Night tours of St. Petersburg – 7 the most interesting

7 interesting night tours of St. Petersburg

Night Tours of St. Petersburg

During the night excursions St. Petersburg looks very different from the daytime. We tell you about the interesting guided trips that tourists love. Be surprised and discover the city in a new way!

Strolling under drawbridges on rivers and canals

To see the Northern Capital in all its splendor, take a tour along the Big Neva and Malaya Nevka. The boat tour lasts an hour and a half. You’ll sail under large and small bridges, look at the beautifully lit embankments, palaces, mansions and avenues. The city was created and built near water arteries, and the heart of it is here. The most stunning views are on white nights.

Цена : 900 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Night Trips on the Neva

Swinging bridges. View of Strelka and University Quay.

Drawing bridges as seen by a Petersburger

Petersburg bridges are not drawn all at once, but one by one, so you can see only 1-2 bridges on foot or from the ship. An experienced St. Petersburger knows the city very well and takes tourists on cunning routes to bypass as many interesting places as possible.

In two hours you will be able to see the raising of the most famous bridges of St. Petersburg, see freighters on the roads, hear a story about the work of lifting mechanisms, learn how the lights work and what exams pass the captains to be allowed to pass on the fairway of the Neva. Get in the guide’s car and go on a night tour of St. Petersburg!

Цена : 3900 рублей за экскурсию для 1-4 человек. Уточнить цену >>

Atmospheric Night St. Petersburg Walk

Nighttime in St. Petersburg is not just a time of day. It is the harmony of light and dark, the clear lines of architectural masterpieces and whimsical shadow patterns on buildings and canals. A car tour of St. Petersburg at night takes place in a comfortable sedan. Tourists are driven past humpback bridges, quiet lanes, brightly lit avenues and historical monuments. You’ll climb the roof on the Fontanka, where you can perfectly see the night city, Mikhailovsky Castle, the Peter and Paul Fortress and other interesting places of St. Petersburg. A great option for exploring the city when there are almost no cars on the streets!

Цена : 9000 рублей за экскурсию для 1-4 человек. Уточнить цену >>

Night Tours of St. Petersburg

Admiralty building at night. Photo: Romas_ph /

Farolero evening theatrical tour.

Farolero means “lanternman” in Spanish. The wise servant of light is a great storyteller and a great actor. He knows the city like the back of his hand, so the walking tour turns into an exciting adventure. You will walk along the most expensive street, Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, and visit Palace Square. Peter’s houses and monuments, embankments and bridges will be wonderful scenery for the magical city tour.

How to visit the museums of St. Petersburg for free

Цена : 1900 рублей за человека. Горячие напитки, аренда аудиогида и наушников входят в стоимость. Уточнить цену >>

A New Year’s Tale of St. Petersburg

Night tour of St. Petersburg on a comfortable bus is suitable for parents with children and everyone who came to St. Petersburg for the first time. New Year’s Eve looks very smart! Tourists are taken past the most famous sights and show the sparkling historic center. During the 2.5 hour trip, the bus makes stops. You can take pictures, stroll along the winter promenade and stop by the colorful Christmas fair to buy fresh baked goods and nice souvenirs.

Цена : 1000 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

New Year excursions in St. Petersburg

St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the New Year. Photo: GrinPhoto /

Crawling through clubs and bars

If you like adventurous adventures, want to have vivid experiences and meet new people, choose an atmospheric night tour of St. Petersburg. In 6 hours you will walk through 10 establishments where city residents themselves like to spend time. Participants will find great company for revelry, stylish cocktail bars, modern art cafes and popular underground clubs. Try 5 original shots from St. Petersburg and you will want to go on!

Цена : 2000 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Captainless boat trip to the bridge swing

A small boat for 2-4 people is a wonderful transport for trips around the city at night! It has excellent sailing qualities, lights, comfortable sofas and splash-proof glass. You will pass by the legendary cruiser “Aurora”, Hare Island, Kunstkamera to the drawbridges on the river. The boat can be driven without a license. Get the instructions and off you go!

The night tour along the canals of St. Petersburg and the Neva runs from 23:00 to 02:00. The team receives plaids and life jackets for each participant, a walkie-talkie and a map.

Цена : 8400 рублей за экскурсию для 1-4 человек. Уточнить цену >>

Night excursions on the Neva river

The cruiser “Aurora” at night. Photo: just_yulianna /

Excursion tips

Ask the organizers when and where the tour will end. Ask where there is a restaurant or cafe nearby, whether public transport runs at the time and how you can get to the hotel. Sometimes it is better to pay extra for transfers.

Peter is a humid city. At night, especially near the river, it can be chilly. Dress warmer.

Taking pictures at night is a special art. Don’t rely on your smart phone! To capture the spectacular lighting of buildings and drawings of bridges, get a better camera.

