Rest in Sochi in August 2022. Weather and prices

Rest in Sochi in August

August weather in Sochi

The most courageous tourists come to Sochi at the end of summer, because they are not afraid of high prices, crowds on the beaches and intense heat. Learn all about rest in Sochi in August 2022: what the weather and the sea, how to dress and how much the tours cost.


Air temperature

The hottest month of the year meets vacationers with high temperatures and humidity. During the day there is such a heat that it is hard to sit on the beach. Weary vacationers escape from the sea into the shade, spending time in cafes, restaurants and hotels. To avoid sunburns, sunbathe in the morning and after 4:00 pm!

In August in Sochi it gets dark around 8 pm, but even after sunset there is no desired coolness. At night the thermometer column shows +25 ° C. So you can have a good rest and sleep, rent an apartment with air conditioning.

Air temperature by day and night in August:

When t daytime t at night
Beginning of August +30°С +24°С
Mid-August +31°С +24°С
End of August +27°С +23°С

Natalia: “The weather in August was not lucky on all days, 3 days out of 10 were gloomy! It even rained with thunder! There were cloudy days, but people on the beach anyway. The sea was warm and it was comfortable to swim”.

Olga Sukhanova: “Summer in Sochi is very hot and stuffy. The heat is easy to bear if you spend most of your time near the water”.

Water temperature

The warm Black Sea is what lures so many tourists to Sochi at the end of summer. In the sunlight the water near the coast warms up to +25 … +27 ° C. If it were not for the fear of getting burnt, tourists would not have come ashore!

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Unfortunately, the sea in Sochi is not very clean. The reason is a huge number of bathers, uncontrolled discharges of municipal sewage and the fact that a lot of microorganisms multiply in the warm water.

Water temperature in August:

When water t
Beginning of August +28°С
Mid-August +27°С
End of August +25°С

Samira: “The sea is warm as steaming milk, changing color from sky blue to dark green. You will be in relaxation from the local silence and calmness.

Oksana Miroshnik: “The sea at the end of summer pleased me. The water is warm, it saves from the heat. As for the wind, I missed it.

How to dress for the weather

The summer heat in August in Sochi is intensified by high humidity. During the day it is above 70%, and at night rises to 85-90%. According to the reviews of tourists, in summer the feeling is like in a bath. The skin is sticky, and the clothes are wet all the time.

Take a few sets of light beach clothes, sandals or other beach shoes. Evenings by the sea are not cold. Warm clothes – a sweater and jeans – are only useful for trips to the mountains. Do not forget to put an umbrella and raincoat in the suitcase!

Anna: “Sunglasses, headgear and sunscreen were indispensable helpers at the beach.”

Precipitation and Hurricanes

There are no serious natural disasters or large bad weather in Sochi in summer, and short term precipitation does not spoil the beach holiday at all. Strong subtropical downpours pass quickly. The sun dries the soil, sidewalks and streets completely in a couple of hours.

Sometimes in the morning, the coast is covered with fog. Storms in August in Sochi do not happen every summer. In 2019, on August 4-5, there was stormy weather along the entire Black Sea coast. Strong waves hit the shore, but some tourists did not heed the warnings of lifeguards. At various Black Sea resorts there were accidents. During the storm two people drowned in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, two people died in Sevastopol, or two more swimmers in the Abkhazian Gagra.

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What the weather in Sochi in August

Sochi coast (Photo: / @igorstarkoff)

Prices for tours to Sochi in August 2022

At the peak of the summer season, tour prices are the highest of the year. If you fly from Moscow for 10 days, a vacation for two in Sochi in August 2022 will cost from 56 thousand. Holidays with meals “all inclusive” costs from 90 thousand rubles.

It’s cheaper to stay at Big Sochi resorts – Lazarevskoye, Dagomys or Adler. Tours there cost from 24 thousand rubles. The package includes a flight, transfers and room in a hotel or guesthouse on the third line from the sea.

Check out the current prices for tours in Sochi in August:

Adler Find tour →
Sochi Find tour →
Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor) Find tour →
Lazarevskoe Find tour →
Loo Find tour →

Rest with children in August

During the last month of summer vacations parents with children love to come to Sochi. It is not necessary to stay in a hotel or resort in the seaside town. Sochi has budget guest houses with a shared kitchen, where families with children are happy to stay.

Thrifty tourists rent apartments from locals. A one-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen and washing machine in August costs 1500-2000 rubles per day, a two-bedroom – from 2200 rubles.

