Rest in May 2022 in Russia: where inexpensive to go

Where to go in Russia in May

St. Petersburg - where to go in Russia in May

Where to go in Russia in May? To rest, heal, see interesting places or just a change of scenery? Weather, prices, what to see and do? Top Russian holiday destinations worth visiting during the May vacations or later in review.

May is the crown of spring! If in March and April most people are just waking up from something similar to a heavy lethargic sleep with strange and unpleasant dreams, then before the summer people are beginning to show genuine activity. And even initiative.

Many people go to their dachas: their own or someone else’s – is not so important. And armed with a shovel they try to establish a connection with Mother Nature.

Others go to the suburbs just to relax. Out in the fresh air, but without the exercise that ensures dumbness in the back and blisters on the hands.

Others, probably the most progressive, aim for long-distance trips – outside the region. Including organized – sightseeing tours to the same Altai, despite the not insignificant cost, at the end of spring enjoy a pronounced popularity.

It is impossible to blame the last category for its (impractical!) choice – after all travel is akin to awakening. That is quite consonant with spring!

In passing we note that today domestic travelers already have reason to look abroad. And if in Turkey in May you can bathe not everywhere, in Egypt even the May holidays are part of high season.

However, the intention in May 2022 to rest somewhere in Russia also looks natural. Preferably with the prefix “inexpensive”.

If possible, even fly – but without the immersion in a foreign language environment. And the extra hassle with PCR-tests, observers and all sorts of “green”, that is anti-code passports.

The explanation for this trend is simple: the May vacations are short. And it is hard to plan any serious trip abroad for such a period of time. So why spend part of your vacation for a spring “fun”? No, come on, it’s not time, is it?!

There is nothing bad in it. On the contrary – such approach only increases tourist attractiveness of Russian domestic destinations.

You agree that painted in marvelous lilac tones Altai is literally wonderful, isn’t it? Caucasian mountains beckon with their lush green attire. Sochi is already dressed in bright “clothes” of late spring and the Crimea is in full bloom.

Yes, even Moscow on Victory Day is very different from its hectic daily version of the city. We are not talking about St. Petersburg, with seeming pleasure to rush into the embrace of gentle white nights.

Tulips in St. Petersburg in late May

Where to go in May

Back in April, the vast majority of potential travelers would not hesitate to answer – to the sea! But at the edge of spring priorities can change – after all, a large part of the country and its residents have thawed. And found the strength to be patient until summer.

Among the “roamers” partly we will be. And therefore opens our rating of the best places in Russia, where it is desirable to go in May:

St. Petersburg

Certainly not the warmest and sunniest city in the country during this period becomes immensely attractive. If anyone who has been to St. Petersburg during the May holidays would dispute this statement – it is dank and sometimes snowy – then citizens who have visited the “Northern Capital” toward the end of spring are rewarded for their prudence with magical memories.

The intoxicating aroma of bird cherry trees, velvet nights, more like a languid evening, shrouding everything and everyone in the shroud of romance and anticipation. Splashing fountains, elegant palaces of St. Petersburg looking enigmatically into the Neva, the “hands” of bridges applauding tourists.

Again, navigation on Lake Ladoga begins. And there is nothing to prevent you to be the first who goes on cruise to Valaam and Kizhi. Or you may just want to go out and have a look at almost untouched nature of Karelia.

It is a little cold? At the end of spring almost never. That is very rare: in the end of May weather in St. Petersburg deserves the most positive assessment.

And in the beginning and middle of the chill can not notice the excitement of visiting the sights of St. Petersburg one by one!

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As for prices, a little digging, you “dig” something not too expensive and decent even in the center. For example, famous hotel “Oktyabrskaya” on Vosstaniya Square regularly organizes discount actions. Even on “hot” dates, the prices are as low as 4 thousand rubles per night or less.

Too much? Then try to stay near the sleeping area. For example, the hotel Like-Apart, which is a 5-minute walk from the metro “Ploschad Muzhestva. The room will cost less than 3,000 per night. And we assure – for St. Petersburg is not a bad price!


We put the capital on the second place in the list of places in Russia, where it makes sense to go in May. It is possible and even correct to do it in the beginning of May and not at the end!

