Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales” in Yalta

Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales” in Yalta

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

“The Glade of Fairy Tales is a unique museum for children in the forest, where sculptures of fairy tales are gathered. The museum is located in a picturesque mountain area near Yalta, near the foothills of the castle-like Stavri-Kaya Rock (Cross Mountain) and near the Uchan-Su Waterfall. In this amazing park, where the characters of favorite fairy tales come to life against the background of natural beauty, adults can feel like children again, and children – to enjoy this happy childhood in a fairy tale.

Opposite the museum there is a zoo “Fairy Tale”, where the animals are always clean and well groomed, and there is also a contact zoo. Guests of the city may be interested in other attractions in Yalta.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

Ticket prices for the “Glade of Fairy Tales” in Yalta in 2022

Entrance fee: 400 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for children.

Excursions to the Museum Glade of Fairy Tales

Experienced guides will tell you about the history of the museum and tell you what characters live on the Glade of Fairy Tales.

During the tour the guide conducts an exciting quiz, encouraging young visitors to answer questions about fairy tale characters.

Guests of the glade will see a real hut on chicken legs, which can, creaking, turn to people backwards and to the forest backwards. In the hut lives a real Baba Yaga! She comes out to talk to the visitors, rewards the smartest quiz participants, and you can even take a picture with her.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

The excursion through the Glade of Fairy Tales includes a visit to a separate area, the ‘Crooked Mirrors’, whose entrance is guarded by two metal guards in armor, with swords and shields. Forged mirrors of bizarre shapes distort the appearance of all who look into them, causing unrestrained laughter.


The Fairy Glade was created in 1960 upon the idea of craftsman Pavel Bezrukiy. When he was young, Pavel was suffering from throat tuberculosis and was treated in a Crimean sanatorium near Yalta. The magical Crimean air healed him, so in his mature years Pavel Pavlovich, forever in love with the beauty of nature of the Crimean mountains, came to this area to share his vision of this beauty with people.

Walking along the paths of the Cross Mountain, the folk craftsman gathered roots and branches, intricately bent by Crimean winds and storms, and then made compositions on fairy-tale themes from them. The first “inhabitants” of the Glade were Chernomor, Pinocchio, Bubble, Straw and Straw, Taras Bulba, and the Giant’s Head.

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In 1960 Bezrukov set up the gate and invited the first visitors to the Glade of Fairy Tales. The citizens of Yalta and the suburbs were eager to visit the revived fairy tale and take pictures with the characters that they had known since childhood.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

However, soon the troubles began: the artist created his creations without caring about the laws and regulations, without the consent of the city authorities. So in 1970 they tried to close the Glade of Fairy Tales, and to destroy the works. But the citizens of Yalta have defended their favorite landmark, and managed to defend the fairy tale place.

After that event the Glade of Fairy Tales became known in other cities, and more than 50 sculptors and woodcarvers from different parts of the USSR joined the creation of fairy tales.

“The Glade of Fairy Tales” became part of the Yalta Museum of Local Lore with full-time tour guides. Already in the mid-70s the attraction became very popular: during the season there were queues of people lined up at the ticket office, and excursions to the museum were offered every 5 minutes.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

Modern life of the museum

Nowadays the Glade of Fairy Tales is a communal enterprise of Yalta City Executive Committee. Nowadays the exhibition of the museum includes more than three hundred sculptures, made by folk craftsmen not only from the Crimea, but also from Kharkov, Kiev, Moscow, Vilnius, Yerevan and other cities. Talented artists transformed wood, clay, marble, metal and concrete, creating a lively and warm images of the heroes of fairy tales, legends and folktales.

Both adults and children, getting to the magical “Glade of fairy tales”, find themselves among the fairy tale characters loved since childhood, but this fairy tale can be touched and photos can be taken with the characters dear to our hearts.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

In the warm season the museum has a summer theater, where performances with clowns, pirates, mermaids and puppet shows start every hour. On holidays in the “Glade of Fairy Tales” there are mini concerts, sometimes there are performances of trained dogs, clowns, mad Professor Nicolas’ science show and other exciting events.

