Rest in Russia in April 2022: Where to go

Where to go in Russia in April

Crimea in April - one of the warmest places in Russia

Where to go in Russia in April: to rest, to recover, to expand the world? Where is the warmest, weather, prices 2022, what to see, what to do? compiled the top tourist destinations in Russia, which is worth spending a vacation in the middle of spring.

April is a strange month. It seems to be extremely positive: spring, smells, palpable warm sun and nature awakening from its lethargic sleep. But for some reason it stimulates very few people to any noticeable movements – we do not speak about travel.

People walk around like sleepy flies, blaming the problems on vitamin deficiency and most of all want to be left alone. Activity is at or near zero. Plans, if at all, are only made for the May holidays.

It’s a pity – things are different in Europe. After all, there the Easter vacation – and this bright holiday almost always falls in April – is extremely joyful event.

During this period, everyone must go somewhere, often outside their home towns and regions. People go out to meet family and friends. Or to go on vacation, simply to see if not the world, then at least other countries.

We used to do that, too, travelling by car through Western Europe in a non-tourist and therefore quiet time. But in coronavirus times, even a short trip to Tallinn is impossible.

By train in Russia in April - where to go?

Alas, but in April and in Russia, only a few plan to go somewhere to rest. Not because there is no money… although that too. Mainly because of fatigue, lack of energy and a widespread pattern – “it’s too early!

Why on Earth would I waste a week of my precious vacation in Kaliningrad in April or Kislovodsk just opening up, says the average Russian, if I could use it more productively in the summer? When everywhere is green, optimism is literally in the air, and even a tour of St. Petersburg’s urban “jungle” evokes a lot of positive emotions.

I do not care that it is hot. And we are tempted to break the ban by swimming in the fountain…

We will try if not to destroy the stereotype, then we’ll try to find out if it is so bad to travel in Russia in the spring. The country is big, and it is likely to find sunny, warm, but most importantly – cheerful “oases”?

Like the blooming of Yalta in April? Or Adler, bathed in a sea of cherry blossoms and magnolias?

Where to go in April

An average Russian tourist subconsciously strives for the sea. Preferably, of course, a warm one. But if not, then even a cool sea, which is sure to sparkle with turquoise and dazzlingly reflect the sun’s glare, will do.

It is possible, of course, to conduct research to prove this unsophisticated fable. But for us it is an axiom that requires no further explanation.

And that is why we have for some time an essay describing the (in our opinion) the hottest vacation destinations in Russia, we begin with him. However, this time we have decided on a small rotation. And at the head of the corner we put:

When, if not in April, to go to this literally awakening to life territory? Not yet melting in the sunlight, but actively accumulating colors and energy.

April Crimea at first is not flooded with the foam of blooming gardens, and in the early days of greenness is not much. But even thick-skinned people will feel its potential, elastic power of unfolding spring. And closer to May…

Southern coast of Crimea in April, Malorechenskoye

Come at this time though on South Coast, though in Olenevka, and you will feel the burst of energy! Quite incredible on a background of traditional at this time lack of energy. And vitamin deficiency.

However, why be surprised? After all, the sun all the way, and the sky is almost not wet with rain. Even Yalta in the middle of spring does not suffer from rainfall. And Sevastopol there or Sudak at all forget about such natural phenomena.

The air temperature by day reluctantly leaves a range +12-17. That is does not demonstrate a frank desire to freeze. At night, however, happens and +2-5.

As to the prices, they will appeal to the frugal man – even a 5-day “Crimean round-the-world” is very even moderate. Those who travel independently will not spend too much either – you will surely find a room for two in a guest house for only a thousand dollars a day.

  • Most likely quite modest. But with heating and a personal toilet-shower cabin!
Where to have an inexpensive vacation in winter 2022-2023 at a warm sea abroad

Flights from Moscow to Simferopol and back with a little luggage will cost about 10 thousand rubles per person. Or a little more expensive if you decide to go literally on the eve of departure.

You can walk and wander on the peninsula in many places! We would recommend deserted at this time cave towns near Bakhchisaray. Once you get up there, it’s easy to feel like you’re literally the only one in the universe – peshhernyiy-gorod-kachi-kalon.

With pleasure will share the views, both with hikers and with equestrian groups, plateau Demerdzhi and Chatyrdag. The first is located on the south coast, but the second – in the central part of the peninsula.

In contrast to the Crimea, the main subtropical region of Russia in April is more concrete. And it invites to visit, promising warmth, thoroughly greened parks and powerfully blooming magnolia.

The air temperature, by the way, is not much different from the same in the Crimea – mostly +14-16. But the entourage around us makes us feel light-hearted.

I want to take off your clothes and walk in a shirt. If not near the sea, then in the Arboretum – for sure!

