Rest in Listvyanka on Baikal – 2022: bases, prices, reviews

Where to stay cheap in Listvyanka

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We took a double room, especially praised a comfortable mattress and pillows))) blanket one big for two, too warm for summer, so we covered only with a sheet and a blanket

Our room was clean and we had toilet and shower in the room. Breakfast is extra charge. You can also rent an extra garage. Near the cable car, a few meters away are 2 stores. It is possible to live.

There is a kettle, two mugs, a fridge, give two towels (for the body and face), at the reception you can take different dishes, cutlery, warm up food in the microwave.

We stayed in January 2020, everything was fine!, Great location, walking distance to the ski elevator! Cozy and at home.

I do not advise to walk to the hotel – uphill on not very good road. Better a cab – it is inexpensive in Listvyanka.

Stopped the family for a day. The child is 4 years old. Loved everything. The staff are excellent, the food is delicious. The sauna is excellent, we had a lot of fun swimming and a lot of sweat. There are toys for the baby. We stayed in February.

Had our wedding here, excellent place for celebrations! Excellent food, hospitable hosts, excellent service! We will be back here again and again! Thank you for your work)))

Cozy room with big beds. Clean, bathroom has everything you need, even soap/shampoo kits, etc. Well maintained area, nice pond with fish, gazebo, lots of benches.

A great, quiet place to relax with family or friends. Cozy rooms, delicious food, good staff. I recommend it.

A good hotel, 1.5 km from Baikal. Clean, cozy, closed area. Own parking. A restaurant.

I stayed in this hotel by chance! I liked the service and food at the hotel! Room had all the comforts and even shampoo and toothbrush for one! Breakfast was great! My room was very well looked after and my room looked great! I recommend!

Rooms in different buildings of different quality. I walked and showed them to a guy on the ward. We took a couple of suitable, haggled a little and checked in. But we had to have breakfast elsewhere, t

The hotel is very well organised and the staff showed us a couple of suitable lounges, a little bit of haggling, but we had to go elsewhere for breakfast, tbh.

The cafe is great, lived in it for two nights. Breakfast is included in the price, hotel is clean, shower available (all are towels and slippers), the administrator Olga is a friendly woman, there is a cafe in the hotel, breakfast is included in the price

We had a wonderful hotel with our son in Priboy on 22-24.10.2020. Great hotel with clean comfortable rooms, generous breakfasts included in the room rate, and responsive and friendly staff. Thank you for all your hard work for us!

In winter of course choose the weather better at least to -10. And without wind)) Or get dressed warmer))) otherwise the walk does not get more than 5 minutes(!

The cafe at the hotel “Priboy”. It is in demand, but it seemed to me everything is organized the old-fashioned way. My order was 300₽: lattes and pancakes. Cash or transfer payment (very strange). The toilet was a mess.

Weird place in used to be cool and then it went bad a long time ago. Breakfast is great and filling.

The rooms are spacious, comfortable kitchen, free wifi, comfortable shower, it is possible to wash things inexpensively. In the recreation area for free tea and coffee.

Guest House “Baikal Bereg” is located in the village Listvyanka. Among the services for guests is a garden. Free private parking is available on site. A paid shuttle service from/to the airport is arranged for guests.

For the rest chose 2-bed room with spartan conditions, 2 beds, table, chairs, bedside tables. Toilet, shower, dining room in another room opposite. For a fee the hostess will feed and heat the sauna.

We were very principled that the toilet and shower was not on the floor, but in our room. Very clean, very nice, hospitable hosts, offered tea immediately upon arrival.

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It took about 7 minutes to walk to Baikal, not far from the nerpinarium. All within walking distance, it was just nice to walk around, breathe the magical, clean air.

I liked it very much, there was a toilet, shower, sink, kettle, table, beds with clean linens, nightstands, slippers, toilet paper, soap, and a towel.

Location at a place where there is no cold wind from the lake, literally 100 meters to the left and it’s already cold (June 2021). Nearby there is a market, stores, cafes, excursions.

