Night markets in Patong – delicious and cheap food

Top 13 – Phuket’s Best Markets

There are more than 50 markets and fairs open in Phuket. They are scattered around different parts of the island. Some are popular only with locals, while others are open specifically for foreign tourists. Fruits and vegetables are better to buy at the food markets near your hotel or apartment. And there are several popular markets worth visiting for shopping and atmosphere. I will tell you about the best places and their features.


Weekend or Naka Market.

The largest market in Phuket. It is also called Sandi or just Knight Market in Phuket Town. Any cab driver knows this place, city buses stop at the intersection. The market is similar to Chatuchak in Bangkok, only smaller in size. Originally the market was open to Thais and only worked on weekends. Over the past 12-15 years, the market has transformed: built permanent structures, roofs, separate stores on the streets. Even on a rainy day you can walk here without fear of getting wet.

Weekend Market

На Нака Маркет стоит поехать за большим шопингом. Цены на товары не намного дешевле, чем в туристических местах. Другое дело, что выбор летней одежды, сувениров, аксессуаров, обуви, очков, сумок, чемоданов огромный. На маркете встречаются необычные вещи: светящиеся футболки, браслеты ручной работы, сумочки местных дизайнеров, которые не могут позволить себе аренду в торговых центрах. Некоторые магазины предлагают товары по фиксированной цене. Есть даже отдел сэконд-хенд. Отдельные киоски продают джинсы, шорты и юбки за 100-250 бат. Можно найти большие размеры одежды до 56-58. Читайте подробнее про товары на Санди Маркете >>>

A special treat at the Weekend Market are the food rows. You’ll find everything from fried insects and crocodile kebabs to swordfish and lobster. There’s a separate kiosk for vegans, but not much to choose from. Sandi Market offers the cuisine of the UNESCO City of Gastronomy: sea grape salad, Khao Yam rice salad, shrimp paste with vegetables. Of course there are also Thai classics: satay kebabs, fried ice cream, pad Thai noodles, sushi with black “century-old” egg, fish in salt and other street food – the choice is huge.

sandi market phuket

Одна из первых статей на этом сайте была про недорогую еду на Нака Маркете. Спустя 10 лет появились и другие места, но ночной рынок в Пхукет-тауне всё ещё занимает одно из лидирующих мест. На Викенд Маркет стоит приехать за атмосферой классического тайского места. Если поедете в воскресенье, запланируйте дополнительно посетить ярмарку на улице Таланг. Так вы увидите два популярных и абсолютно разных рынка. Читайте подробнее про еду на Нака Маркете >>>

Coordinates: 7.880429, 98.366286 Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Talang Street Market.

The jewel of Phuket is the Talang Street Market in Phuket Town. It is also called Laad Yai. The market was organized to draw attention to the island’s culture and history. For Thais from other provinces, Talang Street Market is a must-see place. There are no fakes, white elephant tunics or similar souvenirs at the fair. Vendors sell handmade goods, fancy T-shirts, collectible toys, greeting cards, wood carvings and lacquered plates.

Talang Street Fair

На нескольких площадках выступают местные музыканты, школьники играют на скрипках, бабули поют лук-тунг. Одни уличные художники рисуют портреты и шаржи, другие делают мехенди хной на руках. Можно даже встретить парикмахера, готового тут же вас подстричь. Подробную информацию о ярмарке с фото и видео ищите в отдельной статье >>>

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Only at the Talang Street Fair can you find rare specialties you won’t find at other markets. For example, hak fruit juice, Phuket sweets. Or the royal appetizer Miang Kham – piles of wild chilli leaves with various additions inside: shallots, roasted coconut pods, ginger, lime with peel, dried shrimp, ginger, garlic, chili, roasted peanuts or cashews, shrimp paste, pieces of palm sugar.

Phuket Sunday Market

Половина ярмарки отведена под гастрономию. Продают как классические тайские блюда, так и фирменную кухню Пхукета. Она сформировалась под влиянием китайских переселенцев и перанакан. Пхукетскую кухню вы не найдёте в других провинциях Таиланда. Тайцы из Бангкока и Чианг Мая специально приезжают на ярмарку или посещают местные кафе. Подробную гастрономическую инструкцию по рынку читайте в отдельной статье >>>

Coordinates: 7.884751, 98.389204 Opening hours: Sundays from 4:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Chilwa Market Fair.

A new hipster fair located near the big Tesco Lotus in Phuket Town. This market format came from Bangkok. The basic idea is to have a drink with friends, relax, eat and buy something. Chilwa Market is popular with Thais, with more and more tourists coming lately.