Reasons? Please – the first decade of the final spring month often has warm weather in the capital.

Is it +20 in the afternoon? Easily. And more? At ease – +22-24 – but don’t climb into the fountains and Patriarch’s Ponds.

Is it any wonder that inexpensive tours to the capital for this period are sold out like hotcakes among the ravenous public. And the middle and end of the month gradually becomes more and more popular time!

Going to Russia's capital in early May is a good idea!

Yes, the nights are cooler. But, allow me, even Sochi may envy +10-14 in this period!

It rains a lot, turning to showers? Well, it’s good that it passes quickly. Not turning into a tedious and tedious performance a la “Peter in November”.

And by the way, tourists at this time is not so much. So you can visit all the key points of the “Third Rome” without much hustle and bustle. And also those interesting places that for many people are hidden in obscurity.

Staying in the capital is not necessarily on the outskirts. For, although the subway in the metropolis and developed, to get to the center of (conditional) Bibirevo – exhausting.

It is much easier to settle in hotel Izmailovo (Alpha – more expensive, Delta – cheaper, both – 4 stars). The more so that the first action often discounts from the price of about 20-30 percent.

Pay attention to hotel Vega Izmailovo. With a rating of 5, 4 stars and a nice price tag from 3 300 rubles per night!

You can reach Teatralnaya from Partizanskaya metro station in 25 minutes maximum. Including time to buy a Troika card, go down and up. And in the center of Moscow, there’s a lot to do!

Since we have disregarded the templates and the southern destinations, focusing on the promotion of cultural and educational tourism, then catch the next item –


The capital of the Russian enclave is a fashion trend of the past and, apparently, of the coming season. After all, more and more Russians are eager to see Koenigsberg, a fragment of that very odious “militaristic Prussia. With the borders closed to Europe, one suddenly senses the powerful historical aura emanating from the fortress city.

This message, by the way, is very correct. And it is so obvious, that one can’t help wondering why haven’t we noticed it before!

In fact weather in May in Kaliningrad is often pleasantly warm right from the first numbers – on the Labor Day the thermometer can show +20. More often, however, air temperatures are shy to climb above +12-16. But it’s not bad for a Baltic city with such a distinctly maritime type of climate!

By the third decade of the month it may be almost hot: up to +20-24. But in 2020, apparently for a change, the atmosphere simply refused to get warmer than +15-17.

Which, in general, is also quite acceptable from the point of view of those who came to see Kaliningrad region. In fact, trips and walks at such temperatures take the least effort.

The prices in hotels usually try to keep up with the prices in the capital. Although if you like a lot of walking (ride) and agree to stay far from the center, here’s a good option – Stary Dvorik.

In 2022 is very good option to buy a guided tour in the Kaliningrad region. After all, for less than 20 thousand per person you will be provided with accommodation, meals and a rich excursion program!

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Round trip plane tickets will cost at least 11-12 thousand rubles for one person. And its – extremely small – luggage.

We will not agitate for all of Sochi – it is quite possible to focus on one Adler. So you can be literally in the center of entertainment life of the resort, just steps away from the Olympic venues and powerful music-beaten fountains.

You can easily get to both Akhtyrka Gorge and Krasnaya Polyana from here. And maybe even a trip to Abkhazia!

There is no doubt that you will have to be constantly on the move, just like a shark. Because otherwise you will have a chance to freeze to death.

Do not believe me? And you should. Because

it’s not always warm and cloudless. That is walking is not necessarily present the experience that they guarantee the summer time.

An abundance of entertainment, however, helps to keep you from getting bored. But to a bath – if you are not a walrus – it comes very rarely.

Hotels value rooms from 1.8-2 thousand rubles per night – if you book them two months before your arrival. And from 3-4 – if you wake up a week or even the day before.

Consider the inexpensive Liberty Fly hotel. Judging by the reviews, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

You can buy roundtrip airline tickets for about 10 thousand per person. If you do it well in advance of the trip…

Sea and beach - Adler in May

Personally, for our taste, a trip to the peninsula in early May is a premature decision. Although allergy sufferers will categorically disagree with this!

After all, many go to the Crimea is in the blooming period of birch and poplar trees to wait out and minimize the reaction to this annual event. And at the same time, perhaps, and be treated.

