Olympic Park in Sochi

Sochi Olympic Park

The Sochi Olympic Park is a grand complex of buildings erected for the XXII Olympic Winter Games, which took place in 2014. The picturesque site on the Black Sea in the Imereti lowlands in the Adler district of the sunny city of Sochi, the resort capital of Russia, was chosen for its construction.

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Video: Sochi Olympic Park from the skyline


The construction of the Olympic Park lasted five years. During this time, a truly titanic work was carried out: a huge stadium, numerous arena palaces for competitions on ice, an Olympic village, a media center and a large-scale transport infrastructure were built. Creative thinking of architects, designers, engineers, specialists in digital technologies is felt in all constructions.

Sports complexes in countries that have hosted such major events as the Olympic Games, become symbols of an era, a national treasure, a place where life continues to boil even after the end of the major sporting events in the world. Russia is no exception. After the end of the Winter Olympics Sochi Olympic Park has been the stage for prestigious international competitions more than once; it has hosted major political and social forums of global significance, festivals, extravaganza shows and exhibitions. Everyone who wants to see what one of the main attractions of modern Russia looks like, as well as join the world of sport and extraordinary entertainment is welcome to enter here.

Diagram of Sochi Olympic Park

Sports sights

The territory of Sochi Olympic Park is simply huge, and the sports palaces are a decent distance from each other. If you go to see them on foot, you simply lack the strength and time for tedious transitions, and the impression of the trip will be spoiled. To make the tour of the world of sports was informative and enjoyable, use the vehicles that can be rented in the park. You will have to pay from 150 to 500 rubles for this service, depending on what you decide to ride: rollers, bikes, scooters, electric cars, steam trains or any other cute kind of mini-transport.

Fisht Stadium

The Fisht Stadium is the most grandiose structure of the Sochi Olympic Park, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games were held. According to the original design, the stadium was supposed to look like a giant stylized Faberge Easter egg. But that idea was abandoned, and the approved design was based on a shape of the building that resembled a shell and a mountain top at the same time.

The stadium has four stands: two side stands covered with translucent durable polycarbonate and two end stands open, with a magnificent view of the snow-covered ridges of the Caucasus Mountains. The name of one of the mountain peaks – “Fisht” (translated from the Adygean language as “white frost”, “saddle-headed”) – gave the sports arena its name.

On the opening day of the Olympics, the stands of Fisht hosted 40,000 spectators, but after 2014 additional construction work was carried out here, and today, on the eve of the FIFA World Cup to be held in Sochi in 2018, the vast stands of the stadium are ready to receive 45,000 fans. In 2017, four matches of the Confederations Cup under the auspices of FIFA, a kind of rehearsal tournament before the World Cup, have already been held here.

Bolshoi Ice Palace

During the Winter Olympics, the Bolshoi Ice Palace was the main hockey stadium. This complex engineering structure is multipurpose and has two ice arenas (a demonstration arena and a training arena) and can be used not only for ice sports competitions, but also for competitive ice sports. The demo arena can be transformed into a grand concert stage, a boxing ring and a platform for gymnasts; it can also be used for festivals, circus performances, exhibitions and fairs. The palace includes both underground and above-ground parts, it is able to receive about 12 thousand guests. Today the Bolshoi ice palace is also a home ground for the local hockey team “Sochi”.

Plastic in its shape the structure is well visible from the sea (the coast is only 300 meters away). The perfect ellipse of the dome blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This huge pearly white roof resembles a frozen dewdrop and a small open seashell at the same time. The smoothly curving facades are made of specially crafted curved glass. During the daytime the ice palace shimmers with silvery mirror reflections, and in later hours through the transparent facades you can see its beautiful interior.

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Iceberg Ice Palace

One of the architectural wonders of the Olympic Park is the magnificent Iceberg Ice Palace for 12,000 spectators. It was built for figure skating competitions and spectacular short track speed skating (skating sport). The inner area of “Iceberg” is about 68 thousand square meters.

After the Olympics the building was planned to be dismantled and transported to another region of the country, and a cycling track was built in its place. But then plans changed, and the palace “Iceberg” remained in Sochi.

