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Reviews Reviews of vacations in Portugal

Read tourist reviews of holidays in Portugal in 2021. What do they write about the weather, hotels, beaches, attractions and seaside resorts? Pluses and minuses of holidays in Portugal in 2022. Tips from tourists.

Reviews about the weather in Portugal.

Portugal is located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, in a zone of subtropical Mediterranean climate. At any time of the year, the weather here is mild, with no sharp fluctuations in temperature. There is a big influx of tourists on Catholic Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Many people like to travel in Portugal in the spring.

Beach holidays in Portugal begins in late May and ends in mid-September. All this time is moderately hot weather. The temperature is +28. +30 ° C, and sea water +22. +23°С. According to tourists, the rains in summer in Portugal – a rarity.

The velvet season is short. In reviews, tourists write that in September in Portugal the weather is already autumn. The ocean cools down quickly. The bathing season lasts only until the middle of the month. In October, the rains increase, cold winds come, and the off-season begins. However, it does not affect surfers. Thanks to the big waves and steady winds, fans of ride come to the coast at any time of year.

Veronica: “In March, I was amazed by the weather. The difference between night and day temperature is not very great +12. +15°С. The sea +19 ° C, although at this time in Sochi is still +10 ° C.”

Maria Makarova: “The country greeted me in May with sunny weather. I packed an umbrella, a raincoat, but they were not useful to me”.

Reviews of Portuguese beaches

Nazare, Portugal. Photo: Magda B /

Hotel reviews

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The hotel base of Portugal is very high level. Hotels 2-3* are not much inferior to luxury 4-5* hotels. Accommodation on the coast in summer must be booked in advance. But in the late fall, winter and early spring the hoteliers attract customers with big discounts.

To rest in Portugal in 2022 will not disappoint, study the reviews of tourists about hotels and choose the right one. Here are some good hotels:

Natalia : “The Central Family Palace Hotel is a beautiful and atmospheric building, great interiors. The room is big and has high ceilings.

Dmitry : “Dom Henrique Downtown 4* is a good hotel. Not too far from the city center, easy to get to from the train station. On the 17th floor there’s a bar/restaurant with a panoramic view.

Alexander : “Hotel HF Fenix Music 3*. Walking distance to the metro and buses to everywhere in the city. The room is very clean and laconic. Nothing too much.”

Hotel reviews in Portugal

In the Azores, cool accommodation is particularly cheap. For example, on the island of San Miguel, our editor in chief Alexey Sinitsyn rented a huge house with five bedrooms and beautiful interior for only 5000 rubles a day.

Reviews about the beaches and the sea

Portuguese beaches are municipal – you can rest on the coast for free. Rent a deckchair and a sun umbrella costs 8€ per day.

The resorts of the Lisbon Riviera are famous for their fine, clean sand. The best beaches on the mainland are Caxias, Carcavelos, Paço de Arcos, Santo Amaro de Oeiras, Torre, Parede, Avencas, Bafureira, São Pedro do Estoril, Azarujinha, Poça, Tamariz, Moitas, Conceição, Rainha, Ribeira, Guincho and Costa da Caparica.

Madeira has about 25 artificial or pebble beaches. There are small stretches of coastline with black and yellow sand. Holidaymakers like the beaches of Prainha, Porto do Seixal, Machico, Calheta, Ponto da Cruz and Formoza.

a12663: “There are 4 beaches near Vila Nova de Milfontes. Two are on the banks of the river Odomira. There’s no wind and it’s warmer than the beaches by the ocean.”

Kseniia Shubina: “In my opinion, the most interesting beaches in Madeira are the black sand beaches of Pranha and Porto do Seixal.

Guide to the Azores: map, description, lots of photos

Natalia: “In Madeira we were most impressed by the local beaches. Here you can walk along the coast for a long time and choose any one you like. They are just gorgeous.”

Reviews Reviews of vacations in Portugal

Cascais. Photo: CALIN STAN /

Algarve: Tourist reviews

What impressions have left the Algarve resorts? According to tourist reviews, the southern coast of Portugal is excellent for a beach holiday. A continuous strip of sandy beaches stretches for 150 km.

Unicorn E.: “Blue sky, blue ocean, bright sand. And there was a feeling of endless happiness.”

