Rent a Car in Spain – 2022. Tips and reviews

Rent a car in Spain – 2022: prices and conditions

We have prepared information about renting a car in Spain in 2022. We’ll tell you how much it costs to rent a car, where it’s better to rent a car in Spain, what documents are required and what you should know about driving in Spain.

Most often, you can rent a car in the following places:

Where to rent a car in Spain

There are two main options: international car rental companies and local companies.

Both of them receive approximately the same feedback from tourists, so you can simply choose a company whose rental terms will be most convenient for you, regardless of the level of the renter.

Among the international companies are the following (based on customer reviews): Dollar, Thrifty, Hertz, Europcar.

Which sites are better to book a car in Spain? It’s easier and cheaper to rent a car through Rentalcars – the service compares prices from all international companies and finds the best options.

Local providers offer car rental for cheap and without loss of quality. The best of Spanish companies according to tourists’ reviews:

Car Rental Prices in Spain 2022

Prices for rentals in local and international companies do not differ much, but if you rent a car from a large office – a higher probability that everything will go without surprises.

The cost depends on the city, car class, lease term, gearbox and additional options (child safety seat, second driver, etc.).

It is convenient to compare prices of all major rental companies through Rentalcars – the service does the job for you by collecting on one page offers of dozens of rental companies.

Tip: Compare prices in nearby cities. For example, car rental at the airport of Barcelona is cheaper, but the cost of car rental at the resorts nearby may be 2-3 times higher.

International companies

Below are some examples of the prices in international car rental companies in 2022. The minimum cost for a day, if you take a car for 10 days – from 7-8 euros.

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If you take a car with all options (full insurance, deposit, deductible, unlimited kilometers), the cost would be about this:

  • Small cars (Hyundai i10, Opel Adam) – from 19 euros per day;
  • middle class cars (Opel Corsa, VW Polo) from 24 euros per day;
  • large cars (Seat Toledo, Peugeot 3008) – from 33 euros per day;
  • minivans (Ford Galaxy, Opel Vivaro) – from 55 euros per day.

This list shows the prices of companies with a rating of 7+ out of 10 possible.

Providers with a rating below 7 points offer similar cars 2-3 times cheaper, but impose certain restrictions – for example, do not provide unlimited miles or do not offer insurance .

Be sure to carefully read the rental terms and conditions if you decide to apply to such car rental companies.

Local companies

Rent at the basic rate for 10 days, with a deposit up to 1050 euros and obligatory insurance with a deductible of up to 1050 euros:

  • Compact cars (Fiat 500, Opel Corsa) – 7 euros per day;
  • middle class (Ford Focus, VW Golf) – 8-12 euros per day;
  • SUVs (Opel Zafira, VW Touran TDI) from 40 euros per day;
  • minivans (VW Transporter TDI, Ford Galaxy) – 40-60 euros per day.

Similar rental, but at the rate of “premium” – no deposit, with full insurance coverage without a deductible:

  • small cars – from 27 euros per day;
  • middle class – 30-35 euros per day;
  • SUVs – from 60 euros per day;
  • minivans – 60-90 euros per day.

Compare prices depending on the region of the country:

The cost of gasoline

The average cost of gasoline in Spain as of 2022 is 1.2 euros per liter.

Since many rental companies offer gas-powered cars, it makes sense to mention the price of gas – 0.62 euros per liter.

Rent a car in Spain

Photo: © jarmoluk

What documents are needed

Most suppliers to rent a car in Spain require a minimum set of documents from customers:

  • passport
  • driving license category “B”
  • driving experience of 1-3 years.
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However, many firms additionally require a credit card, without accepting debit cards and cash.

In practice this works “occasionally” – it is possible that your debit card with the necessary amount for the deposit will fully satisfy the renter, but better not take the risk and clarify the issue at the time of booking.

Pay attention: there are separate fees for drivers under 25 years old – each company has different fees, on average they are 10-20 euros per day in addition to the basic rental price.