The best evening and night tours in St. Petersburg – as it is, the city on the Neva after sunset

Dusk changes beyond recognition the appearance of the streets, monuments, squares of the city on the Neva. Regardless of the time of year, an evening or night walk around St. Petersburg in the company of a guide will turn into a fascinating adventure for visitors to the metropolis and for its residents. You will not only see the city from new angles, but also hear stories about traditions, architecture, and culture.

7 best sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg

In this review we will tell you about the 14 best evening and night tours of St. Petersburg in 2022.

Bronze Horseman.

It’s time to get to know the Northern Capital.

1. Myths and legends of St. Petersburg.

Our review opens with a colorful program “Myths and Legends of St. Petersburg. She is especially interested fans of history and mythology. You will go on a comfortable bus on mystical places of the city and hear the legends of St. Petersburg. The tour runs daily. Starts at 18:00. Duration – 3 hours. The cost is 900 ₽ per person.

Sphinx on the waterfront.

Count how many sphinxes you will meet on the way.

Maria Olegovna Kazantseva, a local resident, says in her review:

“I have lived in Russia’s second capital for many years, but only recently found time to book and visit a night tour of St. Petersburg. I liked it very much! I saw the Mikhailovsky Castle in the evening illumination, the monuments to Peter I and Paul I, the Tauride Palace and the Menshikov Palace. The guide did a great job, above all praise, told a lot of mysterious stories and real life cases.

2. Night cycling tour: along Fontanka riverbank

Tour “Night cycling tour: along the Fontanka river” is prepared for lovers of active lifestyle. Allocate 1,900 ₽ and 2 hours of your time for it.

Embankment of the river.

A bicycle ride along the city’s embankments.

The route lies along the bridges – symbols of the city. The start is near the Old Kalinkin Bridge, the finish is the Laundry Bridge. And between them there are nine more magnificent structures. During the bicycle tour you’ll know how much the construction of these architectural monuments cost, you’ll uncover the secrets that are several hundred years old, and you’ll learn about the curse of “Mary of Egypt”.

The cost of the tour includes the services of a guide and transport rental. According to the rules, you will need to pay a deposit (3000 ₽) and a passport for the bike. All this will be returned to you at the end of the program.

By bus or by boat at night in St. Petersburg.

Another great tour of Russia’s second capital at night is by bus and ship through St. Petersburg at night. You will pay ₽ 1900 for the ticket. The duration is 6 hours. The group may include up to 45 people.

Night tour.

St. Petersburg in the night lights fabulously beautiful.

We have prepared an itinerary that includes a tour of the city’s calling cards – St. Isaac’s Square and Palace Square, Singer’s House, Vasilevsky Island, and the Aurora cruiser. Some of these monuments you will see from the bus, but the main ones – from the water, with stunning illumination.

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Boarding the bus begins at 22:45. You’ll get off the boat at 05:30. The subway starts at 05:40. The tour includes a visit to a cafe (paid separately). The night will be busy! We advise you to get a good sleep the night before, take warm clothes and a camera.

4. Night walk under the drawbridges on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

For ₽1200 on weekdays and ₽2000 on weekends and 3 hours from the ship you will explore the iconic places of St. Petersburg at night during the program “Night walk under the drawling bridges on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg”. The Neva embankments, canals and majestic palaces await you at night. Departure is scheduled for 23:00 from the pier of Senate Square.

White nights.

Leaning bridges have long been a hallmark of the Northern Capital.

During the program you will pass several times by huge metal bridges with drawbridges, you will see the process of drawing. You will be told about the construction of the city, its development and sights.

Why is St. Petersburg called the “Venice of the North”? Why did Peter I give the order to build it? What were the most important events for the country occurred in the city on the Neva? You’ll learn about this and much more from this program.

5. Night Lights of St. Petersburg” motor-voyage

Excellent evening tour around St. Petersburg, full of dynamics and speed – “Motor Walk: Night Lights of St. Petersburg”. It lasts 1 hour. The ticket price is 4,500 ₽. Saddle up on your stylish iron horse and go sightseeing over the symbols of the city on the Neva river! Every participant of the program has his or her own motorcycle with a personal driver.

Trip on a motorcycle.

Looking for a thrill? Take a ride through the most beautiful streets of the city on a motorcycle.

Here’s what a student Daria Shvedova from Kazan writes:

“Just super! The bright new format of the tour, the friendly guide, who is also a motorcycle driver, the lights of the big city at speed – I never thought I would see Peter like this! Before the trip were briefed, explained everything in detail, gave out a helmet and protection. And I was not afraid, there was so much adrenaline in my blood that words can’t describe it.

6. The drawbridges through the eyes of a St. Petersburger.

Individual 2 hour tourist itinerary “Sweeping Bridges through the eyes of a St. Petersburger” – 10,400 ₽ for up to 4 people.

Drawing bridge.

Night auto tour along the quay. You will see the drawbridges and the caravan of cargo ships.

