Private Sector in Gelendzhik by the Sea – 11 apartments from 1400 ₽

Private Sector by the Sea in Gelendzhik

Rest by the sea in the private sector of Gelendzhik is convenient for families with children, you are either already on the beach or a few minutes from him. Prices for the private sector by the sea in Gelendzhik, especially on the first line, more expensive by 20-30% than other options. However, there are inexpensive houses. If you book without intermediaries, on your own – will be cheaper, the contact details of the owners of housing is on the site. Of the minuses – during the day there is noise from the beach, and in the evening from the discos, there are problems with humidity. Pluses – the beach and the sea nearby, the promenade and all the entertainment too near. Book a room in advance, 2-3 months in advance – often with an early lease housing will be cheaper by 10-15%.

Prices for private sector by the sea

Month May June July August September winter
Prices 200-1500 rubles 250-2500 rub. 350-3200 rub. 350-3500 rub. 250-2500 rub. 300-2000 rub.

Private Sector on Ulianovskaya Street 41 - main photo

Private Sector Lomonosova Str. - main photo

Private Sector on Gorky Street - main photo

May: from 400-700 rubles. June: from 400-800 rubles. July: from 700-900 rubles. August: from 700-900 rubles. September: from 500-800 rubles.

Private Sector on Ulianovskaya Street - main photo

Private Sector Druzhba - main photo

U Tatiana Private Sector - main photo

Guest House Apuleius - main photo

Private Sector Dekabristov 28 - main photo

May: from 1500 rubles. June: from 1800 rubles. July: from 2300 rubles. August: from 2300 rubles. September: from 1800 rubles. Winter: from 1000 rubles.

Private Sector Green Yard - main photo

Private Sector On Telmana - this is the main picture

May: from 900 RUB. June: from 1200 RUB. July: from 2300 RUB. August: from 1600 RUB. September: from 1200 RUB. Winter: from 800 RUB.

All about private sector in Gelendzhik and 11 cool apartments – our choice

We’ve made a selection of the coziest apartments for comfortable rest in the private sector of Gelendzhik. If you do not want to think about housing with “granny” repair, then our review will definitely suit your taste. In such apartments you will enjoy your rest. Take your pick! We also give important tips for renting an apartment.

We believe that good accommodation is half the battle of success on vacation. So we decided to make for our readers a series of short notes about hotels and apartments in Russian resorts with the best accommodation options. These selections do not include advertisements, all options are our unbiased choice. As travelers with extensive experience, we choose only comfortable and cozy accommodation with excellent reviews of vacationers, which is sure to please you.

Rest in the private sector Golubitskaya: prices for accommodation - 2022

The water problem in Gelendzhik

The water problem is the main problem of the resort. Just be prepared for it, because many tourists are not aware of the situation and are unpleasantly surprised on vacation. In summer in Gelendzhik there is always an acute shortage of water, so it is given according to the schedule (clarify it with the hosts). For those who want to avoid these problems I advise to rent accommodation with own well or storage tank. During our vacation in Gelendzhik specifically chose such a hotel – it was “Syndicate” 3 *, which I can safely recommend as a stylish, comfortable, modern and inexpensive hotel.

About the prices

July and August are the most expensive time of rest. I warned you, so do not be frightened by the prices.

June and September – about one and a half times cheaper, and the weather and water temperature in September is very pleasant.

The rest of the time, prices are 2-3 times lower than in mid-summer.

Important tips

Tell a few important things about renting accommodation in the private sector of Gelendzhik.

For search and booking accommodation, I recommend these reliable sites that I myself use when traveling: and – search for accommodation in the private sector. They have handy sites, real reviews and photos. Let me tell you right away that the first site charges a small commission, which is honestly reported when calculating the price. There is no need to be afraid of this, because the service will guarantee your reservation and will always protect your interests if the host starts to make something up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crooks and dishonest owners and hoteliers in the south of Russia, so it’s better to book an apartment on the reliable sites, rather than directly or through unknown intermediaries. Read my tips for booking on Airbnb.

Sochi in October 2022. Where to relax? Weather and reviews

Hotelluk – search for hotels, guest houses and a little private sector. The service compares prices on Bookings, Island and other sites to find the best deal.

Travellata – search for bargain tours.

But to look for accommodation the old-fashioned way, that is on the spot, with ads or through barkers at the stations and streets is a road to nowhere. You lose time and nerves, and in the end you will still be cheated. This is the Kuban, where honest people do not run through the streets for tourists.

When choosing a place to stay near the sea, you should remember that there can be a lot of noise in the evening and at night near the beaches and the most touristy streets.

By the way, renting an apartment or studio in Gelenzhik is a great idea, because having your own kitchen will not only save on food, but also avoid poisoning in dubious eateries, cafes and restaurants, which, alas, in this city is enough.

Autotourists are advised to choose accommodation with parking, drive the car and forget about it for the rest of the time: the resort, you just do not need it, will come in handy only for trips to the wild beaches and tourist attractions. We did exactly that.

And one last tip: Always read the reviews carefully when booking accommodation on any site. The experience of other tourists is the most useful information when choosing an accommodation. You and the dirt and noise, and about the owners tell the whole truth.

That’s enough theory! Let’s look at the best accommodation in the private sector of Gelendzhik.

Rest in Gelendzhik

The seafront Gelendzhik.

Ideal apartment with sea view

Why ideal? Is not too loud a statement? Friends, this is not my opinion, it is the opinion of the people, such vacationers, like us, who have already stopped in this apartment and evaluated it in their reviews. At the apartment just unreal high rating – exactly 5 points based on 50 reviews. Tell you honestly, it is very rare: usually at least a few tourists will find something to complain about and the rating of even the coolest apartments often keeps at the level of 4.7-4.9 points. And here is a solid five! Very decent, especially for our south.

