Sandy beaches of the Crimea – 12 best beaches for recreation

12 best sandy beaches in Crimea.

*Review of the best according to About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a guide to purchase. Before buying requires consultation with a specialist.

People come to the Crimea to breathe in the fresh air, to enjoy the beauties of the coastal mountains, to swim and sunbathe. Those who prefer sandy beaches will like our rating. In it we have reflected the best places for sunbathing and swimming according to the opinions of tourists.

Rating of the best sand beaches in the Crimea

Nomination place beach rating
Best Black Sea sand beaches of Crimea 1 Miami, Olenevka 5.0
2 п. Belyaus 4.9
3 Robinson, Novofedorovka 4.8
4 Golden Beach, P. Beregovoye, Feodosia 4.7
5 Meganom, Sudak 4.6
6 Central, Evpatoria 4.5
7 Central, Shtormovoye 4.4
8 Tsarskiy, Novy Svet 4.3
Best sandy beaches of Crimea on the Azov Sea coast 1 Kapkany 5.0
2 Tatarka, Kazantip 4.9
3 Shchelkino 4.8
4 Novootradnoe 4.7

Best Black Sea sand beaches of Crimea

Crimean beaches of the Black Sea are chosen for the developed infrastructure and a large number of attractions. It is often very noisy and crowded. However, there are also wild places, which we will talk about in the first rating nomination.

Miami, Olenevka

Miami, Olenevka

Photo: / Author: Crazyserf

Olenevka is a picturesque place that is especially popular with tourists. Travelers are photographed against the rocks, admiring the natural beauty. Beach Miami is considered one of the best in the Crimea. It has all conditions for a great holiday with family or friends. The place is suitable for kids. They are provided with a lot of entertainment.

Fans of boat trips and catamarans will enjoy it. For a quiet rest and a bite to eat, there are small cafes on the beach. The pluses also include clean and warm water in the sea. Right next to Miami, locals offer tourists accommodation in guest houses at reasonable prices.

  • Clean and warm water;
  • close lodging;
  • affordable prices;
  • lots of activities for all ages.

п. Belyaus

Not far from Gromovo there is Belyaus village. Its beach is famous for its crystal clear water in the sea and snow-white sand of small grains. Many tourists compare this place to the Maldives. The fact is that few people know about the existence of this amazing beach. Therefore, it is always quiet and peaceful here. This is a great option for recreation in tents. You will not have to run to the water in the morning to take a place.

In the village there are private hotels with various rooms. In the private sector you can rent a house for 400-500 rubles per day. Foodstuffs are bought in nearby stores. Along the road sells local fruit. The weather is almost always sunny. Abundant gifts of nature and clean air wait for tourists from May to September in the village of Belyaus.

  • crystal clear water;
  • beautiful views;
  • relaxed atmosphere.
  • No serious disadvantages.

Robinson, Novofedorovka

The next in the list is a relatively new and developing beach on the outskirts of Novofedorovka. It is a private area with a long and wide coastline, lots of greenery and clean sea with a safe entrance.

The price of admission is quite adequate. Many tourists are not stingy in paying for the developed infrastructure, availability of changing areas, toilets and showers. On the beach there are awnings, tents, gazebos, open kitchen. Playgrounds for soccer and billiard tables are organized. Lifeguards and animators are working here every day, holding various contests and parties. You can connect to wireless Internet. Nearby there is a pond, where you can fish, taking all the necessary gear for hire.

  • safe entrance;
  • clean water;
  • all necessary for rest;
  • entertaining programs;
  • Wi-Fi on the entire beach.
  • You have to pay for admission.

Golden Beach, Beregovoye, Feodosia

Golden Beach, Beregovoye, Feodosia

Photo: / Author: Katerina2312

The fourth place is occupied by the beach with golden sand in Feodosia. It is popular with holidaymakers throughout the season. Here you can enjoy the clean sea with the azure waves and the well-developed infrastructure with cafes and entertainment. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets and benches. The coastline is 6 km long and reaches up to 100 meters in width.

The sea depth grows about 15 meters from the shore. In some places at the bottom there are large stones, so dive with your head should be careful. Vacationers are delighted by the golden sand, pleasant to the touch, emerald water. They warn that in a storm is better not to approach the water. Strong waves literally knock you down. In the private sector offer any option of accommodation for every taste and wallet. There is a boarding house with meals and high service.

