Rest in Sochi in June 2022. Weather and prices

Rest in Sochi in June

Rest with Sochi in June

Do you want to warm up in the southern sun and see the blooming Black Sea coast? Go on holiday to Sochi in June 2022! Find out what the weather is like and if you can swim, how to dress and how much the tours cost.


Air temperature

The beginning of summer in Sochi is very pleasant. The average air temperature is +26 ° C during the day and +19 ° C at night. At the beginning of the month – 3-4 ° C cooler than at the end. The southern sun is very hot and without a good sunscreen you’ll get burnt easily. If you’re exposed to the sun without a hat for a long time you may get a heat stroke.

Air temperature by day and night in June:

When t by day t at night
Early June +24°С +19°С
Middle of June +26°С +21°С
End of June +28°С +23°С

Sergey: “The weather in June was wonderful. No scorching heat, but it was warm. There was rain for a couple of days, which freshened the air and added its colors to the smells of the sea.

Vladislava: “My main goal was a gorgeous tan and crazy beautiful views, which I got. Thanks to the amazing weather and the scorching sun, my tan is like the cover of a magazine.”

Water temperature

Tourists note that the Black Sea in June is transparent and clean. The water temperature of +17 … +21 ° C is not suitable for everyone, but still enough people want to swim. The cool sea water has a significant advantage – in June in Sochi in few jellyfish and no risk to catch rotavirus infection.

Water temperature in June:

When water t
Early June +20°С
Middle of June +23°С
End of June +25°С

Natalia Guro: “We had a lot of swimming, though, more often it was a pool. The sea water was twenty degrees, of course, compared to my home town – sheer milk, but I wanted comfort! We went to the sea to sunbathe”.

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Anastasia: “My son went swimming once, and I let myself swim more often, because +16 … +18 ° C – not for a child, and will do for an adult. If you go, it’s after the tenth of June.

How to dress for the weather

During the day in June in Sochi it is so warm that only light clothing is comfortable. For going to the beach and walking around town stock up on summer shirts, t-shirts, sundresses and shorts. Take several sets, in humid climates washed underwear dries for a long time.

It’s much cooler in the mountains. If you’re going on an excursion to Krasnaya Polyana, take a fleece and a windbreaker. A light jacket is useful for evening promenades by the sea. Well worn athletic shoes, such as sneakers, are better for long walks. Do not forget to put a sun hat and an umbrella in the suitcase.

Precipitation and hurricanes

The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus lies in the humid subtropical zone. Dry weather, as in the Crimea, does not happen here. In June in Sochi there are 23 sunny and 4-8 rainy days. You may expect real summer showers with thunderstorms. If you get caught in the Sochi rain without an umbrella you will be soaked to the skin in a couple of minutes!

Rainfalls may be local or affect the whole coast. There is no slush afterwards. Thanks to the warm southern sun sidewalks and beaches dry up quickly. In June, there are storms on the Black Sea, but such weather deterioration is rare in summer.

June Holidays in Sochi

Sunset on the beach in Sochi (Photo: @bananablackcat /

Tour prices in Sochi in June 2022

A trip in early summer is the last opportunity to save money before the main influx of tourists. Prices for tours to Sochi in June are 10-15% lower than in August.

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The cheapest tours from Moscow for 10 days cost from 20 thousand rubles. They are sold to guest houses and recreation centers. And also in June low prices in Krasnaya Polyana. The Caucasus mountains are very beautiful, but there is no sea nearby! Holidaying in a 3* hotel on the coast costs from 24 thousand rubles. Accommodation in boarding houses, sanatoriums and hotels with meals “all inclusive” will cost from 60 thousand rubles.

Check out the current prices for tours in Sochi in June:

Adler Find tour →
Sochi Find tour →
Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor) Find tour →
Lazarevskoe Find tour →
Loo Find tour →

Rest with children in June

In early summer, the sea is still cold, and the weather is unstable. According to reviews of tourists, on vacation with children is better to go in the second half of June, when the sea is warmer.

Advised to choose for a holiday with children in June, hotels and boarding houses Sochi, which have heated water pools. Even with a child it is convenient to rent an apartment in the city – you can cook on your own. Prices for a studio apartment in June start at 1700 rubles. In neighboring Adler there is lodging cheaper.

What to occupy a child on holiday? In the high season, the beaches of Sochi are full of entertainment – water slides, rides, children’s bike rentals and cars. All the water parks, dolphinariums, oceanariums and amusement parks are open. With older children it is interesting to go on excursions to Vorontsov caves and waterfalls.