The fair is divided into three parts: restaurants and cafes, street food, and a market with clothes, accessories, and other trivia. The vendors sell things aimed at Thais, not tourists. You can find sunglasses for 100-200 baht, phone cases, toys, jewelry, funny socks, funny T-shirts, flip-flops and similar goods.

hipster market phuket

Closer to sunset, local musicians take the stage. Thais, after stocking up on snacks, sit down to listen. Stroll through the food aisles and pick up some street food, too. Chilwa Market serves popular Thai dishes like kebabs, pad Thai with shrimp, grilled mussels, seafood, fish fritters, Ho-Mok souffle, sushi and rolls à la Thai, pork ribs and spicy salads.

Из пхукетской кухни можно встретить трубочки А-понг. Из экзотики на ярмарке найдёте маринованные фрукты, жареных скорпионов, стейк из крокодила на гриле. Чилва Маркет не просто деревенский рынок, а площадка для проведения концертов бангкокских артистов и место, куда приходят всей семьёй. Чилва Маркет — это “сут-йот” или “клёво” на тайском. Подробную статью с фото и видео читайте по ссылке >>>

Coordinates: 7.907197, 98.373239 Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Night Market in Karon by the temple.

The market is held twice a week at the Karon beach temple. It can be called a mini branch of Naka Market. If you live in Karon, it is worth going here for shopping. Merchants sell souvenirs, beachwear, T-shirts with the word Thailand, swimwear, bags, suitcases, cosmetics, jewelry and other trinkets – everything tourists are interested in.

street food in thailand

Most people from nearby hotels come to the market for inexpensive food and street food. Try fish in salt, grilled seafood, banana pancakes, kebabs, pad Thai noodles. Prices start at 10-15 baht. Here are also sold fruit, you can buy baskets of different sizes to take away. Of exotics at the market you can find fried insects.

Coordinates: 7.848084, 98.298158 Opening hours: Tuesday and Friday from 16:00 to 23:00.

Rawai Fish Market

The seafood market street begins at Rawai Pier. Do not expect a huge square, where you vying with each other offering fish and lobsters. The market stretches for 200 meters. First sit merchants souvenirs pearls and seashells. Walk straight ahead and you’ll see many tables with a variety of sea creatures. The fishermen bring their catch to the market every morning. Some shells are still spitting, crabs are moving, lobsters are floating in the water – all seafood is the freshest. Prices are more expensive than at the Macro or Tesco Lotus supermarkets. In my opinion, market foods cannot be compared to store products. For the supermarkets they are grown on farms, for the market they are fished out of the sea.

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fish market on rawai

Цены на креветки начинаются с 350 бат за килограмм. Те, что величиной с руку ребёнка, будут стоит уже 1500-1800 бат. Кальмары продаются за 250-300 бат, ракушки — от 50 бат, мидии — 70-160 бат в зависимости от размера. Свежайшие устрицы по 30 бат за штуку, а небольшой лобстер выйдет по 800-1200. Обязательно торгуйтесь и спрашивайте цену, даже если она написана. Все морепродукты вам приготовят в кафешках напротив лотков за 100 бат/кг. Рекомендую креветки жарить с маслом и чесноком или в тамариндовом соусе, крабов — с карри, кальмаров — с травами и соком лайма, а лобстеров запекать с сыром. Читайте про рынок подробнее и смотрите видео >>>

Coordinates: 7.775582, 98.328696 Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 21:00.

Ranong Street Food Market

The cheapest market to buy fruit is located in Phuket Town on Ranong Street. Thais call it Downtown Market. A two-story complex is allocated for retail space. And some vendors put their goods right along the street. Prices are minimal. Some vendors sell ready-made food, make roti pancakes and simple Thai dishes.

night market in phuket town

Owners of Thai cafes and restaurants shop here. For example, pineapples for 7-20 baht apiece, mango 30-60 baht per kilo, durians 80-90 baht/kg. On the second floor of the complex sells meat and seafood. The large market itself is open daily from 2 am to 9 am. The rest of the time they also sell fruits and vegetables, just not in such quantities as at night. The prices are also low. It’s easy to get to the market, because it’s on Ranong Street where the songhtsos from the beaches stop.

Coordinates: 7.883066, 98.385981 Opening hours: every day from 2:00 to 9:00.