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  • gorgeous views;
  • fully equipped area;
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • a pleasant golden sand;
  • a lot of housing for every taste.
  • Sometimes strong waves and large stones at the bottom.

Meganom, Sudak

Meganom, Sudak

Photo: / Author: Marina O

Almost the entire coastline of Meganom beach is present velvety sand of large particles. This place is ascribed magical qualities. According to legend, this is where a person can go to another dimension and understand the whole meaning of his existence. Even in our time on the beach you can meet meditating yogis.

Meganom appreciate those who do not like noise and bustle. On the coast there is always a free space. Tourists comfortably swim and sunbathe on the sand. The water in the sea is the purest in Sudak. Near the Cape is a cafe, the beach rent umbrellas and sun loungers, provide equipment for diving. Right on the rocks near the beach is the healing clay, which are applied to the body to get rid of many diseases. To get here from Sudak by bus is quite problematic. It is better to order a cab, but it will cost you a lot of money.

  • there is always room;
  • clean water;
  • a cozy atmosphere;
  • therapeutic clay.
  • difficult to get.

Central beach, Evpatoria

Central beach, Evpatoria

The beach of the popular resort reaches 2 km in length. Some of its sections belong to sanatoriums. Here there is everything for entertainment and recreation. Canopies, toilets and showers are provided. There are many places where you can eat. For families with children it is better to choose the area near Frunze Park, the sea has a shallow bottom there.

The place is better to occupy with the morning. After lunch, it will be difficult to find it. Waves often bring algae, because of which there is a specific smell. Praise the fine golden sand, delicious food in the cafe and reasonable prices for services.

  • affordable prices;
  • tasty dishes;
  • a lot of entertainment.
  • it is difficult to find a free place;
  • the specific smell of algae.

Central beach Stormovoye

The west coast of the Crimean peninsula is beloved by many tourists, who appreciate it for its healing salt lakes and sandy coastline. The main municipal beach in Shtormovoye can be accessed from the center of the village. Along the coast built hotels, boarding houses and hotels. Nearby there is a modern market.

The beach is rather modestly landscaped. Vacationers are waiting for the standard entertainment – catamarans, banana, hire of sun loungers. There is a playground and a place to play volleyball. Praise the gentle entrance. Usually it is always noisy and crowded, and in the evening there is music. You can have a snack in a cafe on the seafront. There are few shady areas on the beach.

  • a wide choice of housing;
  • gentle entrance;
  • there is a playground.
  • few shady areas;
  • modest improvement.

Tsar’s Beach, Novy Svit

Tsar's Beach, Novyi Svet

Photo: / Author: Tanywa

The next participant of the rating is quite a popular place for recreation and bathing. Czar’s Beach is located in the Blue Bay of Crimea. This beach can be reached directly from Novyi Svet. Its length is only 120 meters. Its main difference is the black fine sand. The beach is surrounded by rocks and vegetation. It is famous for the healing sea air.

This is a favorite place for those who are engaged in scuba diving. The water in the sea is clean and clear. At the height of summer there is no place to lie down. But at the beginning of the season and in September, the rest is quite pleasant. The infrastructure is poorly developed. Vendors with boiled corn walk along the beach. Toilets and cabins for changing are not available.

  • the unique sand;
  • beautiful nature;
  • A great option for diving.
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  • A small beach (not much space);
  • no entertainment, toilets and restaurants.

Best sandy beaches of Crimea on the Azov Sea coast

Azov Sea is warmer than Black Sea. It warms up faster in May and June. Therefore, this is the best option for recreation with children. Although the choice of resorts here is scarcer than on the Black Sea coast.

Kerch beach ‘Kapkany’.

Rating of the beach (Crimea): 5.0

The first place in this category we gave to Kapkany beach. The beach got its name from a neighborhood in Kerch. The coastline stretches for 2.5 km and has a width of 15 meters. Away from the sea it is heavily overgrown with grass in the summer season. Tourists find it much more comfortable to relax here than within the city. Under the trees and bushes you can lie in the shade, there are no jellyfish and algae in the water. The sea water is quite clean. Here you can safely go with children. The main thing is to find a gentle descent into the sea.

There are no strong waves due to the fact that the beach is located between two promontories. They protect it from the strong winds. Sea water is especially warm in July and August. Lodging in Kapkany is cheaper than in the center of the Eastern capital of Crimea. There are different stores with beach accessories, groceries and souvenirs nearby. You can enter the equipped beach for free.