Entrance to the Glade of Fairy Tales

In front of the entrance to the museum there is an authentic bylina stone, offering to choose which way to go. The sign warns not to waste time, but in fact, there is no time limit for visiting the museum.

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The entrance to this fairy-tale place is fenced with a wooden paling that represents the figures of Old Russian guards.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

Characters “inhabiting” the clearing

According to the map placed near the entrance, the magic museum consists of separate fairy tale areas. Characters from Russian, American and European fairy tales, characters from Ukrainian and Russian literary works can be found in the glade.

There is also Pushkin’s glade, inhabited by characters that seem to have descended from the pages of the great poet. On the Slavic field there are heroes of legends and Old Russian gods, and in the exhibition hall you can meet Snow White and her seven friends, gnomes.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

Near the real pond, the Old Man tries again to catch the Goldfish, who grants wishes, while not far from him are Pinocchio, saddled with Tortilla, the Little Mermaid, the Water Bear and Balda, who tries to muddy the water in the pond with a rope to get the devils to pay his tribute.

The wrought iron throne, guarded by an iron guard in heavy armor, is a favorite photo shoot for those who want to feel like they’re wearing the crown. Also among the fans of memorable photos is very popular site with Dr. Aibolit and the three bears. The bravest tourists put their heads in the jaws of the wooden dragon, and connoisseurs of external and mental beauty embrace Vasilisa the Beautiful, a symbol of female beauty and wisdom.

This unique museum in Yalta is no less interesting than the Glade of Fairy Tales.

Working Hours of the Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales

The museum is open every day, seven days a week from 9:00 to 19:00. The time of stay at the museum is not limited.

How to get to the Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales

Residents of Yalta and its guests can get to the Glade of Fairy Tales from Yalta by bus №102, 107, 115 and 142, or by a minibus №24 and 128. The trip will take about 15 minutes. Getting out at the Glade of Fairy Tales stop, you should walk up to the museum along Kirov Street.

Fans of fairy tales, wishing to get to the magic glade quickly and comfortably, can use cab calling applications – Maxim, Shark, etc.

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If you have your own car, you should go to the following address: 154 Kirov St., Vinohradnoye village, Yalta. From Yalta you must take the upper Yalta road, i.e. the Yalta-Sevastopol highway. After 10-15 minutes on the highway to the right of the road you will see a sign “Fairy Tale Zoo – Glade of Fairy Tales”. After the sign you have to drive 2 kilometers up the narrow and winding asphalt road, focusing on the huge sign “Zoo” that is seen from afar.

“The Glade of Fairy Tales in Yalta

Kind, slightly naive “Glade of Fairy Tales” in Yalta is a place where visitors can do almost anything. Exhibits in conventional museums are often hidden under glass, fenced with thick burgundy cord and guarded by vigilant old women keepers. You can’t touch them, you can’t sit on them, and sometimes you can’t even get close enough to them to take pictures together. At the Glade of Fairy Tales, it’s easy to climb the Gorynych Serpent or take selfies with Leshy. Yes, this may be a location for boys and girls. But the characters of old cartoons remind you that everyone was once a child.

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How the Glade of Fairy Tales was created

The main Yalta storyteller was Pavel Bezrukov – according to numerous statements a Moscow engineer, but in fact a talented woodcarver from Yeisk. He mastered this ancient skill to perfection and created amazing scenic figures and entire compositions of the heroes of the Russian classics – Gogol, Pushkin and Chekhov.

Pavel Pavlovich was able to make his childhood hobby a lifelong professional job. For many years he taught at the Potemkin Institute in Moscow and spent his time in the Crimea for health reasons. The nature of the South Coast cured the master and became a source of inspiration. So in the 59-64 years of the last century was born Yalta “Glade of Fairy Tales” – a magical world among the Crimean mountains.

Good memory of Pavel Bezrukov remained only in the name. A few years later the Glade was closed for not complying with the Soviet ideology, all the works were removed and the master was evicted from Yalta. It became accessible again in 1975 only thanks to outraged residents. In the newly created collection collected works of sculptors and carvers from all over the country, but there were no more figures of Bezrukov’s hand.