Great for families. Good location, the very center Listvyanka. Close to everything you need, literally within walking distance. The staff is friendly and communicative.

Amazingly comfortable place for the money. We stayed in a double room with shower and toilet for two rooms but the neighbors didn’t bother us (and we probably didn’t either). A shared kitchen with a minimum of utensils.

A wonderful place. Very convenient location. The hostess was friendly. The rooms are clean and the atmosphere of the wooden house. The furniture and beds are in good condition.

Excellent guest house in the heart of Listvyanka. Clean, warm, all amenities. A very nice bathhouse. We really liked it. The most important thing is that Baikal is nearby.

Guest house “Baikal” is located in the village Listvyanka. Some rooms have a private bathroom. Some rooms have a view of the sea. Baikal is 3.8 km from the guest house “Baikal”, and the village of Bolshoye Goloustnoye is 43 km away.

A good new hotel. All made of wood. Nice atmosphere and friendly front desk clerk. Ideal place to stay 1-5 days)))))

We want to say a huge thank you to cozy guest house Baikal 1, for the hospitality and for the opportunity to check in later than possible! You have a very good, and a warm shower and tea are always at hand, super comfortable rooms, with everything you need, great view from the window, and a very welcoming hostess Alla, special thanks to you for meeting and waiting! We recommend everyone, knowing the price of hotels Listvyanka for such a small price.

My son and I give this house an “A”. There are stores and cafes in close proximity. But most importantly, the atmosphere in the house, because it can not be called a hotel.

The friendly hostess makes the house very cozy and homely. My son and I would love to come here next time.

For the money is quite normal. A bit far from the center. The hostess is a nice woman. I would recommend our hotel.

I stayed in a comfortable hotel on the shore of Lake Baikal. Responsive staff knows the job. Clean, pleasant environment.

The place is amazing, the administrators are clever, they will always tell you everything. Considering that Listvyanka itself is not big, close to everything)))) the nerpinarium, pier, market, everything nearby.

On average, for economy class not bad. Minus that there is no wi-fi and bad TV shows. But so far all satisfies.

The only thing, there was no rug at the door, March traces wiped with wet wipes. Our bed and bed linen are excellent but we did not have enough small pillows for two. We decided for ourselves that we will definitely come here again.

The location is without comment! We had a great stay at our hotel. We had a great stay at our hotel. Nice and helpful staff. A small cozy room with a view of the Baikal. Water without interruptions, no smell, cleanliness.

Very quiet spot. Suitable for those who want to get away from the bustle of the city, noisy companies. There is a bath, billiards, tennis, barbecue. Tranquility and comfort. Rooms overlook the Baikal.

I really liked this hotel, especially the view from the window. The Shaman stone is well visible. It was very comfortable to stay at the hotel.The price included a very decent breakfast.

Really liked it! Friendly staff. Great kitchen. Hot bath! Awesome view from the room and from the panoramic roof. The rooms are clean and there is a children’s room.

An excellent camp for those who like active rest. There is a slide with an elevator for riding tubas, snowmobiles, and a skating rink. After such activities there is a bathing complex is not out of place. Prices are affordable.

A very good complex: hotel, ski slope, bath house. An ideal place for a conference – there is a good conference room with equipment and a banquet hall.

The cuisine is delicious. The range is not great, but everything you need is there. The prices are reasonable. Two posies 170 rubles. Caesar with salmon 280 rubles. Draniki with sour cream 250. Everything is tasty.

How much does it cost to go to Lake Baikal - 2022. Prices and tips

In May it was clean, quiet, cozy and empty. from the site you can see the shaman stone. to Listvyanka way is not close, use a hitch vehicle

It was a good combination of price and quality. We celebrated graduation at this camping house, a banquet ordered in the restaurant. Everything was perfect: clean rooms, delicious food and good service. We will come here next time))).

It was very comfortable, quiet and the breakfast was great. There are balconies overlooking the lake and the mountain. There is a cooler with water in the hallway. The room has a shower, toilet, refrigerator, safe, TV. We are happy. The only minus was a lot of hearing.

