corridors, bulky steel structures, kilometers of cable and tons of concrete.

“35th Coastal Battery.”

It is a powerful artillery fortification of the coastal defense of Sevastopol. Construction began in the early twentieth century. The 35th battery successfully defended the city during the Great Patriotic War. It is located on the Chersonesos Peninsula. Since 2007 there is a historical and memorial complex, which occupies 7.9 hectares. It includes military and historical sites, necropolis, mass graves, and so on.

What to see in Sevastopol in 2 days

  • Mikhailovskaya Battery
  • Konstantinovskaya Battery
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Vladimirsky Cathedral
  • Wind Tower
  • Museum of Black Sea Navy history
  • Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol
  • Malakhov kurgan
  • Chersonesos Tavrichesky.

What to see on the outskirts of Sevastopol

Cape Vineyard – one of the most beautiful and cleanest places near Sevastopol

First photo: k_o_l_l_e_n_k_a /

Stock photos:

St. George’s Rock

George Rock photo

Photo St. George Rock

Located one and a half kilometers from Cape Fiolent. It is believed that there was an apparition of St. George the Victorious. He helped sailors who were caught in a storm. In 1891, a white marble cross was installed on the rock. During Soviet times it was removed, but in 1991 a new cross was put.

Cape Fiolent

Cape Fiolent photo

Cape Fiolent photo

It is located in Balaklava district, on the Heraclea peninsula. The cape is formed by volcanic rocks. 150 – 160 million years ago a volcano was active on its site. According to legend St. Andrew the First Called stepped on the Fiolent, when he first came to the Crimea to preach the gospel.

Grotto of Diana

Diana Grotto

Grotto of Diana.

Another natural landmark is located in the Cape Fiolent and is an arch-like opening in the rock. According to a dark legend, this place was considered sacred and young and beautiful girls were thrown into the sea as a gift to goddess Diana.

It is unknown exactly who practiced this barbarian rite – Greeks or Taurians. The attraction is popular for its beautiful surroundings and clear sea waters, though it is dangerous to swim here because of the uneven bottom. Divers who study the underwater flora here are especially fond of the grotto.

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Love Sevastopol: 28 interesting places

What to see in Sevastopol

The colorful city in the southwest of Crimea is very different from other cities on the peninsula. We have compiled a list of the coolest places that, once visited, you are sure to fall in love with Sevastopol.

What do we know about Sevastopol? The military settlement was founded in the late 18th century and became the base of the Black Sea Fleet. The city did not grow on an empty place. In this part of Crimea, there are layers of older history – the ancient Chersonese, the Genoese fortress and the medieval Inkerman.

It is not difficult to fall in love with Sevastopol. Walk on its hills, look at powerful military cruisers and waves of the bay, breathe the fresh air from the sea, mixed with the smell of flowers, and the beautiful Sevastopol easily captivate your heart!

Sevastopol sights on the map

Grafskaya Wharf

The old quay in the south of the bay was built in the late 18th century, for the arrival of Catherine the Great. Since then only the appearance of the building has changed. From a wooden boat dock it turned into an elegant pier of stone.

Interesting city tours start from there. Learn about the history of the Crimean city and see the warships standing in Sevastopol bay! Guided tours last from 45 to 60 minutes and cost from 300 rubles.

What to see in Sevastopol

Grafskaya Wharf in Sevastopol (Photo: GIC198 /

Monument of sunken ships

The iconic landmark and architectural symbol of Sevastopol is featured in all booklets about the city and on Russian 200 ruble banknotes. The lone column with a double-headed eagle is familiar even to those who have never been to the Crimea. It recalls the difficult decision of Admiral Nakhimov to sink the Black Sea Fleet in order to prevent enemy ships from entering the bay.

The expressive monument appeared in 1905, to the half-century anniversary of the first defense. The granite column is set directly into the sea, 23 m from the shore. It gives rise to sad feelings, and one wants to watch the waves crashing against the stone pedestal endlessly.

Popular excursions in Sevastopol:

What to see in Sevastopol in Crimea

Monument to sunken ships near Seaside Boulevard.

Catherine mile

A wonderful reminder of Catherine II’s visit to Tauris is preserved on the north side. Verst posts on the way of the tsarina’s travel from St. Petersburg to the Crimean peninsula were built by Prince Potemkin. The same Potemkin who built the fake “Potemkin villages.

Only five Catherine miles have survived in the Crimea. Stone sign on Chelyuskintsev Street stands since 1786.

Photos and description of places of interest in Sevastopol

Verst pole in Bakhchisaray (Photo: Alexostrov /

Seaside Boulevard

The luxurious promenade is not just a green street for strolls, but a historical landmark of Sevastopol. The green street was founded in the late 19th century on the site of fortifications of Suvorov’s troops.

Two stone lions near a small bridge tell about the heroic defense of the city. One lion is English, and the other is French. They symbolize the troops of the two states that fought the battles in Sevastopol Bay.