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What you can see and do at the Glade of Fairy Tales

“The Glade of Fairy Tales” is an open-air park-museum and a kind of exhibition and entertainment complex. The characters are carved in wood, cast in concrete and metal, carved in stone and covered with mosaics. They are not just gathered in one area, but occupy a specially chosen place – as if they are in their natural environment, and nature only harmoniously complements the surrounding beauty.

Thirty knights with their uncle Chernomor meet you at the gates of the meadow. Next to the castle wall, the friends of the wizard from the Emerald City are already waiting for you. You can rest on a bench with the old man and the old woman from “The Tale of the Goldfish” or near the pond, where Tortilla lives. And in the moss-covered hut on chicken legs lives Baba-Yaga, who comes out to talk to children and make a real furore among them. Just don’t ignore the request “not to poison and not to smoke.

Puss in Boots, Bagheera and Mowgli, the witch, the waterman and Koschey, Balda, Tsarevna Swan and Alyonushka, the Kid and Carlson. The list is long. The glade is divided into thematic zones – Pushkin, Russian and Ukrainian folk tales, European fairy tales, a fantastic forest with the works of florists and a lot more interesting places.

There is no time to be bored here. There are playgrounds, attractions, a summer theater with mini-plays, a separate exhibition pavilion and even the distorting mirrors long forgotten by us.

Fairy Tale Glade, YaltaOn the Glade of Fairy TalesGlade of Fairy Tales - gnomesFairy Tale GladeFairy Tale Glade in the Crimea

Where is the Glade of Fairy Tales and how to get there?

Fairy Tale Glade is located near Yalta, in the township of Vinogradnoe. It’s easy to get to the complex, especially if you have children with you.

  • You can get there by bus №24, 25 and by buses №102, 115. It will take several minutes to get there from the bus stop “Glade of Fairy Tales”.
  • By car. You can go from the center of Yalta along Kirov Street or the Yuzhnoberezhnoe Highway.

There is a fairly large parking lot at the park. Get ready for the fact that you can be approached by money collectors with the requirement to pay for space – from 200,00 to 300,00 rubles for unlimited time. Those who want to leave a car for free and without dealing with parking attendants, you can put it along the road.

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GPS coordinates are 44.495811, 34.117562.

Entrance prices to the “Glade of Fairy Tales”.

The Museum of Figures is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00. It takes 2-3 hours to walk around and look around all the corners, but you can spend the whole day here.

Prices for admission in 2022:

  • – For adults – 300,00 rubles.
  • – For children from 6 years – 150,00 rubles.
  • – For children under 6 years old – free of charge.

The price includes a guide. If you want to know more about the creation of figures and their authors – we recommend to listen to the story. With very young children it is better to walk alone, it is hard for them to stand in one place.

On the territory of the “Glade of fairy tales” and at the entrance sell ice cream, drinks, cotton candy and various small things for a snack on the benches in the shade. There are a lot of plaster figurines, magnets and of course toys in the souvenir stalls.

The official group in contact:

Interesting facts about Yalta’s Glade of Fairy Tales

“Glade of Fairy Tales” – a separate world in which you can experience a lot of emotions from surprise and delight to nostalgia and quiet sadness for a bygone childhood. And all thanks to its exhibits and setting.

  • – The first sculptures appeared near the house of Pavel Bezrukov on the forest glade near the rock Stavri-Kaya, where he lived in the 20s.
  • – Now the collection of the park consists of more than 200 single sculptures and the whole compositions of the characters of fairy tales and cartoons.
  • – The figurines are made in a variety of styles, from carvings and floral works that make one with the trees to colorful characters reminiscent of fairground puppets.

In order to keep your vacation from being boring, you need to alternate your walks through historical sites with journeys into the past. After all, we all come from childhood. Believe me, the “Glade of fairy tales” is no less interesting than the huge halls of palaces, where you can not take pictures with the exhibits in an embrace.

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