Tel Aviv Airport: How to get there

How to get from Tel Aviv airport to the center of the city.

Tips for tourists how to comfortably, quickly and cheaply get from Ben Gurion Airport to downtown Tel Aviv or directly to the hotel. Train schedule, ticket prices.


Ben Gurion International Airport ( Ben Gurion Airport ) is located 20 km from the center of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv International Airport can be reached by cab or by public transportation (train, bus). Tel Aviv airport has a special feature: the increased measures of antiterrorist security and customs and border control. What does it mean in everyday language? First of all – the time it takes to pass border control in the arrivals hall. And also the time, multiplied by three, to go through customs checks on landing.

To the time of arrival you will have to add from 20 minutes to an hour for border control. Israel is a visa-free country for Russians, but this does not mean that at Ben Gurion Airport you will not be asked a single question. Asked and how – the purpose of arrival, the name and address of the hotel (seemingly minor detail, but in the confusion of few who can instantly remember), the return ticket.

At the departure (check-in and control) and is worth allocating 3-4 hours. If your suitcase, and after it and hand luggage, came to the hand inspection, a visit to the duty free can not even dream – would be in time for boarding.

But the delays will not throw you off, if you are ready for them and treat philosophically – a strange monastery, plus the tense situation in the country.

How to get from Tel Aviv airport to the center

1. Local cab at the terminal

The simple but not the cheapest way is to take a local cab (average price for a trip is $55-75). To find a parking lot of free cars, just follow the Taxi sign in the arrivals hall. If you do not pay attention to the signs, on the right side of the exit from the terminal you will probably notice a crowd of people: passengers with suitcases and hand luggage approach the cab in the order of a live line.

Arrivals Hall at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv, Israel)

The arrivals hall at Ben Gurion Airport. Ben Gurion Airport / Laurie Photobank

Let’s warn you right away that cab drivers are more willing to agree to go long distances. When they find out that you just need to get to the city center (and not to Netanya, Eilat or the Dead Sea) they can raise the price 1.5 times.

The main disadvantages of this method: you have to find a cab stand yourself, deal with the luggage and negotiate with the cab driver. Israeli cab drivers most often speak English (in 15% of cases – in Russian), but if you’re not thrilled with the price, it suddenly turns out that he only speaks Hebrew.

However to explain to the cab driver how to get from the Tel Aviv airport to the hotel, show him the address of the hotel (you can print out a voucher in advance).

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2. Ordering an airport transfer online

Tel Aviv airport transfer is a guarantee of more comfortable and favorable conditions. Clients do not have to look for a car in the huge Ben-Gurion on their own – the price includes a meeting with a driver with a sign with the passenger’s details on it. Transfer from the Tel Aviv airport to the hotel is convenient to book an international service Kiwitaxi. The site can determine the class and capacity of the car – from Micro (3 passengers + 2 luggage pieces) to Minibus – for 16 people + 16 luggage pieces. You can also add the option of a child seat.

The Ben Gurion Airport – Tel Aviv transfer rates and conditions can be found on the page: Ben Gurion Airport – Tel Aviv. The minimum cost will be $60-$67; the reservation prepayment is about 20%.

Select the “Book a transfer” option. On the opened page please specify order data: date and number of the flight, time of arrival, number of passengers, data of the main customer – for a meeting with the plate. Write the exact location: the name and address of the hotel – this will slightly adjust the cost of the trip. Contact information – phone number in roaming and e-mail – will be needed to contact the driver and customer service. After the payment (20% of the cost) transfer will be booked, and a voucher of your order will come to your mail. From now on you do not need to worry about how to get from Tel Aviv airport to the hotel.

In order to order a transfer, you may use a form:

The transfer has a disadvantage: it takes a few minutes to figure out the online booking system and the simple order form.

