Private Sector in Sudak 2022 – price to 3000 rubles

Private Sector in Sudak – up to 3000 ₽.

Rest in Sudak

Would you like to rest on the sea near the medieval fortress? Find the best options for private accommodation in Sudak in summer 2022! We have selected inexpensive rooms, rooms and houses that are close to the beaches.

About the resort and prices

Sudak is a popular resort in the southeast of the Crimean peninsula. Town on the Black Sea attracts medieval Genoese fortress, beautiful coastal landscapes, water park and great opportunities for outdoor activities. Fans of hiking in the mountains, fans of snorkeling, diving, and sea fishing gladly come here.

The resort has landscaped and wild beaches, and the sea is much cleaner than in Feodosia. The prices in Sudak in 2022 are not the lowest in Crimea, but the rooms, apartments and houses are 1.5 times cheaper than in Yalta.

Take a look at our selection of low-cost, but high-quality housing in the private sector of Sudak by the sea. You can book it without intermediaries on the link. Prices are for two people in the summer of 2022.

Look for private accommodation with discounts on, Ostrovka and Yandex.Travel. Here are the main rules of searching for hotels.

Guest House Garant

Price. 1800 rubles.

Inexpensive option in the private sector in Sudak by the sea in the summer of 2022! Guest House is 1.2 km from the Genoese fortress and is good for a holiday with a child. In addition to the double bed, the room has a sofa bed. The windows overlook the green courtyard with a front garden. Heat up meals in the microwave or cook in the shared kitchen, relax on the terrace and use the barbecue facilities!

Private Sector in Sudak

Guest House Garant

Guest House “SV”

Price. 1700 rubles.

For a holiday at the sea, family or group of friends, remove the comfortable accommodation for three. Perhaps the owners may have overdone with upholstered furniture, but they are clean. The room has a microwave, and on the common terrace – a convenient kitchen. For a small fee, groceries can be brought directly to the room.

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There is a real garden around the house. You will always feel the aroma of flowers. To the sea 12 minutes on foot!

Private Sector in Sudak

Guest House “SV”

Guest House Afina

Price. 1800 rubles.

Even indifferent to gardening after a rest in Guest House Afina appears desire to grow flowers. Lush roses, a neat pond with nymphs and covered with green arbors – a real decoration of the guest house. Enjoy the blooming splendor right from your balcony!

The rooms don’t look flashy, but they have good-quality furniture, new refrigerators, and clean linens. The asking price is one of the lowest in the private sector of Sudak in 2022!

Cheating in the sea in Sudak

Guest House Afina

Guest House Serenade

Price. 1900 rubles.

The modern building is located in the central part of the resort, away from the noisy streets. Rooms are designed for 2-5 people and have an original author’s design. From large panoramic windows you can see the spurs of the mountains and beautiful streets of Sudak.

Just 10 minutes, and you can swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach and do snorkeling. In July and August housing is in high demand. Book your lodging in advance!

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Where to stay in Sudak

Guest House Serenade

Guest house “Sudak”.

Price. 1800 rubles.

With colorful wallpaper, posters on the walls and a garden under the windows you will feel at home. The room has the necessary furniture, a refrigerator, air conditioning and a bathroom with a shower. The communal kitchen is so good that even the picky hostess will like it.

Location of the guest house – one of the best in Sudak! The road to the beach takes 15 minutes, and to the Genoese fortress – 10 minutes.

Rest in the private sector in Sudak

Guest House “Sudak”

Guest House “Elf House”

Price. 2500 rubles.

Guest House 1.2 km from the Central City Beach offers tourists “fairy-tale” accommodation. The walls in the rooms are decorated with decorative panels of planks and tables carved from picturesque snags. Refrigerators, comfortable beds, shared kitchen and sauna with steam room are quite modern. The views of the private gardens and mountains are magnificent.

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Private house

Price. 2000 rubles

A house for 7 guests of 80 sq.m. is located in the Asret neighborhood. Super low price in the private sector in Sudak without intermediaries! The one-storey building made renovation. There are two rooms with air conditioning and a kitchen with gas stove.