Are you going to the mountains or Red Glade – take something warmer than a vest and sweatshirt. For there is often only +8-12 and a strong wind.

Rains are rare, and overcast weather in April is not typical for Sochi. That is a lot of sun. And the pale face of a visitor on the embankment or on a mountain slope may brown up to the point of getting burnt.

So do not forget the sunscreen. And other useful things that you take to the southern seas…

Blooming Sochi in spring

We should note in passing that at this time of year it may be +22-24 in Abkhazian Sukhum. At that water in the sea is incredibly cold – +13-14 at best – but the vacation on the beach is guaranteed to be memorable. Moreover, the more that the tourists are there – just look for them.

Cost of air tickets starts with 6.7-7 thousand rubles per person round trip. But this is if you book them in winter. In March the price tag will only start at 8-9.

What are the hotel prices? At a glance, from 1,500 rubles per night for a room for two. In any case, that’s how much a good hotel Palmyra takes on condition of stay for a week.


Bathing ni ni, and the real heat in these parts arrives closer to the May holidays. But the destination has quickly become a top destination, and in the high season promises to be overly lively.

Therefore – we fly for 3-4 days! And on our return we tell our colleagues and relatives with rapture that we were able to see the very imperial Prussia, which had fallen into the abyss of yesteryear.

And the weather almost certainly will not make a short trip into an exploit. Of course you should not count on a stable air temperature – she is a free lady and walks on her own.

Sometimes it may be 7-9 above, and if you are lucky it may be 15-17. At the end of the month the atmosphere is heated to +20-22 during the day.

Which, of course, is incredibly encouraging for travelers. And better than any advertising promotes the sale of short tours in Kaliningrad. At this time, by the way, quite inexpensive.

It rains moderately, and if to take into account presence of the Baltic Sea nearby, it is insignificant at all. But the sun does not show its face as often as we would like it to.

Anyway, it is much more pleasant to walk around the old neighborhoods when the weather is clear. It’s charged with optimism you know… amalienau-s-lubovyu-k-kigsbergergu.

Kaliningrad in April, a cathedral

As a result, 15-18 days will be overcast, and for another dozen days it will be clear or cloudy-swept. And only 3-5 will be gloomy and upset you with a drizzle. Not so bad, don’t you think?

Rest with children at the sea in February 2022. Where to go

Flights from the capital with a refund will cost 10-11 thousand rubles. That is ahead of the above-mentioned rates.

The prices in hotels correspond to the Sochi level. Indirectly testifying to the hyperpopularity of the former Prussian capital.

However, if you want you can find the proverbial “best price-quality”. We recommend to pay attention to a cozy and inexpensive Stary Dvorik – family hotel in the body of the restored, still German villa.

St. Petersburg

It will be moderately cold and more often cloudy than rainy. The probability of a partly sunny day is 30%. Which, by the way, is not bad for low cloudy and usually very gloomy Northern Capital.

The air temperature stays in rather wide corridor from +4 to +18. At the last peak it climbs only on exceptional cases. Or when it feels the approach of May.

Frosts at night are a regular phenomenon. And if you come to St. Petersburg by car, be sure to remember it at least in the morning.

Does not look too reassuring? But you can see all the most interesting things without much effort. What luxury in May and the summer months you can not dream of here.

The prices in hotels are higher than in southern Russia, but as a whole they are sane. Popular among the masses because of its views AZIMUT Hotel on the Fontanka bank charges from 3 thousand per night for a room for two.


In the beginning and middle of April weather in this beautiful, but not too warm region is used to swing on a swing. If it wants it will be +12 and even +16. No mood? Expect zero or frosts – during the day, not to mention at night.

But at the end of the month to Altai comes just not summer – the atmosphere often warms up to +20-24. And then the nature – beautiful as it is – blossoms quite magically.

Birds’ trills can be heard from everywhere, aromas of meadows and mountain forests stupefy. And the well-fed buzzing of bees makes you sleepy on a level playing field.

Not everyone, of course – those who bought excursion tour in spring Altai are unlikely to allow themselves to waste time so irrationally. Not here, in the land of unrealistically beautiful nature!

Again, this is also an opportunity to considerably improve health, shaken from a long – and coronavirus – winter. Can’t complain of your health? Go for hiking, go for auto-rally along Chuisky Tract. There is no question – you can visit a lot of places in Altai!

Airfare from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk will cost 15-17 thousand per person. Another 2,500 for a cab from the airport to, for example, the Belokurikha resort. It’s one way, if anything…

Not everyone can afford to stay in local resorts and hotels – nearly 5 thousand rubles for one night doesn’t seem an exceptionally profitable investment. As usual guest houses help out – Guest House Kovcheg, for example, will rent a room for only 1.5.

Belokurikha, Russia - is it worth the trip?

