Spain in November 2022. Where to go on holiday? Weather and Reviews

Rest and weather in Spain in November: water temperature, photos of tourists and reviews

The end of autumn – a time when you do not expect warmth and warming sun. But you do not wait, if you are only in Russia. But in some European countries it is still warm enough and it seems that autumn is just coming. For example, the weather in Spain in November 2022 although variable, but mostly sunny and daytime warm up to +20 degrees. Unfortunately, the temperature of the sea is not the same as it was in summer or even a month earlier, so you can not swim in the sea. But is that a problem? In the country, in addition to beach holidays, there are many other activities that the November weather is just fine.

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

When tourists fly to Spain, it is assumed that they are flying to the sea. In the last month of autumn is not quite so – the weather is not good for beaches and swimming in the sea. But it is more than suitable for excursions and walks in beautiful Spanish towns and nature. So if you have a vacation this month, do not despair – Spain is not limited to the sea and beaches, there are hundreds if not thousands of activities that will make you fall in love with the country, and you will fall in love with it.

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

In any weather and in any month of the year, Barcelona has the most tourists. The city streets, parks, promenade and in general the whole city is constantly filled with tourists. The weather is quite favorable to visitors in November. The sun shines during the day and the air gets up to +16 degrees. At night it’s cooler and not higher than +11 degrees. The sea off the coast of Barcelona is still warm, but no one is swimming. The water is heated to +18 degrees. As for the rain, it’s been raining for 4-5 days a month. And the amount of rainfall is 50-55 millimeters. So you can use an umbrella while traveling.

Beach Holiday in Barcelona - 2022. Prices, reviews, tips

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You will also need an umbrella if you are going to the Spanish capital to the beautiful Madrid. It’s still the same 4-5 days with rain, and precipitation can fall up to 60 millimeters. As for the air temperature, it’s already quite cold in the capital. If the daytime there can still be warm days with temperatures up to +12 degrees, but at night the air cools down to +5, and sometimes to +2 degrees. There is no sea near the capital, so tourists come here only for sightseeing, and it is a beautiful holiday.

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

But there is a sea around the island of Mallorca, and in November, it is very warm, not below 21 degrees plus sign. Some tourists attempt to swim in it, but they are few. The thing is that the daytime is not so hot and is only about +18 degrees, and at night it’s about +10 degrees. Going out of the sea at such a temperature is not easy, and if the breeze is blowing, it will seem that you went straight into the winter. It rains on the island and it rains more than on the mainland. According to the forecasters the rainy days will be 5-6 and the amount of precipitation is not less than 60 millimeters.

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

The least rainfall is expected on the resort of Santa Cruz, there will be 2-3, the amount of precipitation does not exceed 40 millimeters. The temperature at the resort is also high and sometimes reminiscent of summer. The average temperature during the day is +23 degrees, and at night it is +18 degrees.

Where to rest in Spain in November

The following table will be of interest to those who are deciding which resort in Spain to go in late autumn. Look, compare and choose.

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Reviews of tourists about the weather and vacations in Spain in November

“Spain is my life. I feel at home in the country, I like everything here. If you decide to go to Spain in November, the beach vacation will not. But you will have plenty of time for excursions, visits to attractions, castles and other interesting places. In a trip is better to take warm clothes, at this time period it is cool here, and in the mountains and even cold.

Let's go to the Costa del Sol! Resorts, beaches, prices for vacations - 2022

Weather in Spain in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

“In November we were in Ibiza. The weather is warm, but not beachy. In the daytime you can still walk in shorts, but in the evening without pants and jacket will freeze. The sea is cold, sometimes stormy. Therefore, to relax in the sea only on a yacht.

Rest in Spain in November

Holidays in Spain in November

All about rest in Spain in November 2022. Weather, tour prices, the warmest resorts and holidays with children. Tips and reviews of tourists.

Spain accepts tourists from the Russian Federation, if they have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO. It is also possible to enter through another EU country. Look at the list of open countries. Tours to Spain are not yet on sale. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.


Prices for tours to Spain in November – 2022

In November in Spain begins the dead season. The character of the weather resembles the beginning of autumn in Russia. The cold is near, but there is still plenty of heat. Popular seaside resorts are empty, there is almost no one on the beaches, and prices go down. Tours in Spain in November like sightseeing lovers – it’s nice to spend time by the sea and visit different attractions.

Is it expensive to vacation in Spain in November? For example, consider the cost of tours for two people for 7 days, with a flight from Moscow. Prices for tours in hotels 2-3* with breakfasts start from 49 thousand rubles. The rest in 4* hotels costs from 52 thousand rubles, and in luxury hotels 5* – from 78 thousand rubles.

If you want to have a rest in Spain in November 2022 on “all inclusive” diet, you will have to pay from 79 thousand rubles. According to the reviews of tourists, the prices are very moderate. For such facilities in the summer pay 30-50% more.

Tourist reviews of Calella. Holiday tips - 2022

Edik: “In November we went on vacation to Tenerife. Many people who have been to the Canary Islands, dissuaded me, saying that the weather at this time does not allow to fully relax. My first impressions of the resort – stunningly distinctive and beautiful nature. We walked around almost the entire area. Excursions also left a lot of impressions.