But compared with ordering a local cab there are obvious advantages: the lack of language barrier (Russian-speaking drivers cooperate with Kiwitaxi), a fixed price (you get the price in advance, and it does not change under any circumstances). Your driver will not only meet you at the arrival hall but also help you with luggage, tell you about the trip and answer any questions you may have.

In case of force majeure you should contact the support service, and it is not you who will be looking for the driver, but he will be looking for you under the administrator’s guidance.

If you are not just booked a hotel, and bought a ticket, then the transfer to the hotel is probably already included in the cost of the tour. In this case it is also important not to miss the sign with your name when you leave the arrival hall.

The train from Ben-Gurion to Tel Aviv

The surest way to get from Ben Gurion Airport to downtown Tel Aviv cheaply and quickly is the train. Travel time will not take more than 10-25 minutes. Tickets can be purchased either from the ticket machines (in the arrivals hall) or from a cashier.

The cost per person is 13.5 shekels. Children (ages 5 – 10) pay 10% less and students also pay 10% less if they show their ISIC card. Children under 5 years of age do not need to pay the fare.

Tickets must be kept until the end of the trip. There are turnstiles at the stations – without a ticket you will not be able to leave the arrival area.

The schedule of trains – from 5:35 to 23:36. However, on Friday and Saturday (and during the holidays) trains do not run – the Sabbath. At other times the interval is very convenient: it is no more than 30 minutes.

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Ben Gurion Airport - Tel Aviv train route

Ben-Gurion Airport – Tel Aviv train route

The trains from Ben-Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv go through several stations (you can check in advance which one is the closest to your hotel/residence):

  • haHagana main station ( haHagana );
  • HaShalom;
  • Center – Savidor;
  • University.

The haHagana station, the main station in Tel Aviv, is needed for those who are not heading to the city center, but to Eilat, Jerusalem or Netanya.

You can buy a train ticket from Tel Aviv airport on

Buy a ticket for a train from Tel Aviv airport on the website

Clarify the schedule of trains, the route and fares can be at the official website of the railway company In general, trains in Israel are comfortable, there are toilets, places to recharge the battery (for example, if you need to recharge your laptop, tablet, camera, smartphone).

The train to Tel Aviv leaves from the airport terminal #3. Therefore, if your arrivals terminal #1 (which is most often the case with flights from Russia and CIS countries), you can get to terminal #3 by taking the free shuttle #5.

4. bus Ben-Gurion – Tel Aviv

Go to the city center from Ben Gurion Airport and you can take a bus, although this method is less popular. However, if this option seems more convenient than the train, then remember flight 268, from the “Airport City” stop. The main disadvantages are that the bus is slower and runs less frequently.

Hotels at Ben Gurion Airport – Where to stay

We have three options for accommodation in the Tel Aviv airport area in mind. More precisely, two of them are within 5-15 minutes drive from the terminals (a four-star hotel and private apartments), and the third is located near the Central Station – the next station of the electric train (convenient to get to/from the airport, as well as to go on excursions).

#1. Sadot Hotel Ben Gurion Airport

Sadot Hotel Ben Gurion Airport (Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv)

Sadot Hotel Ben Gurion Airport (Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv)

This is the best hotel near Tel Aviv Airport. It has the “4 star” category; modern interiors, gorgeous beds, smiling staff (quickly resolve all issues). The rooms have everything you might need for a vacation (cosmetics, hairdryer, iron, air conditioning). Breakfasts are buffet, delicious, varied. A free shuttle to the terminal is provided.

#2. NYX Tel Aviv Complex

Where to stay in Tel Aviv: NYX Tel Aviv

NYX Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv train station area).

A great hotel complex (one of my favorites in Tel Aviv), not front line to the sea, but the beach is pretty close. The rooms are great (stylish, modern, good quality beds and orthopedic mattresses), very tasty breakfasts and helpful staff. There is a fitness center, in-house bar, free parking and wi-fi.

