Reviews of tourists in Rome. Tips for vacations – 2022

Reviews of tourists in Rome. Tips for vacations – 2022

Rome – always be on the lookout. Second time in Rome, flew in from Cyprus (permanent mzh). Those who want to visit the capital and save on travel by public transport, I immediately recommend to study the specifics. To understand where to buy tickets, how to use, pay fines, etc.. I say at once, it’s cheaper and more convenient to take an Uber or any other cab, so as to avoid problems and incomprehensible penalties. Italians, as well as any gypsies trying to cheat everywhere (got used to it living on the island). Always check the bill in a restaurant, etc. I repeat, have long been accustomed to such service, and could not normally rest and relax.

  • Go on excursions.

A lot of historical sites, art, religious values Huge problems with transport at night (including cabs). Little information about the possibility of buying tickets for public transport, as well as shuttle service to the airport. Terrible service from Bookings. We had a late check-in, which we mentioned to Bookings office repeatedly. Late check-in was exacerbated by weather conditions and the plane landed significantly late. As a result, we ended up at the point of settlement at 3am in the rain. The owner of the apartment in Rome, The Old Civetta of Trastevere, was unable to automatically open the doors due to a broken auto shutter. When asked by Bucking “did we check in?”, a negative answer was sent, after which Bucking posted that we had refused to check in and would have a fine. No technical or other accompaniment or support was provided. So we ended up spending the night in the rain without the provision of already paid for reserved lodging (((((((

  • Go on excursions.

Vacation at Villa Borghese in Rome! Not so long ago ended the oy vacation that I had the great pleasure of spending this year in Rome. After Moscow I can say that I liked it madly, there is something fascinating in this city, something real and ancient at the same time. I saw a lot and visited every place that I had the opportunity to visit, so it gives me the great pleasure to share my impressions. I fell into a special relaxation as I strolled through the shady parks to the Villa

How to get from Rome to Civitavecchia - all ways

I got the impression that people on the trip to Rome, and thought only about food. Even the man with the pizza, which the seagull took away. they felt sorry for. Of course the city is not perfectly clean, but it is worth looking at the beauty around you, not the trash cans.

  • Go on excursions.

The Appian Way in Rome impressed me! What I remember most about Rome was this trip along the Appian Way, “the queen of all roads.” I will remember this hike for many years, although I had no idea that it could make such a deep impression on me. For me, it is an unusual place for Rome, paved with large gray stones, on which, in some places, there are traces of those ancient wheels. Along the way, I saw ancient tombs, beautiful columns, all reeking of some mystery, a place of

The beauty In Rome was only once and I have a lot of impressions from this city. In fact I am amazed as people in ancient Rome lived, because it imposes to us all the ancient centuries, wherever you look there are architectural sights from which you can’t hide anywhere. I found this arch just walking around Rome with my lover. From afar it can be unclear that you approach such a beautiful site, because it stands on an open area, but by the number of people you can tell at once that all the same

I was disappointed with almost everything, the food, the service, the preservation of attractions, garbage, cheeky sticky peddlers.

A week in Rome was a wasted time. I wanted to run away on the second day. Where have we got – the only thought that does not leave my head.

On the second day the phone was stolen in the subway on the line between Termini and Spagna. We had a mini safe in a miserable hotel and all valuables was left there.

Before that we were twice in northern Italy, Rappalo, Portafino, San Frutozzo – heaven and earth. This is a different Italy, where you want to go back.

And I fell for the fishing rod, just read the rave reviews with ratings of 9-10 and did not notice a rating of less than 6. I should have.

Ok – nice, the evening spent near the Castle of Angels and the evening Vatican City – St. Peter’s Square.

How to get from Rome to Napoli - all ways ...

PS . All the beautiful things in Rome, almost everything belongs to the Vatican, protected and preserved by it, so if someone reminds me of well-kept Papal villas Gardens, Parks and Churches – I immediately say – and Rome is not involved?

It’s true. We have visited Italy 5 times, but Rome was very unpleasantly surprised. Now it is just the second day of our stay, and already want to run away from here.

Unusual Rome – the places where tourists do not reach Rome is one of the richest in the sights of the city. Here are well known to all of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain. But in every city there are no less interesting places that tourists know nothing about. So if you have already fulfilled your “must have” list, we suggest you get to know Rome as other travelers do not know it.

“Talking Statues” The eternal city is famous for its magnificent sculptures created by the greatest masters. But Rome is also home to some of the less noteworthy

Good afternoon everyone. if you have chosen Rome for your trip – congratulations! There are so many epithets to describe Rome and it’s not enough. Rome is an open air museum. I agree with those who were not impressed by it, because probably they have not worked out a plan for visits and sightseeing programs, you just need to prepare yourself for the meeting with Rome. Our wonderful guide Alexander gave good advice – before you go to Rome, you need to be clear about what you want to learn and what time to immerse yourself in: the Three Periods, how to

  • Go on excursions.

I have been to Rome more than ten times and I will visit every time if possible. Rome must be understood, one of the few biblical cities that have survived to this day. Not without reason they say that everything in Rome is from the whole world, but there is no Rome in the whole world.

  • Go on excursions.
  • go on a bus tour
  • Go on a pilgrimage trip

Good evening. We are also planning a trip to Rome, could you answer a couple of questions). Did you take a sightseeing tour? If so, where exactly and how much does it cost?

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What do people think about traveling to Rome?

Reviews of Rome

Have a look at tips and reviews of Rome. The pros and cons of a vacation in the Eternal City in 2022. Find out what they write about the weather, hotels, and attractions.


