Philippine visa for Russians – 2022

Philippines: visa for Russians in 2022

Most travelers see the Philippines as an ideal vacation destination, the more so a visa to the Philippines for Russians in 2022 for short visits is not needed . If you plan a longer trip, citizens of Russia need to get a visa in advance at the Embassy or Consulate of the Philippines in Moscow or other cities.

Philippine Flag

The Philippines have the third largest English speaking population in the world.

Visa requirements

There are simplified rules of entry for Russians. This means that for any purpose of travel a visa to the Philippines is not required if the period of stay does not exceed 30 days.

Under Philippine law the day of arrival does not count, that is, if the traveler has arrived in the state in the morning, then the 31st day is the last day for a legal stay in its territory.

If the purpose of arrival in the Philippines – not tourism, or need to stay for a longer period, you will need to go through a simple procedure for obtaining a visa in the Embassy in Moscow or the Consulate General in Vladivostok and St. Petersburg.

Philippine Passport Stamp

Visa-free travel to the Philippines

For most trips a 30-day visa-free period is quite enough to relax, take a diving course, visit friends, get acquainted with the country. To be able to enter the state on a visa-free regime must have the following documents in hand:

  • Valid passport with blank pages, it must be valid for another six months from the date of entry into the Philippines;
  • A pre-filled migration card;
  • Return ticket to Russia, or an electronic copy of it;
  • Proof of money.

This requirement is optional; they may ask for confirmation at the border, but may not stress it.

You don’t have to fill in any additional forms.

Filling out the migration card

Philippine migration card is a special form of a small size, which each foreigner is required to fill in and show at the border, it is often given directly on the plane. It is necessary to enter your data, information about the hotel and the purpose of your visit. Migration card is required by the authorities in case a foreigner is missing, to make it easier to find him, as well as in case of any incident.

Border crossing procedure

Each arriving passenger undergoes border control and, if necessary, screening. After the necessary documents are presented, a visa stamp is put into the passport, in which the date of entry is recorded. This date will be taken into account by visa officers when the foreigner is leaving the country.

Customs Control

Customs rules

There are certain customs regulations in the Philippines that must be followed by every visitor to the country.

  • Certain medical drugs;
  • Explosive materials;
  • Weapons (cold weapons are allowed, but a permit is required);
  • Unmarked jewelry.
  • Animals, if the appropriate international veterinary certificate is available;
  • No more than two liters of alcohol, 400 cigarettes (or the equivalent of 50 cigars);
  • Foodstuffs intended for personal use.
  • Any Philippine flora and fauna;
  • Antiques;
  • Rare wood products;
  • Jewelry.

There are also restrictions on the amount of cash with which a traveler arrives in the country. Amounts greater than 10,000 U.S. dollars must be declared, you can not take out of the country more than 10,000 Philippine pesos. This rule does not apply to non-cash funds that are kept on cards or traveler’s checks.

For more information on customs regulations can be viewed on the website of the Philippine Embassy.

Extension of stay

If the standard thirty days is not enough, and the Philippine visa has not been previously obtained in Russia, you can take advantage of the extension of stay. It can be done directly at the airport, asking not to put a regular 30-day stamp, and the other that gives the right to a 59-day stay (for a fee), or do it in the Immigration Office in Manila or other cities. There are as many as 44 offices throughout the country dealing with the extension of stay in the Philippines.

You can extend not only the entry stamp, but also any Philippine visa, if it has expired. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding extensions:

  • You can extend your stay several times, for a total of 16 months;
  • Along with the extension a tourist receives a special ID-document where his personal data and there is a photo;
  • If the stay is extended more than six months, you must obtain a certificate for the departure, without it at the border can be fined, it is made on the basis of the passport and ID and is paid.