#3. Gipsy Beach Apartment On Ben Gurion

Gipsy Beach Apartment On Ben Gurion (Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv)

Gipsy Beach Apartment On Ben Gurion (Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv)

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The 90-meter apartment is located at Ben Gurion 23, Tel Aviv – about one kilometer from Ben Gurion terminals. The apartment accommodates up to five guests, all beds are full, with quality mattresses and linens. There is an equipped kitchen, dining area, living room and a good view out the window.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion Airport is the main air hub of Israel. The international harbor is named after the country’s first prime minister. The airport complex was built in 1936, today Ben-Gurion airport is considered as the safest in the world and one of the best in the Middle East.

The air hub is located near the small town of Lod, about 15 km from Tel Aviv. The port is the base for El Al, Arkia, Israir airlines. The annual passenger traffic of the airport exceeds 20 million people.

Terminal 3

Boards of Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv

Flight status, arrival and departure times, airline name and terminal number can be viewed on the official website of Ben Gurion Airport.

Flight information is also available at Yandex. Timetables.

Ben Gurion Airport flight schedule in 2022

Most of the traffic of Tel Aviv airport consists of international flights. As for domestic destinations, Eilat is popular.

The schedule of flights to other countries depends on the season; during vacations charter and seasonal flights to popular resorts such as Heraklion, Barcelona, Bourgas and Dubrovnik are added. In summer there is an increased demand for flights to Venice, Florence, Paris, Munich and Warsaw. Regular international flights connect Tel Aviv with New York, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Moscow, Berlin, London and other cities.

Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport

Searching for air tickets from Tel Aviv

To find the best price and buy an air ticket, use the form.


Generally, check-in starts 2-3 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure. However, the rules may vary depending on the airline. You can use the list of airlines (link is provided above), where you can find the conditions of check-in.

There are self-check-in kiosks at Ben Gurion Airport. In order to obtain a boarding pass, you simply need to scan your passport. After self-check-in, go to the check-in counter and drop off your luggage. In terminal No. 1, the kiosks are located near gates 2 and 4; in terminal No. 3, at the entrance to check-in areas B, C, and D in the departures hall on level 3, and on level G, opposite the entrance to the security screening area.

Domestic passengers check in at Terminal 1 (East Hall): Arkia airline desk numbers from 17 to 23; Israir airline desk numbers from 12 to 16.

In addition, most airlines offer an online check-in service, which is convenient for those traveling without luggage.

Terminal 1

Ben Gurion Airport layout

The structure of the airport includes two active terminals, with most domestic and international flights served by a new building – terminal number 3.

  • Terminal 1 – the former main airport terminal. It has been rebuilt several times, with the last major renovation taking place in 2017. The terminal was re-equipped to serve domestic destinations, as well as low-cost and charter airlines.
  • Terminal No. 3 opened in 2004 and immediately began serving international flights. It is equipped with the most modern facilities for passenger transportation. There are three luxurious business lounges, Duty Free stores, telescopic gangways and sweepers, 24-hour Buy&Bye mall, lounges with free Wi-Fi access.
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Closed terminals:

  • Terminal No. 2 operated from 1969 through February 2007. After the new terminal opened, it was demolished – freeing up space to expand the air cargo handling area.
  • Terminal 4, built in 1999 in anticipation of the excitement of the year 2000, was never officially opened. The building was used only for special purposes: in particular, to serve passengers arriving from Asia during the SARS epidemic and the flight that delivered the dead colonel and astronaut Ilan Ramon in February 2003.

Panorama of the lounge:

How to get to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport

The Ben Gurion Airport has excellent connections not only to Tel Aviv, but also to neighboring cities. Tourists can take a local train, bus or cab.


The train station to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities is located in Terminal 3 (go down one level from the arrivals hall). From Sunday to Thursday, the trains run 24 hours a day, on Friday the station is closed, on Saturday afternoon only.