If not cardinally – the mud and weather in Saki dispose to it – at least decoratively. However, anyone who has breathed in the marvelous steppe Crimean air even once knows about its healing properties by hearsay.

Yes, we advise to pay special attention not to the southern coast. But better on a location less exalted: Feodosiya, Koktebel, probably Sudak. Definitely and on Sevastopol plus Evpatoria.

Note that today you can transfer all the hassle of the organizational plan to travel agencies. And by buying the “Grand Tour” in the Crimea you can make yourself a luxurious present.

  • For very low sum – from 34 up to 40 thousand. Minus 20% “cashback”!

Airfare prices to Simferopol and back are not too budgetary. And you’ll be lucky if you buy it for 10-11 thousand. Since the usual cost at the beginning of the season – from 12-14 thousand rubles per person.

But the prices in guest houses and mini-hotels of the peninsula are more pleasant. And you’ll be able to get a good room for only 1.5-1.7 thousand rubles per day.

KavMinVody .

May is raining excessively in the region, as stated in many reviews. And meteorologists confirm that it is usually warm but humid. Temperatures in the first half of the month could easily take a barrier of +20, but precipitation …

However, the narsan continues to run in the wells as if nothing had happened. And thermal baths continue to work according to the usual schedule. The air is humid! But as usual it is easy to breathe. And this is why in the reviews prevail not just happy – enthusiastic tones.

Thus, to abandon the trip health direction has no resonance. But if you plan to travel a lot in the surrounding area, to explore Elbrus, to visit Dombai – then it is worth thinking.

Airfare from Moscow and back will ruin approximately 9-10 000. And for residing will need to be spent – the room even in a guest house will manage in 2.2-2.5 thousand per night.

Golden Ring

Residents of the Central region of Russia, the Volga region, the Urals and even Siberia during this period is high time to think about visiting the old Russian cities to the east and northeast of Moscow.

After all, in summer in Vladimir and Suzdal, Yaroslavl and Rostov, other cities included in the Golden Ring, will be crowded with tourist groups. And in some cities it will be thronged with cruise liners passengers.

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In general, you must be in time! Especially as local climate modestly promises not to be too weary cold. Though it rains too much – it is a fact.

At the beginning of the month the temperature willingly gets over the mark of +20 Celsius. Though in general it limits itself to +12-18. The night frosts are usual. But the daytime temperature drops below +10 are seldom.

May Suzdal

It is raining heavily at times, but cloudy days are predominant. There are also carefree clear days! And then golden or starry onions of churches, their blindingly white walls look especially bright. But also touching and touching.

For residents of St. Petersburg and the entire Northwest region, it’s time to consider a trip to Veliky Novgorod. Another good idea is to see Pskov. To which there is always a lack of time to get to.

And a standard one – to go to Vyborg. Today it’s easy: get on “Lastochka” and in an hour you’re there.

Journey to Valaam or Kizhi, trying to see Karelia is better to plan for summer. For at the end of spring there is still snow there…


This region, far from central Russia, is well known to residents of the Urals and Siberia and the Far East. It’s not far to travel and the nature is as beautiful as few other places in the world. And the number of interesting places in Altai only increases every year!

Again, at the end of spring it is already quite warm, if not very warm. And you may do both recreation at Belokurikha resorts and eco-tourism up to extreme variants.

The first option, however, will not seem to be a very budgetary entertainment – a room in a boarding house costs from 5 thousand for two. And the second one, if you don’t limit yourself to a self-guided tour of Chemal and the surrounding area or, for example, a trip along the Chuisky Tract, may cost you a pretty penny.

Where to go on May Holidays

You are probably wondering how we rest on May holidays. The official holidays in 2022 are from April 30 to May 3 and May 7 to 10 inclusive. However, for the remaining working days, you can take a vacation – and rest for almost two weeks on May Day!

Now about where you can go. In spring there is a great choice: to go to the sea, to rush on nature, to go on a river cruise, to fly abroad.

Let’s see where to go on May holidays without a visa. Basically, these are Russian destinations, but not only.

Where to relax

Why go: the sea is still cool, but the air is warm, beaches are not crowded, and the southern plants are in full bloom.