The owners are happy families with children and are ready to meet you for free at the bus station. For the kids there is a playground, swings and toys, and for adults – grape arbor in the garden and barbecue.

Private Sector in Sudak

One of the rooms

Guest House on Meganom

Price. 2500 rubles.

Rest on the eastern edge of the resort – a great solution for everyone who loves the sea and beaches. The water on Meganom much cleaner than in the city center. You will admire the coast and the roses in the yard.

Tourists live in comfortable cottages with wooden furniture. There is an outdoor pool, shared kitchen, restaurant and free parking. The picturesque surroundings are pleasant to walk around on foot.

Accommodation in Sudak

Guest House on the Meganom

Helpful Tips

Take care of your accommodation in advance! You can look for a room or an apartment in Sudak, but after a long road you won’t have enough energy to look through all the options, of course. If you want to stay in a resort, you will usually be told a higher price and not the best variant. It is much easier to choose an accommodation before the trip.

To rent a room, a house or an apartment for rent in Sudak without intermediaries, book it on Ostrovka, Yandex.Travel or Competition is high, if you book for 3-4 months you will get a discount.

The relief in Sudak is hilly. Do you want to live in the flat part of the city and not waste your energy climbing up and down the hill? You should stay as close to the sea as possible!

Massandra Palace

You can rent the cheapest accommodation in 2-3 kilometers from the coast. Here it is easy to pick up a double room in a guest house for 1000-1500 rubles per day. It is uncomfortable to walk to the sea in the heat, so tourists get to the beaches on crowded public transport or by cab.

Good budget options are offered in Asret and Achiklar neighborhoods, near Kapsel Bay, at Cape Meganom and in suburban villages – Sunny Valley, Pribrezhnoye, Veselovsky Bay and Morskoye. Prices in decent guest houses near the sea – 1300-2000 rubles per day. Rest in houses “turnkey” costs from 2000 rubles.

When booking, read the reviews of the guests. Pretty pictures and descriptions are great, but opinions from people who have already used the services of the hosts are much more important!

If you’re going on vacation by car, ask the owners if there is parking. Sudak has narrow streets and not many places where you can park your car.

Those who did not have time to book in advance, we advise to come to Sudak and agree to any suitable option. In 2-3 days, without haste you will find a suitable option on the spot. Even in high season at every second house you can see the tablets on the lease.

If you want to save money, come to the Black Sea in June or September. You will save your money if you rent apartment in Sudak without intermediaries and you will save up to 1.5 to 2 times as much in the middle of summer.

Rooms in Sudak with the price till 3000 rubles

Catalog of housing Sudak to 3000 rubles per day, more than 238 options, the current prices in 2023, photos and reviews. Online booking without intermediaries.

Turnkey cottage with its own kitchen: Sudak, Masters Street, photo 1Turnkey cottage with its own kitchen: Sudak, Masters street, photo 2Turnkey House with its own kitchen: Sudak, Masters Street, photo 3Turnkey House with its own kitchen: Sudak, Masters Street, photo 4Turnkey cottage with own kitchen: Sudak, Masters street, photo 5

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Sea Breeze: Sudak, Simerenko street, photo 1Sea Breeze: Sudak, Simerenko street, photo 2Sea Breeze: Sudak, Simerenko street, photo 3.Sea breeze: Sudak, Simerenko street, photo 4.Sea Breeze: Sudak, Simerenko street, photo 5

Guest house 7Ya: Sudak, Rybachya street, photo 1Guest house 7Ya: Sudak, Rybachya street, photo 2Guest house 7Ya: Sudak, Rybachya Str., photo 3Guest house 7Ya: Sudak, Rybachya Str., photo 4Guest house 7Ya: Sudak, Rybachya Str., photo 5

Guest house Yasin: Sudak, South-West microdistrict, photo 1Guest house Yasin: South-West microdistrict, photo 2Yasin guest house: South-West microdistrict, photo 3Yasin guest house in Sudak, Microdistrict Southwest, photo 4Yasin guest house: South-Western Microdistrict, photo 5

Vegos: Sudak, Gagarin street, photo 1.Vegos: Sudak, Gagarin street, photo 2.Pegasus: Sudak, Gagarin street, photo 3.Vegos in Sudak on Gagarin street, photo 4.Vegos in Sudak, Gagarin Str., photo 5.

