Soccer dream trip to Portugal, Italy and Scotland

The most soccer countries in the world.

If you’re the number 1 sports fan, a trip to these countries will be a real fairy tale for you!


Our selection begins with the birthplace of soccer. It’s scary to think about, but modern soccer in England began in 1863! Here were created the oldest soccer club in the world Sheffield and Notts County, the oldest professional soccer club. However, now the tone in the English and world soccer is set not by them, but by younger Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal.

Today, the English Premier League is the top and most popular soccer tournament. Every fan dreams of visiting the home arenas of the top clubs, enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and the singing of the stands. English soccer is a huge history and great traditions, familiarity with it is very interesting and from a socio-cultural point of view. So if you are in Foggy Albion, don’t miss the chance to touch this glorious history.


Although soccer came to Brazil much later than in European countries, today it is much more than the No. 1 sport there. In most world championships Brazil is a favorite and the main supplier of star players to the most titled clubs in the world. It is no coincidence that Brazilians are called “wizards of the ball.

The king of soccer, Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Neymar… The list of soccer legends of this country is endless. Soccer championship in Brazil, perhaps inferior to the promotion of European leagues, but it has its own unique atmosphere. Tourists should not miss the huge Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


Third place in our ranking goes to Argentina, which, as you have already guessed, is an irreconcilable rival of Brazil. Argentine players are also in great demand in European top clubs. But Argentina’s greatest achievement is that it has given the world two of the greatest soccer players. Of course, they are Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. The first one, unfortunately, is dead, but his soccer feats are forever inscribed in the history of world soccer. Well, Leo this year left Barcelona, where he played about 20 years, now plays for French giants PSG.

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In the championship of Argentina the main match is the battle between the clubs “Boca Juniors” and “River Plate”. Be warned though: there’s a lot of madness in the stands during the game, and often law enforcement can’t cope with the rowdy ultras. If you were there, you will never forget it.


Italy’s “tiffosi” (as they call the most active supporters) are in no way inferior to Argentina. Obviously, they share the same competitive spirit of excitement that was common to the ancient Romans when they staged gladiatorial fights. The songs of the fans in the crowded arenas of Rome, Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Naples, and many other cities, the rumble of firecrackers and smokescreen, the crazy emotions on the soccer fields – all this makes the matches of the Italian Serie A very attractive. But if you are a tourist, you need to be prepared for such fire. Especially if the principal rivals meet: AC Milan against Inter, Lazio against Roma. Or all these clubs are playing the most popular Italian team – Juventus.

In general, if you travel to the Apennine Peninsula and do not know the soccer world here, then you do not understand this country 100%.


Perhaps this is the most convenient country for soccer tourists. To get to a soccer match here is not as difficult as in England, and the situation in the stands is much more relaxed than in Italy or Argentina. Thrill seekers may even think that the matches in the Spanish Primera are a bit boring, but it’s only at first glance.

First, there is very technical soccer. Second, there are matches that will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, we should mention the Clásico, the perennial encounter between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Some may say that it is not such a fierce battle, because Cristiano Ronaldo does not play for the “Slivos”, and Leo Messi has left Barcelona. Real fans, however, are convinced that the Clásico is always the Clásico.

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French soccer has always been in the limelight, but it is in the modern era that the French have made significant strides and are rightly considered one of the strongest sports powers. Much credit is due to Zinédine Zidane, the great footballer who contributed greatly to France’s World Cup victory in 1998. France repeated that success in 2018 at the Mundial in Russia.

Curiously, the French championship is not the top one and is on a much lower level than the English Premier League. Recently, however, Arab sheikhs invested huge sums of money in the Parisian club PSG. Today Leo Messi himself plays for this team. So when in Paris – be sure to check out the Parc de Prince!


“Football is played by 22 people and the Germans win,” Englishman Gary Lineker once said. Indeed, the German national team at the international level is one of the most successful soccer nations in the world. The Germans have won the World Cup four times and the European Championship three times.

Club soccer in Germany is also well developed, not only the top flight. Every week, according to the German authorities, about 80 thousand soccer matches are held in Germany. Among all the clubs, Bayern Munich stands out. If you love soccer, love beer and decided to attend a game of this team, this trip will be a real holiday for you. Especially if you go there in October.


The Portuguese are called the “European Brazilians” because the players from this country are usually very technical. There are so many great and talented players from Portugal, but none of these names compare to one of our contemporaries, the great Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Manchester United. Perhaps it was he who became the main popularizer of the soccer world of his homeland, helping it win the European Championship in 2016.