Elvira : “In November we were in the Canary Islands. Arriving at the resort, we realized that summer continues for us. The weather is not hot, but at the same time comfortable for a beach vacation.”

Prices for 7-day tours to Spain in November 2022 from Moscow:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Barcelona from 46 000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Valencia from ₽ 50,000 Найти тур >>
Madrid from ₽64,000 Найти тур >>
Mallorca from 80,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Tenerife from 60,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Costa Brava from 120,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ibiza from 104,000 ₽ Найти тур >>

Weather in Spain in November

Spain is located in the subtropical zone, and the country’s unique climate is shaped by the warm Mediterranean and proximity to Africa. In November, the temperature during the day is +18. +22 ° C, and at night it is +8. +10 ° C. The temperature of the sea water is about +18 ° C. Bathing season is over, only a few brave ones dare to take a dip.

When the sun goes down over the clouds, it gets chilly. The weather often deteriorates, the winds make waves and there are storms. In November there is more rain, but Spain is a dry country. It rains half as much as Italy.

Weather in the resorts of Spain in November:

Resort air temperature water t
Barcelona +18. +20°С +18°С
Costa Brava +18°С +18°С
Valencia +20°С +19°С
Ibiza +18°С +21°С
Benidorm +17°С +20°С
Cartagena +17°С +19°С
Malaga +17°С +20°С
Mallorca +18°С +21°С
Free museums in Barcelona

Advice . For a trip to Spain in November, choose a hotel that has a pool with heated water. It is not a full-fledged substitute for the sea, but there will be a lot of fun from swimming.

Natalia Shirokova: “On good days you can dress in a summer style. You can not neglect thick things, a windbreaker and a light scarf – in the morning/evening and after the rain it gets noticeably cooler. In the twenties it can get as cold as +10°C”.

Where to fly to Spain in November

Beach Ses Illetes, Mallorca (Photo: gnomusy / )

Prices for hotels in Spain in November – 2022

City Price per day Example
Barcelona from 37$ Посмотреть отели >>
Valencia from $28 Посмотреть отели >>
Madrid from $30 Посмотреть отели >>
Mallorca from $36 Посмотреть отели >>
Tenerife from $15 Посмотреть отели >>
Costa Brava from $30 Посмотреть отели >>
Ibiza from $44 Посмотреть отели >>

Where to have a rest in Spain in November

If in Valencia, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa del Sol the thermometer rises to +20 ° C, in other seaside resorts the air is heated only to +17. +18°С. The warmest places for a vacation in Spain in November 2022 are on the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, in the east and south of the mainland.

In late autumn the sea water cools down quickly, so a full beach vacation is impossible. Because of the cold winds walks by the sea will not bring much pleasure either.

What resorts to choose for a vacation in Spain in November? We advise to stay in major tourist centers with good infrastructure, where there are many interesting sights and excursions.

For a vacation on the coast in late fall, Barcelona and Valencia would be perfect. Madrid, with its many museums and monuments, is an interesting place to spend a November vacation. In November Madrid hosts the Feriarte Autumn Art Fair and JazzMadrid, a popular event in Europe.

How to get to Barcelona on Cheap Flights

Igor Viktorov: “In November it is still warm, in Barcelona the temperature rarely dropped below +15 ° C. The sea is certainly not like in summer, but you can swim. I did not swim, but several times I saw local people who jumped into the water.

Map of Spanish resorts for a vacation in November

Where is it warmer in November in Spain

Barcelona (Photo: / @dinges)

Vacations with kids in November.

Compared to the gloomy and cold November in Russia, the last month of autumn in Spain is a real fairy tale. In November, there is no scorching sun, so many parents with children are happy to go to Spanish resorts. Although you can no longer swim, walks by the sea and educational trips are always useful.

In Mallorca, near the town of Palma, awaits children “Jungle Park”, in Salou – a huge entertainment center “Port Aventura”, on Tenerife – water park Siam Park, and in Barcelona rope town Barcelona Bosc Urbà. Spanish resorts have plenty of children’s cafes. Take the little ones for a walk in the botanical gardens and green parks, and older kids can go on interesting excursions.

Tip . In November, Spain sells lots of cheap citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and clementines. Enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and stock up on vitamins for the cold season!

Helpful selection:

Where to rest in Spain in November

Sagrada Familia from the inside (Photo: / @grin)

What to do on vacation in November

The weather in Spain in November allows you to actively travel around the country. Learn about Moorish culture, visit ancient monasteries and stroll the narrow streets of medieval quarters. Go on excursions to Zaragoza, Girona, Figueiros, Alicante, Madrid, Seville, Segovia, Toledo, Granada, and Malaga.

On the first day of the month, Spaniards celebrate All Saints’ Day. This is the official holiday, which residents prefer to spend with their families. On the holiday of remembrance of the deceased, they bake special cookies, roast chestnuts, and on the streets of small towns and villages you can see dressed up animals and birds.

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