Rent a Car in Bulgaria – 2022. Prices, tips and reviews

Rent a car in Bulgaria

You can pay the rest of the cost and deposit in cash upon car pickup. For this, please contact our customer service and we will find a car for you.

You can pay the rest of the cost and deposit in cash upon car pickup. For this, please contact our customer service and we will find a car for you.

We changed the name! It used to be Myrentacar, now it is Localrent. All other things remain the same: the site, cars, prices and excellent service. The only thing new is the name. We hope you will like the new name and remember it better than the last.

Share your travel and car rental experiences on your trips. It takes less than 2 minutes.

If you want to fit in a vacation in Bulgaria and relax on gorgeous beaches, travel to the most famous sights, and outings to completely unique places in the country, then you just need a rental car.

Travelling by car is comfort and freedom. With it you don’t have to get up early to catch the right bus. You don’t have to wait for the whole crowd of tourists who came with you on the same tour, and no need to rush if a place charmed to the core. You choose how you want to travel and where you want to go.

Rent a car – an excellent and most profitable way to see everything you set out.

The most popular cities for rent a car in Bulgaria




Sunny Beach

How much does it cost to rent a car in Bulgaria

The average cost of a one day car rental. Calculated based on bookings for the previous three years. Accounts for car rentals of all classes.

Where to begin an acquaintance with Bulgaria

With one of four unusual tours of Sofia, prepared by locals, creative people and connoisseurs of the Bulgarian capital. Walk through the historic center of the city, take beautiful pictures against the background of its main sights, learn the ancient and modern myths and legends of the city.

After such acquaintance with the capital, your car trip will be special – you will look at such famous sights as Ropotamo, Aladzha Monastery, Rila Monastery, and the Beaten Rocks with entirely different eyes.

Car rental at the airport

You can fly to Sofia, Bourgas or Varna, but there are no fundamental differences – you can rent a car at any airport.

Sofia Airport

There are 10 km or about half an hour drive between Sofia International Airport and the capital. Here arrive planes from Moscow and other cities.

You can get to the city by bus 384 or 84. But this is not the best option. The bus runs along the route “airport center”, which means that spending on a cab is inevitable. Therefore tourists arriving in the country with big bags, children and baby carriages prefer to organize a private transfer (about €35, depending on the distance to the hotel and time of day) or rent a car.

Weather and seasons in Bulgaria by month. When to go

It is more convenient and profitable to rent a car with a delivery straight to the airport: parking lots are located in front of the terminals and are open 24 hours a day.

Burgas Airport

It receives tourist and charter flights. If you are going to Bulgaria to relax on its wonderful beaches, you are likely to fly here.

From Sarafovo airport to the city center you can take bus number 15. But if you arrive at night, you have to take a cab. There are no night flights.

Those who plan to rent a car can save on this trip. Right at the terminal you will see the counters of international rental companies. But it is much more convenient to order a car in advance, with delivery at the airport, right before the flight: you will take the car you’ve chosen yourself, rather than the one that is “in stock. Not to mention the fact that this method may be much cheaper.

Varna Airport

The airport is situated 7.5 kilometers from Varna. You can get to the center of the city:

  • By bus. The bus goes every quarter of an hour to Varna as well as to the resort villages. But there is a problem: in the summer time when many planes arrive at the same time, the bus is jammed. The trip can become very uncomfortable.
  • Cab.
  • And the most convenient option is a rented car. Instead of the tedious way in a bus or cab you have when you exit the terminal, get the keys to the rental car. 10 minutes for the contract registration – and you are already enjoying the beauties of the country.

What is necessary for renting a car

Minimum age of the driver is 22 years. Minimum driving experience – 2 years.

From the documents you will need:

To rent a car on our site will fit an ordinary national license, duplicated in the Latin alphabet. You do not need an ID card.

Why is better to rent a car in Bulgaria online?

  • More advantageous. Booking a car online is cheaper, because you have time to compare prices and choose the best ratio of comfort/cost.
  • More reliable. With the “voucher” in your hands you are absolutely sure that you will have a car, and the rental amount is known. It’s easier to make other calculations on a vacation.
  • More convenient. You do not lose time bypassing car rental companies. This time you can devote to the beach, excursions, shopping or just strolling around interesting places with a dear person.

Demand for car rental in Bulgaria

The percentage of occupancy of the rental car fleet by months. For example, August has the most cars rented, which means that this month has the smallest range of available cars. The higher the load percentage of the park, the earlier you should book a car to choose the best option at the best price.

