Oludeniz: reviews of tourists and vacation prices – 2022

Hotel Reviews for Hotel Oludeniz

Convenient location of the hotel: to the sea a few minutes on foot. Cute area with a swimming pool. Free billiards on the property. Cons : It is time to make cosmetic repairs in the rooms. The bathroom. Read more

Comfortable environment, lots of flowers, plants – well maintained and tastefully placed, closed area, mountain view, spacious room and bathroom, access to the pool from the room + umbrella and sun loungers on the terrace – chic. Read more

Hotel cleanliness and room cleaning is non-existent. The bar is horribly dirty, across from reception where there is a coffee machine they do not clean the tiles on the floor and the tables are always dirty. Spilled drink marks as on the tables. Read more

We had a great stay at this hotel. The breakfast buffet was on the floor and the breakfast counter was on the ground floor. The food is tasty and varied, the hotel staff are always willing to help with questions. The staff were wonderful and wonderful to stay with. Read more

Really great location, 5 minutes and you are by the beach. Had my own pool which is thoroughly cleaned every night. Did not like : Rooms are dark and not fresh, the bathroom did not have a hair dryer working, there was not much. Read more

In short: 3 stars for a 3 star hotel! We stayed in August 2022 with Anex Tour. Check in: they brought us in around 10am. No luggage room in the hotel, everyone has to leave their suitcases. Read more

Beautiful grounds, well maintained pools, toilets and showers everywhere, good breakfasts Disliked : room was a bit tired. Read more

Good hotel, varied breakfasts/dinners (drinks were extra but cost is reasonable), also had lunch at the hotel on the menu (pizza/spaghetti 60-70 lire, gelato 10 lire – this is cheaper than others. Read more

We are staying here now as a family, room 207, the hotel complies with the declared stars, breakfast is good and sufficient, tasty may, large selection of quality dried fruits, dishes are clean. Clean pool. Read more

The hotel is just off the main street, quiet and comfortable in the evening. It takes 5-7 minutes to walk to the sea in a leisurely stroll. Breakfast and dinner were fairly simple ; but varied. The staff are friendly and welcoming. Read more

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Location. Good breakfasts (not too much of a buffet, all tasty). The pool is also a plus. Rooms are good, good quality wooden furniture, plumbing is excellent, renovation is new. The room was very comfortable and very comfortable. Read more

Breakfast, pool, modern design in the hotel, as seen after renovation. What did not like : The air conditioner was blowing directly into the bed, water coming out of the shower. Read more

I do not know what to complain about this hotel for the money it cost. Everything is consistent, very nice hotel, beautiful mountain view from the lower pool. The area is well maintained. Very friendly staff. The food was all. Read more

On google maps the location of the hotel is wrong. But the owner sent the address and moved us to a room that was quiet. Didn’t like : Bordering the bar street. Some of the rooms are noisy until 1am. Read more

This place is clearly not a 4 star even by the standards of some Eritrea.1. Check-in. We are not a 4 star hotel, not even close to one in Eritrea. The room where bleach was spilled on the floor, which did not get out. Read more

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Oludeniz: Tips for your vacations

Reviews of Oludeniz

Olyudeniz is called the Turkish Maldives because of the gentle blue lagoon and beautiful nature. Find out what reviews leave about rest in Oludeniz, what are the prices there and whether it is worth going to the resort in 2022.


Impression of the resort.

A small cozy village is located 15 km from Fethiye. The name “Oludeniz” translates from Turkish as “dead (or calm) sea”. The resort is famous for its clean beige beaches, pine trees on the shore and a beautiful Blue Lagoon, which is protected from the open sea by a long sand spit.

Oludeniz is considered the center of Turkish paragliding. Every year in October the Festival of Aerial Games is held here, and the sky above the village becomes cheerful with colorful paragliders.

Alexandra: “It’s a paradise for the soul – small hotels, fresh air, lots of pine trees, a village between the mountains. The water is like in the picture – clean and blue, the beach is pebble – super massage for the feet.”

Rest in Oludeniz

The sea at the resort. Photo: chundy_tanz / unsplash.com.

Best Hotels.

If you’re used to all-inclusive, big hotels and animation, Oludeniz will disappoint. There are no large hotel complexes at this resort yet. People come here not for hotel comfort, but for the beautiful nature.

In the bay built about 40 hotels 2-5*, there are private pensions and apartments. Prices are quite high – this is not a democratic Alanya! In the summer of 2022, a double room in a small guesthouse costs $35-60 per night. Staying in a 3* hotel with breakfast will cost $43-85, and prices in 5* hotels start at $160.

Please note when selecting a hotel that many of them are not on the beach, so you will have to walk or take a bus to the beach. The most expensive hotels by the sea are not necessarily 5-star: Liberty Hotels Lykia 5* from $315 per night, Jade Residence for $170, Ecclesia Hotel for $170. By the way, many hotels do not take tourists with children – they have an adult only concept. Look for tours to Oludeniz on Travelate and hotels on Hotelluk.

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According to reviews for 2021, the service in Oludeniz is decent. The staff is focused on English-speaking tourists. Few people understand Russian.

