New hotels in Maldives – 2021-2022

New “universal” hotels in the Maldives in 2021: concepts, prices, STRs

Together with the experts of tour operator “Russian Express” we were exploring the features of “universal” hotels in Maldives, which opened or will open their doors to guests this year. They are suitable for holidays with children. Bonus – all the special offers from hotels and current prices for tours with flight at the end of October.

The popularity of the Maldives as a place for a beach holiday in the current climate has increased markedly. If before these islands were mainly chosen by demanding tourists for a romantic holiday for two, now the Maldives prefer a variety of categories of travelers.

Thus, families with children went to the islands from Russia in droves. This is not surprising: the hotel base in the Maldives is constantly growing and being updated, and therefore today is able to satisfy any request.


The very concept of the Maldives resorts is also changing. Many island hotels are now being reoriented from a narrow category of tourists, such as adults only, to a holiday for everyone. This applies to both new and existing hotels.

“Many hotels in the Maldives are developing the concept of a universal hotel, which is equally suitable for any category of tourists. So, hotels are adding two- and three-room villas to the room fund, developing interesting programs for children’s clubs in order to attract families with children of all ages. At the same time, the island may have a quiet corner with a relaxing pool and bar, where children are not allowed, or even some categories of villas may be allocated to accommodate only adult guests. As a result of such approach all the residents are happy: nobody disturbs anybody”, – says Anna Filatovskaya, director of advertising and PR department of tour operator “Russian Express”.

It is such a “universal” concept that unites new hotels opened this year in the Maldives. After the pandemic pause the year 2021 was marked by the opening of several new resorts in the Maldives. We are taking a closer look at them in this review with the help of “Russian Express” exotics department specialists.

Please note: each hotel name is a hyperlink to its description and photo gallery. There are also links in the text, by clicking on which you can see the price of the tour to the hotel for the required dates and the number of people, choose the type of room and food.

The luxury designer hotel-resort as part of the new Fari Islands complex opens in May 2021.

Shuttle : 45 minutes by comfortable speedboat from Male International Airport.

It features a marina for 20 yachts, 12 restaurants, boutiques with global brands, as well as an art gallery and an art installation by renowned artist James Terrell.

The concept of the hotel restaurants is based on the principles of rational consumption, which minimizes the amount of waste and negative impact on the environment. Great attention is paid to the widespread use of vegetable materials.

Thoddoo Island - Anapa in Maldives. Our review, photos and tips

Current specials at the hotel :

  • 25% discount till 25.12.2021 for reservations from 4 to 6 nights;
  • 30% discount on accommodation until 25.12.2021 for reservations of 7 nights or more;
  • free food upgrade from breakfast to half board;
  • free transfer.

Price for arrivals at the end of October :

From $1,107,200 for two adults for 7 nights with flight and breakfast meals. View the current price and pick up the tour you can here.

The second hotel in the complex Fari Islands.

Transfer : 45 minutes by comfortable speedboat from the international airport of Velana.

The resort is designed in the form of a ring, there are 100 elegant villas – both water and beach villas. There are 7 restaurants and 2 bars located on a separate “gastronomic island” (at Grand Sunset Beach and Fari Marina).

Guests are offered 9 treatment pavilions, including a spa suite with individual lounge area, beauty salon and boutique. There are plenty of activities for children and adults, a fitness center, a yoga studio with daily classes including aeroyoga, saunas and steam rooms (separate for men and women), and plenty of water and land-based activities.

For kids, The Ritz Kids Club (ages 4-12) is open with playgrounds, sleep pods, a video game and movie area, and a pool with water slides and jets. Activity schedules include biking, pottery, cooking classes and more.

Current specials at the hotel :

  • 20% off stays until 12/17/2021 when booking 60 or more days in advance;
  • Free accommodation for children under 11 years old in the Beach Pool Villa category and in the two-room villas;
  • Accommodation from 4 nights in October – free transfer and half board (HB).

Price for arrivals at the end of October :

From $1,071,600 for two adults for 7 nights with flight and breakfast meals. View the current price and pick up the tour you can here.

Located on a coral island 1 km long.

Transfer : 30 minutes by speedboat from Male International Airport.

Over the landscape design of the hotel specialists from Singapore, who successfully combined luxury and comfort.

The hotel offers an interesting concept of food and drinks, SPA and fitness, other wellness activities. For active tourists there are excellent opportunities for surfing.

Current specials at the hotel :

  • Discounts of up to 30% on accommodation until 22.12.2021 when booking until 31.10.2021;
  • Free transfers for stays of 7 nights and more;
  • Free accommodation for a child under 11 years old in one room with two parents.

Price for arrivals at the end of October :

From 355,900 pp for two adults for 7 nights with flight and breakfasts (buffet). View the current price and pick up the tour you can here.

This new hotel opened in August 2021 on Tilamaafushi Island in the picturesque and secluded Laviyani Atoll.

Transfers are 35 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport.