The Golden Ring

If in March we were rather gloomy about one of the most popular tourist routes of Russia, in April we advise you to put it in your diary and mark it “Consider”.

After all, the snow has descended, and you are no longer threatened to constantly wander with soaked feet. And the warmth, though uncertain, but returns to the Russian cities to the north and east of Moscow.

You will say what kind of heat is it – +8-11 with little sun and rain lurking in the ambush? And we answer, you will like it even less when it is in season. Yes, the sun will be obviously more, but also wishing to touch by soul to orthodox relics will increase at times.

Again, the prices – some Suzdal hotels in summer will be a better match for the Italian ones. Even in the middle of spring you will be lucky if you can find a room for 2-2.5 thousand a night. The majority of objects does not want to hear less, than 3!


And here in April one should go to this resort area of Russia just to be treated, even if you don’t have a voucher. Because the vacation, focused on visiting the maximum number of attractions, is often overshadowed by too wet weather.

August 2022: where to go inexpensive trip abroad to the sea

10-12 rainy days in a month – the risk is too high, if you are going to see not only Kislovodsk, but also Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk. You can also visit Dombaj and Mount Elbrus. You can’t expect very warm weather: from +8-10 at the beginning up to maximum +15-17 at the end.

Is it a little bit? From the point of view of health-improving and recreational therapy it is perfect!

Those who like to catch a tail of ski season – in the same Arkhiz, probably, will appreciate coolness. And also impressive layers of snow on slopes. But all others are already configured for a completely different season: when to go to Kislovodsk?

Curiously, the hotels of KavMinvody and do not think that you do not want to come. Or postpone your trip to a less wet period. For the most budgetary of acceptable options is ready to accommodate a couple of guests for a minimum of 1 800 – 2000 RUB per day.

Yes, curative air, thermal baths and all that… But isn’t it too much, considering the generous on negative weather conditions of the middle of spring?

10 ideas for where to go in April in Russia in 2023

Traveling in April is a happy opportunity to catch the moment when nature awakens, changes colors, and blooms with fresh greenery. At the same time, popular cities are not yet flooded with crowds of tourists, and you can afford a leisurely walk, acquaintance with the bright sights and a thorough dive into the history of our country. We have carefully selected 10 destinations where to go in April in Russia, what to see and what events to visit.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo © mystraysoul /

In April, a huge number of tulips bloom in Pyatigorsk’s Tsvetnik Park, attracting the attention of photographers from all over the country. Pyatigorsk is one of the best resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, where many tourists come every year to improve their health, visit the narzan baths and drink the “healing water”. Most of the houses of the old part of Pyatigorsk belong to the early 20th century. On a similar day it is worth climbing the Mashuk Mountain, where a car road, a steep path and a cable car lead.

There is also a large park in Kislovodsk. You can walk for hours along the well-groomed paths, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the warm spring sunshine.

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St. Petersburg

Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo ©

The most common temperature in April in St. Petersburg is already above the threshold and stays at +6°C. It is dark and damp outside and you should not put away your umbrella, but the sunny days are enough.

In the second half of April begins navigation on the rivers and canals of the city, which means you can finally enjoy the fresh breeze and panoramic views of the city from the water, to admire the raising of bridges.

In a bad weather it is worth going to one of the museums of St. Petersburg. The choice is huge: from world-famous museum collections to modern museums that have opened relatively recently.

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Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo ©

April is perfect for exploring the historical part of Tatarstan’s capital: the Kazan Kremlin, Bauman Street, the City Panorama Museum, the Old Tatar Sloboda. To see the city from above, you can climb to the observation deck. For example, the panoramic roof of the Kazan Family Center is popular with residents and guests of the city.

The surrounding sights also deserve attention: Sviyazhsk island-town, Raifa monastery, “Canyon” in Kukmor district, Tolkish tower, Kara-Kul lake, Semruk film village on the bank of Kama, where shooting of “Zuleikha opens eyes” series took place, Innopolis city for IT-specialists.

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New Year in Russia - 2022: Where to go


Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo ©

April is the first spring month in Moscow, when temperatures are steadily positive.

The tourist potential of the capital is so vast that it is difficult to fit all the attractions in one trip. Another advantage of a trip to Moscow in April is that even in bad weather there is always something to see: hundreds of diverse museums, interactive spaces, about ten water parks, restaurants and cafes. The theater poster is full of promising premieres and proven productions.

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Golden Ring

Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo ©

Golden Ring cities are traditionally among the top ten popular spring destinations. They preserve the ineffable atmosphere and monuments of antiquity and offer lessons of history to us today. Many cities still support traditional crafts. In Kostroma there are many museums of clay toys, birch bark workshops and cheese factories.

If you wish, you can evaluate your skills in a particular craft: learn to make earthenware at the museum of wooden architecture “Kostroma Sloboda”, get acquainted with the art of hot enamel at the museum of enamel art in Yarosavl, learn to paint frescoes at a workshop in Suzdal.