12 best sandy beaches in Crimea.

Best sandy beaches in Crimea

We tell you about the best sandy beaches in the Crimea. Where are located and what infrastructure have the most popular of them. Learn about the peculiarities of the holidays and the prices in 2022.

Almost all sand beaches in Crimea are located in the east, northwest and west of the peninsula. The southern coast is pebbly. Some beaches are located in the resort towns and villages. Others lie away from development and are considered wild. We have prepared a selection of the best sand beaches in the Crimea, which have everything you need for a comfortable holiday by the sea.

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Miami Beach.

According to reviews of tourists, the rating of the best sandy beaches of the Crimea heads the picturesque coast near the resort Olenevka. The small village is located on the Tarkhankut peninsula. Beautiful white sand beach is up to 100 meters wide and occupies a central part of the shoreline near the settlement. Entrance to the sea is very gentle. The water is clean, and near the beach are popular snorkeling and diving.

The beach “Miami” is free and well equipped for recreation with children. There are sun beds, umbrellas from the sun, garbage collection containers, beach volleyball court and rent catamarans. There are constant winds near Olenevka, so tourists enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Food stalls are open on the beach, so there are no problems with eating. Locals sell draught beer, smoked fish and sweets. In summer from 8:00 to 18:00 there are lifeguards on duty on the beach.

In July and August on the beaches of the Southern coast of Crimea is no place at all, but in Olenevka always spacious. Among the minuses of “Miami” – jellyfish and crabs. Some species of jellyfish stinging, and crabs tend to pinch claws in shallow water. In addition, the resort village is located in the steppe zone, so there is no saving shade on the coast.

Where is the cleanest sea and beach in Crimea?

Fine sand, clean water and a rich underwater world – you can find this even on the Black Sea in Russia.

Beach in Shtormovoye

The west coast of Crimea is valued for its mild steppe climate and transparent sea. Good sandy beaches are in the resort village Shtormovoye, 27 km from Evpatoria. The coastline stretches for a few kilometers, but the most comfortable beaches are adjacent to the center of the village.

Main beach Stormovoye is covered with fine clean sand, which was formed from crushed shells. Even during the rough seas the sea remains transparent. At a distance of 50-60 meters from the shore the depth is only on the belt.

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The beach is organized rent chairs and umbrellas from the sun. There are bars, restaurants, beach cafes and small stores. Nearby is an interesting Museum of Sea Curiosities.

Tourists are actively engaged in snorkeling and diving, ride jet skis and catamarans. The main advantage of these places – no crowds, even in the height of summer. When other sand beaches of Crimea gather crowds of tourists, everyone has enough space on the beach near Shtormovoye.

Here is a helpful picnic:

Beach in Shtormovoj

Golden Sands Beach

On the west coast, in Evpatoria, there are many good beaches – “Magnat”, “Oasis”, “Solnyshko”, “Solaris” and “Azure Coast”. The beach “Golden Sands” is one of the new sandy beaches of Crimea. It is located on the south-eastern outskirts of the city, near the lake Sasyk-Sivash and the railway platform “54 km”. From the center of Evpatoria on Simferopolskaya Street you can get here by bus № 6 and 7.

Golden Sands is called the “Crimean Bulgaria”. The 300 meters long coast is covered with pure yellowish sand, and only by the water are some pebbles and shells. The entrance to the sea is gentle. There are neat paths from the white wooden pergolas to the water’s edge.

On the coast there is a large tent, changing rooms, showers and toilets. Trampolines, water slides and playgrounds are available for children. Adults can ride jet skis, catamarans, play volleyball and badminton.

Entrance to the beach is free. Money is taken for renting deckchairs – 150 rubles and arbors – 500 rubles. At Golden Sands there is a bar, a karaoke cafe, a hookah bar and a canteen. Near the beach there is an amusement park.

Best sandy beaches in Crimea

Novy and Golden Sands beaches. Photo: muhor /

Beach on the spit Belyaus

If you like less crowded places, go to one of the best beaches in southwestern Crimea, which is located on the spit Belyaus. This picturesque sandy spit is located between the villages of Chornomorskoye and Yevpatoria. It stretches for several kilometers, is up to 200 meters wide and separates from the Black Sea water area large lake Donuzlav.

Vacationers enjoy the white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. Smooth sandy bottom without stones and algae and a large section of shallow water is perfect for kids and children learning to swim. Near the spit dolphins are constantly seen.