Obtaining a Visa at the Embassy by Yourself

There are cases when you need to obtain a visa to the Philippines in advance in Russia. This will be necessary if your stay in the country may be prolonged due to the extension of the vacation, work or study in the Philippines, as well as protracted business trips. Philippine entry permits do not have a clear distinction between “study visa,” “business visa,” “work visa,” “visitor visa. Visas differ in terms of validity and minor differences in the list of papers that need to be collected.

Philippine Visa

Visa to the Philippines on your own is very simple, you will need to submit a small list of documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. A copy of the passport spread with personal information and photo (2 pages);
  3. Filled out in Latin alphabet form, it can be downloaded from the Embassy website;
  4. Return tickets with a specific date spelled out;
  5. One 30x40mm photograph;
  6. Receipt of payment of the consular fee;
  7. The last important document is an invitation (from your employer, or from another organization with which the trip to the Philippines is associated, from a friend/relative).

You may bring your visa documents in person, but you may also use a representative or courier service, such as DHL. Documents are accepted both in Moscow at the Embassy, and in the Consulates of St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Visa for children

The rules for entry into the Philippines are slightly different for minor children. If the whole family travels on vacation, not exceeding 30 days, then you do not need to provide any additional documents.

You need to request a separate visa to the Philippines for a child in the Russian Federation, if you plan a long stay, you must provide a birth certificate.

Children in the Philippines

Features of entering the Philippines with a child

Due to the fact that the Philippines is crossed by human trafficking routes (human trafficking, and especially – children), there are nuances on the entry of foreign children.

  • A child can enter the state only with parents/official guardians. Entering with relatives or third parties is almost impossible;
  • If a minor arrives only accompanied by one parent/guardian, a power of attorney from the other parent/guardian is mandatory at the border. This document must be translated into English and officially notarized;
  • If a power of attorney from the other parent is not possible (death, unknown whereabouts), a certificate in English from the relevant authority stating this fact is required.

Enhanced security measures for children are taken by the government in order to minimize the risks for minors. Children should never be left alone for even a few minutes in the Philippines and should always be supervised and watched.

Duration of visas

Any visa to the Philippines obtained in Russia, as well as stamps of entry and extension of stay have a time limit.

Visa type Period of stay permitted
Tourist visa stamp 30 days
Extension 59 days
Visa issued in advance in Russia 3 months, 6 months, 12 months


If a long-term visit is planned, it is much more advantageous to obtain a visa to the Philippines in advance in Russia.

Visa type Cost
Tourist visa stamp Free
Extension of stay for the 1st time 75$ (at the airport), 200$ (at the Immigration Office)
All subsequent extensions of stay 100$
Visa for three months (single entry) 40 (Consular Fee)
Six-month visa (multiple entry) 80 US dollars (Consular Fee)
Visa for one year (multiple entry) 120 (Consular Fee)

There are additional fees for certain documents required by a foreigner :

  • Identification document (alien ID) – $15;
  • Certificate for departure (if stay exceeds 6 months) – $12.

Philippine passport


The Philippines is an excellent destination for quality beach vacation tourists. Advertising materials of travel companies can see a lot of fabulous pictures where the snow-white sand and azure sea and attract the eye and make you dream about vacation, imagining all the possible pleasures. Internet is replete with numerous reports on the visit of Boracay, Cebu, Mindanao. Some Russians “wait out” the winter in the Philippines and live there sometimes with their entire families, because the lack of visa requirements saves a lot of unnecessary problems.

Going to the Philippines, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Russians do not need a visa for a thirty-day stay;
  • If you plan to travel for a longer period, it is best to get a visa to the Philippines on your own at the Embassy of the country while still in Russia – there you will have to pay more for the extension of stay (especially for multiple extensions);
  • Visa denials are rare, the possible reasons are as standard as in other countries;
  • While in the Philippines, you should keep a close eye on children, unaccompanied minors are not recommended;
  • Before traveling, it is better to buy medical insurance, because in the tropical climate of the country there are such bacteria and diseases to which a person from the middle latitudes has no immunity;
  • The fine for staying in the Philippines for Russian citizens on an expired visa is $23 for each day, payment is made at a special window at the airport. The fine must be paid in advance during working hours, as the window for payment of fines is closed late at night and at night.

