Prices for holidays in Dombai – 2022. The cost of travel

Prices in Dombaj

It is possible to spend a vacation in the mountains on a budget or with a Caucasian spirit. Early summer and autumn prices in Dombaj are a bit lower; the main part of tourists will arrive in December 2022, when the ski season starts. You can hardly change the price for ski passes and equipment rent, but you can save money on lodging and entertainment.

You can find cheap rooms, don’t order the daily bath, and the ski-run ticket will cost a little cheaper if you take several days at a time.

It is most crowded during the New Year vacations, February 14 and 23, March 8. If you do not want to relax among the crowd, choose weekdays, away from the holidays. But even on ordinary two-day weekends there is an influx of tourists from neighboring regions, regardless of the season.

We’ve calculated how much a holiday in Dombaj costs in 2022, including accommodation, meals, and skiing.

Cable cars and ski-passes

The compactness of the resort village allows you to get to any point of Dombaj on foot in a few minutes, so there is simply no need for public transportation here. You will spend your money for the elevators.

There is no single ski pass in Dombaj, as the three main ski lift systems belong to different owners. But each has a separate discount system. You can take all kinds of elevators: gondola, chairlift, and pendulum elevator.

Riding up by the ropeway From 150 rubles (at the lowest lift, 1600-1700 meters)
Average cost of a ski pass 1,800 rubles per day (discounted at 1,200 rubles), from 7200 rubles for 5 days
Single line skipass From 700 roubles for adults and from 500 roubles for children
Walking ticket for three lines From 1600 roubles for adults, from 1100 roubles for children
Skis, poles + boots; snowboard + boots 500 rubles
Helmet rental 200 rubles
Gloves rental 150 rubles
Rent of glasses 200 rubles
Overalls rental 250 rubles
Ski pants rental 250 rubles
Rent a walkie-talkie 200 rubles

Prices are for 2022.

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Main excursions and entertainments

Excursion programs in Dombaj are offered at any time of the year. Photo: Tatyana CHERNIKOVA

Excursions to the lakes, waterfalls and other nature places of interest on the territory of the Teberda Nature Reserve 200-300 rubles (ecological fee)
Excursion to the Central Manor of the Teberda Reserve 200 rubles (free for children under 7 years old)
Organized excursions on foot From 200 rubles per person
Organized horseback riding excursions From 500 rubles per person
Organized excursions by car From 400 rubles per person
ATV rental 2000-2500 rubles per hour
Sleigh rent 200 rubles per hour
Ride on snowmobiles in the Mukhinsky Gorge in Teberda 5000 rubles per day
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Hotel rent

Prices for double rooms in Dombaj start from 1600 rubles per day. This amount usually includes breakfast. If you are vacationing as a family, you can rent a three-bed room for 2,000 rubles, and a four-bed room for 2,500. The price varies depending on the number of beds in the room and the floor. The principle is simple: the less beds and the higher the floor, the more expensive the room is per person.

Those who prefer luxury hotels and rooms for two people will have to shell out from 6,000 rubles per day. For fans of luxury there is an apartment with a fireplace for 20 thousand rubles per night. Remember that during the Christmas vacations rent increases by about 30%. You may save a little money if you book the room a few months in advance.

If you are planning to vacation with children, some hotels place toddlers in a room with their parents for free. The main thing is to specify when booking: in some hotels is for children under 5 years, in others – up to 7 years. During the holidays, for such an extra place can be charged from 500 rubles per day.

Choose the best accommodation in Dombaj


If you wish, you can also order meals at the hotel. In most hotels breakfasts are included in the price, but there are exceptions. Almost everywhere you can choose half board or full board. Depending on where you stay, breakfast will cost 150-300 rubles.

You can easily find where to eat in the mountains – there are many cafes on each level of the cable car. Photo:

Those who come here for the ski slopes, usually order food only in the morning, as they have lunch somewhere on the mountain, and go to a cafe or restaurant for dinner. If you want three meals a day then count on 1000 rubles per day. The average check in a cafe is 300-400 rubles.

If you decide to celebrate New Year in the mountains, you will have to pay for a gala banquet separately. It would cost 5 to 6 thousand rubles for an adult, from 2500 to 4500 rubles for children under 14 years old and free food for children under 6 years old.

How much will the rest cost to the family

On the average, a family of three will spend for a night in Dombaj 3000 rubles. For a week (six nights) they would need 18000 rubles.

Holidays in Dombaj in winter 2021-2022

A ski pass for six days skiing for each family member would cost about 7000 roubles. The total expenditures would amount to 21000 roubles.

