Photo contest #Nature-Formula-Health. The prize – air tickets to Slovenia!

Photo contest #Nature-Formula-Health. The prize – air tickets to Slovenia!

We announce the start of the #NatureFormulaHealth contest, dedicated to traveling for the beauty and healing power of nature. This contest is for those who love to travel to get closer to nature and take care of their health.

(Photo © jsouthorn / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Contest organizers: TMI Consultancy and

Conditions for participation

  1. Subscribe to the Facebook page dedicated to Slovenia and follow the thematic news about travelling to Slovenia from July 14 – August 3. The fact of signing up for the Facebook newsletter will be verified.
  2. Please submit 1 or 2 photos from July 14th – 31st (by 17:00 MSK) to be considered for the final stage of the competition by placing them in the competition album in our social networking group “Do journey” on VKontakte. Please read the photo requirements below carefully before submitting your work.
  3. Wait for the finals, which will take place from July 31 to August 3, 2015.

Requirements for participants and entries

Everyone is invited to participate in the contest, but only one work is accepted from one participant. The age of the contestant must be at least 18 years old. You must be the author of the photograph you submit. Copyright of third parties is not allowed to be infringed – in case of violation the responsibility lies on the person who uploaded the photo.

Subject matter. Photos must depict nature or people in the background. The photo must demonstrate respect for nature, the beauty of the environment, the benefits and joy that comes from human contact with nature.

Photo must be of good quality. Minimum photo size: 600×500 px.

Sign below the photo – indicate the name of the photo, the name of the author, when and where it was made. If you wish you may add an additional description.

Results and winners of the photo contest

Finals and winners announcement.

Main prize

By the evening of July 31st (approximately at 19:00 MSK) we will choose 20 authors of the best photos from all the participants. We will post the photos of the finalists in a separate photo album in the “Make the Trip” group.

The main winner of the contest will be determined by popular vote – the one with the most “likes”. The votes will be counted and the winner will be determined on August 3, 2015 at 21:00 MSK.

The winner will receive the grand prize of our contest – a plane ticket to Slovenia! Moscow-Ljubljana-Moscow air ticket for one person, departing no earlier than September 15 and no later than December 20, 2015. The ticket will be issued only to the winner after providing passport data. No right to transfer the prize is provided.

Additional Prizes

There will also be two additional winners (second and third place) in the finals.

During the finals we will ask two questions about the nature and sights of Slovenia. The questions will be asked on August 3 at 20:00 MSK in the group “Do Journey” on the community wall, you must answer in the comments under the appropriate entry.

There are prizes related to Slovenia for the second and third winners:

  • Second prize is a set of Aphrodite (Slovenia) therapeutic cosmetics.
  • The third prize – 10 bottles of Donat mineral water.


The prizes are provided by TMI Consultancy.

We will notify the winners with a personal message in the social network “VKontakte” about the time and methods of receiving the prizes. If the winner does not respond to the letter within 15 calendar days, the organizers have the right to choose another participant and give him/her the prize.

By taking part in the contest, participants agree to receive a newsletter about Slovenia during the contest period (3 times a week) from July 12 – August 3, 2015. By placing their photos in the contest album, participants agree with these contest rules on the website and on the “VKontakte” page

Faces: works of the participants of the photo contest

Attention! We’ll keep close watch over the fairness of the voting – vote fraud is very easy to detect. Participants who use fraudulent methods to get “I like” votes will be disqualified.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments – the form below.

You may be interested to read about our last photo contest one year ago.

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