Where to stay in the center of St. Petersburg - 14 variants

You can go for a walk with children. What can you expect? You’ll be accompanied by the Palace Bridge to music, then the one-winged Liteiny and Troitsky drawbridges, a bright Art Nouveau structure named after Peter the Great. On the way you will be told about the principle, order and schedule of the draw, you will observe the majestic tankers and barges, learn about the work of the bridge service, installation and functioning of lighting, you will also hear a lot of interesting “bridge” stories.

7. Club and Bar Crawl

Young energetic tourists and those who want to see the real nightlife of Northern Venice will love the program “Club and Bar Crawl”.

Night club.

Dive into the nightlife of the city and taste the signature shots of St. Petersburg bars.

You will visit 10 of the best (as recommended by locals) bars and clubs. The tour is very rich! It includes shots tasting, new acquaintances, stories about the foundation of club culture in St. Petersburg, and a master class in table soccer.

Prepare to spend 6 hours of your time and 2400 ₽ of your budget.

8. An evening musical stroll along the Neva.

And for a truly appetizing excursion, we recommend the Evening Musical Stroll along the Neva for lovers and friendly large groups!

Dinner on a boat.

A delicious dinner with a stunning view.

During the evening sail over a glass of wine and a delicious dinner, see the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the cruiser Aurora, and Vasilyevsky Island. Seats are on the enclosed deck, rain or wind won’t interfere with your voyage. The open deck is also available for tourists. You can go up to it at will.

Price – 1,400 ₽ per person For children under 12 years old there is a discount!

9. Evening boat trip to Kronstadt lighthouses

This excursion is temporarily unavailable.

Hurry up to book the program “Evening boat trip around the lighthouses of Kronstadt” with the new route! We suggest you go to the world of lighthouses, sunset and forts on a comfortable boat.

The group consists of no more than 10 people. You will see the Merchant’s Harbor, Fort Constantine, the Naval Cathedral and the Museum of Lighthouse Service.

Cost – 2500 ₽ per guest. Excursion lasts 2 hours.

Stories about Kronstadt, its lighthouses and the principles of their work will perfectly complement the walk.

At sunset.

Lighthouse in Kronstadt.

10. Secret places of Vasilyevsky Island

Vivid tour around Vasilevsky Island will please tourists of all ages! During the tour “The Secret Sites of Vasilevsky Island” for ₽ 890 per participant you will see the majestic architectural monuments of the XIX century, hear about the significance of the three central avenues of the island, the construction of the narrowest street, learn why local churches remained untouched even during World War II.

12 unusual and beautiful apartments for tourists in St. Petersburg

The stock exchange. The shooter.

A view of the arrow of Vasilevsky Island.

According to time the route will take 2 hours.

Kayaking tour on the Neva river

Excursion by kayak.

Journey along the Neva river by kayak.

Route length – 6 km. Special physical skills are not required. All the way you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. We advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, a cap and a change of clothes just in case.

The cost of the fascinating journey is 2300 ₽ per person and the duration is 2 hours.

You will not only have a chance to stretch your legs, get positive emotions, but also to learn a lot about the first buildings, built on the Petrovskaya Naberezhnaya, distinguished architects of St.Petersburg, hear the stories about the cruiser “Aurora”.

12. lights of St. Petersburg: illumination as a work of art

The evening program “Lights of St. Petersburg: illumination as a work of art” by car for 1-4 people costs 6,500 ₽, lasts 2 hours.


UFO or Zenith Arena?

You will be able to see the Smolny Cathedral, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge with its towers, soccer stadium and light-music fountain in artistic illumination.

The guide’s stories will help you to understand how the city lights work and their artistic value. Hurry to make colorful pictures!

13. Gastronomic tour along Rubinstein Street

The individual guided walking tour “Gastronomic Tour on Rubinstein Street” costs 10,000 ₽ with a company of up to 10 people and lasts 4 hours. It is for connoisseurs of delicious but unusual food. It starts at 6 p.m.

Tasting in a restaurant.

Everything is ready for the tasting.

You will visit the main beer street of the city, find out what interesting things happened there and when. After the stories and a welcome drink as a gift, you’ll be treated to a tasting of 10 dishes and drinks at the best caterers (for an additional cost, the price is an average of ₽3,000). The menu includes beef tartare, Hawaiian-style salmon, tuna tacos and more.

14. An atmospheric stroll through St. Petersburg at night

For those who like comfort we suggest to go on a tour “Atmospheric St. Petersburg at Night” in a new business class car.

For 3 hours and 10,000 ₽ (for a company of 1 to 4 people) you will see and hear stories about the Mikhailovsky Castle, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Prospect and other sights of St. Petersburg.

The cost of the tour includes professional photo and video shooting.

Excursion around the city at night.

With the comfort of the main sights.


St. Petersburg in the evening and at night is very different from the “daytime.” On themed tours that take place after sunset, you can understand how mysterious and sophisticated the city is.

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