Montenegro or Turkey: where to vacation in 2022

Turkey or Montenegro: where to vacation?

Turkey or Montenegro: where to rest better?

In what country is better to go on vacation – the choice between Turkey and Montenegro is often very difficult. Discounted Tours always offer both there and then. To visit both countries do not need a visa, and the level of tourist services is really high if compared with Indonesia or Egypt. To make a difficult decision, and it was the right one, we must consider the rest in Turkey and Montenegro in different aspects.

Where the rest will cost cheaper: the financial aspect.

The costs of recreation in Turkey and Montenegro are not very different. Especially a huge selection of hotels of different levels of comfort in Turkey. Here there are cheap motels and 5* hotels. In Montenegro, there are few apartments of 4 * and above, and the price for their accommodation is often off the scale. The main accommodation in Montenegro are private guest houses.

During the peak season, the price for a holiday at a 5 * hotel in Turkey will be half less than in Montenegro . If the comfort level is not important, and the budget has already been formed, you can choose to live in any country.

Beach area

Turkey or Montenegro

If it is difficult to decide where to vacation, decide on the choice between Turkey and Montenegro will help features of the beaches. This aspect is extremely relevant for families with children. Turkey offers visitors a variety of types of beaches – pebble, sand, with a view of the mountains or closed beaches at the hotels. On most of the beaches all conditions for recreation:

  • installed cabins for changing clothes;
  • rent chairs and umbrellas from the sun;
  • there is a wide range of water sports;
  • built showers;
  • there is trade in minibars and cafes.

Even if the beach belongs to a hotel, tourists who do not live there can freely enter the territory. Holidays with children will be especially pleased to use the services of animators, entertaining young guests from morning till late afternoon.


The beaches of Montenegro are not inferior in size and quality, the Turkish recreation areas by the sea. But in making a decision, be sure to consider that in Montenegro there is almost no sandy beaches and almost always a slope in the sea is very sharp. A plus, and a kind of calling card of this country was the crystal clear sea water. If the priority is rest on the beach, Turkey is a win-win.

Weather in the resorts of Turkey and Montenegro

On the coast of Turkey the beach season begins in late March and lasts until late fall. This has some advantage. On such features rest like only those who like the heat. Many tourists admit that quite difficult to bear extremely high temperatures. If you spend most of your time in hotels, where there are indoor pools in the shade, air conditioners, this fact is easily compensated. When you want to swim exclusively in the sea, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the Turkish climate.

If you do not like the hot climate and comfortable and stable temperature, the resorts of Montenegro are a priority. Here the sea warms up to a comfortable temperature in June, which coincides with the start of the vacation season. In Montenegro, the weather is quite stable by month. On average, during the summer, the average air temperature remains up to 30 ºС, and the water warms up to 28 ºС.

The level of service in the hotels

Turkish hotels are known among tourists from around the world precisely because of the high quality hotel service. Here the hotels have everything for a quality holiday – swimming pools, children’s animation, cafes, hairdressers, sports fields and much more. Especially surprising is the variety of menu. Sometimes on the basis of one hotel has several restaurants serving traditional European, oriental, Italian cuisine, and in the evenings there is an opportunity to try terrific grill menu from local chefs.

How much does a trip to Turkey cost - 2022. Prices and important tips


If we evaluate the price-quality ratio, Turkey is the undisputed leader. Relatively at a low cost here can comfortably rest in a 5 * hotel. In Montenegro for the same level of accommodation and service will have to pay many times more.

Excursion programs: what to choose for those who like an intensive vacation

If the answer to the question, where the sea is warmer, is quite obvious – certainly in Turkey, then with a program of cultural entertainment both countries can quite compete.

  1. Turkey . Local guides know how to squeeze the maximum out of vacationers. The resorts work a lot of entertainment and created dozens of excursion destinations. But to spoil the impression of visiting an ancient city, an ancient park or mountains can a strong heat – many of the attractions are directly under the open sky.
  2. Montenegro . A leader in terms of comfort for those who like to visit excursions. The country is quite compact, all the attractions here are a couple of hours away. Tourists who have been here, say with delight about the beauty of nature of Montenegrin resorts, note the special charm of ancient towns.

Each tourist has its own priorities and preferences, so we should focus on them.