Video: Vacation in Manila, Philippines

Contacts Embassy and Consulates

Embassy of the Philippines in Moscow

  • Address: Moscow, Karmanitsky Lane, 6/8, Building 1;
  • Phones: +7 (499) 241-05-63, +7 (499) 241-05-64, +7 (499) 241-05-65;
  • Business days: Monday-Friday;
  • Office hours: 9.00-17.00 (closed on weekends, holidays);
  • Nearest metro station: Smolenskaya.

Consulate of the Philippines in St.Petersburg

  • Address: St.Petersburg, 103k9 Bolshoy prospekt VO;
  • Phone: +7 (812) 326-13-55;
  • Working days: Monday-Friday.

Consulate of the Philippines in Vladivostok

  • Address: 35 Pushkinskaya Street, Vladivostok;
  • Phone: +7 (423) 222-13-51;
  • Working days: Monday-Friday.

Attention! Due to recent changes in Russian legislation, the information in this article may be out of date.

Ask your question in the form below and get a free legal consultation right now!

Visa to the Philippines for Russian citizens

A visa to the Philippines in 2022 is not required for Russians. The period of visa-free stay is 30 days.

Entry ban to the Philippines from March 15, 2020 because of the coronovirus

There is a ban on entry to Manila for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and all other foreigners. – The capital of the Philippines from March 15 to April 14, 2020 by all modes of transport is reported

The Philippines has closed its borders to foreigners for a month because international flights arrive only in Manila.

Russians cannot fly to vacation in the country at this time.


Hotel in the Philippines

Philippines is a unique state located in the Malay Archipelago, which includes more than seven thousand islands. Russians most often visit the islands of Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and, of course, the main “gateway” to the country – Manila, located on the island of Luzon.

Do I need a visa for Russians?

Tourists have a simplified visa regime.

We are happy to please Russians who are planning to stay on the island for up to 30 days, you don’t need a visa to the Philippines. You need only a passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of entry into the country.

For example, if you arrive in the Philippines in February 2022, and your passport is valid until June 2022, on this basis you can not be allowed to the paradise islands and the vacation will not take place.

Visa-free period of stay for Russians in the Philippines is 30 days in 2022. The day of arrival in the country is not included in the 30 days, the countdown begins the next day. So, if you arrive early in the morning, in fact, you have the right to live without a visa stamp even 31 days.

Philippine passport stamp

Visa-free entry rules

The stamp of entry into the country and the possibility of living for a month without a visa will be put to you immediately at the airport. Just in case you should have not only your passport, but also a return ticket.

In practice, the officers almost never check it, but have the right to do so. If you stay in the Philippines for more than 30 days without renewing the stamp, you have to pay an overstay fee before you leave for the airport.

The fine is about 1,000 Philippine pesos ($23) for each extra day.

The immigration office at the airport is open only during daylight hours, so if you leave in the evening, you may not be able to pay the fine and you will not be allowed to leave the country that day.

This point in the case of overstay is worth thinking through in advance – you need to arrive at the airport during business hours, even if your flight is late in the evening.

If you already know in advance that your vacation in the Philippines will last more than a month, it is worth extending your visa-free stay to 59 days.

vacation in the Philippines

How to apply for a visa for 59 days

If you want to go to the Philippines for a long time, you can apply in advance for a long-term visa for 59 days (almost 2 months). The Russians have the opportunity to address this question to the Philippine Embassy in Moscow.