Nowadays, Russian figure skating championships and hockey tournaments are held here. Youth hockey teams play the prestigious “Black Sea Cup”. And also in “Iceberg” there are luxurious ice shows with the stars of figure skating. The most popular are “Carmen”, “The Musicians of Bremen”, “Romeo and Juliet”; the tickets cost from 1500 rubles.

The Puck Ice Arena

The ice arena “Puck” is located not far from the “Bolshoi” and is the second largest and most important sports facility. The puck-shaped building can seat 7,000 spectators. Its facade, painted with steep, swift blue, blue and white lines, makes the indoor arena look like a snowy whirlwind. In the evening it is spectacularly lit by 700 lamps with special programs of illumination, and at this time the ice arena becomes similar to the starry sky, which cuts through the set of comets.

Hockey players competed here during the Winter Olympics, and later, during the Paralympics, sledge hockey competitions were held here. In 2013, this ice arena received the status of the All-Russian Children’s Sports and Recreation Center, and now future champions train and compete here.

Ice Rink “Lydinka

Next to the “Puck” is the ice rink “Lydinka”, which has become the center of mass skating. It takes all fans of this sport on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evening – from 20:00 to 23:00. The entrance ticket costs 400 rubles, rent of skates – 200 rubles (you need to leave a deposit of 1000 rubles or an identity document).

Ice Cube” Curling Center

Ice Cube” curling center is a laconic structure, designed in gray and white colors. During the Winter Olympics it was the site of the curling competitions, an ancient Scottish team game on ice. The building has four floors and can seat 3,000 spectators.

Today everyone can get a curling lesson, and many companies hold corporate events there, including curling competitions among colleagues. The Ice Cube also hosts concerts and TV shows, including Comedy Club.

“Adler Arena”.

The Adler Arena Indoor Skating Center, which impresses with its original design, is located in the central part of the Olympic Park. The length of the oval stadium is 400 meters, and its facade decorated with tinted stained glass windows is in the same form. During the Olympics more than 170 skaters from all over the world competed here.

At the end of the Olympic Games the Adler Arena was redesigned, and the refrigeration equipment was removed. Today on the basis of this sports facility there is a tennis academy and federal and international competitions in tennis. Gymnasts also train and compete here.

In 2016, Adler Arena opened a trampoline center, which has become very popular among Sochi residents and guests of the city. There are several zones: for professionals, amateurs, children, as well as a separate zone “trampoline and fitness”.

The center works from 9:00 till 22:00 daily.

Sochi Autodrom

This racing circuit of world significance is another pride of Sochi Olympic Park. Officially opened in 2014, the track has hosted many international competitions, including stages of the prestigious Formula 1 championship.

You can head here with a guided tour for 500 rubles, or buy tickets to the Free Zone or to the grandstands, from which you can watch different segments of the track. Check with the box office for ticket prices; they fluctuate, as the price periodically includes attendance at additional entertainment events.

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In 2017, the Kaleidoscope Ice Gallery opened in the Main Grandstand of the Autodrome. Here 20 tons of Siberian ice, delivered from the surface of Boyarskoe Lake (Tomsk region), are waiting for guests. Here you will see the original ice sculptures, take pictures in special prepared places, wearing an “ice” coat or dressed up in cute winter clothes – stylized felt boots, hats with earflaps, capes, capes.

Gallery is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Singing Fountains

When the sun goes down, the Olympic Park Sochi becomes like a fairy tale kingdom. Effectively illuminated Olympic arenas, which by day impress with their urban appearance, as if dressed in a different outfit and turn into sparkling palaces. At this time in the Olympic Park begins the grandiose show – the show of the singing fountains.

The light and music fountain “Olympic Flame Bowl”, or as it is also called, “Waters of the Olympic Plaza”, is located on the main esplanade of the park in front of the stele torch, where the Olympic flame was lit in 2014. The fountain is familiar to all sports fans thanks to the broadcasting of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics to the whole world.

This is an incredibly technological structure, filled with a variety of equipment: powerful pumps, computers, kilometers of cables and pipelines. But all the “stuffing” is hidden underground, and the tourists can see the sculptural composition, resembling a long-necked snow-white bird, hugging the wings to the oval of the lake. The total height of the structure is about 50 meters, and the diameter of the water surface of the bowl of the lake is 75 meters.