Tiger2019 in the ambush: “You are always surrounded by warmth. The ocean is gentle and warm, but sometimes it gets stormy.”

Holiday reviews in Portugal Algarve

São Rafael beach in Albufeiro, a coastal town in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. Photo: @danielcgold /

Lagos: reviews by tourists

The city and seaport in southern Portugal is known for ancient Roman and medieval sites, ancient wineries and sandy beaches. According to tourist reviews, holidays in Lagos are convenient to combine with excursions.

AlexUA: “I prefer the old town. In its favor – about the same distance from the city beaches, a beautiful center of Lagos and the evening promenade on the waterfront.

Leisure reviews in Lagos Portugal

Lagos. Photo: Jade Stephens /

Madeira: Tourist reviews

According to reviews, holidays in Madeira choose active tourists, lovers of silence, relaxation, wonderful nature and sea fishing. Those who at least once visited the Portuguese archipelago, forever fall in love with these picturesque places.

Irina Shashkova: “Madeira is full of strength and energy, buried in greenery and splashing with waterfalls. It’s incredibly beautiful, the coasts are impregnable, and only in some places there are cozy bays.

zhnec: “It was amazing for me to see whales and dolphins early in the morning right from my hotel balcony.

Reviews of holidays in Madeira in Portugal

Madeira’s rocky coastline (Photo: / @republica)

Lisbon: tourist reviews

Europe’s westernmost capital attracts travelers from all over the world. According to tourist reviews, Lisbon stands out for its colorful architecture, historical monuments and excellent beaches.

Check out this beautifully poetic video about Lisbon – it captures the atmosphere of the city very well. You can tell it was an artist, not a narcissistic youtuber.

Ana spiridonova: “I really like the rhythm of life. The locals don’t rush anywhere. As friends told us, the Portuguese have a rule – no more than one thing a day.

Finna: “The magic of Lisbon works even from a distance. The plane was still coming in for a landing, but it was already clear that this was something interesting and beautiful.

Reviews of Lisbon

Alfama Quarter in Lisbon (Photo: / @liammckay)

Tourist reviews of attractions in Portugal

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One of the oldest European states is famous for its rich historical heritage. People come to Portugal to see the Roman aqueducts, medieval cities, ancient forts, castles, churches and palaces. Among the vacationers are popular Port Wine Museum and Botanical Gardens in Porto, the oceanarium and cable car Gloria in Lisbon, as well as the Western Cape of Europe – Roca.

To plan a vacation in Portugal in 2022, read tourist reviews about the attractions.

Svetlana N: “A beautiful place for hiking is Algar Seco. Tasty beer, fish dishes, and gorgeous views of the sea.”

sokolalene: “The Caldeirao Verde Levada is a very beautiful trail. Greens, trees like from an enchanted forest, tunnels, stunningly beautiful mountains and waterfalls.”

GreyMouse: “Special mention should be made of the famous Lisbon streetcars, which are definitely worth a ride.”

Reviews Reviews of vacations in Portugal

Cape Rock (Photo: / @ipanasenko)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Portugal

In terms of tourist traffic, Portugal ranks 5th in Europe. The country attracts travelers with picturesque landscapes, historical monuments and beautiful sea. According to the reviews of tourists, Portugal leaves the most pleasant impression.

The advantages of a holiday in Portugal in 2022:

  • Mild climate.
  • Excellent beaches in the mainland and the islands.
  • Great opportunities for water sports.
  • Excellent hotels.
  • High level of service.
  • Good shopping.
  • Architectural sites.
  • Interesting excursions.
  • Delicious cuisine.
  • Well-appointed coastal areas.
  • Clean sea.
Holidays in Madeira: beaches and what to see

Kotten : “Incredibly cool salty ocean air, and generally the proximity of the ocean is very inspiring.

Cons :

  • You need a visa.
  • Between Russia and Portugal there are no regular direct flights.
  • Expensive vacation.

Ylitka: “Accommodation in Lisbon is not cheap. It’s much more expensive if you compare with the same Spain. It is almost impossible to book a good apartment in the high season.