Reviews of the weather in Rome

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is beautiful in any season. Many tourists come to Rome in the middle of winter to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Christmas fairy tale and the New Year’s holidays. In January, the temperature is +12 ° C during the day and +6 ° C at night.

The city is in full bloom in spring. Fans of sightseeing and pilgrims flock to Rome before the heat of summer. Especially crowded here during the Catholic Easter.

In summer it gets very hot in Italy. The thermometer rises to +32 … +34 ° C during the day. Such weather is good for a beach holiday, but excursions in the hot city are turning into a sheer torment. Despite the heat and stuffiness in July and August there are more tourists in Rome.

Another thing – the Roman weather in the fall! According to reviews from independent tourists, Rome in the Velvet season is beautiful. In September and October the weather is mild and warm. The temperature during the day +22 … +26 ° C, and at night +14 … +16 ° C.

Nadezhda Vetrova: “I will never go to Rome in summer! It was unbearably hot here in July. I couldn’t make it for a week”.

aleksa: “Having read tourist reports about the weather in November and looking at the forecast, we thought it would rain, but how nice to fly from a snowy Moscow to a sunny Rome. All week the temperature ranged from +14 ° C to +19 ° C, and the sun was shining.

Reviews of vacations in Rome in Italy

The Colosseum in Rome (Photo: / @dinges)

Hotel reviews in Rome

Look for discounted hotels on Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

The high season in the capital of Italy lasts all year round. Accommodation is in demand, so book your favorite options in advance. Travel agencies prefer to settle clients near Termini station, but it’s quite a hectic and noisy place. While in Rome, independent travelers tend to choose hotels and apartments away from the crowds. Check out our selection of cheap apartments in Rome from €40.

Where to stay in Venice: 9 options from 61€

When traveling to Rome, it is important to choose a good hotel. To make sure its shortcomings don’t ruin a review, read tourist reviews carefully. Here are a couple of hotels with good reviews:

Anna : “Hotel Quirinale 4* is a landmark in itself – an old hotel. Relatively close to the center and very good D’Angelaria and Alice pizza, love it”.

Nikolay : “The Welcome Piram Hotel 4* has polite and helpful staff. Breakfast is varied and good. Breakfast and a tasty coffee. Beautiful interior.

But in Rome there are a lot of bad hotels, so do not be lazy to check reviews.

Vladimir : “Exe Hotel della Torre Argentina 3* is a rickety and slightly dilapidated little hotel. The door to the bathroom creaked unbearably. The fridge didn’t work at all.

Hotel reviews for hotels in Rome

Room at the Welcome Piram Hotel (Photo: / Welcome Piram Hotel)

Rome sightseeing reviews

Find interesting custom tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Guests of the city offer different tours in Russian. According to reviews of tourists in Rome are popular walking and bus tours with visits to major monuments – the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, Venice Square, the Pantheon and Villa Borghese. Vacationers enjoy going on gastronomic excursions and Christian shrines of the city.

To plan a vacation in Rome in 2022, study in advance the reviews of tourists about the excursions.

As.1930. : “Very interesting sightseeing tour. Thank you Natalia for your dedication and her love for Rome, which she was able to pass on to us as well.”

Natalia : “Thank you very much for the tour of the Vatican Museums! Excellent narrator! Academic knowledge makes 3 hours a fascinating journey into the history of Rome and art history.”

Pros and cons of vacationing in Rome

Travelers who have been to Rome have been pleased with the trip. According to the reviews, they liked the special atmosphere of antiquity, friendliness of Italians and admirable monuments of architecture.

The pros of an independent trip to Rome in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • The flight takes less than 4 hours. Many direct flights.
  • Mild warm climate.
  • Good beaches 30 km from the city.
  • Responsive locals.
  • Good Italian cuisine.
  • Sights and museums of world significance.
  • Interesting excursions.
To love Florence: 22 best sights. Photos and map

Shelushonok: “With such huge eyes I walked there, wandered around. My heart sank, and no heat did not stop me from admiring such beauty.

Minuses :

  • You have to get a visa.
  • Too hot in the summer and too many tourists.
  • Not all hotel employees and waiters speak English.
  • Near the Termini station there are many homeless people and unclean streets.
  • Prices are high.

Deniella: “Museums in Rome are quite expensive, we didn’t pay less than 20 euros for a ticket.

Reviews of vacations in Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain – the largest in Rome (Photo: / @czermak_photography)

The nuances of a vacation in Rome and tourist tips

The capital of Italy is a mecca for tourists from all over the world. Especially large lines are lined up at the Colosseum and to visit the Vatican Museums. Sometimes you have to wait for 5-6 hours. To avoid this, buy tickets in advance online or buy a tourist card Omnia Card and Roma Pass.

See the ancient city from above! Wonderful panoramas of the Roman streets can be seen from the Roman Forum, from the Castel Sant’Angelo, and from the hill to which the Spanish Steps lead.

Take the Hop on Hop off double-decker sightseeing bus to Rome’s main attractions. It starts from Termini Station and makes 8 stops at the most popular destinations. Passengers use headphones on the way, and there is an audio guide in Russian. A half-day ticket for an adult costs 18€ and a full-day ticket costs 23€.

According to reviews, cafes and restaurants in the tourist streets of Rome are always crowded. The prices are high because they don’t take care of their guests. Go into alleyways and eat where the locals eat. Dinner for two with wine costs 25-50€.

If you like hiking and are planning a lot of self-guided excursions, we recommend choosing hotels and hostels in the center of the city to use less public transportation. Look for quiet accommodations in small alleys rather than on thoroughfares.

Marsi: “The subway in Rome is not fun. If you live in Via del Corso, you can walk to every tourist attraction.

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