June weather in Sochi

Shallow water on the Psezuapse River, Lazarevskoye (Photo: / Vissarion)

Should you celebrate your vacation in June in Sochi?

June in Sochi is a scorching sun, beautiful late sunsets and ripe fruits. It is a perfect time for parents with children, tourists in age and all those who have problems with heart, blood vessels, suffer from lung and bronchial diseases. The humidity is lower than in summer. There is no exhausting heat at the resort, as in July and August.

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The city is buried in luxurious subtropical greenery. In June everything in blooms in Sochi. Vacationers enjoy excursions to Sochi National Park, walks through the famous Yew-Box Grove, Platan Alley, Poetseluevsky Square, Dendrarium, parks “Riviera”, “Southern Cultures” and “Green Planet”.

You should not count on a beach holiday in June! The sun is shining with all its might but the sea is still quite cool. More stable weather – in second half of the month, but also having a rest at this time comes more. The prices for tours are lower than in the peak tourist season, but great savings will not work.

Rest in June in Sochi – official prices for 2022



Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included (one session per day). Indoor swimming pool with fresh heated water, 25*12.5 meters, depth from 1.3 to 2.7 meters. Work


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With seawater, heated, area – 3000 square meters, depth – 1.45 m. For the youngest guests a baby splash pad is available,


Top sellers

  • Indoor Pool: Included in the price – 45 minutes per day. Pre-registration for the pool is required. Size – 26.5*10.7m, depth – 1.2 to 1.6m, by 3 meters.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. The size – 415 square meters, depth – up to 2 meters, not heated, with fresh water, temperature – 24 ° C. Working from May to October. Available at

Choose a suitable hotel according to a hundred parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With seawater, heated water, measuring 50*25 meters. The pool has different depths. It is open in season (May to October). Pool


Top sellers

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Modern 28*17 meter heated pool with variable depth, fresh heated water, night lighting, areas
  • Outdoor Pool: At extra charge. Heated (25-28 ° C). Size of the pool – 25*10 meters (4 lanes). Depth – 1,4 m. Schedule of the pool: 9:00-12:00, 12:00.
  • Beach resort is a 5-minute leisurely walk.
  • The sanatorium has comfortable rooms of 3 *** hotel level.
  • During summer time in a sanatorium entertaining actions are regularly carried out
  • Indoor swimming pool: For an extra charge. Children up to 5 years of age can use the swimming pool free of charge for 1 hour per day if accompanied by a parent and provided with a document certifying the fact that they are children.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Several outdoor pools, not geometrically shaped, about 60-120 square meters in size, there is a children’s section. Swimming pool at enclosure No. 4.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. The size of 27*16 meters with deck chairs and umbrellas (3 levels of depth – 1.4 m, 1.5 m, 1.75 m), with geysers and countercurrent system. Д
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. A two-level heated pool. Large swimming pool (skimmer): size 14*10 meters, temperature 26-28 degrees, depth up to 1.7
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Located in the spa area. Open from 08:00 to 16:00.
  • Outdoor pool: Included in the price. Heated fresh water pool with a children’s section. Open from 08:00 to 20:00.
  • Outdoor Pool: Extra charge (included for Open South rate). Heated (25-28 ° C). The size of the pool is 25*10 meters (4 lanes). Depth – 1
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water, 130 square meters. Working hours: 8:00 to 17:00.
  • Outdoor Pool: Extra charge (included for Open South rate). Heated (25-28 ° C), size – 25 by 10 meters (4 lanes), depth – 1.4 m
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. 25 * 10 meters, heated with fresh water. Working time from 09:00 to 18:00. Water park, which works from June to October.
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Distance to the beach: 600 meters – Main area, 800 meters – Second area, the body of the Sea is on the beach.

Distance to the beach: 600 meters – Main area, 800 meters – Second area, the body of the Sea is on the beach.

  • Outdoor pool: Included in the price. Water is fresh, not heated, there is a children’s section, equipped with sun loungers. Operates in summer.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With sea water, heated (from November 1 to May 1 the pool is not heated), size 16×8 meters, depth of 1.4 meters, there is children’s section.

Our requisites

Information about the company in the register of tour operators (Federal Agency for Tourism) – look

Details: LLC “Booking System Putivka” INN 7725851033 / KPP 770201001 / OGRN 5147746438175 P/s. No. 40702810338000017283, PJSC Sberbank of Russia, Moscow BIK 044525225, C/c. №30101810400000000225 Number in the register of tour operators 014980

Central office in Moscow: 9 Rozhdestvenskiy Blvd. 213 Metro stations (2 minutes walk): Trubnaya or Tsvetnoy Bulvar (travel scheme)

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