Clean, cozy warm guest house, where they serve a wonderful homemade breakfast)) friendly, friendly and attentive administrator. Our room was small, but we had enough, came only to sleep.

The hotel is very well located and our room is very comfortable which makes us feel like a great room. The hotel is very well located and the welcoming atmosphere makes it very inviting.

Great place in the heart of Listvyanka. Rooms are warm and cosy, with a view of Lake Baikal. Clean, nice bedding, the smell of fresh wood. Really liked it. Polite and helpful staff.

Also, the linen is clean, but the quality is not the best. The bedspread is quilted, clean, quality. I would come back here, but for a short period of time.

Been here several times, place is great, I recommend it. The house is cozy, the administrator Marina is very hospitable, in general I liked everything.

This is called a rest area, a disgrace! But all this negativity faded into the background as soon as we went back to the hotel Baikal, where we stayed in the room economy class.

Nevertheless the room with amenities, a wide soft bed, refrigerator, TV, a large closet, tables, bedside tables, chairs and a large balcony. Very warm, we slept with the balcony open in mid September.

I would like to note the work of the maids, very responsive, great to keep order in the room, thank you very much. The restaurant staff also did not disappoint. By the way breakfasts were included in the price, hearty, tasty.

Well, not the Alps, but an interesting place. The track itself is not very long, but I ball in the summer. It’s hard to appreciate it. But the view from above is spectacular.

I really liked the hotel! The hotel is of the old type, not that luxe. But it’s also the cheapest in Listvyanka. The hotel is very well located, very clean and the cleaning service is very good.

I stayed in a hotel that was very comfortable and the food was good, but there was one small problem with the locks on the doors of the rooms and the restroom.

Guest House “Lyubava” is located on the shore of Lake Baikal. It offers a sauna, indoor pool, free WiFi and private parking for cars on site. The rooms have a refrigerator and a TV with satellite channels.

You need your own charcoal, skewers (there’s a grill there). There’s also a sauna, but we didn’t visit. As to payment, only cash payment. The price for Listvyanka at all acceptable and even with such service.

Were in a family room – spacious, with shower, toilet, refrigerator, microwave, TV, cleanliness and hot water. True we had to get there early.) Breakfast was good – we had porridge and sandwiches.

There were separate tables, three large barbecues, and a large gazebo. The area is clean and has soft grass (picnic area and breakfast included in the price).

Our room with breakfast cost 2800 per day. Also want to note the hospitality of the owners. All that you need is provided, not intrusive and pleasant.

Located in the area of the Holy Cross Valley. Near a good cafe Shaman and Kopeyka store, as well as the Museum of rocks


Mini Hotel Baikalskaya Bochka : I stayed with my husband in July 2022. The cafe menu is varied, cook delicious. Rooms are clean. Veronica and Valentina attentive and caring. We would like to say a special thanks to Veronica. We recommend this hotel.

Guest House “Forest Path” : To stay in the guest house “Forest Path” is a very cozy place, home-like atmosphere, friendly hosts, Paul and Daria, prompt the local attractions, as well as what stores to buy, and what is not worth it. The area of guest. house well maintained, on the territory there is a creek, 2e arbors, barbecue area and a small playground (swings, slide, sandpit, trampoline), all that children need))). The house in a word – cleanliness and order, a large dining area, place enough room, cozy rooms (all consistent with the photos on the site). The guest house is located 1.5 km from Baikal. Baikal, but if you like peace and quiet – this place is IDEAL.

Rest in Baikal in the winter 2021-2022. Prices and ideas

Guest House “At Batiushka” : Very modest hotel, the name says a lot))) Strong noise neighbors and from the side and above. I lived in a room with a window on the exit. The breakfast of the monastery oatmeal without sugar, salt, milk and butter, that is cereals in water)))). You could write that this is a budget option, but 2000 per night! Although within Listvyanka maybe it is budget. Unreasonably high prices.