264 individually colored jets of fountain with powerful lights soar upwards from 30 to 70 meters with the help of hyper- and mini-cannons. Like a giant equalizer, the singing fountains respond to changes in the music, weaving endless patterns of water. The harmony of the dance of water and music is especially impressive when classical music, iconic melodies of the Soviet era, and Russian folklore are played. During this unique performance, you will be spellbound as watching the splashes of the fountain transform into a multitude of fireworks; this stunning effect is created with the help of photodiodes. It is as if a starry sky is reflected in the fountain. Mystery and mystery of the spectacle increases the artificial fog, which envelops the surface of the lake with fountains.

If you want to watch the show up close, arrive early (an hour or two in advance) and bring tissues or paper towels to periodically wipe off water droplets. It’s also convenient to enjoy the show on the grassy lawns nearby. Keep in mind that you’ll have to walk from the main entrance to the fountain for about half an hour.

In winter you can enjoy the show of singing fountains from 18:00 to 19:00, in summer – from 20:30 to 21:30, in spring and autumn – from 19:00 to 20:00. Sometimes the presentation time varies – it depends on the weather and the duration of daylight hours. You should also know that periodically the fountain is closed for preventive maintenance, so it is better to clarify the schedule of the show on the website of Sochi Olympic Park.

Video: Singing Fountains in Sochi.

Practical information.

Opening hours of the Olympic Park – 8:00-22:30. Admission is free.

While walking through the Olympic Park, stop by the Baikal Restaurant, which is also considered a local landmark. It is located near the Ice Cube Curling Center. Its menu features Asian and Italian cuisine, with delicious cold meat and fish dishes, seafood, pizza, pasta, and exclusive desserts. The prices for salads and cold appetizers – from 400 rubles, for hot dishes – from 500 rubles, for desserts – from 350 rubles. You can sit in the room with a luxurious interior or on the terrace (you can smoke here).

There are a lot of pancake houses, pelmeni, snack-bars and other small places where you can eat pies and other fast food.

How to get there

For those who head to the Sochi Olympic Park by car, there is a convenient exit from the A-147 highway. There is a large parking lot for cars of autotourists.

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Not far from the Olympic Park there is a railway station with the same name. It is the terminus where the high-speed electric train “Lastochka”, starting from Sochi, stops. The trip takes about 50 minutes. Every day there are several trips.

From the railway station of Sochi to the stop “Olympic Park” runs a regular bus number 124, from the railway station in Adler – bus number 100. Buses run every 15-20 minutes. At the stop “Olympic Park” you will also need to get off at the legendary amusement park “Sochi Park” which is located next to the Olympic Park. Here tourists will find dozens of attractions, many of them unique to Russia. To “Sochi Park” from the railway station you will be taken by a free minibus, which departs from here at short intervals.

Sochi Olympic Park

Olympic Park Sochi

Entrance to the park is free. Skating rink – from 100 rub./hour Karting – from 1200 rub./10 min. Tickets for competitions and events – according to price.

Sochi Olympic Park was built in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Here are the main sports facilities, where sets of medals in competitions in ice sports were played and opening / closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games took place. The park is located in the Imereti lowlands of the Adler district of Sochi. Next to it was located the Olympic village, which later became a fashionable recreation area.

Olympic Park

Construction of sports facilities began in 2007. Over the past six years, state-of-the-art hockey arenas, stadiums and training centers were built. On the main square was erected a unique “Olympic Fire Bowl”, reminiscent of a fairy tale Firebird, and built the original singing fountains.

Almost all guests of the city yearn to see the Olympic legacy, Sochi citizens come here with pleasure. Here are held concerts, various sports and training competitions. Within walking distance there are amusement parks and leisure centers, as well as interesting museums, well-groomed sea beach and modern promenade.

Olympic Flame Bowl

Olympic Park Sochi 2022

After the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, the sports complex remained in demand. It continues to actively function and develop. Shows, concerts, celebrations and, of course, soccer, hockey and curling competitions, boxing and tennis tournaments, charity races and bicycle races are held here.

There are cafes, retail outlets, restrooms, lockers, medical facilities, and information kiosks on site. Given the length of the park lanes it is recommended to use bike rentals or electric cars.

Surrounding Panoramas

Working hours and entrance

Everyone can visit the Sochi Olympic Park absolutely free of charge. Entrance is open from 8 am to midnight, but on some days access to the park may be limited: as a rule, this is announced in advance in the social networks of the Olympic Park.

