March 2016: where to go on vacation?

Where to go on vacation this spring

In spring you want to throw the first things in the suitcase and go in search of new experiences, the next three months are rich in cultural events. In Europe, for example, it is possible to visit Walpurgis Night or be among the guests on the anniversary of the crowned heads. Well, those who prefer the urban landscape of the beach vacation, should go to India on a holiday of bright colors with the exotic name of “Holi”. In general, the options, where to rest in the spring of 2016, an incredible variety.


March 23 – the festival of spring and bright colors Holi

If you have seen pictures from the Colorful Run, then you can imagine what people look like during the festivities at the Indian Holi Spring Festival. Locals usually prepare in advance for this event by painting houses in bright colors and buying bags of paint. The night before the celebrations, it is customary to set fire to a tree and organize a ritual dance around it, thus saying goodbye to winter. By the way, throwing the colored powder to the sky, Indians dispel the grudges of the past year.

United Kingdom

April 21 – Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of Great Britain is one of those lucky women who celebrates her birthday as much as twice a year. Officially, the country congratulates its monarch on the third Saturday in June. The tradition was introduced in the early XX century by King Edward VII, who was born in November, but preferred to celebrate this occasion in summer. Since then, the British have been observing this outlandish tradition. And the year 2016 will be special: on April 21, Prince William’s grandmother will turn 90 years old, and 65 of them she is the Queen of England. On the occasion of the anniversary, the government is planning popular festivities with fireworks, cannon salvos and other festive paraphernalia.


April 21 – Day of Rome

If you prefer a warm climate, then you should not wonder where to rest in the spring in the middle of April. Go to Italy to celebrate the birthday of the Eternal City. In honor of the holiday in Rome, the central city gates are opened so that everyone can pass through them.

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April 30 – Queen’s Day

Where else can you go on vacation this spring? For example, in Amsterdam, where April 30 celebrates the birthday of another monarch – the Queen of the Netherlands. And do not forget to bring a couple of orange clothes, because this shade is considered the main color of the ruling dynasty of the Netherlands, the Orange-Nassau.


April 30 – Walpurgis Night.

If “Bewitched” is still on your list of favorite shows, then book your tickets for late April in one of the European capitals without delay. In Stockholm, for example, on Walpurgis Night eve the locals prepare a special treat – pickled salmon in dill and sugar, and then go to the open-air museum Skansen for folk festivities. And once in the Czech capital, do not be surprised if you see sand scattered in front of the thresholds of houses: according to an ancient belief, it protects people from evil forces. According to the ancient beliefs it protects people from the evil eye because until the witch counts all the grains of sand, she cannot get in the house.


May 4-6 – Rose Festival

Still haven’t decided where to go for a spring vacation? In early May, go to Morocco, to be exact, to a small town called El Kalaa M’Gouna, where the annual festival of roses takes place. There will be festive processions, and in addition, everyone can try to collect a few baskets of fragrant petals on their own and see how they get rose water. And if you want you can even take a couple of seedlings of especially rare varieties with you.

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March 2016: where to go on vacation?

For those who are going on vacation in March 2016, we have compiled a selection of destinations where you can fly inexpensively. The list includes cities in Russia, as well as in Europe and Asia. Including options for a vacation by the sea.

So, we have studied airfare prices for March 2016 and made a list of 15 destinations for which inexpensive (given the current exchange rate) airfare is available. Of course, flights within Russia are the least expensive in the current situation, but travelers who want to visit countries in Europe and Asia can also find tickets at reasonable prices.

Prices are current at the time of writing and publication, but are changing in real time, so at the time you read this compilation may both increase and decrease.

The selection includes the air tickets with a flight from Moscow and additionally we indicate the cost of tickets from St.-Petersburg. The price is given for a return flight.

Where to look for cheap tickets? The best way to do this is with the help of Aviasales and Skyscanner search engines. To find the best price, check with both and see tickets for different dates. Read also the instruction on how to look for cheap airline tickets correctly.

Russia: where to fly inexpensively in March 2016?

St. Petersburg – from 2,700 rub.

A wide choice of dates, airlines and departure time – everyone can find the right option. The pleasure will cost only 3-4 thousand rubles. A great option for a small trip and a good holiday: minimum budget, minimum time and a lot of options on how to organize your leisure time.

Learn prices in St. Petersburg for hotels →

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Sochi – from 3 000 rub.

Traditionally, the tickets to Sochi from Moscow are very cheap and many airlines offer them – choose the most convenient option for you. Find tickets for 3000 rubles for almost any date. Spend your days enjoying walks by the sea, or go to Krasnaya Polyana – it’s up to you.

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To fly in March 2016 to Adler from St. Petersburg costs twice as much – from 6200 rubles.

Learn prices in Sochi for hotels →

Kaliningrad – from 3 300 rubles.