There is no special infrastructure and attractions on Belyaus, but in the summer months on the beach appear sun loungers, umbrellas and small cafes. Tourists rent boats for sea fishing, diving and surfing.

Those who like to explore historical sites go to archaeological sites. Not far from the beach there is a bicycle rental shop and an equestrian club.

There is only one minus: you can’t get to the spit by public transport. To the nearest settlements Znamenskoe and Gromovo – about 3 km, so tourists get to a place of rest in private cars and cabs.

Where are the best sandy beaches and clear sea in Crimea?

Water on the spit Belyaus. Photo: grechka333 /

Uchkuevka beach

Most beaches in Sevastopol are pebbly. There are sand and pebbles, such as the beach “Omega”. One of the most civilized sand beaches of Crimea is located north of Sevastopol bay, near the coastal village Uchkuevka. It is 1.5 km long. Uchkuevka beach is followed by Tolstiak beach on the south and Lyubimovka beach on the north.

The entrance to “Uchkuevka” is free. Tourists charge 100 rubles for deck chairs, use the shade shelters, toilets, showers and foot baths. On the coast organized rental boats and pedal boats, riding jet skis, “bananas” and paragliders. Resorts are offered masseurs and henna tattoo services. Children play air hockey, ride inflatable slides and jump on trampolines.

Sandy Beaches in Crimea for kids

Ucchuevka beach in Sevastopol

Nearby there are shops with souvenirs and stores where they sell towels and swimwear. On the waterfront are open fast food establishments, kebab shops, dumplings and cheburets. Here it’s not hard to snack on Italian pizza and Japanese sushi. Curiously, despite the developed infrastructure this beach is never overcrowded.

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Once an hour boats go to ‘Uchkuevka’ from Grafskaya Wharf in Sevastopol. Besides that, you can easily get to the beach by bus from the Northern bus station. Those who get by car from the center of Sevastopol go through Inkerman. The trip takes 40-50 minutes.

Sandy Beaches in Crimea for kids

The beach “Ukchuevka” in Sevastopol. Photo: muhor /

The beach in the Green Bay

If you are looking for a sandy beach in Crimea with beautiful views, pay attention to the Green Bay in the village of Novy Svet. The biggest bay of the popular resort is situated in the botanical reserve, where relict juniper, endemic Stankevich pines, cactuses, and other rare plants grow.

Narrow beach width of 20 meters surrounded by mountains. Great impression leaves a view of the mountain Falcon, or Kush-Kaya. Its rocky top reaches 474 meters above sea level and is the highest coral reef in Europe.

The sea is clear. There are almost no waves, as the mountains well protect the bay from winds. The coast in Green Bay is well landscaped and very popular with tourists. There are always a lot of people here. Minus one – in the sand there is a sharp pebble that hurts to walk without shoes.

Panorama of the beach in Green Bay

Beach Bounty

At what resort in the Crimea, except Evpatoria, there are many good sandy beaches? There are several at once in Feodosia. Near the Black Sea embankment stretches a magnificent beach “Bounty”. Unlike the famous tropical beach from the ads, the palm trees do not grow here. However, the fine golden sand and clear calm sea is little inferior to the original.

“Bounty” is 600 m long and 40-50 m wide. Employees clean the shore of algae and debris daily. The descent to the water is gentle, and there are no stones or shells on the seabed. A big plus is that near the shore there are never strong currents.

You do not have to pay to enter the beach. Rental of a deck chair costs 100 rubles, and trestle beds and sun beds under awnings – 150 rubles. Fans of active recreation on the water parachute behind the boats, ride jet skis, “bananas” and “pills”. If you’re hungry, stop by the cafe-bar, where they sell snacks and drinks.

Near the “Bounty” is another popular beach – “Pearl”. Both beaches are easily accessible on foot from the city center or by shuttle bus. Because of transport accessibility there are a lot of tourists here.

Best sandy beaches in Crimea according to tourists reviews

The beach “Bounty”. Photo: Anastasiya_fukKATSumi /

Children’s beach

The first city beach of the resort Feodosia is often called “Children’s”. It is 300 meters long and 40-50 meters wide. The beach is adjacent to the main promenade, so you can easily get here from any part of the city.

The sea is calm during the whole warm season. The shallow water stretches for 50 m from the shore. Due to that the water gets warmer than in other places of the Crimean coast.

