Rest with tents at the Black Sea: in campsites and feral camping

Rest in tents at the Black Sea – Map

I promised to tell you about the places where you can come to rest with tents. Naturally, I will not claim to be a complete listing of all places on the Black Sea coast, and list only those where I was personally.

Immediately I say that we will talk only about the coast of Krasnodar, as somewhere in the Crimea with a tent I was only in the Fox Bay. Well, and usually we go to the area from Divnomorsk to Arkhipo-Osipovka, because there is less civilization than in the Sochi area, and the road does not pass near. And you can also go with a tent to the Oka River, if you don’t want to go far from Moscow.

The advantages of a holiday by a camper on the Black Sea

– it is free, or very budgetary, if it is a question about camping – it is possible at any moment to arrive and leave – it is possible to live on the nature, in a pine forest or directly on seashore – much less quantity of people on a beach, than in a city-resort – possibility to sunbathe topless, to someone it is actual – possibility to make a fire and to eat the food prepared on it – silence

Disadvantages of recreation at the sea in tents

– absence of a civilization in the form of a toilet, a shower if it is not about a camping – absence of a store, cafe and other establishments – sometimes absence of water – a call in water usually worse, than on city beaches.

For me the pluses greatly outweigh the minuses, so I prefer a holiday wilderness. And in general it will be necessary to write somehow article about rest with tents because in other way I already do not rest, it seems to me.

Though, if it was a question of civilized rest, I would choose to rent a hotel, instead of private accommodation of summer type (some shacks), when it’s not clear at all what you pay for. If certainly civilization, then normal, and if without it, then certainly better in a tent. Well, in my opinion. In general, if you think about it, I recommend RoomGuru, it can compare hotel prices in all existing booking systems. Not only the largest hotel database turns out, but prices from different bookings can be 1.5-2 times different.

Map of places for recreation at sea in tents

You can zoom in and look at the satellite map, the place is specified accurately. Places between Praskoveyevka and Divnomorsk are the most used for me.

List of places from west to east


In 2015 has visited Kabardinka and something there to me has not liked at all in the sense of wild rest. I have visited Camping Parus and it is nothing, they say, it is much better in Camping Mozhzhevelovaya Grove, but I have passed it, therefore I do not know as there is inside, but it is directly in a city and from the sea through the main street. Doubtful somehow.

Near the Pine Grove campsite.

The place I like best is near the campsite Pine Grove (there’s also the Blue Abyss campsite nearby, I mix them up all the time), as they’ve now made more or less good stairs for descending from the mountain to the wild beach, and because there’s a creek with fresh water. On one bank of the creek there is a camping site, and on the other a glade where you can stand for free. To Divnomorsk walk no more than an hour, on a good road. On foot it is most convenient to get. And as experience has shown in 2011 there is also possible to approach by car.

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Tents in pizza pine trees Surrounded by pizza pine trees Pillow from the needles of pizza pine Stairs near Pine Grove campsite

Between Sosnovaya Grove and Dzhankhot

If to go from a camping Sosnovaya Grove aside Dzhankhot there is one more place for camping, with water there is worse, in the spring it was, in the summer I do not know. And also here on the road will be still camping the Blue abyss, there too it is possible to stop.

Between Dzhankhot and Praskoveyevka

The following camping sites are located between Dzhankhot and Praskoveevka. There are about 3 stops there.

The first stop is located 30 minutes walk along the beach, then another one in 10 minutes. At the second there is water – a brook, which flows and in the summer, a good choice. There used to live Robinson, a local bum, a lover of vacationing with a tent on the sea. Not so long ago he was expelled. The third parking lot is another 20 minutes walk.

Between Krynitsa and Betta

Wild beaches Krinitsa, go along the coast in the direction of Betta, and there is a good field with a forest, where you can stand, but no water. True, and to the village is close to the asphalt, 20-30 minutes.

Rest on the Black Sea in tents. Krinitsa. Wild beach Krinitsa

Camping “Coon Arhipo-Osipovka”.

Camping Coon is on the right from Arkhipo-Osipovka. Not a wild place, and camping, but also good. In the same area still pieces 5 campsites near, including known to many camping Nazarova Dacha, and also some wild camping where it is possible to drive up by the car. Actually all the right side (if to stand facing the sea) are campings and wild places, there is a choice. Moreover, you can pitch a tent not at the campsite, but go down to the sea where the campsite is. There are several slopes there.

Our camp at the camping Here is how the descent to the sea looks like Wild beaches of Black sea

Kiseleva rock

Kiseleva Rock, is located a little bit before reaching Tuapse. The most beautiful place, but popular in summer. There is a place to put the car, good beaches, a stunning rock, fresh water is questionable. Here here in more detail about it – the Rock of Kiseleva

Kiseleva rock - view from above The Rock of Kiseleva. Near Tuapse.