What to do: some people are ready to visit Sochi just for wandering along the seafront and listening to the sound of the surf. Quite a reasonable scenario, but the Krasnodar Territory has plenty of entertainment too. Walks in the Olympic Park, Arboretum and Yew-Box Grove, extreme attractions in “Sky Park”, viewing platform on Mount Akhun, numerous clubs and bars by the sea – this is just a small part of local activities.

For holidays you can go to “Sochi Park” with your child: if earlier it used to replace bourgeois “Disneyland” only in words, now, when only Turkey is left among popular destinations, it has become a real substitute.

And do not forget about a trip to the mountains: Krasnaya Polyana is beautiful in any season.

St. Petersburg

Why visit: in early May the city is freed from rain and snow. When the grass begins to turn green and the fountain season begins, you can see a truly spring-like St. Petersburg.

You don’t need a clear plan for what to do when you get to St. Petersburg. It is enough to walk along Nevsky Prospect and it will take you to the places of interest and direct you in the right direction – perhaps to Kazan Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, or Palace Square.

It is unlikely that you will visit all of St. Petersburg’s museums during the May holidays, but if you limit yourself to the Hermitage or the Russian Museum – that’s good.

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And, of course, it is worth to go to the suburbs – for example, Peterhof or Pushkin, to look at palaces and fountains, to walk in the parks.


Why visit: See unusual architecture, take a walk along the Baltic coast, weather permitting up to +15°C on average.

What to see: German and East Prussian times left behind a lot of attractions: the cathedral, old gates, bastions, towers and whole neighborhoods with blocks.

For more modern places we suggest the World Ocean Museum and the Amber Museum. In the former you will see real ships and a submarine, and in the latter, oddly enough, amber.

The World Ocean Museum is a great way to see the ocean, submarine and amber museums. In early May it is already comfortable to walk along the Curonian Spit – the sandy strip, which stretches from the Russian Zelenogradsk to the Lithuanian Klaipeda. Dunes, pine forests and generally very unusual landscapes are waiting for you.


Why to go: in early May the capital traditionally blooms: trees and grass turn green, summer terraces of cafes and restaurants open, Victory Day is celebrated brightly.

What to do: You can plan a trip closer to May 9 – to get to the parade is unlikely, but watch the salute and concerts in the city sites quite possible.

In May in the capital begins river navigation. You can take a boat trip on the city’s main river to see how Moscow looks like in the spring.

With children it is worth visiting the amusement park “Dream Island”. If you want to see beautiful places outdoors, we recommend Zaryadye Park, Izmailovsky Kremlin, Tsaritsyno Estate and Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

If you are interested in a holiday in the countryside with a good time, book a house for a weekend in the Moscow region.


Why go: in the Crimea at this time is already warm in summer, and the 9th of May in Sevastopol is celebrated with a special scope.

What to see: the main celebrations on Victory Day are held on Nakhimov Square and in Sevastopol Bay. As for the historical sites of Sevastopol, you can visit them on your own any day. For example, you can visit the museum-panorama “Sapun Mountain” or the 35th battery – a fortification structure on the Chersonese Peninsula.

There are other ways to spend time in Sevastopol: go on a hike in the mountains, conquer Mangup-Kale and other surrounding caves, go to nearby Balaklava to enjoy the beauty of the local bay and go to the museum of submarines.


Why to go: in May holidays in Abkhazia it is already warm, but not yet hot – up to +23 ° C. Going to the sea in May to walk around natural beauties and ancient buildings is a pleasure.

What to see: For May holidays weekend in 2022, we recommend Gagra – it is only 22 km from Adler, you can get there by bus or even by cab. The beaches in Gagra are pebbly, but the water temperature at the beginning of May is not yet too comfortable for swimming (about +15 ° C).

However, you can simply sunbathe on the beach and walk around the neighborhood. For example, near the resort there is an ancient Roman fortress of Abaata, in the center of which there is a temple. At 15 km from the city is Crow Cave – one of the deepest in the world. Also advise Primorsky Park and viewing platforms on Mount Mamzyshkha.


Why to go: mountain expanses and mysterious ancient buildings are waiting for you here.