August vacations in Sochi

A roller coaster in “Sochi-Park” ( Photo: @olianayda /

Is it worth to have a rest in August in Sochi

Sochi in August 2022 – sunny weather, warm sea, entertainment for every taste and interesting excursions. Active recreation lovers are engaged in diving, yachting, rafting on the Mzymta and water skiing.

In late summer, the resort town looks like a boiling cauldron. The intense heat and high humidity do not suit everyone. In August in Sochi is difficult for young children, the elderly and tourists who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. If you have problems with blood pressure, respiratory or thyroid gland, don’t tempt fate! Come to the resort during the Velvet season – in September.

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August vacations in Sochi – official prices for 2022



Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included (one session per day). Indoor swimming pool with fresh heated water, 25*12.5 meters, depth from 1.3 to 2.7 meters. Work


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With seawater, heated, area – 3000 square meters, depth – 1.45 m. For the youngest guests a baby splash pad is available,


Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included. Heated, fresh water, 12 meters in diameter and 1.5 to 2.5 meters deep. Works in the low season. Located in the building “
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water, located on the beach, size – 12 * 6 meters, depth up to 2.5 m. There is a children’s pool and a salt water pool. Bass

Choose the right hotel according to a hundred parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With seawater. Area – 3000 square meters, depth – 1.45 m. For the youngest guests there is a 0.6m deep splash pad for kids.


Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included in the price (daily or every other day, according to the chosen rate). The area of the pool is 282 square meters, the water is fresh with the addition of mineral salts,
  • Outdoor Pool: Included, 10*6*1.7 meters, and children’s round pool 5*0.6 meters, fresh water, not heated. Open in the summer season: from 8:00 to 20:00


Top sellers

  • Indoor pool: Included in the price – 45 minutes per day. Pre-registration for the pool is required. Size – 26.5*10.7 m, depth – 1.2 to 1.6 m, by
  • Outdoor pool: Included. The size – 415 sq. m., depth – up to 2 m., not heated, with fresh water, temperature – 24 ° C. Working from May to October. Available at


Top sellers

Distance to the beach: 20 meters from housing number 1 and houses, 150 meters from housing number 5, 200 meters from buildings number 4 and 6.

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Distance to the beach: 20 meters from housing number 1 and houses, 150 meters from housing number 5, 200 meters from buildings number 4 and 6.


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With sea, heated water, size 50*25 meters. The pool has a different depth. It is open in season (May to October). Pool


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. A modern 28*17 meter heated pool with variable depth, fresh heated water, night lighting, areas
  • Indoor pool: Included for guests residing in the spa (1 hour daily, except check-in and check-out days). Swimming pool can be visited upon prior request.
  • Powerful medical base.
  • The sea air, a salubrious climate, and an own water cure clinic are ideal conditions for recovery.
  • Many places of interest and entertainment in Sochi are nearby


Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included. Adult pool – size 30*12,5 m, depth 0.9 to 2 m, children pool – size 6*6 m, depth 0.7 m, Jacuzzi, Geyser
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Area 167.5 square meters. m, a depth of 0.5 m to 1.75 m. Fresh water, not heated. Operates from June to September. Children up to 3 years old in the pool: Free of charge.
  • Outdoor pool: For a fee. It is heated (25-28 ° C). The size of the pool – 25 * 10 meters (4 lanes). Pool depth – 1.4 meters. Swimming pool work schedule: 9:00-12:00; 12:00-12:00.


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. 2 pools 14*7 meters, fresh water, not heated. Open from June to September.


Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included. A heated pool of about 160 square meters, with fresh water. Open November through May.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. A heated pool about 400 square meters in size, with fresh, heated water. There is a children’s section. Children’s pool: Outdoor
  • Indoor Pool: Included. 940 square meters, 50 meters long, with ionized, fresh, heated water, there are springboards for diving. Located in the det.
  • Beach resort in 5 minutes of leisurely walking
  • The sanatorium has comfortable rooms of 3 *** hotel level.
  • During summer time in the sanatorium regular entertainment events are held
  • Outdoor pool: For an extra fee you can visit the pool of the hotel complex “Pearl” (swimming pool with heated sea water and temperature.
  • A wide range of medical procedures
  • Developed infrastructure sanatorium – in the area stores, cafes, sports fields
  • Near the building is its own equipped beach
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Swimming pool length of 25 meters, the second – the length of 16 meters, there is a children’s section. With sea water, heated.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. A total of 4 outdoor pools on the territory, sea water (pool with waterfall, wave (730 sq.m.), children’s (430 sq.m.) and combined
Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

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