Camping in Asha

After Tuapse all coastal strip is strongly built up and is not suitable for wild recreation at sea in tents. But there are camping sites. We liked one of them very much, it’s a camping in Asha, near the river. More precisely there are 2 campsites – one between asphalt and the railway track, and the second right on the seashore, 50 meters away, such a rare thing. Here I recommend coastal, a pity only in it there is not enough place – a camping in Ashe.

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Camping in Asha. View from a tent.

Taman Peninsula

I would like to tell separately about places on the Taman Peninsula, where we were in 2011. I do not know if they are suitable for a long vacation, but by car it was very cool to go there. The most important thing is very few people. But the sea there is specific. Photos and the story here – Martian landscapes of the Taman Peninsula.

The last bastion of civilization near Cape Tuzla Taman gray sea

If you’re already going to the sea in camping or just with a tent look generalized list of things, will come in handy.

P.S.That’s all about rest on the Black Sea wilderness. Is there anything to add? Write in the comments!

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Camping in the south of Russia: choose where to go.

Tent. For some people it’s nostalgia for old hikes, others want to try new things, and some just get high from being one with nature. In addition, it is budget-friendly.

And modern camping gadgets make life easier for the hiker. You’ve got lightweight, stable tents, solar-powered batteries, and gas burners. Let’s face it, in the 21st century it’s easier to live in nature. Equipped campsites are a feast for the eyes: plugs, showers, toilets, and wi-fi. Let’s understand, where to go for such a life in the south of Russia.

Somewhere in the Crimea. Photo: Laushkin

The average price for a day in an equipped campsite is 200-300 ₽ per person. Sometimes they charge for renting a place for a tent, at autocamping sites you have to pay for a car place, and it doesn’t matter how many people are there.

The site has electricity, water, a common toilet and shower, sometimes there is a playground, cafe and even a sauna.

Before you go on your trip

  • Find out if it’s easy to get to the place you’re going to with your tent. For example, in the Crimea at Cape Meganom no roads from the word “at all”, there are broken dirt roads. If you’re on a cross-country vehicle – fine, if you think to get on foot – also will do. But a modest low “small car” is unlikely to get there.
  • If you want to rest wild, find out whether it’s possible to pitch a tent there. Otherwise, you may pitch, say, in Bolshoi Utrish, and while lying on the sand, the police will come, fine you and expel you. Because the reserve – forbidden. Or you’ll “roll the bones” in the Crimea on the west coast in the wrong place, and it’s almost the border with Ukraine, and border guards will not tell you anything good either.
  • Find out how you have to live. If it is a campsite – what benefits of a civilization there? And is it possible to make a fire (though it’s always better to use a gas burner, otherwise what if anything)? Is there any firewood? – There is no firewood on Meganom, because there are no trees. What about fresh water? Where are the nearest settlements to buy food and ask for help? The answers to these questions are the key to safety.
  • Read reviews about camping or tent camping. At such rest expect the standard dangers: drunken companies, nudists and lowbrow music, which “enjoys” the whole camp.
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With a tent in the Krasnodar region.

Camping in the Black Sea is well equipped, everywhere there is a convenient access and parking lots. But it’s not so easy to make a holiday here – the whole coast is built and populated, especially closer to Sochi.

Blagoveshchenskaya Station and Bugasskaya Spit

For kite and windsurfing. Winds blow here, so it’s a great place to get up on a board and sail. On the spit is quiet, the beach sand and shells, sometimes you can see dolphins.

Here the dunes are towering, but there is no shade at all – take a tent with you. With the tent it is better to leave far away, so there will be less neighbors. There is an equipped camp “Eden”. But the main disadvantage of the spit – the garbage, which no one cleans up.

Anapa and surroundings

Shallow water for kids, entertainment for adults. Very good in Anapa sea for recreation with children, and close to dolphinariums, water parks and other partying.

Simply with a tent you will not get up, it’s crowded, but there are steep camps, for example, “the Fabulous forest”. The owners have taken the job seriously, including barbecues, a pool, swings, and hammocks, and even horseback riding. And you can pitch your tent among the trees-an escape from the sun.

Similar campsites are in Sukko and Dzhemete. In Anapa – all for children!

Big and Small Utrish

Rest in the protected area. Careless stand here is categorically impossible. Otherwise, the place is secluded and quiet – a clean sea, pebble beaches and relict forests, pine and juniper groves – to the delight of the lungs and bronchi. The camping in Bolshoi Utrish is called “Utrish wave”, in Maloye Utrish – “Juniper Paradise”.

At Small Utrish.


There are several campsites in Kabardinka, but Scala Glamping stands out. It’s a glamping, that is, a campsite for those who like comfort and pics in Instagram.

It’s perched on a rock outcrop above the sea, and the tents are quirky. It’s a hotel – there’s a bed and electricity inside, and a table and chairs on a wooden platform in front. The guys have bike rentals and a panoramic restaurant and trailer park, and everything you need for cool hipster photos.

They hold weddings and yoga tours, and pets (up to 35 cm in withers. Larger ones are not so welcome) are always welcome. If your corgi wants to go to the sea – go straight to Scala.