Rest in Turkey and Montenegro with children

Montenegro is suitable for holidays with children, there is a quality food, pharmacy centers at every step, and the water in the sea is crystal clear. However, many tourists are stopped by the steep descent to the water and almost complete absence of sandy beaches. Turkish resorts attract tourists with children wide beaches with fine sand, warm sea with a gentle approach and a lot of entertainment for young tourists of all ages.

What country to choose for a holiday – Turkey or Montenegro, it directly depends on the priorities, requirements and capabilities of the tourist. If in the first place is an all-inclusive holiday at an average price, it is worth choosing Turkey. Want to spend as much time on excursions and be able to pay for a high level of comfort of an impressive amount, you can go to Montenegro.

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Is it worth to go to Montenegro on vacation: 11 reasons for and 5 reasons against

From time to time, unfortunately, I come across negative reviews like this: “We chose Montenegro for our vacation and were completely disappointed. Never go there again! Once again wondering why it happens, and why not everyone is suitable for Montenegro, I decided to write this article. In it I will try to answer the question “Is it worth going to Montenegro?”, to highlight the pros and cons of recreation in Montenegro, and give a couple of tips how not to be disappointed in Montenegro.

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Is it worth going to Montenegro? The pros and cons of traveling to Montenegro

  • The pros of vacationing in Montenegro
  • The downsides of vacationing in Montenegro.
  • Do they cheat tourists in Montenegro?
  • So whether it is worth to go to Montenegro?
  • How not to be disappointed in Montenegro: 5 nuances, which is better to consider.
  • Montenegro or ?

The pros of vacationing in Montenegro

The advantages of a vacation in Montenegro:

  1. No visa required. Montenegro is not in the European Union and Schengen area. For Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians do not need a visa to Montenegro. The citizens of Kazakhstan and Armenia enjoy visa-free regime every summer. Learn more about visa rules of Montenegro →.
  2. Clean beaches. Montenegrins are very anxious about the cleanliness of their beaches, so many beaches have a “blue flag” – a sign that the water on the beach is clean and safe for swimming. “Blue flag” is an international quality standard for beaches adopted throughout Europe. Blue flags as can be seen on the beaches of Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and other countries.
  3. Very beautiful nature. Without exaggeration, nature in Montenegro is delightfully beautiful. Boko Kotor Bay is one of the ten most beautiful fjords in Europe, on Skadar Lake you can see the pink flamingo, and the challenging landscape of the country has saved a lot of wow views. List of must-see places in Montenegro →

Sights and interesting places in Vrmac

This view of the Bay of Kotor opens up from the Vrmac Ridge, which you can climb on foot or drive up

  1. It is convenient to get to. Montenegro is located not so far from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. To get from these countries to Montenegro is simple. The flight takes only 3 hours, there are a lot of flights, and Pobeda, which sells tickets to Montenegro at a price of a bus to the Crimea, is very pleased. In a separate article more about all the ways to get to Montenegro →
  2. Good location. From Montenegro is very convenient to travel to neighboring countries. You can go to Croatia, Albania or Bosnia.
  3. Safety. On vacation in Montenegro, I feel safe. There is almost no crime in the country. There are no intrusive clingers either. No one grabs my hand and drags me to his store.

Is it worth to choose Montenegro for a vacation by the sea

It seems that there is peace in the air. Many tourists in their reviews note that Montenegro is safe.

  1. Opportunity to improve their health. In Montenegro is very good ecology and clean air. The country has several medical centers, where Europeans come. The most famous is the clinic in Igalo (Herceg Novi). There are also therapeutic muds. Apart from Igalo there are several thermal springs and therapeutic mud in the north of the country and in Ulcinj.
  2. There is something to do. Montenegro is also good because apart from the beach vacation it offers many options for pastime: fishing, diving, rafting, hiking, paragliding, yachting and many interesting excursions in Montenegro itself and in neighboring countries. My favorite is exploring Montenegro by car.

Travelling by car is one of the reasons why it is worth to go to Montenegro.