The main entrance to the park and the main ticket center are located on the side of the Imereti resort railway station.


Web-camera of the Olympic Park

To see the traffic intersection in front of the park, the parking lot, the panoramic Olympic stadiums, and the section of the race track, you can see the rotary webcam installed in the park. The angle changes several times a minute, and the camera gives the most accessible online view of the complex’s sights. Downloading video during peak viewing hours can take longer, you have to wait – the camera is live, the broadcasting is not stopped.

Hotels and hotels near the Olympic Park

The nearest hotel complex – Bogatyr Hotel – is located on the territory of Sochi Park. Its exterior resembles a fairy tale castle, and its modern infrastructure is able to satisfy the most demanding guests.

Read more about hotels close to the Olympic Park in a separate article.

Bogatyr Hotel Complex

Diagram of Sochi Olympic Park

Navigation in the Olympic Park is up to the mark: there are enough signs and information boards, and all the objects are marked in detail on Google and Yandex maps. Thanks to them, you can decide what to see in Sochi Olympic Park, already upon arrival.

Below – detailed diagrams of Sochi Olympic Park with all the sights and infrastructure from the information portal Olympiskypark.ru.

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Olympic Park Sochi

Olympic Park objects

The main facilities of the complex are sports palaces, arenas and centers located around the spectacular ensemble of the “Olympic Flame Bowl” with “Singing Fountains”.

Fisht Stadium

Externally, the largest object of the park resembles a snowy top or a seashell, and originally it was supposed to be made in the form of an Easter egg by Faberge. The name of the stadium repeats the toponym of one of the mountain peaks of the Main Caucasian Range. The unusual shape and enormous size are fascinating, and the night illumination gives the structure alien features.

In 2014, the Fisht Stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Then 40 thousand people were present in the stands. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup the stadium was able to seat over 44,000 fans at a time.

Next to Fisht there is an Old Believers’ cemetery, which was preserved thanks to the participation of local residents. It is hidden from the guests of the park behind a decorative fence.

The “Big” ice palace

During the Sochi Olympics hockey battles were held here, and today in the walls of the ice palace, made in the form of a frozen drop, sports competitions, ice shows and large-scale concerts are held. A characteristic feature of the structure is its high-tech dome with glowing multicolored modules, quickly changing their hues. Spectacular night light show can be seen from afar.

The capacity of the Bolshoi Sports Palace is 12,000 people. It is the home ice stadium of the professional ice hockey club Sochi, founded in 2014.

Bolshoi Sports Palace

The Olympic facility was repurposed as a children’s sports and recreational complex of all-Russian significance. The name of the arena “Puck” corresponds to the appearance of the building. The architects originally intended to embody in its image the main sport tool of ice hockey, which has become a symbol of the game. It’s the one the fans call out to during the matches.

Next to the Puck, there is a small ice arena for hockey players to train – Lydinka. It was supposed to be moved to Stavropol. But the structure still remains in its place.

Ice Cube” arena

After the Sochi Olympics, the prefabricated 3,000-seat curling center was planned to be moved to Rostov-on-Don, but fortunately this did not happen. For some time the Ice Cube was used as a multifunctional arena. Curling competitions, filming and performances of the popular comedy program “Comedy Club” were held here. In 2019, it was decided to reconstruct the arena, after the work “Ice Cube” will become the “Academy of Combat. The curling area will open at the new facility.

There is a karting club next to the Ice Cube. The length of the track in the Olympic Park is 400 meters. The single ride lasts 10 minutes and costs from 1200 rubles. The club is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Classical, children’s and drift karts are available.

Security fences

“Adler Arena”.

During the 2014 Winter Olympics, the stadium was used for skating competitions. Subsequently, the refrigeration unit was shut down, and Adler Arena began to host tennis and freestyle wrestling tournaments. Today the building is a base of the tennis academy. Its capacity is 8 000 seats.

Iceberg Ice Palace

Another “space” object of the Olympic Park is used by figure skaters as a training rink. In 2014, medals in figure skating and short track competitions were played here. They wanted to dismantle the Iceberg Palace, as well as the Shaiba Arena, and move it to another city to be converted into a cycling track. But that did not happen. Currently, junior hockey tournaments are held here. There are 12 thousand spectator seats.