The island, which locals call “reef” embodies all the best of the Maldives, here is a small area, clean air, turquoise water and coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Malé - Toddoo fruit ferry: how to find, price and review

There are 154 villas that combine local style with mid-century European traditions. The villas (there are both one- and two-bedroom villas) are scattered along the edge of the rainforest or right in the lagoon.

The hotel has six restaurants and bars, and Le Méridien’s Explore Spa. Family travelers can take advantage of the Le Méridien Family Children’s Club.

Current specials at the hotel :

  • Free accommodation and meals for two children under 11 years old in two-room villas with parents.

Price for arrivals at the end of October :

From 438,380 pp for two adults for 7 nights with flight and breakfasts. View the current price and pick up the tour you can here.

This locally managed hotel opened in October 2021.

Transfers : 45 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport.

The hotel has all the trappings of a luxury Maldivian resort – stylish villas, a snow-white beach, a modern spa and several designer restaurants.

In addition, the hotel is positioning itself as a “hotel-museum”: there is an extensive collection of artifacts found in the Maldives, as well as a unique historical monument – a traditional Maldivian house.

Current specials at the hotel :

  • 10% discount on year-round stays when booked 30 or more days in advance;
  • Free accommodation for two children under 11 years old in the room with their parents.

Price for arrivals at the end of October :

From $521,900 for two adults for 7 nights with flight and all-inclusive Premium meals. To see the current price and to pick up the tour, click here.

This unique hotel from the Sun Siyam Resorts collection is preparing to open in late October 2021. The spacious 54-hectare island will offer plenty of recreational opportunities.

Transfers: Domestic airlines to local airport (approx. 40 mins. flight), then a 10 min. speedboat ride to the hotel. Seaplane transfer possible, about 45 minutes in flight.

The hotel will operate an exclusive system of WOW Inclusive – guests will be available to restaurants and bars, including round the clock, as well as a wide range of sports, recreational and entertainment activities.

The hotel boasts the largest water park in the Maldives.

Current specials at the hotel :

  • 20% discount on stays until 10/31/2022 when booked before 10/31/2021;
  • Free accommodation for two children under the age of 11 years old in a room with their parents (except for The Beach House Collection Villas);
  • free transfer.

Price for arrivals in early December :

From 457,900 pp for two adults for 7 nights with flight and all-inclusive meals. View the current price and pick up the tour you can here.

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New hotels in Maldives

Every year in the Maldives, new luxury complexes are built for tourists. Learn about the beautiful new hotels that will open on the coral islands in 2021, 2020 and 2019. At the end, share a list of hotels scheduled to open in 2022.

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New hotels in Maldives, open in 2021

Le Méridien Maldives Resort&Spa 5*, Laviyani Atoll

A new hotel in the Maldives opens in October 2021. It has already been tried out by tourists, it has accumulated quite a few reviews on Bookings. Beautiful, clean, with an interesting design, spa and six good restaurants. The resort has 144 villas, some of them on the water. There is a reef right off the island, but it is too shallow. In order to fully snorkel and look at the interesting reef, the reviews advise to sail on a boat.

The resort is a 35-minute seaplane ride from the airport. The hotel belongs to the Marriott chain.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives 5*, North Male Atoll

Modern luxury is how you could describe this hotel. Everything is done minimalistically, but expensive. 100 modern villas with private pools, 7 restaurants, including one Michelin, butler, fitness and spa, children’s club – in general, what more could you dream of?

The resort is located on an artificial island in the Fari archipelago. From the airport it takes 10 minutes by seaplane or 50 minutes by boat.

Cocogiri Island Resort 4*, Vaavu Atoll

An affordable, but decent resort. There are only 20 beach villas and 20 water villas on the small island, some with Jacuzzis – that’s where you can find privacy and tranquility. The water villas are right on the home reef.

The resort can be reached in 18 minutes by seaplane and an hour by speedboat.

Patina Maldives 5*, Fari Islands

Even cooler than the Ritz-Carlton is the new Maldivian Patina Hotel, which opened in spring 2021. The elegant design captivates at first sight. 90 beach and water villas, 12 restaurants – from Asian and African cuisine to Greek and burgers. A gourmet vacation is guaranteed here.

It takes 50 minutes by speedboat and 10 minutes by seaplane to reach the luxury resort.

Kuda Villingili Resort 5*, North Male Atoll

An elegant new hotel in the Maldives opened in the summer of 2021. The words “paradise” and “perfect” keep coming up in reviews about it, although like any new hotel, there are bugs and imperfections. The hotel butler (also called a butler) helps guests. Tourists do not recommend this hotel to those who need snorkeling and snow-white beach – they are not here. But you can splash in a huge pool, learn to surf and go on excursions.

To get to the resort you can take a speedboat in 25 minutes.

Maldives: tips on how not to spoil your vacation

Sun Siyam World 5*, Noonu Atoll

A new hotel has opened in 2021 in the Maldives in Nonu Atoll. An exclusive vacation at Sun Siyam World is snow-white coral beaches, an interesting house reef, water villas with slides, the largest floating water park in the Maldives, a children’s club and a spa. In general, the hotel tries to gather the most interesting things for children and make almost an outdoor amusement park. The hotel especially took care of big families, because it has really big villas for large families. Some accommodate up to 19 people!