Even in winter there are places to go and things to see in Montenegro by car. For example, this photo was taken during a trip around Skadar Lake on the panoramic road

  1. Similar language. Montenegrins working in tourism often know Russian to some extent. And the local language has a lot in common with Russian and Ukrainian, and it is easy to communicate in Montenegro.
  2. Good attitude. Montenegrins have always treated Russian-speaking guests well, despite all the friction between the governments of the countries.
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How to treat the Russians in Montenegro

During our trip to Grlo Sokolovo Gorge, my husband and I stopped at the konoba to ask if we were on the right road. One thing led to another, and we came to our senses only two hours later, when the owner was boiling his husband with rakija and offered to spend the night :D. Since I was driving, they treated me to some delicious berry tea and a local dessert. The owner refused to take money.

  1. Authentic medieval architecture . The Montenegrin coast is steeped in history. Here are mixed pirates, and brave warriors, and legendary battles. Many churches have been preserved where they are 7 centuries old! The most interesting old town of Montenegro is in Kotor. Each street there is associated with a story: somewhere was the first pharmacy, somewhere someone’s palace.

The Pluses of rest in Montenegro

The red-tiled roofs, the labyrinth of streets – I have not met a single person who would not fall in love with the old town of Kotor.

For those who are going to Montenegro for the first time, I wrote a separate detailed instruction on what to know before the trip.

The downsides of vacationing in Montenegro.

Every coin has two sides, and, unfortunately, a vacation in Montenegro is not without minuses.

  1. Tourist tax. For each night spent in Montenegro, vacationers must pay a small tax. More about this in this article →.
  2. Shopping. Whatever they say about the proximity to Italy and good shopping, it’s all lies. Locals themselves go shopping in neighboring countries.
  3. Not a vegetarian friendly country. Montenegro is a meat-eating country. If you are a vegetarian, you will be sad here. There is meat-meat-meat on the menu. It is easier for pescetarians – there is seafood almost everywhere, and it is fresh and delicious.

Prices in Montenegro for food in restaurants

One of my favorite dishes is trout on the heat or grilled squid. This complete dish with a side of vegetables costs 12 euros. I talk about food prices in a separate article

  1. The gypsies. Yes, they are in Montenegro, and according to reviews some people are uncomfortable with it. The largest number of gypsies I met in Bar and Ulcinj, the cities closest to the border with Albania. Don’t think that gypsies wander the streets and aggressively harass passersby. No. They are found in some supermarkets, delivering shopping carts and may ask a few cents for it, unobtrusively.
  2. Trash and Construction. In summer Montenegro is thoroughly cleaned up, and construction work is prohibited. But if you come in late fall, winter or spring, you will be greeted by littered roadsides, bags on trees and bushes, and in the cities from morning till night there will be the sounds of construction. And also, if you turn off the main road, even in the summer you can come across spontaneous dumps with broken toilets and old couches.

The Garbage in Montenegro - a big problem.

In addition to the minuses, there are several other features of the country:

  • If you arrive in April and May, there is a chance of seeing “muddy rain.” This is when the wind from the Sahara brings sand, and it falls from the sky with the rain. Such rain is not terrible, but it’s unpleasant to get under it, but especially unpleasant when you just wash the car, and it looks worse after the rain than before the wash.
  • On the question of whether to go to Montenegro in winter. In the winter months, nature is not as beautiful. And if you add here the strongest winds and bora, because of which planes can not land in Tivat and they are sent to Podgorica, then the picture is not so good. But in winter there is a kind of special beauty. Palm trees and snow, deserted beach, and it is +15 on the thermometer.
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Is it worth going to Montenegro in winter?

In winter in Budva it can be so beautiful.

Do they cheat tourists in Montenegro?

It is no secret that at any resort there are scams. In Montenegro, the most common scheme of tourists being cheated is as follows:

  • Cab drivers – call an inflated price, you need to bargain.
  • Cashiers can put extra product on the receipt, you need to check the check.
  • Waiters – may add something extra to the bill, double-check before you pay.
  • Vendors at the fruit/vegetable stalls – they charge you an inflated price, you need to haggle.
  • EKO gas station – they don’t fill up with gas. You can fill up, pay money, and they don’t add gasoline. The worst gas station in Montenegro.

That’s all I know. I myself fell for the last two tricks. About the waiters and cashiers my friends told me, and about the cab drivers … And cab drivers do not change from country to country

How does Tivat look like on the photo

The philosophy of Montenegrins is “pelako” – unhurried life with enjoyment of the moment. The photo shows Montenegrins’ favorite activity: drinking coffee by the sea.