Iceberg Winter Sports Palace

Singing Fountains on the Olympic Square

On the central square there is the most spectacular attraction of the park – the “Olympic Flame Bowl”, next to which every day there is a show of “Singing Fountains”. Its time depends on the daylight hours and the events held in the Olympic Park.

  • Since October, 1 the show of fountains is performed from 19:00 till 20:00.
  • Since May, 1 the fountain show runs – from 20:00 to 21:00.

The schedule of the show is subject to change due to ongoing competitions or events. You can check the official website – in the right column you can always see the current time of the fountain.

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On the square there are also the Olympic rings, the Wall of Fame and the concert stage.

Evening show

Rink in the training center of Volosozhar and Trankov

The ice arena invites visitors all year round. Mass skating prices are set on the basis of one hour:

  • for adults – 350 rubles;
  • for students – 300 rubles;
  • For schoolchildren from 7 to 17 years – 250 rubles;
  • For children under 6 years old – 150 rubles.

The rink is open in the evening. The rink has changing rooms, snack bars, rental and sharpening facilities. You can ask the instructors and medical staff for help. The arena is beautifully lit, the speakers play nice music, and the ice surface is renovated after each session, so you won’t have any complaints about its smoothness. For schedules and prices, visit the official website of the Olympic Park.

When planning a trip to the Imereti Lowlands, it is recommended to read the weather forecast for the coming days.

Sochi Olympic Park on Google Maps panoramas

Museums at the Olympic Park

There is a Museum Center, combining three thematic areas, on the east side of the park:

  • Leonardo da Vinci Mechanical Museum;
  • Museum of the USSR.

Nearby is the Sochi Automobile Museum, representing rare cars of the Soviet past.

Sochi Autodrom

Next to the main entrance to the Olympic Park is the Sochi Autodrome with a Formula 1 race track. On the first floor of its main stand are unique expositions of the Museum of Sports and Classic Cars.

Sochi Park

Both children and adults will find it interesting to visit the huge entertainment complex Sochi Park, featuring rides stylized after Russian fairy tales and epics.

Now it is the largest operating amusement complex in Russia with several record-breaking rides.

Sochi Autodroma track

In the summer time you can go to the beach of the Olympic Park, which has many advantages compared to traditional Sochi beaches, and if you wish – to visit the Olympic Village and take a walk along the modern waterfront.

Olympic Park beach


The Olympic Park is popular with tourists all year round, and local restaurants and cafes try to keep up with demand. Places to grab a quick bite, a hearty lunch or a fine dinner in a sophisticated atmosphere are mostly concentrated near the entrance to the Olympic Park, with many popular establishments on Olympic Avenue and the Olympic Promenade (near the beach).

Explore reviews, prices, and choose where to eat in Sochi’s Olympic Park in advance with Tripadvisor: 10 Best Restaurants near Sochi Olympic Park

How to get to Sochi Olympic Park

You can get from Sochi and other resort towns by public transport or by car. In the summer season and days of mass events additional flights are introduced.

The railway station “Olympic Park” is reached by electric trains from Tuapse with stops in Lazarevskoye, Dagomys, Sochi, Matsesta, Khosta, Adler, Olympic Village and other populated areas.

Olympic Park Station

From the south-eastern side of the park wraps around the Olympic Prospect. Buses No. 57, 125c, 135 and 135E go along it. You can get off at one of their stops:

  • “Ice Cube Curling Center”;
  • “Ice Arena “Big”;
  • “Ice Arena “Puck”;
  • “Fisht Arena”;
  • “Sochi Park”;
  • “Olympic Park” railway station.

The nearest stops of route cab number 60 are “Bar Terrace” and “Tulip Inn Hotel” on Triumphalnaya Street.

By car from Sochi take the E-97 highway in the south direction. Behind the Adler train station you will need to turn onto Nasypnaya Street, and at the junction after the bridge over the Mzymta river you will need to take the exit in the direction of Lenin Street. Then you need to go to the intersection with Caspian Street, turn left and then right – to Tulpanov Street. After 90 meters there will be Triumphal street, which will lead you to the Olympic Park. It is surrounded by several parking lots.

Read more about how to get from Tuapse to the Olympic Park in our special article.

In Sochi and Adler there are mobile cab services Uber, Yandex.Taxi, Gett, Maxim, etc.

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