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The stadiums in Portugal are very cozy. And the warm breath of the Atlantic, the rich world of local wines and cuisine combined with a vibrant soccer show will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Soccer dream trip to Portugal, Italy and Scotland

trip to portugal

Program and itinerary of the trip to Portugal, Italy and Scotland to the places of triumph of your favorite soccer club.

The trip program was written for a contest of 30 000 rubles for a dream trip organized by MAKE-TRIP.RU. The task was to come up with an original idea and route of the trip, as well as to keep within 30 000 rubles for flights. The best texts of the participants are published in a separate section.

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Author: Kharitonova Evgeniya .

My name is Evgeniya, I am 32 years old, I live in Perm, I like to travel a lot.

Most of all I like self-organized travel.

And here is my travel idea:

I was, I think, sixteen,

When I fell madly in love.

I could every minute.

♪ And at one of the Mundials ♪

I liked a soccer player,

He was a star at Real Madrid

Every Madrid player knew him.

*The Mundial is the World Cup.

**Real Madrid, the royal soccer club from Madrid, Spain.

***Madridist is a fan of Real Madrid FC.

And I followed the Real Madrid games.

I only watched as much as I could:

I read the articles in the newspapers

And I’ve been surfing the Internet

I’ve been dreaming of going to a match

To go to Madrid

¶ To go to the Real Madrid stadium ¶

I’ve always wanted to go to Madrid.

But as a student I was scared

To go to Madrid on my own

And I kept waiting for Real Madrid to win

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“Real Madrid” would win in Europe.

Among the clubs in Europe

There’s a league that’s the best,

They’ve got the champions,

The country delegates them.

When Real Madrid was first in the country,

♪ When Real Madrid was first in the country ♪

The team’s mission

To always win that league cup.

And in the new millennium

They’ve done it more than once.

In the second millennium…

“Real Madrid took it for the ninth time.

That was in Glasgow at Hampden Park,

And Bayer couldn’t resist,

When Zidane’s U-turn goal

♪ When Zidane scored a beautiful goal ♪

♪ As the years went by ♪ Players were bought up

The most expensive players in the team

And they played well,

But the Cup wasn’t theirs then.

And it was only twelve years later

They were in Lisbon for the final,

The other side, also from Madrid.

“Atletico, then.

But more brilliant than Casillas, Ramos,

Or Ronaldo, it’s hard to be.

The fans shouted “Vamos!

“Real Madrid could win again.

And that’s when it seemed to everyone,

That it couldn’t get any cooler.

And my Real Madrid two years later

decided to win the league again.

And it’s the same opponent again,

They want the Cup, they want revenge.

But the Cup is also important for Real,

The Cup is a matter of honour.

There’s a fight going on in Milan

♪ And no one could give in ♪

And they all gave it their all

A penalty shootout helped them win

And once again Real Madrid win,

For the 11th time.

The team has again and again shone,

The fire in their souls has not been extinguished.

And in this cup run

Once again storms the pedestal

My beloved, undefeated

The record-breaking Real Madrid.

In Wales on June 3rd

They’ll prove who’s strongest,

“Real Madrid and Juventus of Turin

I can’t wait for that day, I can’t wait.

I’ve made my dream come true:

I was in Spain that year

“I went to a Real Madrid match that year

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And I can’t find the words to express my happiness.

Now I’m dreaming of something else:

To visit those champion places

I’ll ride through those places and imagine

I was there at the finals….

Anyway, if you can catch something in my confused syllable, I’ve been watching soccer for almost seventeen years and rooting for Real Madrid soccer club. My dream used to be to visit the Real Madrid Museum at the Santiago Bernabeu home stadium in Madrid and, of course, the Real Madrid match itself, but last year I made my dream come true and went to Madrid to see my favorite team play. Needed a new dream :) And your contest, as well as the record appearance of my team in the finals of the Champions League, the most important club tournament in Europe, helped me to decide on the route.

I thought, “Why not catch up and drive through the very stadiums where my Real Madrid team won the Champions League Cup? Just imagine how powerful those places are in terms of energy. After all, someone’s dreams came true there, players and fans shed tears of joy and hearts beat in unison…

It is on the Perm – Glasgow, Glasgow – Lisbon, Lisbon – Milan, Milan – Perm route I will travel (below tickets for this route cost no more than 30 000 roubles)

What will I do there? Of course, I’ll see the sights, because the listed cities are not hackneyed tourist cities, with their rich history … But my main goal – these beautiful stadiums, where I’ll definitely get (to a local team match or a museum), and then put on a T-shirt of my favorite team and sit in a cafe with a view of the stadium to watch the final game of 2002, 2014 and 2016 …

Well, it will be something to remember!

In fact, I hope that after the third of June this year, when Real Madrid play their final against Juventus in the Champions League, I will also go to Cardiff.

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