It takes 40 minutes to reach the hotel by seaplane.

Cora Cora Maldives 5*, Raa Atoll

This Maldives hotel opened in October 2021 after an in-depth renovation. It is the epitome of affordable luxury. It has a lot of things together: premium all inclusive with good alcohol and quality food, beautiful villas and nice staff, good snorkeling. And the resort also has a museum of art and culture of the Maldives, which tourists are advised to visit.

You can get to the resort in 45 minutes by seaplane.

JOALI Being 5 *

In 2021, the Maldives opened a new exquisite retreat hotel where you can reboot and relax. It is located on the small, secluded island of Bodufushi. The resort has 35 water villas and 33 beach villas, as well as two restaurants. The design of the hotel is biophilic – as eco-friendly as possible, and the architecture is integrated into the natural environment. Here you are sure to feel in harmony with nature!

You can reach the resort by hydroplane in 45 minutes. By the way, there is already a hotel brand Joali in the Maldives – look, it has an amazingly high rating.

New Maldives hotels opening in 2019 and 2020

Radisson Blue Resort Maldives 5*, Ari Atoll

The first luxury hotel of the world-famous Radisson Blue chain in the Maldives was opened in March 2020. From the air, the island resort looks like an exquisite piece of jewelry. Guests are accommodated in luxurious water villas, which stand among the amazingly beautiful coral reefs. Modern design blends seamlessly with traditional Maldivian style. If you like to be active, the hotel has a first-class diving and watersports center.

What are the new hotels in the Maldives

Radisson Blu Resort Maldives. Photo: Radisson Blu Resort Maldives.

Brennia Kottefaru 5*, Raa Atoll

This new Maldives hotel is a secluded kingdom amidst the emerald waters of the atoll. The 12-hectare green island has spacious beaches with soft white sand and overwater villas. Enjoy a tropical paradise, swim in the emerald lagoon by day, under the moon, at dawn and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves!

New hotels 2019 and 2020 in the Maldives

A room at the Brennia Kottefaru. Photo: Brennia Kottefaru.

Kagi Maldives Spa Island 5*, North Male Atoll

A new hotel in the Maldives will open in early 2020 in a secluded part of the popular atoll. Beach villas with private pools are surrounded by a vibrant tropical garden. Enjoy a state-of-the-art spa, gorgeous sunsets, snorkeling and the beauty of the underwater world!

Maafushi Island: prices, reviews, hotels, beaches

New hotels in Maldives

Room bathroom at Kagi Maldives Spa Island 5*. Photo: Kagi Maldives Spa Island.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives 5*, Vaavu Atoll

In October 2019, a magnificent all-inclusive resort welcomed vacationers to the picturesque island of Velifushi. The water bungalows are built with elements of elegant Italian design. The upscale hotel is geared toward couples, families with children and diving enthusiasts. Enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and snorkeling on the house reef!

JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa 5*, Shawiani Atoll

The breathtakingly beautiful Vagaru Island is crescent-shaped and offers guests every possible amenity. Beginning October 1, 2019, tourists can relax in large cottages that look like upside-down Dhoni boats. Each villa has a private pool beside it. Highlights of the new hotel in the Maldives are modern relaxation services, a pleasant wellness boutique and a huge landscape pool.

South Palm Resort 4*, Addu Atoll

The new hotel in the Maldives is located on the uninhabited island of Ismhela Khera and has been welcoming tourists since December 2019. For guests there are six categories of villas, a great restaurant and a seafood bar. Explore the pristine waters of the southernmost atoll, watch tropical fish and relax in the world’s first floating spa rooms!

LUX* North Malé Atoll 5*, North Malé Atoll

As of February 2019, travelers are eager to visit a new hotel in the Maldives, which is built on the island of Olahali. The innovative resort spreads out near a pristine coral reef with a rich underwater world. Guests live in stylish penthouses with a rooftop bar and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. A nice bonus for sailing and diving is several state-of-the-art yachts.

The Nautilus Maldives 5*, Baa Atoll

From February 2019, you can relax in comfort on the tropical island of Tiladu. The new fashionable resort consists of 26 ocean and beach houses. Bohemian luxury is designed for those who want to escape from everyday life and truly relax. The island hotel has everything you need to have a great honeymoon, enjoy communing with nature, snorkeling for mantas and lounging on the beach!

The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives 5*, Raa Atoll

An unusual hotel for romantic holidays and family vacations was opened in November 2019. The luxury resort is focused on active tourists who like to combine beach fun and adventure. The tranquil atmosphere and a wide variety of water sports are just what you need for a bright and unique vacation in the Maldives!

Innahura Maldives Resort 3*, Laviani Atoll

A new resort in a pleasant rustic style on Innahura Island welcomed its first tourists in March 2019. On its territory there are 78 bungalows, and there are three restaurants. There is a pool overlooking the ocean, a gym and a soccer court for comfortable relaxation. Guests are offered interesting excursions to neighboring islands, scenic sunset cruises, scuba diving lessons, exciting snorkeling with mantas and sea turtles.

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