In addition, you can get a Philippine visa in the general consulate, located in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Required Documents

Before going to the embassy or consulate, you need to collect several mandatory documents:

  • Foreign passport. An original and a copy of the first page with photo is required;
  • Completed questionnaire (in English);

airline tickets

  • Color photograph in the format of 3 by 4 centimeters. According to the established rules, the background of the photo must be light;
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation. It is necessary to write a letter to the hotel with a request to send this document. In practice hotels often don’t answer the letters, so it is better to call them or write a letter to the administrators of the electronic booking system;
  • Tickets back to Russia or any other country. The immigration office wants to make sure that you will definitely leave the Philippines after your vacation;
  • A check from the bank that confirms payment of the fee.

Application form

The application form for opening a visa to the Philippines consists of only 18 questions. The form should only be filled out in English, preferably in block letters.

Step-by-step filling of the application form:

  • In the 1st line enter your surname, first name, middle name and choose gender: male or female.
  • In the 2nd line you need to indicate the date and place of birth, as well as the nationality of the foreign resident.
  • In the 3rd one you choose the marital status. Mark it with a cross.
  • Line 4 is only for foreigners who are officially married. This line should indicate the details, initials and address of the wife or husband.
  • Line 5 is to be filled in if the foreign resident is accompanied by minor children. In this column you will need to specify their initials, date and place of birth of each.
  • Line 6 is the actual residence address and a valid mobile or home address of the foreign resident.
  • The 7th line contains the occupation and sources of funds for the trip.
  • Line 8 contains data about foreign passport: number, date of issue, validity and authority that issued the travel document.
  • 9th line contains name and address of the inviting person.
  • Line 10 is to be filled only by those foreigners who want to perform labor activities in the Philippines. People who want to work in this country, in this line should specify their last place of work. Be sure to indicate the salary and position held.
  • In the 11th line the applicant must sign and date the application form.

Visa form for Philippines

Sample application form for a visa to the Philippines

The bottom part of the application form is not to be filled out by the applicant. It is for the consular staff to fill out. Each form is signed by a consular officer after completion and verification.

Photo Requirements

It is very important to comply with the photo requirements for a Philippine visa:

  1. Size: 30×40 millimeters.
  2. No traces of pixelation or photoshop.
  3. No headgear or sunglasses. Glasses are allowed only those intended to correct eyesight, but it is worth considering that the lenses must not create glare, and the frame cannot cover any parts of the face. Headdresses are allowed in the photo only for women of the Muslim faith, but it also must not cover completely or partially the applicant’s face.
  4. The “age” of the photo cannot be more than 90 days.
  5. The applicant’s face must occupy from 70 to 80% of the entire frame.

Visa to Philippines

Visa Fee and Duration

Tourist visas to the Philippines vary in terms of duration and set fees. As of 2022, the situation for Russians is as follows:

  • A 3-month visa costs $40. It is considered a single entry visa, so if you leave the Philippines before the end of these 3 months, the visa is automatically revoked;
  • 6-month visa costs $80. It is multiple-entry – you can use it to leave the Philippines as much as you like and come back within six months;
  • One-year visa. The fee is $120, the visa is multiple entry.

Licensing terms

All visas take from one week to 10 days to be processed in Russia. This is why it is better not to put off the paperwork to the last minute.

Extension of a stamp and visa

In the Philippines there are ideal conditions for those who want to stay in the tropical paradise for as long as possible. Arriving at the airport, you can immediately get instead of the usual stamp for 30 days for another, longer visa-free stamp – for 59 days. The price of the issue – 75 U.S. dollars.

Any tourist visa can be extended in the Philippines at the immigration offices. There are a few important points here:

identification document

  1. Each extension entitles you to live in the Philippines for an additional 59 days. In total, you can stay in the country for more than a year – as much as 16 months.
  2. When you come for an extension the first time, you will be asked for about $200. The next extensions will cost about 100 USD.
  3. Along with the first visa extension you will need to obtain a special ID (identification document). It is a kind of tourist passport: it indicates the name, surname, added photo and address of residence. All this happiness costs 15 dollars.