Mini-hotel “Undine”: Great rooms. Clean, comfortable. But you’ll have to wait a little longer to visit. The pandemic is making adjustments to the hotels all over the country

Hotel “Pribaikalskaya” : The slopes are great! You can just go for a ride. Elevator. The prices are adequate. I recommend! If you have small children, put them with their backs to the front, on the hands, a great speed – the wind blows in the face.

Hotel “Legend of Lake Baikal”: The location, the territory, a delicious restaurant, and the location: the rooms, the sauna need repair and minor repairs, which spoil the impression.

Hotel “Flagman” : If you want to make a surprise for your partner, which will remain in memory for life, then the hotel “Flagman” is what you need! I am so happy that I organized the birthday of my boyfriend there, because after he told me that it was the best day of his life! The staff at the hotel “Flagman” (especially the administrator, Julia) as a magician who performed my every wish: decorating the room in holiday style, champagne – a gift for the birthday boy when he checked in, for a small force majeure (people before us were delayed in the bath for our time) we were given an extra hour in the bath, the selection of menus for dinner with all our wishes, congratulations at dinner from the hotel, breakfast in bed, help in calling a cab to the item. This is just a small part of how attentive and reverent we were during our stay. We felt very welcome! As for the price, we were students and thought that we would not be able to afford the stay. But what a pleasant surprise was when such a truly luxurious vacation was also very inexpensive! We rested in a deluxe room and were delighted with everything! Soft huge bed, amazing view, plasma, clean shower and toilet, the room in a single color scheme, which really brings aesthetic pleasure! Flagship very often holds promotions, contests where you can win a vacation in this wonderful place, this is also a huge plus for me! We often go to Listvyanka and now I can say with confidence that Flagman is the only place I want to go back to! Thanks for the magical memories that keep you warm during the cold winter!

Vacation Home “Vorog” : Stanislav Gabushev . Holiday home “Vostorg” – Vostorg . So it is called, as explained to me and everywhere else on the Internet it is called Vostorg. and this name suits him. We are happy that we came here to relax on the beach.

Hotel Beacon : It’s a pity we couldn’t book the room for at least a couple of days, what can we do, New Year’s holidays. We had a nice lunch, but we had a great lunch. Large portions and the kids didn’t even finish their French fries. What’s a pity: Solyanka and fabulous strudel disappeared from the menu.

Listvyanka: tips for your vacation

Holiday reviews in Listvyanka.

We tell about rest in Listvyanka on Baikal in 2022. Prices for recreation bases, food and excursions. How to get to the resort and what to see? Bonus – reviews and tips from tourists.


What is Listvyanka

A large resort village in the southwest of the lake is one of the most visited places of Baikal. Listvyanka is located near the source of the Angara River and stretches along the shore for 5 km. It has a permanent population of 2,000 people. The climate in the village is milder than in Irkutsk, so the resort is often called Baikal Anapa.

Earlier in Listvyanka worked shipyard, but now it is abandoned. Today, most residents are working in the tourism industry. Transport accessibility has made Listvyanka one of the most popular tourist centers of Lake Baikal. Each year in the village is about 100 thousand people. There are hotels and recreation centers, cafes, restaurants, museums and conservatories.

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How much does it cost to spend a vacation in Listvyanka

Beach in Listvyanka (Photo: by sth. /

Listvyanka is considered to be the best place for those who come to Baikal for the first time. Some people stay at the resort for 1-2 days, while others spend their whole vacation here. The village on the shore is a good starting point for routes around the lake. A ferry crossing connects Listvyanka with Port Baikal, where the Circum-Baikal Railroad (CBR) starts from.

From Listvyanka along the coast begins a section of the Great Baikal Trail, which leads to Bolshie Kotov. By water from the village you can get to the famous Olkhon Island and to the beautiful Peschanaya Bay.

Holiday reviews in Listvyanka.