Where to relax: many people go to the mountains, on the Lago-Naki plateau, to get closer to the Caucasian peaks. Here you can even have time to go skiing: in early May there is still snow on the plateau.

On the top of Una-Koz ridge there’s a rope park called Tethys. You can also ride jeeps and quad bikes here.

In Adygeya is the highest monastery in Russia (St. Michael’s Hermitage, 1000 meters above sea level). Attract tourists and local dolmens – ancient structures, built about 5 thousand years ago.

Of the more usual leisure activities in Adygea we should mention horse walks in the mountains (can be ordered in Maikop) and bathing in thermal springs (near the villages of Tulsky and Tsvetelny).

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Why go: Kazan is perfect for a change of scenery: it’s warm, beautiful and tasty (literally). Besides, it’s a nice city to go to with a child.

What to see: the main attractions of Kazan are compact and dense. In a couple of hours you will have time to walk around the white stone Kremlin, admire the Kul-Sharif Mosque and the inclined Suyumbike Tower, walk along the Bauman pedestrian street and drop in some cafes, of which there are plenty on this street.

For the May holidays in 2022 we recommend taking a walk along the city’s embankments: for example, Kremlin embankment, as well as the embankment of Lake Kaban. For active recreation suit water park “Riviera” on the opposite bank of the Kazanka and “Island-town Sviyazhsk” – a museum-reserve in the vicinity of the city.

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Caucasian Mineral Waters

Why to go: In May holidays it’s already warm here, about +15°C – you can get warm in the sun after a snowy winter and improve your health.

What to do: vacation at Kavminvody is divided into two main types – contemplation of natural beauties and recreational procedures. The first type includes walks on mountain peaks. The most famous of them are Beshtau and Mashuk. There are many interesting places in Kislovodsk: the national park, the Resort Boulevard, the Castle of Craftiness and Love, the mirror pond, honey waterfalls.

By the way there are a lot of curative routes – terrenekurs in the Kislovodsk park. All in all they last for 24 kilometers: you can cheer up and enjoy the scenery.

As for treatment, the local water and therapeutic muds help cope with a huge number of ailments. There are also hot springs in Kavminvoda.


Why to go: to merge with the distant wildlife, to see volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean.

What to see: on a trip to Kamchatka you can go to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and explore the area on your own. Another way is to book tours and excursions to Kamchatka attractions: to the ocean, islands, rivers and volcanoes.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky you can climb the Mishennaya Sopka on your own: you can see the nearest volcanoes from there. To admire the Pacific Ocean, it is better to go to Khalaktyrsky beach. In the city port area you can take a ride on a sapa – a board like a surf.

Where to go on May holidays? Among the popular tours we may single out climbing Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, a boat trip to Russkaya Bay and an excursion to the Valley of Geysers (each tour takes one day). There are also more difficult trips: for example, to Tolbachik volcano and Klyuchevskaya Sopka.


Why go: inexpensive vacation in a new environment, next to amazing landscapes and ancient buildings.

What to see: the most interesting Dagestan city for tourists is Derbent. Here the ancient citadel Naryn-Kala and the Juma Mosque, built at the beginning of the 8th century, attract attention.

If one travels deep into the republic one can see the canyon of the river Sulak. Its depth is almost 2 kilometers, which is more than the American Grand Canyon. The picture is complemented by bright turquoise river waters. Nearby is the Chirkey Reservoir, on which you can take a boat ride.

And if you are interested in beach vacation, you can go to the Caspian Sea coast, for example, in Kaspiysk or Izberbash.

Nizhny Novgorod

Why go: It’s one of the most beautiful cities on the Volga. In May it begins to turn green and delight the eye.

What to see: walks around Nizhny Novgorod usually start from the pedestrian Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street. There is everything there: cafes, restaurants, clubs, theaters, entertainment centers and unusual buildings.

You can walk along its walls and appreciate the panorama of Nizhny Novgorod from the windows of the Kremlin towers. As in any city of the Volga region, Nizhny Novgorod has a Volga embankment. Here there are two of them: upper and lower.

Full recreation with children is also possible: the city has a water park, dolphinarium, recreation parks. In addition, there are an Aquapark, a dolphinarium, and amusement parks in the city.

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