Every traveler from any CIS country can renew his tourist visa. Each extension is given for 59 days. With these small formal procedures, you can stay in the Philippines for up to 16 months.

Certificate for leaving the country

If the vacation in the Philippines lasts more than 6 consecutive months, the traveler will need to obtain another document, the Special Travel Exit Clearance for Travelers. However unfortunate, without this document you simply can not leave the country: either you will be forced to draw, or fined.

Therefore, you will have to pay about $12 for registration and prepare a few documents:

  • Photocopies of your passport: the page with the photo, as well as pages with all Philippine stamps and visas;
  • A previously issued ID (a copy is sufficient);
  • Receipt of payment of the last visa renewal fee;
  • Photo (color or black and white) 3×4 centimeters.

To the Philippines with children

Philippine seaside resorts are a great place to vacation here with the whole family.

Resort in the Philippines

If traveling with children who have not yet turned 18 years old, you need to consider a few important nuances:

  1. In order to apply for a visa for a child in Russia in advance, you need to provide a copy of the birth certificate. Also a certificate from school or pre-school and two photos will be required for visa processing.
  2. If you extend the visa in the Philippines, it will be enough to submit the child’s passport.
  3. If the child travels with only one parent, the other needs a power of attorney. This document must be translated into English and officially notarized.
  4. Sending a child to the Philippines with other relatives or acquaintances is hardly possible. Usually the country’s immigration office will deny entry to a child if there are no parents or legal guardians with him/her. Even powers of attorney do not help in this case.

In some cases, to visit the Philippines with a child, you may need these documents (with English translation):

  • Death certificate of one of the parents;
  • Certificate of Divorce.

The Philippines is very convenient for “winterers” who want to live with their children in warm countries for a long time. The fact is that in this country you can stay for a year and a half without leaving for visa-renewal, which usually becomes quite an ordeal for a child. All visa renewal formalities can be done on the spot, without having to travel to neighboring countries.

Customs rules

What it is forbidden to bring into the country:

  1. Drugs, specifically: opium, heroin, poppy, coca leaves, marijuana.
  2. Compounds of narcotic substances.
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Seedlings of plants (can be imported only if the seedlings have a certificate).
  5. Firearms.
  6. Ammunition.
  7. Explosive materials.
  8. Pornographic material.
  9. Medications and instruments intended for abortion.
  10. Gambling machines.
  11. Lottery tickets.
  12. Articles made of precious metals and stones without a certificate proving their quality.

Customs rules

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You can bring in without paying duty:

  1. Tobacco products to choose from: 20 packs of cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.
  2. Alcohol – 2 liters. But note that the maximum volume of each bottle must not exceed one liter.
  3. Local currency in the amount of 10 thousand Philippine pesos.
  4. Foreign currency in the amount of 10 thousand U.S. dollars. If this amount is exceeded, the money must be declared.
  5. Animals. You must have a veterinary certificate to bring them in.

According to the current legislation, it is prohibited to export from the territory of the Philippines such goods as:

  1. Goldware.
  2. Trees of rare species.
  3. Ivory.
  4. Native plants.
  5. Antiques.

Embassy of the Philippines in Moscow

  • Located at Karmanitskiy lane, 6 / 8.
  • Working weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Call at: +7 (906) 738-25-38.

Consulate of the Philippines in Kiev

  • Located at Pechyorsky district, Michurina Street, 19 A.
  • Works on weekdays from 9:30 to 16:00.
  • Call +38 044 286-6210.

The vast majority of Filipinos, in addition to their own dialect, speak excellent English: after the colonization of Spain, the islands were conquered by the United States after a while, and the Philippines became an independent state in fact only by the middle of last century.

What to do on the paradise islands, everyone decides for himself, because the choice is very large. You can take a scuba diving course, sunbathe on a white sandy beach or go on a gastronomic journey to restaurants offering a wide variety of fruits and local seafood dishes.

Philippines: travel reports and tips - 2022
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