Children’s beach is a popular recreation area for families with pre-schoolers. There are water slides and trampolines at the beach. Resorts are offered boat trips on Theodosia bay, riding “bananas” and jet skis.

The entrance to the beach is paid, but tourists are free to use the toilets, showers and changing rooms. There is a separate cost for renting deck chairs and umbrellas from the sun.

Minus children’s beach – dark yellow coarse sand mixed with fragments of shells. To walk on this mixture is more comfortable in special beach shoes. In addition, the seabed comes across stones, on which grows slippery algae.

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Golden Beach

The story about the best beaches of the Crimea will be incomplete without Feodosia beach “Golden”. This popular holiday spot is located in the village Beregovoy, 5 km from the center of Feodosia. The popular beach has got its name because of the bright yellow sand.

“Golden” is considered to be the largest sandy beach in Crimea. It stretches for 6 km, is covered with fine sand and has a gentle descent to the water. The depth starts at 15-20 meters from the shore. The city and the port are far away, so the water is clear and has a pleasant azure tint.

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On the “Golden” beach there are sun beds and awnings. There are rental offices, where they rent out boats, pedal boats and jet skis. On the coast enough beach cafes and restaurants. In the second half of summer after 10:00 here come a lot of holidaymakers. To occupy a good place, it is recommended to come to the beach early.

Minus “Golden” – a large number of stones on the seabed. There are places where algae and sharp sea shells accumulate. Swimming on the beach is safer in the calm, when the waves do not knock you down.

Clean and clear beaches in the Crimea

The beach “Golden”. Photo: Vitaly Tenyakshev / / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Mojito Beach.

Several good sandy beaches of Crimea are located in Sudak. The local sand is special. It is a mixture of quartz sand and crushed slate. It is pleasant to the touch, but not very soft.

Popular beach “Mojito” is located near Fortress Mountain, in the western part of the resort development. From here you can get an excellent view of the ancient Genoese fortress.

Formerly this stretch of coast was covered with sharp rocks and boulders. Then the coast was concreted and covered with sand. Cape skirts a fairly fast stream, so the water is more transparent than in other parts of Sudak. To go down to the sea are equipped with stairs, and it is not very convenient for small children.

At “Mojito” has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable beach holiday. Many people like the original straw sun umbrellas, fish cuisine in the local cafe and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.

The beach is free. Money is taken for the sun beds – 250 rubles for the whole day or 50 rubles per hour. Many tourists rent jet skis and catamarans, diving and windsurfing. On the shore regularly hold spectacular laser shows, so a lot of young people come here.

Panorama of Mojito Beach

SunDali Beach

One of the best sand beaches in the Crimea is located on Arshintsev spit in Kerch. SunDali is about a kilometer long and covered with light sand. The descent to the water is gentle. There are no strong currents near the beach, so swimming is safe for small children and those who do not swim well.

On the beach there is everything you need for a good beach holiday. There are toilets, showers and changing rooms. On the coast there are two sites for beach volleyball, and children’s attractions. There are enough places to eat and have fun. Beach vendors from morning till night sell boiled corn, pastries and baklava to holidaymakers.

The minuses of SunDali – at the height of summer, the water in the sea blooms and becomes greenish. There is almost no shade on the beach. In addition, the beach is a long way to get to the beach. The road from the center of Kerch on the bus takes 40-50 minutes.

Beaches in Shchyolkino

To the best sandy beaches of Crimea belong the coastal strip near the town of Shchyolkino. This young Crimean resort is built near the Kazantip cape, in the east of the peninsula.

The Azov Sea is shallower than the Black Sea, that is why it gets warm quicker. Bathing season in Schyolkino starts at the end of May and lasts until late September. In the second half of summer, when the water is very warm, the sea develops microorganisms, and in the evenings its surface shimmers phosphorescent color.

Constant undercurrents washed Cape Kazantip and carried away from the coast of all the dirt. The sea is always clean and clear, the entrance to the water is shallow and the depth is gradual. To the east of Cape Kazantip beaches are covered with gray sand, and to the west – yellow.

The most comfortable beach is the city beach of Shchyolkino. It stretches for 2 km along the urban development on the west side of the cape. A section with a good fine sand is located to the north of the main entrance of this beach.

Holidays in Crimea on sandy beaches

Beach in Shchyolkino. Photo: Tiia Monto / / CC BY-SA 3.0.

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