Another 1000 rub per day per person would be spent on food. This is around 20000 rubles for a week of rest. You should budget another 1000 rubles for excursions and entertainments for the whole family.

Taking into consideration the prices, a week of skiing holiday in Dombaj in 2022 will cost a family of three around 65000-70000 rubles without taking into consideration the travel expenses. In summer it will be about 45000 – 50000 rubles.

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How to get there

The nearest airport to Dombaj is situated in Mineralnye Vody. There are more than 10 daily flights from Moscow, direct flight connections between Mineralnye Vody and most big Russian towns. Website of the airport:

The railway station in Mineralnye Vody is located on Privokzalnaya Square, 1 Station site:

From Mineralnye Vody to Dombaj about 200 km, there is no direct bus route. Sometimes in the high season transport companies organize such transportation, but it is rather difficult to foresee. The most convenient way is to order a transfer directly from the airport or train station. You can also rent a car or get with transfers by public transport.

Rest in Dombaj in winter 2022. Prices for tours, hotels and recreation centers.

Rest in Dombaj in winter 2022 – a sea of snow, comfortable temperature, quality service and a lot of options for leisure. Reasonable prices and a large choice of hotels add to the list of advantages. Below I offer the most necessary information about winter holidays in Dombaj.

For those who want to come to the ski resort, in order to ski or snowboard, I recommend reading this article.

Weather in Dombaj in winter

The climate in Dombaj is mild, there are almost no dark days. There are practically no abrupt temperature variations. The weather is sunny for about 320 days a year. Favorable climate provides the possibility of a year-round comfortable rest, which is very beneficial for health.

Winter in Dombaj

Winter in Dombaj

Winter in Dombaj is warm with the average temperature of about -5°, but there is a lot of snow. In some places the snow cover is up to 2 meters thick. High up in the mountains, on the ski slopes, the snow lies until mid-May. On the lower slopes, it begins to disappear in April. There are frequent thaws with real spring temperatures of up to +18°. Tourists are sure that Dombai is good not only for skiing in winter, but also for sunbathing.

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Mountain-skiing resort Dombaj

Dombai Mountain Resort

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  • Where to get ski insurance
  • Where to buy ski clothes

Prices for vacations in Dombaj in winter 2022

Food Prices

In Dombaj food prices are much lower than in “Krasnaya Polyana”, but higher than in “Arkhyz”. To eat at a cafe, alone will cost about 500 p. Local food is in great demand, very delicious and nourishing – khychiny. Minimal price is 120 rubles, I liked it very much. First courses – from 150 p., lagman, Karachaev-style meat, fried trout and other second courses up to 250 p. Tasty aromatic mountain tea – 150 p/0,5 l.

Eating khychiny

Eating khychin.

Taking into consideration the size of the town, the prices in the stores are quite decent. Though some categories of products are rather expensive. Especially low alcohol drinks, milk, mineral water, as well as fruits and vegetables. Prices are much higher than in the supermarkets in large settlements, such as Magnit or Pyaterochka. I recommend a variety of pastries: the same khychin, pastries and pita bread. Be sure to try the beech seeds, a hundred grams glass costs 50 rubles.

Market in Dombaj

Prices for housing

Hotels and hotels in Dombaj are numerous, but I advise to book a room in advance. The popularity of the resort provokes an increased demand for accommodation, there may simply be no room. In general, the prices are pleasant, though depend on the season. By the New Year, of course the cost increases, and thoroughly.

There are a lot of places to stay in Dombaj. There are about 150 hotels and resorts in the settlement

There are a lot of places to stay in Dombaj. There are about 150 hotels and resorts in the village.

Standard double rooms cost at least 1,300 rubles, although most prices start at 2,000. Those who want to stay in apartments will have to pay from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. Depending on the comfort of the rooms and the distance from the elevators.

Prices for tours to Dombai also depend on the season. For example, on New Year’s holidays the minimum cost of a package for 5 nights with breakfast included starts from 45 000. Three nights will cost 40 thousand. Generally, in winter the tours are sold at a price of 25 to 35 thousand rubles. At other times of the year the prices are much lower. There is one important point – the options are limited, so I advise to buy the tour without delaying.

The cheapest tour to Dombaj, with a good hotel rating. The cheapest is 21600.

The cheapest tour to Dombai, with a good hotel rating. The cheapest (bad rating) – 21600.