Guest house Sundary: Sudak, Biryuzova street, photo 1Guest house Sundary: Sudak, Biryuzova street, photo 2Sundary guest house: Sudak, Biryuzova street, photo 4

Guest House Camilla: Sudak, South-West, photo 1Guest House Camilla: Sudak, Southwest, photo 2

Villa Svetlana - a relaxing family vacation: Morskoye, Gogol Street, photo 1Villa Svetlana - relaxing family vacation: Morskoye, Gogol Street, photo 2Villa Svetlana - relaxing family vacations: Morskoye, Gogol Street, photo 3Villa Svetlana - relaxing family vacations: Morskoye, Gogol Street, photo 4Villa Svetlana - relaxing family vacation: Morskoye, Gogol Street, photo 5

Turum acts as a guarantor of the agreements of the parties in the booking. We work since 2011. Objects are checked for compliance with photos, descriptions and property rights.

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Owners set their own prices and monitor their relevance. Prices vary depending on season, number of guests, children, discounts and length of trip.

Guest House Oasis Sudak: Sudak, Khudozhnikov Street, photo 2Guest House Oasis Sudak: Sudak, Khudozhnikov Street, photo 3Guest House Oasis Sudak: Sudak, Khudozhnikov Street, photo 4Guest House Oasis Sudak: Sudak, Khudozhnikov Street, photo 5

Private Sector in Sudak, Yuzhnoberezhnaya Str., photo 1Private Sector in Sudak on South Coastal Street: Sudak, South Coastal Street, photo 2Private Sector in Sudak on South Coastal Street: Sudak, South Coastal Street, photo 3Private Sector in Sudak on South Coastal Street: Sudak, South Coastal Street, photo 4Private Sector in South-bank Street: Sudak, Yuzhnoberezhnaya Street, photo 5

Guest House: Sudak, Shkolnaya Str., photo 1Guest house: Sudak, Shkolnaya street, photo 2Guest House Sudak, Shkolnaya Street, photo 3Guest house Sudak, Shkolnaya Street, photo 4Guest House, Sudak, Shkolnaya Street, photo 5

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Hospitable owners in Sudak


How much does it cost to relax in Sudak?

The minimum price for a room in the private sector of Sudak is 500 rubles (the median price is 2 200 rubles per day). Considering the prices, a 10-day vacation in Sudak for a family of three will cost you from 5 000 to 59 000 rubles (without taking into account the cost of travel to Sudak).

Where is the best place to live in Sudak?

Cottage complex “MoreBugaz”, cottage by the sea turnkey gets excellent reviews on our website. Good assessment also got Guest House “Alexandria” and the Sea Breeze, it is the best options for living in Sudak according to tourists vacationing in 2021.

How to book an accommodation?

Our site has 238 options for accommodation in Sudak. Choose several suitable listings, fill out a booking request and wait for confirmations. Usually it takes 20-40 minutes for the owners to reply. After that you should make an advance payment (10-15%) through the site to secure your reservation. You can discuss any questions about your accommodation directly in correspondence with the owner.

Where can I stay in Sudak?

Selections for accommodation in Sudak

Choose month for your trip

Fresh reviews about rest in Sudak

Just a few days ago returned from a vacation. Impressions have exceeded all expectations. First of all, thanks to the team “TOURUM”. There were moments with the change of dates and the number of people in the room, all promptly changed, patient and courteous service, 5 points! Secondly, the place we stayed was amazing in the best sense of the word. Thank you Anna and Vladimir for the love they put into their business. This can be felt in everything: in their attitude to their guests, in the tasteful way the grounds and rooms were decorated, in the homemade tasty and varied food, after which you would not want to eat anywhere else. Everything in the room and in the kitchen is clean, new, and working! And if you’re lucky and get a room on the top floor- morning coffee overlooking the sea and the Genoese fortress. To the sea 11 min. (specifically zasemali at a free walk, as versions in different reviews) for our family decided-if rest in Sudak, it is only “Vladimirski Dvor”.

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