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  • Interesting and little known facts about the Golden Ring of Russia

Nizhny Novgorod

Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo © tortic84 /

It is worth spending at least three days on a trip to Nizhny Novgorod. Usually, the introduction to the city begins with a walk along the waterfront and a visit to the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, a monument of the 16th century.

In April in Nizhny Novgorod ancient streets are not crowded, because it’s still far away from the peak of the tourist season, and nothing prevents to admire the noble mansions, merchants’ houses and interesting sculptures. Behind the wooden facades of Rozhdestvenskaya Street there is a series of works called “The inhabitants of Millioshka”, which was created as part of the street art festival “Mesto”.

One of the popular attractions in Nizhny Novgorod is the longest ropeway in Europe, which is 800 meters long. From the top you can enjoy panoramas of the city and admire the spring ice drift on the Volga.

One of the days is worth devoting to visiting the neighboring towns – the pearls of the Volga. Gorodets is the most ancient city of the area where the earth rampart of the ancient settlement (XII-XIV centuries) and constructions of the historical part are preserved. In the museum complex “Town of Craftsmen” maintains the old traditions of crafts: Gorodets painting, pottery, ancient Russian painting, woodcarving, clay toys, etc.

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Where to go in April in Russia

/ Photo © Negrebets /

In April, winter in Karelia gradually gives up its positions. The changes are especially noticeable in the south: the ice on the rivers begins to melt, the sun is pleasantly warm, winds and rains are likely. However, if you carefully prepare for the trip and take plenty of warm clothes, a vacation in Karelia will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

The middle of the month will be a good time to visit the forest waterfalls, which are especially full at this time. The most accessible and popular is the Kivach waterfall, formed by the flow of the river Suna. Kivach falls from a height of 10.7 meters. Kivach, like almost every Karelian waterfall, keeps a legend. Once upon a time there lived two sisters, the rivers Suna and Shuya, and they were so attached to each other that they never parted. But one day Suna lay down to rest and fell asleep unnoticed. When she awoke, she found that Shuya had rushed far ahead along the stream. Suna rushed after her sister. And in the place where the river hit the rock in a hurry, Kivach waterfall was formed. The White Bridges waterfall on the Kulismajoki river is no less picturesque with its height of 19 meters. Waterfalls are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful natural objects in the region.

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Pskov region

Where to go in April in Russia

/ Photo © luccie3 /

Pskov lands hold real treasures that will make your April unforgettable: the majestic Pskov Kremlin, the Assumption Cave Church in Pechory, Dovmont Town (“Pskov Pompeii”), Trinity Cathedral.

According to legend, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was founded by Princess Olga. Here are kept a part of the relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the relics of Nicholas of Pskov and an icon with a part of the relics of Seraphim of Sarov.

The Holy Assumption Pskov-Pecherskiy Monastery is one of the most famous and “revered” in Russia. The name of the Pskovo-Pecherskiy Monastery reflects its main peculiarity. The caves on the territory of the monastery are a necropolis with the relics of more than ten thousand people.

Where to go in April in Russia

/ photo © IrinaKushnikova /

April is an ideal time to visit the central attractions of the peninsula, where there is no sea and beaches, but there are countless natural beauty and cities with historical heritage, such as Simferopol and Bakhchisaray.

April is a great time to enjoy the colors, aromas and flavors of the Crimea. Not so long ago in Sudak opened a wine park in the valley of St. Sava, where guests are invited to visit the winery and vineyards, a museum of winemaking and history, as well as tasting different varieties of wine.

April in Crimea – the time of blossoming cherry trees, wild tulips, apples, pears, plums, peaches, and places like Japanese garden in sanatorium Aivazovskoe, garden “Six Senses” in hotel Mriya Resort & SPA turn into a paradise on earth.

In Nikitsky Botanical Garden there is a colorful parade of tulips, which usually opens in late March and lasts until mid-May.

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Kaliningrad region

Where to go in April in Russia

/ Photo © MadebyNastia /

Every year in April, Kaliningrad celebrates a wonderful folk festival Herring Day, Svetlogorsk also does not stand aside and holds a gastronomic festival Big Fish. There is a fish auction, underwater hunting competitions, master classes, concert program and much more. But most of all, the guests are waiting for the culmination of the festival – the tasting of a giant fish pie. The festival has been held annually since 2013, but it can be cancelled for one reason or another. It is necessary to clarify in advance.

April weather in Kaliningrad welcomes the first stable positive temperatures – from 4° to 13°C. In the Baltic Sea, of course, you will not swim, but even in the hottest summer, the water in Kaliningrad is rarely warm. Otherwise, all attractions are available and free from the influx of tourists, which occurs during the May holidays and summer.

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