Honestly about Sochi Park Hotel! Tourist Reviews 2022.

Well now about the apartment itself. There are 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, so that can accommodate up to 6 people (4 adults and 2 children). There are two balconies with good views: to the sea and to the mountains – no need to even choose. The hostess has a super hostess medal, and guests in the reviews confirm that the title is absolutely deserved. There is everything for a comfortable holiday, especially for tourists with small children. The house is located in a pleasant and quiet area of Gelendzhik, we ourselves during the holiday stopped nearby.

At the expense of his well and storage tank water in the apartment is permanent!

One bad thing: the apartment enjoys a frantic demand, so book in advance.

Price: In the off-season from 3500 ₽, in summer from 5500 ₽ per day.

Private Sector in Gelendzhik

It’s spacious, bright, comfortable and the view is great.

Apartment with panoramic windows and views of the bay

Another pleasant find in the private sector of Gelendzhik! Guests will be especially pleased with the large windows “in the floor,” which offers a splendid view of the city and the bay. To have a rest with such a view will be very pleasant – I know it from personal experience and I always try to choose such accommodation (for example, in Tuapse we rented a similar apartment). The location of the house is good: the guests write that it takes 10 minutes to walk to the sea, and 20 minutes to the central beach. The owner has a medal “super host”, guests speak very well of him. The apartment has extended cleaning with disinfection of surfaces. The apartment has a storage tank of 400 liters, so you will not be left without water. The only displeasure of some guests was the lack of a closet.

You can rent this apartment very inexpensively: in low season – from ₽ 1500, in summer – from ₽3300 per day.

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Rent an apartment in Gelendzhik

Modern design and gorgeous views of the bay.

Luna Aparth Apartments

The apartment is located in the new “Black Sea” complex near the chic Kempinsky Hotel – it’s Tolstoy Cape, a very pleasant area. People praise this accommodation for the thoughtfulness of the details, comfort, stylish repairs, a good view of the mountains and a good location. The owner Dmitry also liked all the guests for his responsiveness and responsibility.

Rental price in 2022: in low season – from 3000 ₽, in summer – from 4000 ₽ per day.

Rent a flat in Gelendzhik

As you can see, not all accommodation in the private sector of Gelendzhik looks like grandma’s apartments. Find a stylish apartment is not a problem if you look for accommodation not at the station, but on the normal online sites.

Apartment on the 12th floor

Again, we did not pass by another apartment with a great view! What can we do, if the private sector of Gelendzhik pleases with such options. In this apartment you can admire the view from the warm balcony, where there are two chairs – guests appreciated such a pleasant option. The apartment is located in an elite housing estate in the Central district of the city, it takes 7-10 minutes to walk to the sea. Guests like the fact that the noise from the busiest streets does not reach the house. Across the street is a dolphinarium, close to stores and transport stops. Tourists also appreciate the excellent cleanliness of the apartment.

Prices: in low season – from 2700 ₽, in summer – from 4600 ₽ per day.

Rent an apartment in Gelendzhik

Your own private viewing platform with two chairs for pleasant evenings.

Cozy and inexpensive studio.

A small, cozy, bright apartment in Gelendzhik. Perfect for a couple. Guests like the cleanliness and fresh repairs. Reviews so far few, because the apartment is just starting to be rented, but all the guests were satisfied. Located near the city center.

The prices are very nice, it’s one of the most inexpensive options for housing in the private sector of Gelendzhik. Here is the rental price for 2022: in low season – from 1400 ₽, in summer – from 3000 ₽ per day.

Honestly about Nebug. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Rent an apartment in Gelendzhik

Although the area of this apartment in Gelendzhik is not large, but it is a cozy little nest – ideal for couples.

Provence style apartment

This is an apartment for aesthetes! You will feel like a resident of an attic somewhere in Paris. The apartment accommodates up to 4 people. Location guests liked, the apartment is located in a new housing estate on Thick Cape, to the beach walk 10-15 minutes. The complex has stores, pharmacies, playgrounds, trainers. There is a cozy balcony overlooking the courtyard of the complex and a little bit on the mountain.

Prices: in low season from 2,300 ₽, in summer from 4,300 ₽ per day.

Learn more about rest in our south:

Private Sector in Gelendzhik

A piece of France in Gelendzhik.

Other options

Good and inexpensive housing in the private sector of Gelendzhik is quite a lot, so it is difficult to stop. Keep a few more excellent apartments and rooms in guest houses. Prices are quoted for two adults for the summer of 2022, at other times of the year they will be lower.

Valencia Guest House – from 1,700 ₽. Great value for money! Guests note the perfect cleanliness and comfortable family rooms. There is its own dining room, breakfasts. To the popular beach sanatorium “Blue Wave” – 1,5 km.

Apartment on Krymskaya Street – from 3000 ₽. The apartment for 4 people. Panoramic windows and balcony overlooking the mountains and the sea! Nice renovation, near the beach and store.

Strass Guest House – from ₽2,200. The rooms look like it’s a nice hotel, not an inexpensive guesthouse! Use the shared kitchen to cook and warm up meals at home. The central beach is 1 km away.

Apartments “Sea” – from 4000 ₽. Atmospheric and cozy accommodation with a bedroom and living room is located right on the waterfront. From the windows is an excellent view of Gelendzhik Bay. A good option for families with children.

Stylish apartment with a view from 3500 ₽. Beautiful and pleasant interior, the apartment is fully equipped, guest reviews are excellent. Accommodates up to 4 people.

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