Reviews Reviews of vacations in Portugal

Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon (Photo: / @amandayeung)

The nuances of holidays in Portugal and tourist tips

According to tourist reviews, not everyone likes a beach holiday in Portugal. Along the western coasts of the country passes the cool Canary Current, so the water temperature in the continental resorts rarely rises above +20 ° C. If you are going on a trip with children, choose Madeira or resorts in southern Portugal. There the sea warms up to +23 ° C.

Portugal observes the traditional siesta in southern Europe. From 12:00 to 15:00, many stores, restaurants and cafes are closed for the day.

Banks are open on weekdays from 8:30 to 15:00. Multibanco ATMs are open around the clock.

The Portuguese are devout Catholics. On Sundays they attend church masses, so most establishments do not work in the morning.

Olga_Steam: “Guys, I’m not exaggerating – the city was empty! Well, I mean really – no one. And the shops-restaurants are closed.

The sidewalks in Portuguese cities are covered with paving stones. For walks it is more convenient to wear athletic shoes.

If you are planning a trip in the cold season, find out in advance about the heating in the hotel. Many hotels and apartments have no heating, so the temperature inside does not rise above +12. +15°С.

Portugal – reviews of tourists

Portugal is not the most popular country for tourists, but at the same time there are a lot of interesting things to see. For example I would suggest to visit and walk around the neighborhood of Lisbon, the capital of the country. The city itself is very green. It’s full of eucalyptus trees, pine trees and maquis (a kind of shrubbery). When I was in Portugal, I first of all visited the castle of St. George, then went to see the cathedrals and monasteries. Separately, I want to say that the monasteries in Portugal, well, very lush and breathtaking!

I honestly am even surprised that in Portugal, such a high level of health care that I did not even saw a single sneeze or just sick.

Positive Reviews

I fell in love with this country! I stayed with friends in Portugal in the town of Sinis.Amazing country,amazing architecture.These white houses with orange roofs. These narrow streets. The smell of coffee in cafes. What a beauty. Locals are very friendly and kind to some childish naive)))) But this is just to adorn them))).The city is very quiet.No turmoil and bustle.If you want a break from the cramped big city and the noise, then you just in Portugal.And what air here. In Portugal, a lot of eucalyptus forests, in cloudy weather, the smell of eucalyptus everywhere))))) They have excellent cuisine. I love grilled sardine.In late June, it is particularly juicy and costs 3-4 times more expensive than usual. It’s so delicious to put fried, fat sardine on Alitenjan bread with fresh salad, grilled peppers and wash it all down with cold green wine. Just for that you should come back to Portugal! ))))))))))


  • rich culture and history
  • delicious national cuisine
  • low prices
  • friendly locals
  • diverse nature
  • warm climate

Went to Portugal this summer in July.

Always wanted to go, but somehow it did not work. And now finally! A miracle happened!

At the beginning of July my friend and I went to Porto! Incredibly beautiful city: old buildings, small streets, very stylish-looking trolley-buses. We stayed in a hostel, which was right in the center of Porto, next to the main square.

The most important thing in Portugal is the food! The food there is excellent! I don’t eat fish (which is what Portuguese people brag about), but I found many alternatives, and even managed to try bacalhau).

Beach holidays in Portugal - 2022. Where is better

The people are friendly, sociable, cheerful. Not really speak English, which was sometimes a problem, but it didn’t make the experience any less positive.

We also had a chance to go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. (The water is eerily cold, so beware! ).

The impressions are only the best!


  • delicious national cuisine
  • friendly locals
  • diverse nature

The charm of Portugal is difficult to describe in words. You have to see and feel it.

The country stretches 500 km along the Atlantic coast from south to north, and as you travel around the country you can see the changes in nature. From the hot parched plains of Faro in the south to the humid forested mountains north of Porto. The ocean is also changing. Calm, warm and friendly on the south coast and rough and cold closer to the north on the west coast.

The Portuguese are very friendly and welcoming. The price level is low compared to central European countries. Portuguese cuisine will appeal to the Russian person. Large selection of meat and fish dishes. As a side dish, the Portuguese mainly prefer potatoes and rice. All very tasty and inexpensive. Lovers of seafood will find many restaurants with all sorts of seafood. Among the shopping can be recommended to pay attention to the Portuguese silver.