Traveller reviews for Bulgaria. Tips for your vacation - 2022

How to Rent a Car in Bulgaria

Cheap Car Rental in Bulgaria

We tell you how to rent a car in Bulgaria in 2022. Is it expensive to rent a car, what license is necessary, how much does gas cost and what is the situation with fines and parking lots in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a popular and relatively inexpensive tourist destination. Even if you still need Schengen or national visa to visit this country, it still takes a huge number of Russian tourists.

For most holidaymakers Bulgaria is primarily the sea and beaches, so tourists spend their vacations at one resort. However, the country has many interesting places not only on the coast – for example, Sofia and Plovdiv are attractive. If you want to see a different, not beach Bulgaria, rent a car – it’s easy.

Rent a car is the best way to travel! is a reliable and convenient car rental service in Bulgaria. Choose a car for your taste and budget – the choice is wide. The cost of renting a car from 8 euros a day. Do you have any questions? Russian speaking support service will help you.


Prices for Car Rental in Bulgaria – 2022

Since most tourists fly directly to the seaside, they rent cars in the resort cities: Burgas, Sunny Beach, Varna, Pomorie and others.

The price for renting a car in Bulgaria depends on a season. In the summer – from 25 euros in day, sometimes it is possible to find offers and for 20 euros. Renting a car costs the same in all the resorts.

In low season, from autumn to spring rental is cheaper – from 10 euros a day. Inquire any details on the lease better by calling the listed phones – it happens that the site did not have time to update information or cars at such a price are already out.

The prices for the cars differ depending on the brand and equipment. Do not take an SUV, as the roads in Bulgaria are good.

The price of car rental in Bulgaria includes:

  • The cost of using the car (the whole period);
  • local taxes;
  • insurance against damage (CDW, deductible from 150 €);
  • unlimited mileage;
  • Third-party insurance on CMTPL policy without a deductible;
  • airport taxes if rented at the airport;
  • insurance against theft;
  • 24/7 rental support.

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Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Photo: / @ryantula.

What card to pay

To pay for the reservation you can use a credit or debit card Mastercard and Visa, but more often they ask for a credit card. The specific requirements of the office are always listed on the website in the “Payment Method” section of the rental terms.

What to see in Burgas

If you do not have a credit card, that’s okay. Most Russian debit cards are actually credit cards, but with a zero limit – you can use one for payment.

What else do you need to get an auto:

  • Age at least 21-23 years old, driving experience of 1-3 years (requirements may vary). In some firms you need to pay extra if you are younger than 26 or 30, or older than 60 or 65 years.
  • Driver’s License. A Russian license is enough, including the old model. It must be laminated with the name in Latin letters.
  • Passport.
  • Booking voucher (you can show a saved document on your phone).

Rent a car in Bulgaria on personal experience. Tips and Safety

Insurance and deposit

When renting, you can choose car insurance with a deductible or full insurance.

Full insurance. It is more expensive than insurance with a deductible, but in the case of damages all is paid by the insurance company. That is you overpay when you rent a car, but save a lot if there was an accident or someone scratches the car.

Excess. This is the amount up to which you pay for the damage to the car. For example, the deductible on the insurance policy is 800 euros. Any repairs less than this amount you pay yourself, and if more – the insurance company.

Deposit. This is a deposit is usually taken as a deductible amount. It is frozen on the account, and if something happens, the repairs will be paid from this money.

In the end, it is more advantageous to take full insurance – it is safer this way.

How to Rent a Cheap Car in Bulgaria

(Photo: 12019 /

Is it safe to travel by car?

Bulgaria has good and safe roads for motorists. Dangerous driving is not to be feared. There are no wild animals on the roads, the only thing that may seem unusual are carts pulled by donkeys. Sometimes cattle are driven over.

Do not worry about the good faith of the lessor. Any rental office will give you a contract that specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and you can always contact a specialist by phone, through messengers or social networks.

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Speed limits

On highways in Bulgaria there are road signs with a green background, on major roads – with a blue background. On secondary roads the background of the signs is white.

Speed limits on the roads for cars are as follows:

  • in a built-up area – 50 km/h;
  • outside built-up areas – 90 km/h;
  • on the freeway – 140 km/h.

These limits are strict, there is no “reserve” 20 km as in Russia. There are a lot of cameras and policemen on the roads.

Cities in Bulgaria are located close to each other, so on many sections there are speed limits for settlements – you can’t go fast.

How much does it cost to go on vacation in Bulgaria - 2022. The cost of travel

Car Rental in Sunny Beach and Bourgas

(Photo: / @evgenievgenief)

Toll roads

There are toll roads in Bulgaria. They are few: the passage of bridges over the Danube between Ruse (Bulgaria) – Giurgiu (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria) – Calafat (Romania).