Sights in Sevastopol

Seaside Boulevard stretches from Nakhimov Square to the Kornilov embankment (Photo: Alexei Reshetnikov /

Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol”.

Master of panoramic painting, painter and battle-painter Franz Roubaud created a stunning canvas about the heroism of the defenders of Sevastopol. It is 114 m long and 14 m high. The round building of the panorama is located in the center of the high Bastion Hill. The views that open up to the viewers are mesmerizing in their epicness. But the canvas depicts 4,000 people! Admission for adults costs 200 rubles.

Museums in Sevastopol

The panorama shows the battle on the Malakhov Mound in 1855 (Photo: Vikcos75 /

Malakhov kurgan

Tourist mecca of Sevastopol, where all guests try to get, is located in the eastern part of the city. During the first defense, the famous 97-meter-high Malakhov Mound was a battle ground.

Today it is a free park, where it is pleasant to walk at any time of the year. On the Malakhov Mound is a mass grave of the heroes who died for the city, and cannons of the XVIII-XX centuries are on display.

Sapun Hill .

At the exit in the direction of Balaklava during World War II were the hardest battles. Sapun Mountain has a height of 240 meters above sea level, and it is turned into a large memorial. Walk through the Park of Glory, visit the chapel of St. George the Victorious and look at the famous diorama about the assault of the hill. Admission to the museum costs 250 rubles.

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Places of Military Glory in Sevastopol

View from Sapun Mountain (Photo: eltpics /

Tauric Chersonesos

In ancient times there was a city of Tauric Chersonesos in the bay. Now the excavation sites and ruins of ancient buildings have the status of a national reserve and are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What of the sights of ancient Sevastopol is worth seeing first of all? The ancient amphitheater is very impressive. It is well-preserved in the Crimea, and is even used for theater productions. Be sure to see the mighty tower of Zeno, the remains of basilicas of the VI century and a temple carved into the rock.

In Chersonesos there is a monument that has no relation to ancient times. The massive nebulous bell was cast from Turkish cannons in 1778. It weighs over 5.5 tons. After the Crimean War the French took the shrine away and hung it in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, and in 1913 the Sevastopol bell returned to the Crimea.

Chersonesos is considered the place from where Prince Vladimir began the baptism of Rus. To commemorate that event there is a large Cathedral of St. Vladimir. The entrance to the temple is free, and the ticket to the museum of the reserve costs 350 rubles.

Photos of Chersonesos

Chersonesos in autumn (Photo: @art_maltsev /

Vladimirsky Cathedral

Let’s move to the center of the city and visit the tomb of famous admirals and naval officers – St. Vladimir’s Cathedral. The majestic building of Inkerman stone rises to 32.5 meters. The outer columns of the temple are made of diorite, and the interior – from Carrara marble. Under the cathedral’s vaults are burial sites of Russian naval commanders Pavel Nakhimov, Vladimir Kornilov, Vladimir Istomin and Mikhail Lazarev.

Cathedrals and temples

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral (Photo: Alexxx1979 /

St. Nicholas Church

The main shrine of Sevastopol, where the remains of Russian, Turkish, British, French and Italian sailors are buried, stands in the quiet Kamyshovaya Bay. The temple is active, and from time to time all the sailors, no matter what nationality they were, who died in the wars are buried there.

Museum of the Black Sea Fleet

This landmark of Sevastopol is interesting not only from the inside, but also from the outside. The majestic building looks like an architectural masterpiece. The strict columns and stuccoed pediments were built in the late 19th century. The shells on the facade, the massive cannons and anchors remind you that you’re in front of a repository of Russian naval history.

Inside there are ancient maps, navigational instruments, elegant models of ships, portraits and personal belongings of participants of the battle for Sevastopol. A ticket to the museum costs 100 rubles.

Military places in Sevastopol

In 2000s there were over 30 thousand exhibits in the museum of the Black Sea Fleet (photo: Dmitry Dzhus /

Viewing platforms

Looking at the city and bays from above is very interesting! It can be done from several places. To get spectacular photos and see all the iconic places, come to the viewing platforms on Admiral Nakhimov Street or on the picturesque Primorsky Boulevard. Climb the Malykhov Mound, the top of Sapun Mountain and the Laspinsky Pass. A panoramic view of the South Bay from the Grass Cafe’s panoramic windows and from the Ferris wheel, which towers over the Istoricheskiy Boulevard.

Photos of Sevastopol

View of the city from the Ferris wheel (Photo: shuttera /

The 35th coastal battery memorial

On a small promontory in Cossack Bay, you can see an unusual building split in half. The expressive memorial is filled with tragedy and heroism. In 1942 here took the last battle of the city defenders, who did not have time to evacuate to the mainland. Admission to the museum is free.


During vacation with children in Sevastopol, it is worth seeing the largest aquarium museum on the peninsula, which is located in the middle of the Seaside Boulevard. Its four halls hold over a thousand species of reptiles, invertebrates, and fish.