Listvyanka (Photo: Dave-Gray /

How to get to Listvyanka

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

From Irkutsk to Listvyanka is only 65 km. The settlements are connected by a good asphalt road – Baikalskiy Trakt. Regular buses and fixed-route taxis № 524 and 526 go several times a day from the Irkutsk bus station, located at 11 Oktyabrskaya Revolution St. The trip to Listvyanka costs 133 rubles and takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Irkutsk Central Market on Chekhov Street, 22, to Listvyanka tourists take private buses.

From June to September along the Angara River to Listvyanka is easy to reach by “Comets”. Hydrofoils depart from the river station “Rocket”, which is located in the neighborhood of Solnechny. The trip takes an hour and the fare is 450 rubles.

You may also go to Listvyanka by train – take a train to Slyudanka in Irkutsk and then take a diesel-train with a funny name “Matanya”. It goes by KBZhD to Port Baikal. The trip takes 5 hours and the ticket costs 100 rubles. It is not the fastest option, but you can enjoy the picturesque views of Baikal and the beautiful railroad viaducts. Search for railway tickets on Yandex.Travel and

Useful selection:

Prices for rest in Listvyanka on Baikal

Circum-Baikal railroad. Train “Baikal cruise” (Photo: / Fanzuga)

Prices for hotels and recreation facilities in Listvyanka – 2022

Look for hotels and recreation centers with discounts on Yandex.Travel (good cashback) and Hotelluk. Here are the main rules of searching for hotels.

For tourists in Listvyanka built hotels, campgrounds, guest houses and sanatorium “Baikal”. Prices for accommodations in the center of the village are not high. The hotels and recreation centers at the lakeside cost more. You can get the most affordable accommodation in the private sector from 900 rubles per night with private conveniences in the yard. Learn where to have a rest with tents at Baikal.

We recommend hotels and recreation centers in Listvyanka on the shores of Lake Baikal, which have received good reviews from tourists. They have an adequate price-quality ratio.

Prices for rest in Listvyanka in the Irkutsk region

Hotel “Mayak” in Listvyanka. Photo: gunzel412 /

Dauria Guesthouse

The two-story wooden houses of the guesthouse are only 300 meters from the lake. The price of a double room with bathroom and shower – 2700 rubles. Breakfast costs 300 rubles per person. There is a steam bath on site. The staff organizes day trips from Listvyanka for guests.

Reviews and tips holidaymakers in Listvyanka

The hotel area. Photo: Guest House Dauria.

Recreation center “Inhabited Island”.

This is a tourist complex with good economy class rooms. Nearby is a grocery store, where you can buy food and cook it on the stove. A room for two costs from 1900 rubles. The guests like the spacious recreation area, good-quality wooden furniture and a loft with a view of Lake Baikal. The only disadvantage is that the bathroom is shared.

Reviews about Listvyanka

Common recreation area at the base. Photo: “Inhabited Island”.

Baikal Khan Recreation Base

The base is located in the center of Listvyanka and welcomes guests with almost European comfort. A double room with private bathroom and shower costs 4500 rubles. In the morning guests are served a good continental breakfast. Tourists noted large comfortable beds, a fireplace, a terrace and barbecue facilities.

Prices for food and lodging in Listvyanka

A room at the recreation center. Photo: Baikal Khan Listvyanka.

Prices for food in Listvyanka

The resort village is one of the few places in Baikal where there is a supermarket. Besides, there are stores, Baikalsky market and small shops, where you can buy different kinds of food. The range is not bad, but the prices of food are 1.2-1.5 times higher than in Irkutsk.

More than two dozen cafes and restaurants are open in the village. Despite the fact that some of them work at hotels and tourist bases, they feed everyone. If you have a rest in Listvyanka or on Baikal in general, you’ll have to spend some money on food. Prices are high and quite comparable to the ones in Moscow. Your average bill for a three-course lunch is 500-600 rubles.

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Here are the prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Listvyanka in 2022:

  • salad with fresh vegetables – 150 rubles;
  • pilaf – 120 rubles;
  • borsch – 130 rubles;
  • white fish suguday, 150 g – 240 rubles
  • dumplings with broth – 230 rubles
  • dumplings with potatoes – 170 rubles
  • posies – 270 rubles
  • shashlik – 180 rubles
  • pita bread – 40 rubles
  • lingonberry sorbet – 90 rubles;
  • tea – 30 rubles.