The ferries between Silistra (Bulgaria) – Calarasi (Romania), Nikopol (Bulgaria) – Turnu-Megurele (Romania), Oryahovo (Bulgaria) – Bechet (Romania) and Svishtov (Bulgaria) – Zimnicea (Romania) are also paid. Within the country the roads are free of charge.


Currency rate: 1 Bulgarian lev (BGN) ≈ 43 RUR.

The fines in Bulgaria are strict. They are not always high, but the receipt for payment will find you even on another continent. Many tourists tell how the fines come several months later.

The fine for speeding 10 km/h is 20 levs, up to 20 km/h – 50 levs. 100 levs is the fine for driving through a red light.

Europeans adhere to economy and maximum environmental friendliness in all spheres of life, so parking with the engine running is prohibited – the violation will cost you 50 levs. When stopped by the patrol officers, you may be issued a fine from 50 to 200 leva for lack of one of the documents (passport, insurance).

License can be deprived by court for speeding over 50 km/h. The term of deprivation of license is three months. Only fines below 50 levs are not subject to appeal. Besides, you will have to pay a fine from 600 to 700 levs, depending on whether you were speeding in town or on the road.

Rent a Car in Varna and Pomorie

(Photo: deense / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Parking lots

You can stop on the road in Bulgaria if there is no forbidding sign.

Parking zones in Bulgaria are of two kinds: blue and green. In blue zone the first two hours of parking are free, in green zone – the first four hours. For free parking in the green zone you can get a sticker at your place of residence and safely leave your car near your home. Parking in both zones is free at weekends and on holidays.

In large cities (Varna, Burgas) there are terminals for parking payment. They accept payment both in cash and by card. The check you get should be put under the windshield. You can also pay with a parking attendant.

Approximate cost of parking:

  • 1 hour – 1-2 leva;
  • 2 hours – 3 lev;
  • Overnight – 5-15 leva;
  • 24 hours – 12-18 leva.

The price depends on the city, the location of the parking, the level, the number of spaces.

If there are no parking attendants on site, you can pay for parking or get a receipt in Sofia via SMS: to number 1303 – green area, to number 1302 – blue area. In Plovdiv – 1332, in Burgas – 1336. When there are 5 minutes left to the end of the paid time, you will receive a message about the possible extension of parking. You can also use the same numbers to get information about the evacuated cars.

Best Beaches in Bulgaria: descriptions, hotels, reviews

A word of advice: if you want to save money, park your car outside the city and get to the center by public transportation.

How improperly parked cars are towed in Bulgaria

Gas stations and gasoline prices in Bulgaria

Autos in Bulgaria fill up with 95, 98 petrol and diesel. If you rent a car, it has a full tank, so you must return it with the same amount of gasoline. You can take no more than 10 liters of gasoline in a canister.

Gasoline prices in Bulgaria in 2022 are as follows:

  • A95 gasoline – 2.28 leva;
  • A98 gasoline – 2,56 leva;
  • Diesel – 2,31 leva;

Lukoil gas stations are popular in Bulgaria. However, tourists and locals note that gasoline at other gas stations is of higher quality, and choose OMV and ECO gas stations.

At gas stations there is usually a cafe, a small store where you can buy a road map, a vignette for travel on toll roads, or just a snack and a rest. It is also free to measure the pressure in the tires and wash the car (yourself). Some gas stations are equipped with a children’s room.

Campsites for motorists

There are no camping sites in the usual sense of Bulgaria. There are a lot of wild beaches, where tourists simply put up a tent, but on the maps such places are often not marked. There are also so-called eco-camps and tent camps are well equipped full recreation areas, which cost as good hotel.

Cafes and rest areas

There are mostly roadside cafes at gas stations. You can eat there inexpensive fast food. Prices in levs:

  • coca-cola – 2,60;
  • a cheeseburger – 2,50;
  • French fries – 2,30;
  • a hamburger – 2,90;
  • sandwich – 3-4;
  • salads, 3.20-3.40;
  • slice of pizza, 1.50-2.50;
  • coffee – 2,5.

What to take on the road

It is mandatory to have a map on the road! It is desirable that you have both a printed and electronic version. “Yandex.Maps don’t work in Bulgaria, but Google Maps and MAPS.ME service can be used.

Be sure to carry a small amount of cash with you. In large cities you can pay with card in cafes and stores, in small towns – usually in cash.


Travelling around Bulgaria by car is suitable for those who are not used to be limited to one resort. This is a hospitable and developed country with good roads and pleasant prices. There is no need to pitch a tent or look for a roadside cafe: there are a lot of cities, towns and villages in Bulgaria, and you will find a place to sleep, have a cheap dinner and park the car. Do not forget to respect the speed limit and be sure to bring all the necessary documents. Have a nice trip!

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