The Sevastopol Aquarium may look a little old-fashioned, but the open-air pools with stingrays and sturgeons, as well as the huge turtles are a real delight for children. The ticket for an adult costs 500 rubles, and for a child – 300 rubles.


In the heart of the city, on the shore of Artillery Bay is another attraction of Sevastopol, which is loved by families with children. It is a theater of sea animals, where the daily show of the Black Sea dolphins, seals and huge white whales. In the summer, visitors can swim with dolphins in a separate pool. Admission to the show costs from 900 rubles for adults and 600 rubles for children.

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Photos and description of places of interest in Sevastopol

In the summer, visitors can swim with dolphins in a separate pool. Photo: chocoraven /

Monuments to famous seamen

Sevastopol is a maritime city, and many of its attractions are devoted to people who have connected their lives with the sea. At the end of the XIX century in Sevastopol appeared a monument to Admiral Nakhimov.

On Malakhov Hill there is a monument to Admiral Kornilov, and on the Historical Boulevard – to the military engineer Totleben. On Bolshaya Morskaya Street, there is a monument to Admiral Kuznetsov, on the Korabelnaya side – to the Soviet Arctic explorer I. D. Papanin, and on Nakhimov Avenue – to Admiral Senyavin.

Monuments of Sevastopol

Monument to General E. Totleben on the Historical Boulevard in Sevastopol (Photo: Valentin Ramirez /

Mikhailovskaya Battery

To get to this landmark of Sevastopol, you need to take the sea streetcar and get to the Northern part of the city. St. Michael’s Battery is one of the city’s 10 fortifications that have survived more than one war. The battery has been converted into a museum, where there are samples of ammunition, aircraft and military equipment. The ticket costs 300 rubles.

Military fortifications in Sevastopol

The battery was named after Prince Mikhail Nikolaevich, the son of Nicholas I (photo: Engineer gena /

Konstantinovskaya Battery

The old horseshoe-shaped ravelin is located at the outlet of Sevastopol Bay. Fortified battery served to stop the advancing enemy. During the Crimean War and the Great Patriotic War it was completely impregnable.

In the courtyard is allowed free of charge. In the former casemates there is a military museum. An entrance ticket with a guided tour costs 300 rubles.

Photos and description of places of interest in Sevastopol

The courtyard of the Konstantinovsky Battery is free of charge. Photo: muhor /

Former submarine base

Not far from Sevastopol, on the Tauride embankment of Balaklava hides the most secret attraction of the Crimea. Formerly closed object number 221 is a dream of diggers and lovers of military equipment. Underground nuclear submarine repair plant turned into a military history museum. Walk around the huge, carved in rock tunnels and see how the secret enterprise worked. Admission for adults costs 300 rubles.

What to see in Sevastopol

The canal, on which the submarines sailed.

Lukomorye Children’s Town

The place, which is worth seeing in Sevastopol with children, is located a 15-20 minute walk from the Malakhov Hill. It is a small cozy park with entertainment, fun rides and a children’s zoo. In summer the area is open from 9:00 to 20:00, and in winter the park closes at 16:00. Ticket prices start at 20 rubles.

What to see with children in Sevastopol

Crocodiles in the children’s zoo (Photo: Tet a tet /

Non-trivial attractions in Sevastopol

Ancient aqueduct . Crimean aqueducts are not as large as Roman ones, but they leave a strong impression. The stone structure through which water entered Sevastopol is located on the Black River.

Tower of the Winds . It is a picturesque architectural monument reminiscent of the famous Tower of the Winds in Athens, although Sevastopol’s construction is much more modest in size. During the first city’s defense the building housed Sevastopol’s main observation point.

South breakwater . If you like urban landscapes, visit an unusual sight in Sevastopol. A long concrete spit juts far into the Black Sea, and hundreds of breakwaters are piled next to it. Not far away you can see the plastic barrels – mussel plantations. The southern breakwater is a wonderful place to meet sunsets and sunrises!

Staircase street. From the square with the Lenin monument to the west runs Sverdlov Street, on which you can not drive a car. There are many steps in the narrow street, and the walls of regular apartment buildings rise around it.

Monument to Cyril and Methodius . A beautiful monument to the creators of the Slavic alphabet stands away from the tourist routes, in front of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Come to the quiet green square to relax in the heat in the shade of the trees!

French military cemetery . According to historical data, during the Crimean War 28 thousand Frenchmen were buried in Sevastopol. The beautiful and stern memorial is located on the 5 km Balaklava highway.

Victory Park . In Sevastopol go with children to see this shady park. It is a 10 minute walk from the Streltsy Bay. Sunbathe on the best pebble beach in the city, have fun in the water park “Zurbagan” and the rope town!

The Mole object . If you are interested in the abandonment of Sevastopol, go look at the monumental structure, which remains from the Soviet era. The unfinished power plant consists of concrete boxes, underground passages and wells. A stalker’s dream!

Where to go in Sevastopol

Stela of St. George the Victorious, Victory Park (Photo: Yurovsky Alexander /

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