Low fares to Kaliningrad are offered now by many airlines, so it’s not a problem to find an option that suits all parameters.

To fly here from Saint-Petersburg is a little bit more expensive – for example on S7 flights via Moscow (from 4200RUB).

Learn prices for hotels in Kaliningrad →

Crimea – from 3 800 rub.

Fly to the Crimea is not in season can be very cheap, and in March on the peninsula prices are also quite low. Of course you can not have a beach holiday at the sea, but you can visit many sights, breathe the fresh sea air and admire the way the Crimea transforms the spring.

The flight from St. Petersburg costs from 7000 rubles.

Find out prices in the Crimea for hotels →

Europe and Middle East

Turkey, Istanbul – 10 500 rub.

Istanbul is one of the most inexpensive destinations to fly to in March 2016. Tickets from 10500 rubles offer low-cost carrier Pegasus (direct flights from Moscow) and KLM (flights from St. Petersburg with connections in Amsterdam).

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Armenia, Yerevan – from 12 500 rub.

While the crisis makes holidays in Europe too expensive, it’s time to pay attention to the nearest neighbors – a trip to neighboring countries can be no less interesting: a different culture, great nature, the ability to communicate with the population in Russian and low prices.

The best price in March 2016 for flights from Moscow to the capital of Armenia is offered by S7 (direct flights). Flying from St. Petersburg is more expensive – from 15 thousand (with a connection in Moscow).

Learn prices in Armenia for hotels →

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Czech Republic, Prague – 12 500 rub.

Prague as one of the most popular places for vacationing abroad among the Russians, remains so. In addition, the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most inexpensive places to fly to in March 2016 from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. First of all, airfare is inexpensive, and secondly, the prices in Prague are quite low by European standards, so the cost of recreation will not be too great.

This time the cheapest way to fly to Prague from St. Petersburg – KLM tickets cost from 12500 rubles (change in Amsterdam). The cheapest flight from Moscow is offered by airBaltic (from 14500 rubles) with connection in Riga.

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Israel, Tel Aviv – from 13 600 rubles.

Good choice of dates. Three seas, excellent cuisine, active nightlife and, of course, a rich history and culture, which promises a fascinating excursion program.

Airline: AirSerbia (connections in Belgrade). Direct flights are much more expensive – from 19-20 thousand rubles (El Al).

Tickets from St. Petersburg cost from 18 thousand rubles (Al Al).

Learn prices in Israel for hotels →

Spain, Barcelona – 13 100 rub.

Barcelona is traditionally one of the most inexpensive destinations to fly to from Moscow and St. Petersburg, March 2016 is no exception. There are many cheap tickets for the whole month, so everyone will be able to find the best dates for themselves.

Alitalia, Airfrance and KLM offer the best price with connections in Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, respectively.

The ticket price from Moscow is from 13 000, from St. Petersburg – from 15 000 rub.

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Paris – from 14 500 rub.

If you take a non-direct flight, you can fly to Paris inexpensively this March. Almost on all dates there are tickets for 14.5-15 thousand rubles (Alitalia with a connection in Rome).

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Tickets with a flight from St. Petersburg are only 1-2 thousand rubles more expensive.

Check out the prices for hotels in Paris → Hotels in Paris.

We recommend you check our selection of cheap hotels in Paris.

Of course, this is not a complete list of cities where you can fly inexpensively to rest in March 2016 – I have listed only the most interesting. Check other ticket prices for other destinations you can yourself on the search engines Aviasails and Skyscanner.

Asia: where to go for a vacation at sea?

If you are looking for a place to fly to rest by the sea, the best choice would be Asia, because it is here in March you can find the warmest sea. Another nice feature of Asian countries – low prices for hotels, food, entertainment, so even in a crisis, the holidays will be inexpensive. However, you will have to spend money on airline tickets, because flights to Southeast Asia and India, due to their remoteness, cost more than flights to Europe or the Middle East.

India, Goa – from 34 000 rub.

If you take into consideration the exchange rate the price for this destination is quite reasonable.

The airlines that offer the best prices for flights to Goa are Air Arabia. The choice of dates with cheap tickets is not very great.

From St. Petersburg tickets are much more expensive – starting from 48 thousand!

Check out hotel prices in Goa → Maldives, Male’.

Maldives, Male – 31 500 rub.

Again, not a bad price for this destination.

The best prices for this destination, as usual, offer the Arab airlines Emirates and Etihad.

Fly in March 2016 to the Maldives from St. Petersburg can be from 35 thousand.

Check out the prices for hotels in the Maldives →

From Moscow in March 2016 is also inexpensive to fly for rest by the sea in Thailand (Bangkok – from 29000, Phuket – from 32000), Vietnam (from 32000) and Sri Lanka (from 31000).

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