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Prices per lift in 2022 can not be called low, from 500 p. I prefer to buy a ski pass for several days. The price for 3 days – 3,900 p, for 2 days – 2,800, for a day – 1,600. It is still more profitable. If you are not going to ski a lot you can just buy a pass for a few climbs. Before your trip take a look at all promotions and possible discounts that are available at the ski resort. As a rule, minors and pensioners are given discounts.

Best hotels and recreation centers in Dombaj

Despite the relatively small size of the ski resort “Dombai” in the territory of more than one hundred and fifty hotels. There is a sanatorium and recreation centers. Naturally, I will not describe all of them. Consider only the most popular, inexpensive facilities.

    . The average price for a room, about 2 300 p. The nearest elevator is located 300 m. There is internet. Rooms are comfortable and service is worthy of respect. Most vacationers say that this is the best hotel with low prices.
  1. Taulu Complex. If in “Beshtau” prices do not change throughout the year, in “Taulu” they directly depend on the season. Planning a trip in October for the room will give 750 rubles, but in the high season the cost increases by 300 rubles. Proximity to the elevator, a total of 70 meters, the presence of a sauna, outdoor pool – increase demand. On the territory of an excellent cafe. There is a transfer.
  2. “Snezhinka”. Prices in one of the most popular hotels, located just over 200 meters from the elevator from 1000 p. Gym, restaurant, bar, conference hall and free parking are the main advantages noted by tourists.
  3. Meridian Hotel. From the hotel to the nearest elevator – 160 m. Prices are higher than in the previous options, but the list of services is wider. Excursion bureau works, there is a billiard, a cafe and the Internet. The parking lot is guarded. In high season room rates start at 1500 p, in low season the cost is 300 p lower.
  4. “Vertical. The minimum price for a room is 1 400 p. This is probably due to the proximity to the elevator – only 60 m. There is a parking lot, a storage room and a cafe as standard. Such attractions as billiards and sauna are in demand. Several categories of rooms can accommodate from 2 to 6 people.

New Year 2022 in Dombaj

Many tourists strive to celebrate the New Year in the ski resort. New Year in Dombaj is a sea of snow and festive illumination at every step. Live trees are decorated with New Year’s decorations. Almost every hotel has its own entertainment program with banquet.

By the way, New Year’s dinner is not always included in the price of the tour. But there is a plus here, too – you can stay in one place and celebrate in another. It will be enough just to make a reservation or pay admission ticket.

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What to do on vacation in Dombaj

Skiing . Rarely do people go to Dombai in winter just to spend time. As a rule, the main goal is skiing. Slopes of different levels of complexity, suitable for both beginners and people involved in professional skiing. All pistes lead to the glade, where you can either relax in a cafe, or else take a ride on a sled. Services are provided by rentals and experienced instructors.

Dombai as a mountain resort

Excursions. Dombai Glade is located in the KCR and is famous first and foremost for its natural beauty. Tourists mostly go on excursions during the warm season. But in winter this opportunity is not excluded. You can take part in an excursion group or walk through local attractions on your own. The most popular, bright and breathtaking is considered a route through the Devil’s Mill Canyon. The site is very high and dangerous, placed above the mountain river.

Dombay, Ulyana

What to see?

Bison reserve. Did you know that “dombai” means “bison”. The name was given for a reason. At one time, this region was home to a huge number of bison. Unfortunately, not a single one of them survived. But today each of us has the opportunity to admire them in the local reserve. They were brought there relatively recently from North America. Excursions to the reserve are organized.

Sentin temple. In the vicinity of Dombai is one of the oldest temples in Russia with preserved ancient frescoes. It is an impressive place in every way. And the views from this point are simply breathtaking.

The temple in Dombaj

Lookout sites. Even if you have no desire to ride, you can climb to the observation point at Musa-Achitar and enjoy the magnificent views. There are several platforms. From the top you can even see Elbrus. But I advise you to take sunglasses, as the sun, playing on the snow, very blind eyes. I could not go there because it was avalanche dangerous.

Avalanche Dangerous

Reviews of holidaymakers about vacations in Dombaj in winter

According to numerous reviews of holidaymakers tourists, recreation in winter in Dombai is not only memorable for a long time, but also gives a lot of the most vivid impressions. Fascinating natural beauty, a chic infrastructure and affordable prices – the main advantages of the region.

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In conclusion, we can conclude: recreation in Dombai in winter is attractive from all sides. Excellent trails, fascinating excursions, the cleanest air and quality service. Everyone have an unforgettable and safe winter holiday in 2022!

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