Super Chip Indoor Market

A huge hypermarket market is located near Terminal 2 bus station. This is where you can find everything! It sells goods like in grocery markets and supermarkets. There’s also a huge selection of stuff you can’t find anywhere else. I sometimes supervise film crews of different programs and corporate quest games on deserted islands. Where can I buy plastic tubes, hammocks and torches in Phuket at Thai prices? At the Super Chip, of course.

super chip supermarket

The store sells bamboo baby chairs for motorcycle riding, coconut substrate for orchids, classic meat grinders, charcoal for barbecue and lighter fluid, just to name a few rare items. Super Chip lives up to its name – prices are chip on everything. Scattered all over the beaches are small 24-hour convenience stores labeled 24 – children of the big Super Cheap. The assortment in them is wider than 7-11 and Family Mart. If you are squeamish and can’t stand unpleasant smells, don’t go to the big store or the smaller ones.

Coordinates: 7.920976, 98.394584 Opening hours: every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fair Expo.

The indoor fair is located near the Robinson Mall in Phuket Town. In the stores you will find a large selection of inexpensive clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The range is similar to the markets on the beaches. And there are non-tourist goods. Thais buy in Expo pants and skirts for the office, jeans, carnival costumes, T-shirts with prints, school uniforms, children’s clothing.

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fair expo phuket

Для туристов выставлены белые туники со слоном, рыбацкие штаны, шлёпки разных видов. Трансвеститы с улицы Бангла берут здесь свои босоножки на высоком каблуке. В Экспо продают женскую и мужскую обувь больших размеров по 300-600 бат. Хороший выбор галантерейных товаров: сумки, кошельки, рюкзаки тайского производства. Цены ниже, чем в туристических местах. Читайте подробнее про ярмарку Экспо в отдельной статье >>>

Coordinates: 7.880268, 98.395804 Opening hours: every day from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Indy Market.

The small market near the Lime Light Mall is a favorite place for school kids after school. And when you see kids in black and white uniforms at the market, it means even their pocket money is enough to buy. Merchants sell clothes, shoes and accessories, targeting Thais. Although tourists come here too. Prices are affordable: T-shirts for 100 baht, shoes for 200-300 baht, jewelry from 20 baht.

indie market in phuket

И, конечно, ярмарка не будет тайской без большого количества стрит-фуда. Рыба в соли за 120 бат, шашлычки по 10-30 бат, пельмешки дим-самы за 30-40 бат/порция, десерт манго со стики-райс за 50 бат, конфетки лук-чуп за 2 бата, кокосовые оладушки за 30 бат/порция — это лишь часть представленных на Инди Маркете закусок. Некоторые киоски могут удивить, предлагая Кунг Тэнг — салат из живых “танцующих” креветок. По вечерам на сцене поют местные музыканты. Можно купить пива, присесть за столик, послушать местные песни. Подробнее про Инди Маркет читайте в отдельной статье >>>

Coordinates: 7.886660, 98.391535 Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Banzan Market

A large two-story complex with fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. If you live in Patong, forget the fish market on Rawai, come here for the delicacies. Sea creatures or lying on the ice, or floating in aquariums. You can buy shrimp, crabs, shells, or fish on the first floor, and they’ll cook it all up for you on the second floor.

seafood market

Don’t expect nice cafes like the one at Rawai Fish Market. The second floor is a food court and the atmosphere is far from restaurant-like. Having weighed the seafood, the waiter will give you a number, by which you have to pay for the cooking. The selection of fruits and vegetables at Banzan Market is larger than in the supermarket. Don’t forget to haggle! Closer to sunset, there is a night market with street food and barbecue on the square in front of the market building.

Coordinates: 7.891180, 98.301861 Opening hours: every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.; best to come after noon, when all the stalls are open.

Malin Plaza Market

Another tourist market in Patong is located in the south of the beach. Here they sell souvenirs, clothes, beachwear, cosmetics, accessories. And the main advantage of the market – inexpensive food. The booths offer Thai cuisine, grilled seafood, fruit cocktails, “fried” ice cream, pancakes and more. Prices are slightly lower than the Banzan market, but also the selection of seafood is smaller. They are mostly cooked on the grill.

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seafood market phuket

You can even try crocodile or shark steak as an exotic item. Not all the stalls are open during the day, so it’s best to come to Malin Plaza for dinner or a late lunch. There are tables and chairs on the street where you can sit down with the goodies you buy. Fruit stalls offer all the variety of the tropics: mangoes, durians, coconuts, passionfruit, dragonfruit, rambutans, mangosteens.

Coordinates: 7.882602, 98.293274 Opening hours: every day from 2pm to 11:30pm.

Friday Market in Bangtao

Residents of Bangtao can choose which market to go to. Should you buy fruit from the stalls in front of the police station? Or go to the evening market near the Tesco Lotus supermarket? I would recommend not missing the Friday night market near Villa Market. Its atmosphere is very much like Chilwa Market with live music and goodies.

phuket fair

On the lakefront, artists, musicians, vendors of cute things and street food vendors gather. The fair is designed for Thais, although tourists also stop by. Kids can paint a plaster figure while you get a mehendi or portrait painted. And don’t forget to try the delicious street food: grilled shrimp, fish in salt, pork ribs, dim sum dumplings, coconut pancakes, delicate steamed Ho-Mok soufflé and much more.