Features of driving

Spanish drivers are quite quiet, the majority of them treat other traffic participants with respect and don’t honk without a good reason.

Car rental in Spain

How to rent a car in Spain? What are the prices for rental cars in Spain from companies and individuals? Where is cheaper? What documents do I need? Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card, without a deposit and without a franchise? All the subtleties of renting a car in Spain: reviews of firms, prices, and a list of necessary documents and tips from real tourists.

Always on the move

Spain is one of the best European countries in terms of moving by car. In addition to the extremely beautiful views, you enjoy the quality of roads and the convenience of signposts that tell you where the attractions are located near the autobahn. I talked about traveling in Spain by car in this review. Here I will elaborate on the process of renting a car: from whom and for how much to take, what documents are needed and whether to trust local rental companies.

Price vs quality

Everyone knows the saying “a miser pays twice”, and in the Spanish car rental world it accurately describes the situation. I twice found myself behind the wheel of a local “low-cost” car rental companies, and both times sincerely regretted that I could not choose SIXT or Europcar.

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When you go to major aggregator sites, and put filters on the cost, you get the impression that the difference between the big firms and small Spanish companies only in price. This is not true!

First, the smaller firms don’t have their own counter at the airport, and the rosy statement about being able to meet you at the terminal 24 hours a day may simply not be true.

I, for example, was sure that I was stating the pickup time on the car reservation form. That is the information provided by SIXT and Europcar: when you come to pick up the car and when you return it. Here, however, it turned out that the time I specified was a note for the driver of the transfer from the airport to the rental office. As a result, we were picked up half an hour late and they didn’t even apologize. However, the call center, which we called while roaming, assured us that the shuttle would arrive on time.

When they brought us to the office, it became clear that they would meet you not 24 hours a day, as stated on the website, but from 7:30 to 21:30. I don’t even want to imagine the agony of people arriving in between those hours.

Documents and Insurance

Spanish small rentals often offer “super profitable” packages: full insurance, second driver and navigator included in the price and so on.

In fact, it turns out that the Russian license, which is not a card, only accepts international companies, so we were just lucky that I had a license of the appropriate type. Of course, you can ignore the warning from the rental company, but if you get into an accident or break the rules, and your license is not specified in the rental agreement, then all responsibility, including financial responsibility, is removed from the company that provided the car.

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The same applies to the “full” insurance package. In reality you may drive only in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. If an insured event occurs, for example, on the territory of France, you will pay for everything. Moreover if a hacker just “catches” you on the territory not specified in the contract, you will get a fine of 750 euros. Again, we were lucky that the pre-booked hotel in Toulouse provided a free cancellation option.

To rent a car in Spain or another European country, you’ll need your passport, driver’s license (SIXT and Europcar accept any type) and a credit card. If you want to pay for rent on the spot, you can do it in cash, but reserving a car in advance is beneficial since this way you “reserve” the brand and model you need, which otherwise might not be available.

As for the deposit, you should ask the rental company about it. Sometimes you “freeze” the amount on the card, and sometimes you can leave cash. Sometimes it is just stated in the agreement that the lessor reserves the right to use your passport data and bank details for financial responsibility or for searching the car on suspicion of theft.

Navigator and gasoline

The “free” navigator, the absence of which in the onboard computer did not know the rental staff themselves, cost us 60 euros. As for gasoline, we took it on a “full-fill” scheme. This means that we were given a car with a full tank, and we had to return it with a full tank. We took a Fiat 500 with a manual, but unlike my own baby, it lacked a sixth gear. Because of this on the roads the car ate more fuel than in cities, and a full tank for such a baby costs about 30 euros.

Briefly about the price of the issue: Volkswagen for two weeks with a pickup at the airport in Barxa (driver over 30 years, manual transmission) will cost you 401 euros at the above described OK Rent a Car, 402 euros at SIXT. It is of course possible to find cheaper options at OK, but don’t forget to add to them all the “unexpected” costs described above.

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