Prices for tours in Listvyanka

Look for interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists.

Excursions in Listvyanka are organized by tourist bureaus and employees of recreation centers. Prices for popular summer excursions (per person):

  • water excursion to Sandy Bay – 6000 rubles;
  • tour to Olkhon – 5200 rubles;
  • trip to Arshan resort – 3700 rubles;
  • on a boat along the KBZhD – 3,500 rubles;
  • by train along Circum-Baikal railway – from 4,000 rubles
  • River Baikal boat trip by sea – 900 rubles;
  • Shumak” helicopter excursion – 25 000 rubles;
  • trip to the Buryat village of Ust-Orda – 8500 rubles
  • trekking with a sled dog through the taiga – 2500 rubles;
  • fishing at the lake – 2000 rubles.

What to see in Listvyanka

During holidays in Listvyanka on Baikal tourists visit the ethnographic complex “Taltsy”. An unusual open-air museum is located on the road to Irkutsk, 23 km from Listvyanka. It occupies 62 hectares and presents the architecture and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Baikal region and Transbaikalia.

See the towers of Ilim Ostrog, Buryat yurts and Evenki nomad settlement. Visit a blacksmith’s shop, a weaver’s shop, a glassblower’s shop and a potter’s shop. The ticket costs 250 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for preschoolers.

According to tourist reviews, the main attraction of Listvyanka is the Baikal Limnological Museum. It is devoted to flora and fauna of the lake. There are two seals, giant omuli, whitefish, sturgeon, sponges, mollusks and crustaceans living in huge aquariums. Water is supplied to the aquariums through pipes from Baikal itself. The museum has a virtual bathyscaphe, in which tourists are immersed at the bottom of the lake. A ticket for adults costs 310 rubles.

What to see in Listvyanka

Embankment in Listvyanka (Photo: rasenkantenstein /

Next to the museum there is an arboretum, where plants of the Baikal region are collected. Look at the rare trees and shrubs, take a walk on the beautiful slope, where you have a good view of the lake.

During holidays in Listvyanka on Baikal, tourists enjoy going to the seals show. The building of the conservatory is located 100 meters from the pier, Gorky Street, 101A. The funny show of Baikal seals is held several times a day. The ticket for adults costs 500 rubles, and for children from 2 to 12 years – 400 rubles.

Tourists are advised to see:

  • a large rock Shaman-stone in the Angara riverbed;
  • private art gallery of Vladimir Plamenevsky on Chapaeva St., 76;
  • retro-collection of the Osipovs family on Kulikov St., 62B;
  • museum “Dolls of Soviet Childhood” on 64 Chapaeva St;
  • a mini-zoo in the “Three Bears” estate on Gorky St., 3;
  • astrophysical observatory with the largest vacuum solar telescope in the country;
  • St. Nicholas wooden temple of the XIX century on Kulikov Street, 9.

You can reach the summit of Mt. From the top there is an excellent viewing platform from which you can see the whole southern part of the lake.

Photos of rest in Listvyanka

In ancient times at the rock Shamanka held mysterious rituals (Photo: xantype /

Tourist feedback about holidays in Listvyanka in 2021

Tourists about rest in Listvyanka, and in general on Baikal, leave positive reviews.


  • The fabulously beautiful nature of Lake Baikal.
  • The village is located close to Irkutsk, it is easy to get to.
  • Active kinds of recreation are available to tourists – trekking, water walks, horseback riding and diving.
  • Listvyanka has a good infrastructure, well-developed catering, there are interesting museums and excursions.


  • Listvyanka has high prices for recreation centers, hotels, food and tours.
  • There are no good beaches.
  • Water in Baikal near the village is not too clean.
  • In high season, too many tourists.

Here are tips on how to make holiday in Listvyanka in the summer of 2022 cheaper and more comfortable:

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