Ticket can be purchased at a special terminal or at the ticket office (it must be saved until the end of the trip, because at the exit of the passenger expects an electronic terminal). A trip to the center of Tel Aviv will cost 13-15 shekels.

Ben Gurion airport railway station

Transfer between Ben Gurion Airport terminals

There are two types of free shuttle buses running through the airport terminal:

  • The first is between Terminals 1 and 3. The bus runs every 15 minutes, around the clock. At Terminal No. 1, the stop is located near Gate 4, at Terminal No. 3 – on Level G, next to the long-term parking lot.
  • The second one is between the main parking lot and Terminal #3. This bus runs every 10-20 minutes, daily, around the clock. At Terminal #3, this bus stops near Gate 01 on Level G. In the parking lot, it makes several stops at various locations.


There are no direct city buses from the airport to Tel Aviv, so you will have to change lines on different routes. Use a special application or website to plan your route.

Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport

Intercity Connections

Travel to other cities, serve several transportation companies.

The major operator Egged offers several flights from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem, Netanya, Moli, Haifa, Petah Tikva, Hadera and other cities. Passengers can get to the central bus terminals of these major population centers. Tickets can be purchased online or from the driver. To travel through the airport area an additional ticket must be purchased from the driver.

Another company, Kavim, organizes flights to Shoham and Modiin, with buses departing from the second level of Terminal 3. Details can be found on the website of the carrier (available in Hebrew only).

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There are Metropoline buses to Beer Sheva from Tel Aviv Airport, and bus number 485 to Jerusalem. The Metropoline stop is on the second level of Terminal 3, and the bus number 485 is on the G floor, next to Gate 1.

Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport

Transportation to Sde Dov airport

There is another terminal in Tel Aviv which serves domestic flights. To get there by public transportation you have to change. From terminal #3 take bus number 445 and go to the stop “La Guardia Interchange” and from there go to the stop “HaMasger/Yad Harutsim” where you will take bus number 26 to Sde Dov airport.

If you are traveling light and not afraid of long walks, you can take bus number 445 to the bus stop “Reading Terminal” and walk to the airport (about 1.5 km).

Transportation to the Tel Aviv train and bus stations

From Ben Gurion Airport to the city’s bus and train stations, the best way to get there is by train, since they are close by.


The fastest and most convenient way to get from the airport to Tel Aviv – is by car. The trip takes about 30 minutes. The route is on road number 1.


Ben Gurion Airport has several parking areas:

  • At Terminal No. 3 – 24-hour, short-term parking for 1,250 spaces, of which 750 are covered. Cost: 20 NIS per hour + 5 NIS for every additional 15 minutes.
  • The main 24-hour long stay parking lot, located along the road leading to Terminal #3. This parking lot has 6,000 spaces on the street and 110 spaces under the roof. The cost is 45 shekels per day in the outdoor lot and 80 in the covered lot.
  • The parking lot of Terminal #1 is open 24 hours a day, with short-term and long-term parking spaces. The price depends on the type of parking: short-term – 1 hour/18 shekels + 4 shekels for every 15 minutes. Days – 40 NIS; Long-term – 45 NIS/day + 10 NIS for every additional 5 hours.

If your car exceeds the time of parking, it can be towed to the airport parking lot. In that case you will have to pay not only a fine, but also a towing fee.

Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport

Transfers and cabs to/from Ben Gurion Airport

To order a cab, download the Gett mobile app. You can order a car through the information desk staff and at special desks outside the arrival hall: in Terminal 3 on Level G, at Gate 03; in Terminal 1 also at Gate 03. Please note that additional fees may apply for luggage, as well as for toll roads.

To avoid searching for a cab at the airport and incurring additional costs, book your transfer in advance. On the KiwiTaxi website you can choose a car, the necessary services and pay for the trip at once.

Rent a car at Ben Gurion Airport

For those who prefer to plan their own route and sit behind the wheel, there are car rental services.

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