Coordinates: 7.995378, 98.304714 Hours of operation: Fridays from 4 to 10 p.m.

Kalima Street Food.

A completely untouristy place with its own history near bustling Patong. No swimming in this part of Kalim because of the exposed rocks at low tide. Along the road are gathered macashnikas and pickup trucks with groceries. The local Muslim community began coming to the side of Kalim and cooking seafood decades ago. A little later they built a road with a sidewalk right over the rocks.

kalim fish market

The market is popular with locals and visiting Thais to meet the sunset. They order their own food and sit directly on mats or at plastic tables by the sea. The makashnikas serve fried shrimp, fish, crab, roti pancakes, spicy salads, and other Thai food. From time to time pickup trucks with seasonal fruits come to the market. Here you can buy them many times cheaper than in the tourist spots. I should point out right away that the place is very Thai and you may not like it. It is worth coming here if you want to see a market with a long history and experience the rhythm of life of ordinary Thais.

Coordinates: 7.911892, 98.294580 Opening hours: every day from 14:00 to 22:00.

Above I have described the markets that deserve your attention. Look for other markets near you in this article. Enjoy your stroll through Phuket’s markets and fairs!

Night markets in Patong – delicious and cheap food

An attraction for bored tourists and fans of tasty and cheap food in Phuket – night markets. We tell you about the night markets of Patong, which were visited. Prices, opening hours, addresses, location on the map.

Night markets are worth visiting at least once as a point of interest. Well then you will come here time after time for the cheap variety of food and inexpressible atmosphere. There are some disadvantages: noisy, crowded, hot, not very clean. But you can turn a blind eye to all that.

On the map at the bottom of this review, we have marked where all the night markets are located.

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Night Market at Banzaan Fresh Market

When the heat dies down, life boils up on the square outside the Banzaan Fresh Market building. Macashnikas arrive, tents are set up, and tables are set up. This is the most popular night market in Patong, we dined there almost every night.

The market can be divided into three parts. On the left – the stalls with food and seafood are more expensive, there are cleaner and neater, there are tables. On the right – the food is cheaper and easier, it is always crowded. The rows that face the road on the right (Soi Banzan) – they sell clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs.

What you can buy: seafood, meat, rice and noodles, soups, sweets, drinks, fruit, souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics.

night markets in patong phuket

There is also a day market in the building Banzaan Fresh Market – you can buy fruits and vegetables (bargain), meat and fresh seafood. On the second floor there is a food court, where they will cook the seafood you bought on the 1st floor (about 100฿ per 1 kg). The food court has a monopoly – all meals start at 150฿, although two years ago you could dine out for as little as 50฿.

Opening hours: nightly from 5-6pm to 11pm, daytime from 7am to 6pm.

Where is it located: Sai Kor Road behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

Prices at Banzaan night market:

Food Price
Thai sweets From 10฿ (1 unit)
banana pancakes 50-80฿
coconut from 30฿
boiled corn from 30฿
rice with meat 50฿
padtai with seafood 60฿
padtai with meat 50฿
necks from 35฿
grilled octopus 20฿
grilled ham 50฿
grilled pork 20-50฿
pork ribs 100฿
grilled big shrimps 100฿ (5 pieces)

cheap night market patong phuket

Day and Night Market in Patong Malin Plaza

Malin Plaza Market has been operating in Patong since 2013. The prices at the market are not much different from Banzaan Market, but some dishes are cheaper. We went to this market only once, as it is located on the outskirts of Patong, and we lived in the center. Convenient for those who live in the area.

What to buy: The same as in Banzaan.

Opening hours: 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Where to buy: At the intersection of Soi Luangwat and Prachanukhro, next to the Hard Rock Cafe.

JJ Plaza Night Market

New night market in the spacious JJ Plaza. A good alternative to the tourist Banzaan: it is more spacious, quieter, a good range, the prices of food are the same or slightly cheaper. There is not so crowded.

What to buy: The same as in Banzaan.

Opening hours: 5 p.m.

Where to buy: Behind Jungceylon, a block away from Banzaan Fresh Market and opposite the yellow B-Quik building.

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night market in patong on the map

Night Market on the third line

Found this place by accident, but didn’t go in. On the left is a clothing market, on the right in the vacant lot a little further away there are food stalls.

Where is it: on Pangmuang Saikor next to Khon Kaen Buffet & BBQ.

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