The village stretches not along the coast, but inland, so there are not many hotels by the sea. We have chosen the best all-inclusive and ultra all-inclusive hotels in Oludeniz on line 1:

    – 36 hectares of green space with a “Children’s Paradise” complex, a water park, its own beach and a separate beach for nudisto – a paradise garden at the foot of Mt. – hotel on a hill surrounded by pine trees and olive trees.

Budget all-inclusive hotels are not by the sea:

    – A cozy hotel that everyone likes. It is 700 meters to the beach. – The “three” is only 100 meters from the sea. – A confident “three” is 500 meters from the beach.

Our reviews on Oludeniz

The beach strip at the resort. Photo: شاملو / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Oludeniz beaches

The beaches of Oludeniz are as good as the best beaches in Turkey. The resort’s coastline is pebbly with small patches of sand. On the main municipal beach Belcekiz Beach, the water is bright blue in color. The entrance to the sea is by gravel, the depth grows quickly and the water is without waves only in the morning hours.

In the distance of 2 km from the village there is a quiet and nice beach called Kidrak. It has a sandy-pebbly beach with a rather steep entrance to the sea. There is a toll to enter by car and free access on foot. There are buses to the beach. Tourists in the reviews advise to meet the sunset – you will not see this from the beach Beldzekiz!

Next to Oludeniz in the sea is a long spit, which forms the famous Blue Lagoon. The sea water is always warm and calm in the protected waters. Excellent beaches are both on the outer and the inner side of the spit. You have to pay 7 liras to enter the Blue Lagoon beach, the other beaches are free. However, some tourists in their reviews of the Blue Lagoon beaches complained about the cigarette butts and shards of dishes in the sand and wrote that the main beach of Oludeniz is cleaner than its famous neighbor.

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Geniux: “Impressed by the scenery, the beach with great air and a quiet warm breeze closer to lunch. The sand in some parts is pebbly. I advise to walk in slippers. The sea is clean, warm, the approach is different in different parts of the beach. Sometimes the waves bring debris from the sea, but it’s when too big a storm. For the rest is quite a decent beach.

Eugene: “Divine. Coolest “seawater pool” I’ve seen. Perfect for kids as the entrance is shallow and there are never any waves. Best to visit in the morning, when there are fewer people.”

Reviews of the beaches in Oludeniz

The beach on the spit. Photo: dilekdurgun / unsplash.com.

Food prices

In Turkish resorts, food prices are lower than the average European prices. In Oludeniz, there are both expensive restaurants and budget establishments, where lunch for two costs only $7.5-9$. In tourist restaurants, prices start at $4.50 for seafood dishes and $2.2 for Turkish flatbread. Learn about the best restaurants in Oludeniz.

According to reviews, the Liberty Oludeniz Hotel’s restaurant offers dinner for 54 lira ($7.50) per person – buffet style. Pay and eat as much as you want! On the streets of the village, a flatbread and cheese is $1.8 and a sandwich is $1.2.

Nikita: “Kumsal Pide restaurant is the nicest place on the waterfront. We ordered fried shrimp and octopus. Both dishes were 50 lira or little less. Awesome cooked shrimp in creamy garlic sauce and very tasty octopus.”


Excursions cost an average of $20 to $45. From Oludeniz popular excursions to the sights of Turkey – Pamukkale, the old town of Kas, the seaside resort of Kalkan, the religious center of ancient Lycia – Tlos, the trout farm in the village of Yaka and the thermal springs near Dalyan. Rafting in Oludeniz costs $40, diving – $30, boat trip – $20, and a paraglider flight with an instructor – $105.

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MiaM: “Thank you very much to Hanuman for an amazing experience, an unforgettable flight with an experienced pilot who took great photos and videos and even let us fly the paraglider. It was really something to float in the sky over Oludeniz. The beauty of nature is mesmerizing and intoxicating.

Things to do in Oludeniz

A paraglider flight. Photo: yasinhosgor / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

Parents like a small Turkish resort. In Oludeniz built a new landscape and amusement park, and on the waterfront opened a playground. In the village of Ovacik, not far from Oludeniz, there is a water park called Water World. Swim with kids in the warm Blue Lagoon and take a trip to the picturesque Butterfly Valley! A nice bonus – children under the age of 7 can participate in many excursions for free.

The cost of the boat tour to the 6 islands was only $15 per adult, kids under 7 sailed free. During the excursion you disembark at 1-2 beaches and swim in the sea. The experience is wonderful.”

When it’s best to go

The beach season starts in May and lasts until mid-October. In the spring, swimming is still cool, so most tourists come in the summer and early fall.

The hottest weather at the resort in August. During the day the thermometer rises to +35 ° C and above. Parents with children and older tourists are advised to plan a vacation in Oludeniz in June or September.

Ivanna: “In August, the maximum daytime air temperature reached +37 ° C. It was certainly hot. It was of course hot, but in the evening was quite comfortable, and it was easy to walk along the waterfront and sit in a cafe.

Rest in Oludeniz

Pleasure boats. Photo: Alpachinos / pixabay.com.

Conclusions: is it worth the trip

According to the reviews of tourists, recreation in Oludeniz suits fans of beach relaxation, yachting, good excursions, sea fishing and paragliding. The main disadvantage of the Turkish resort – not too tidy construction of new hotels. It is hoped that the national park status will not allow the beautiful nature of this unique corner of Turkey.

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