Seeing the architectural sights be prepared for a sharply pronounced relief in the Portuguese cities.

I can say that a trip to Portugal is a fascinating mix of nature, people and sights. Will definitely go back there again!


  • low prices
  • diverse nature
  • warm climate


  • Wonderful country for a vacation at any time of the year.
  • Very incomprehensible and bad public transportation.

Holidays in Portugal are great. The diversity of cultures and national colors create a great atmosphere for a holiday. In the north of Portugal you will find beautiful landscapes, in the center you can enjoy the architecture and in the south – the ocean, lots of holidays, sunshine and much more.


For a very long time we were going to Portugal, but somehow it did not add up. And for nothing! Why not? Because Portugal is incredibly beautiful. But first things first.

After flying to Madrid, rented a car and drove to the border with Portugal. I should warn you that there is a strange system of paying for roads. It is necessary to have an account on the internet, link to it a card that will be charged. So, we drove to the border. No, the beauty did not start immediately. And when it did, there was so much, well, so much.

I know people who were not impressed with Portugal. That’s a shame. I’m such a big fan of the narrow streets, the songs with the guitar, the noise of the ocean, the worn-out antiquity. Yes, it’s not the cleanest country in the world, also in need of restoration. More precisely, the houses need repair. But in this dilapidation is the beauty. The azulejos alone are worth nothing. Poured tiles, in our words. Tiles, that is, to put it simply. It’s like a painting on a house.

And the food, it’s incredibly delicious. Sardines are the calling card of Portugal. So I recommend eating them. Lots of them with the local wine. If I still ate sausages, it would only be there, well, okay, in Spain too.

About the people I want to talk too. First of all, the Portuguese are insanely beautiful. Of course, if you like tall, swarthy, white-toothed, curly-haired men. The women are good too. But I’m less interested in them. Plus the Portuguese are also incredibly friendly. It’s a real pleasure to talk to them.

What can I tell you about nature? The ocean, the rocks, the palm trees, everything is there. Perhaps, such beautiful beaches I have not seen anywhere else.

Cities and similar to each other and different at the same time. Depending on whether you like noise (Alufeira, Lisbon) or silence (Cascais) you will find a place to your liking.

Visa to Portugal for Russians - 2022. How to get it yourself

All I can say is: “Go and see for yourself! “

I was in Portugal in November 2016, I took an excursion tour to have time to experience the real Portugal. To say that I am delighted, nothing to say. And this is the feeling all tourists had. If you ignore the ruined buildings (this is a feature of the law, when you can not touch the building, even if the owner is not declared for 25 years). There you can come across a beautifully renovated facade right next to a dilapidated section of a building.

But all this is absolutely not embarrassing, there is a special flavor to it.

In November the weather was unstable, with occasional light rains. It was so interesting that little things like weather were not embarrassing.

The feelings one experiences in Portugal: surprise, joy, delight, pleasure, a desire to return. It is an absolute reset for a resident of a metropolis. It’s another world, everything seems to be the same, but not so. I had the impression that I was on the set of a historical film. Castles of kings, Templars, magnificent churches, stunning nature (in November, lots of flowering plants), great food, generous portions, wine. In Portugal, 80% of the plants are imported from other countries. That’s why it’s so eclectic, it’s mind-blowing! There are wonderful souvenirs, a lot of handmade embroideries by local masters, beautiful textiles, the famous cork. I bought my shoes, put them on immediately, and walked there the whole time. These are some of my favorite pairs of shoes now, very comfortable and fashionable.

Now I dream of vacationing in Madeira. According to the stories of guides there is eternal spring and summer, the ocean and fruits.

The tour is not cheap, but it’s worth it. Oh, and the important thing: you feel safe there.

I’ll tell you about a small beach town in Portugal, Nazare, on the coast of the ocean. We have vacationed there several times, last time in the summer of 2014.

You should go here if you are not looking for a luxury vacation. Everything is easy here: crowded, noisy, but colorful. In August I do not advise – this month of vacations in Portugal, it is better to the middle of June or in September. There’s no need to book anything – there are women sitting everywhere with plates Rooms, offering accommodation in the private sector or mini-hotels. There is accommodation for every taste, with or without a kitchen, for families and companies. The women get a percentage for each place, so they are happy to help find and place. Lodging is better to choose in the lower part of town, near the beach. The price of housing varies – from 30 euros a day.