There are camps near the Gelendzhik Bay, in Divnomorskoye and near Arkhipo-Osipovka. But the most tsimmes here is the tract Blue Abyss. That’s where the beauty!

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There is a camping on top of the rock, but everyone prefers to settle “wild”. A stony beach, the water is transparent, emerald azure, and around pizunde pines is a balm for a man tired of civilization.

In the Blue Abyss

Tuapse area.

Camping place. There are guest houses here as well, but historically, people come to this region with tents. The most iconic place for a wild vacation is Kiseleva rock with clear sea and pebble beach. It’s important to bring supplies of water and provisions, as it’s not far to get there. If you put a tent on the beach, be prepared to be baked in the sun all day: the coast looks south.

Here with a wild vacation will not work: every square meter of coast occupied by tourists. Do you remember the photo with packs of seals on the beach? What a tent is there.

But if you want very much, you should move forward to the border with Abkhazia. There is autocamping “Olga” in Lower Imereti Bay, near the mouth of the Psou River.

Advantages: infrastructure is 2 km away (Magnit) and the sea is nearby. But there is no shade and pleasant greenery – you need a tent.

The Crimea and a tent are created for each other. In the steepest places for camping – cape Tarkhankut or cape Meganom, it is difficult to reach. Except dirt roads, there are no other roads, so take care of a good SUV.

West coast

Cape Tarkhankut and the village Olenevka are camping legends. In May here the poppies bloom, and in June on the rocks warm crabs. In general, azure Karadzhinskaya bay – a picturesque place. True, there is no vegetation here, just rocks. And the sun burns mercilessly: without a tent and a water supply is impossible to do without, the wind blows all the time. But the beach in Olenevka called “Miami”, and for good reason – the water is cleaner and the sand whiter just does not happen, and the views of the sea and the lighthouse will steal your heart. You can stay at the new camping sites Olenevka Vilage or Sunset.

View of Tarkhankutsky lighthouse

Slightly farther towards Evpatoria, there is also a decent place for a tent, the Kosa Belyaus. These beaches are called “Crimean Maldives,” so that from Miami to the Maldives actually can be reached in an hour by car. Miracles of teleportation, no otherwise. The people here are minimal, the beach is sandy-shell and there are plenty of fish, shrimp and mussels in the sea. Here for free you can get up with a tent and do not deny yourself anything, except crabs. Border guards patrol and check fishermen – it is strictly forbidden to catch crab.

Southern coast of Crimea.

Not the most popular place in terms of camping, but, as they say, you have to know the place. Here are a couple:

  • The Laspi Bay is 40 km away from Sevastopol. Besides the fabulous paintings it is the warmest in the South Coast: there are neither winds nor cold currents. On beaches – fine pebbles, around – pine and juniper groves. And also there is a bright underwater world, which means great diving. Camps are at the top of the cliff, you have to go down to the sea. And then go up, if not climb, it’s not the best solution for a vacation with children. In Laspi there is an equipped camp “Herakleia”, but to stand there you will not get a wilderness camp.
  • As an alternative – the wild beach of figs behind Balaklava bay on cape Aya. As picturesque as in Laspi, only the coast here is strongly indented, and everywhere a lot of secluded little coves, some only with a place for a tent. There is also an equipped camp “Fig”, which took care of good communications, cuisine and even the organization of excursions and activities.
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East coast

Here is where camping lovers can turn around. The coast isn’t heavily built up, with lots of hidden spots. Here mostly go savage, though there are also camping sites. To the east of Crimea flock yogis, artists, Buddhists, non-formalists and other free-thinking citizens. Here are the most famous destinations:

  • General’s beaches 12 km from Kerch, widely known in narrow circles. Between the villages of Golden and Kurortny – 30 km of silence and soft sand. This Azov Sea, shallow and warm, and the shore is cut with secluded bays – put a tent but live. The landscapes take your breath away even after a couple of weeks of rest, and the air softly smells of herbs. Paradise? Paradise. But you can drive up there by car with high ground clearance and a solid suspension, and there is no infrastructure. Oneness with nature as it is.
  • Cape Meganom. There are a lot of legends connected with it, it is considered to be a place of power and one of the points of communication with the Cosmos. So be prepared that the neighbors will be informals of all stripes, they even have their own open-air temple, the Temple of the Sun. But the water is wonderful: clean and azure, and the dolphins often come to the shore. There is not a single tree and strong winds blow, so it is worth taking care of the tent and water. But the opportunity to let the vibrations of the universe through itself outweighs these inconveniences.
  • Fox Bay between Sudak and Koktebel. There is no wind, the water is warm, sand and grass. In the season in the bay acquires infrastructure – there are toilets, cafes and stores. Settle here the savage, and as a whole it too a place of attraction of informals. True, instead of yogis and Buddhists here are nudists. If this is your topic – you are in Lisya.

Traveling through the south of Russia with a tent is not such a bad idea. It is budget and romantic. The culture of camping is evolving, and now it’s not “ew, sleep on the ground and don’t wash,” but just another form of vacation. Often cooler than a fancy hotel.

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