So whether it is worth to go to Montenegro?

It is worth going to Montenegro if the pure beach holiday is too boring for you and you want to discover something new. Montenegro is a country where you can combine the beach and recreation, doing nothing and exploring new things.

Is it worth to go to Montenegro and why?

Montenegro is my personal paradise for hiking. There are easy trails for beginners and multi-day routes for experienced hikers. Anyone who loves hiking will appreciate the stunning views.

I talk a lot about the peculiarities of holidays in Montenegro on the blog. Check out these articles here:

    : what you need to know . A great compilation of my experiences. How much money to bring and how you can save.

How not to be disappointed in Montenegro: 5 nuances, which is better to consider.

Here are a few tips not to be disappointed in Montenegro:

  1. Do not go in August. This is the peak tourist season. Montenegrins on the coast are already tired, because of this may suffer service. The beaches are jammed, and the heat in August is unpleasant. When is it better to go to Montenegro?
  2. If you’re going to Montenegro for the first time, don’t go to Budva, Bar or Ulcinj. What resort to choose for a holiday?
  3. Do not go to Montenegro if you want Turkish all-inclusive service. Montenegro is about a different kind of holiday.
  4. Do not go to Kotor from December to February. Because of the terrain at this time of year in Kotor and neighboring towns it gets dark very early and noticeably colder than in Budva or Tivat.
  5. Do not think that Montenegro is a cheap country. Yes, it is cheaper to stay here than in Croatia or Spain, but the prices are still higher than in Russia or Ukraine.

Montenegro or ?

I decided to answer here the questions that I am most often asked about Montenegro in direct:

  • Is it worth going to Montenegro if you have already been to the Crimea? It’s so similar to the Crimea. I do not agree with this statement. Montenegro and the Crimea are similar only in places. There is a different sea, different culture, historical heritage and, most importantly, the level of service. If you look only at the coast, the Crimea is similar to Cyprus, and Turkey and Greece – also in some places.
  • Montenegro or Turkey? What is better? It depends on the purpose of the trip. Turkey has an excellent inclusive environment. If you need only a beach holiday, then you should definitely choose Turkey. If it is interesting to discover something new, then Montenegro has something to offer you.
  • Croatia or Montenegro? I love both countries, and for me it is difficult to make a choice. But there are two important points: Croatia requires a visa, and Croatia is significantly more expensive than Montenegro.
  • Bulgaria or Montenegro? I’ve been to both countries, and I like Montenegro much more. For the price it is about the same, but in Bulgaria it is necessary to apply for a Schengen visa.
  • Where to vacation better – in Montenegro or Spain? These are two very different countries to be able to answer unequivocally. I can say only two things: a vacation in Spain will be much more expensive, and Spain needs a visa.
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Were 3 times in Montenegro. We started in the area Rafielovici (sorry for the possible inaccuracy of the name, but it sounds so in Russian, and everyone understands), near Budva, 10 kilometers, visually you can see along the coast. Hotel Monaco. Small, private, with old furniture, but clean. 2nd floor, view over the sea, which is 40 meters away. All meals downstairs in the cafes, breakfasts as elsewhere standard. We took only them. Lunch and dinner in front of the hotel on the embankment, between the case fed the fish, which is near nemereno. We had lunch and dinner in the evening. The portions are huge, the quality is good. and of course gave the local red wine “Vranak”. The place is not partying, entertainment is zero. for this we had to go to Budva. The attitude to us very good, to communicate in Russian-Serbian-Montenegrin was not difficult, they understood us and we them. We hired a driver for a personal tour of the tourist sites, his name was Boris, stress on the first syllable. A very pleasant man. He told us everything and showed us everything. We were driving for two days, until the evening. The nature was wonderful. But, as everywhere else has its shortcomings, which is better not to pay attention. Some lack of maintenance, poor and dirty along the roads. But the biggest plus is a sandy, equipped beach. We can say the best in Montenegro, even the beach “Mogren” in Budva is inferior. The second time we stayed in the hotel Avala, which is literally next door to the old town, across the pedestrian road. We took the standard, but settled in … View all comments “

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