There is also an upper town. You can go up there in a trailer that goes on rails. The ticket there and back costs 1.1 euros for an adult.

At the top there is a church, a lighthouse, and a bullfighting field. (in Portuguese touradas). Do not miss this opportunity! The ticket costs from 10 to 40 euros. I advise you to buy the cheapest ticket because the stadium is never full and there are many empty seats even in the front rows.

The city stinks of fish. The market sells the freshest fish. In Nazaré I had my first taste of octopus, shrimp, and lobster. We cooked our own lunch! And for dinner we went to restaurants – we chose the national cuisine. It’s hard to praise Portuguese cuisine too much. The food here is nourishing, delicious and plentiful! Do not forget about the grape wines.

The town stretches along the beach, everything is close by, you don’t need a car, and good! Because the lack of parking is a problem in Nazareth!

Portugal is a fabulous country! We went there from Madrid. At the border of Spain and Portugal we hit Bahados. We had never seen such a ruined city. It was as if a war had just ended.

Madeira: How to get there cheaply

The country lives on fish, tourism, port and the ceramic tiles it produces. But there are amazing things there, like the magnificent oceanarium in Lisbon, where the fish swim right behind the glass.

In the aquarium you can see about forty percent of the fish that live in that part of the world’s oceans. It’s an unforgettable spectacle when, for example, a stonefish, a huge one, three meters in length, swims past you. It feels like it’s at least three thousand years old.

We also visited a winery. There aren’t many people working there, and the wine is made in big iron vats.

In the local cafes and restaurants, it was all seafood. Everything we ate was fresh and cheap. In Russia you cannot find seafood of such quality.

And there are very few souvenir shops and simple stores in the city. It was getting to the absurd. We ran out of drinking water in the place we stayed, so we had to go to a store at the other end of the city to buy a few bottles.

Hello! We visited this beautiful country last summer. I want to say that we really liked it. The vacation we had a relatively low cost compared to other European countries. In Portugal, a lot of castles that have been preserved since the time of the kings. Particularly impressed by the castle of St. George. I recommend visiting it. It is also worth to spend a day in Lisbon zoo, which simply amazed you with its scale. Be sure to try the Lisbon oceanarium, it is considered the best in Europe. There are all the inhabitants of the ocean. Particularly impressed with the white shark. The beaches in Portugal are clean and sandy, but the water is cold. But it’s not a problem because you can go to Algavres, there is very warm and the water is just tea. Board to visit the casino, next to the casino is a fountain with a movie show. It is very nice. There are huge shopping centers in Portugal, where you can buy things, relatively inexpensive. I advise this country, you will not regret it, because there are really many historical monuments.

Finally, my dream came true in May we visited Portugal. We stayed in the beautiful town of Leiria. I was struck by a variety of beautiful flowers and palm trees and oranges and lemons on the branches. Houses are buried in flowers, variety of decorations pleasing to the eye.

In Leiria there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat and drink. Portions are large and the price is 14 euros for two people. First you will be served bread, cheese, butter and a variety of pâtés from Sardinia and Tuna. Then comes the main course and side dish – meat or fish, depending on your tastes. For dessert you can order ice cream or fruit.

In one of the sunny days, we decided to visit the monastery Batalha, which is located not far from Leiria. It is one of the examples of medieval architecture in Portugal. The beauty of the monastery cannot be described in two words. This beautiful sculptures, very fine carving of the windows, thick columns, tracery arches, everything reminds of the greatness and power of those times.

We also visited the famous Fatima Temple, it is a Catholic temple. Although we are not catholic in religion, but we attended mass. There is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the temple.

And finally we saw the ocean, unfortunately in early May, the ocean greeted us with a cold piercing wind and large waves. Unfortunately to sit on the ocean is quite cold, so we went to a cafe on the ocean and admired the ocean from the cafe window.

In the cafe we ordered the famous Portuguese pastel de nata. Pastel de nata has an ancient history, and the Arabs introduced it to the Portuguese. This is incredibly delicious.

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