The 13 best beaches in Pattaya: how to get there on your own

Pattaya Beaches

This article provides a ranking of the best beaches in Pattaya in 2022 with photos and descriptions. All the beaches of Pattaya are reflected on the map. You will also learn about where the best hotels in Pattaya with its own beach.

By and large in Pattaya one beach – the central, it is called: Pattaya Beach. It is a narrow strip of sand, filled with deckchairs and chairs, between which deftly shuttle vendors of fruit and drinks.

The central beach is the dirtiest because of the pier, all sorts of shopping malls, bus stops and a busy highway to top it all.

It is not surprising that within the city tourists prefer other places, such as Jomtien, and for the cleanest and most picturesque coasts are sent to rest on the nearby islands.

It is worth bearing in mind that the beaches of Pattaya – municipal, that is open to all, regardless of whether the visitor is a guest of a hotel or not.

To monitor the situation on the beaches and at the resort in general, you can use webcams (see “Webcams Pattaya”).

To understand which beaches are clean, and which do not even worth dropping in, where the easy entrance to the water, and where the bottom is stony, will also help reviews of Pattaya beaches, written by travelers who have already vacationed at the Thai resort.

Top beaches in Pattaya

Jomtien Beach, located south of Pratamnak Hill, stretches for 5 km from Dongtan Beach and ends with

Pattaya Beach – the most crowded and bustling beach of the resort, stretching in an arc along the sea for 4 km. Coastline.

Dongtan Beach in the resort town of Pattaya Thailand is popular with many vacationers. It is located.

Wongamat Beach is considered cleaner and quieter than Pattaya Beach, and at the same time it is easy to get from here.

Night markets in Patong - delicious and cheap food

Wong Prachan beach is located in the north of Pattaya. It is the hotel’s own beach, but visit it.

Pratamnak Beach is located in the Pattaya area of the same name between the central and southern part of the resort. On one side.

Naklua Beach, located in the area of the same name in the north of Pattaya, includes beach areas with their own names.

Kozi Beach, located at the foot of Pratumnak Hill in Pattaya, is part of Pratumnak Beach. A secluded beach area.

At the foot of the Pratumnak Hill in Pattaya hides a miniature cove, where the silence is not disturbed by the roar of motors of jet skis.

Beaches in Pattaya on the map

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    An overview of the beaches of Pattaya

    It is well known that in Pattaya itself, the beaches can not be called ideal: a lot of people leads to a lot of garbage. The northern coast is much preferable for recreation than the central beach. However, it is not all bad. Due to the high level of competition hotels in the first line are trying to keep the coastline clean.

    As already mentioned, there are no fenced private beaches in Pattaya. However, there are areas with sun loungers, which the hotels on the first line set up for their guests. For those who want to live as close to the sandy coast and enjoy the sea view from the window, this is the best option.

    Pattaya Beach

    The central beach of Pattaya stretches for several kilometers and is the most popular in the city. It seems that life here boils around the clock: during the day here are a lot of people, in the evenings tourists and locals come to the beach to meet the sunset. The beach is separated from the city by a promenade and a highway. Noisy life is unlikely to contribute to a peaceful holiday, exactly as a rich entertainment infrastructure will not add comfort.

    It is worth noting that this is not the best beach for sunbathing and swimming. The width of the coastal strip depends on the tide, the sand coating is uniform with a smattering of broken shells. On the central beach in Pattaya you can rent a deck chair, rent equipment for water sports.

    Pattaya Beaches

    Let me start with the thought, which may seem too categorical, but in which I was strengthened by my own experience and assured by words of disappointed friends: there are no clean beaches in Pattaya. It is in the city. There are more or less acceptable for swimming. But the transparent water on the beaches of the city just can not find. And if you go to Pattaya as a beach resort, you can seriously damage the impression of Thailand in general.

    The best beaches in Pattaya

    Pattaya – this is a kind of oasis of fun and vibrant nightlife, people come here for the specific entertainment, drag queen shows, which are sometimes held directly on the street, but certainly not for the clean beaches. If anyone comes here for that, he’s very much mistaken. The city is big, all the rain flows into the sea, so it makes sense. There is no need to despair, you can go to the island of Ko Lan, where the cleanest water, though the trip there and back will take considerable time.

    But still, in Pattaya, the beaches can be found acceptable for recreation, except to try out the water activities, enjoy the proximity of the sea and beautiful sunsets, and in the neighborhood at the application of sufficient perseverance is quite realistic to find a very beautiful place.

    Quick note. In Pattaya there are several areas, but if we consider the beaches, I will highlight Jomtien – “Russian Quarter”, Central Pattaya and Naklua – is the northern part of town.

    Jomtien Beach

    Jomtien is a place of dislocation of a large number of Russian tourists, but foreigners are also found here. Find Jomtien is simple, there are a lot of sangteo (open buses), it is a very large area. At its very end, the Ambassador Hotel, they say there is a fairly clean beach, but I would not put much faith in that assurance, I’ll explain why later. The beaches here are very well equipped, with a variety of cafes and shops within walking distance. Many different kinds of water entertainment, there are available bananas, scooters and parasailing, the prices are average, you can bargain.

    The coastal strip is wider than in Central Pattaya, so the views are better. In the evening, it’s nice to take a walk, no Beach Road rush.

    Central Pattaya Beach – Beach Road

    Let’s talk about the beaches of Pattaya Beach Road, the adjacent beaches I call Central Pattaya Beach. Central Pattaya beach is especially dirty, because in the evening there are a lot of tourists. Water activities are also present, but I only saw some parasailing being used. Thais swim here too, but these are desperate people, still foreigners risk this way quite rarely. But you can sunbathe on it, sun beds are always in sufficient quantity, as well as umbrellas, the fee is reasonable. Local vendors may try to entice on excursions or the process of applying henna tattoos. The latter entertainment is rather dubious, the tattoos do not come out of the best quality.

    Pattaya Beaches

    Naklua Beach in North Pattaya

    Considered one of the best beaches in Pattaya. There are markets, hotels. Nakluana Beach is the cleanest – there is no traffic near the coast.

    Military Beach, Sai Kaew

    The most worthwhile place for a beach holiday near Pattaya is definitely the military beach, in Thai – Sai Keo. It is located on the territory of the military base. But you can go there only if you pay 100 baht and show your passport.

    How to get to the military beach

    • Cab. To take a cab to the beach and wait for you there, you have to pay 1000 baht, but many foreigners go for it, not sparing money, because the beach is worth it.
    • Excursion. Becoming the lucky buyer of the excursion, you will go to the beach as a group with a guide. He will explain you what is on the beach, but it is clear anyway – the beach is not big.
    • Your own trip. This is an adventure that deserves a separate section. Further I give instructions how to get to the military beach on your own.

    How to get to the military beach on your own

    Step 1. Choose a white songteo, drive to Bang Saray, which is behind the water park, keep a close eye on the road, we see the post and the gate of the military base, stop the songteo (button on top, white, it beeps when you click). We pay 50 baht. The alternative – minibus, then pay 100 baht.

    Step 2: We go through the gate, passport, sign in the magazine, go to the base.

    Step 3: We wait for transport at the base and drive to the beach. On the way we pass another checkpoint, where we pay 100 baht. In total, the cost of round-trip transportation is a maximum of 300 baht, or 600 rubles (about, the rate varies) per person.

    How did we do? We hitchhiked to the base in the back for free, to the beach first we walked, but even then we were picked up by nice Thai women, when there were still two kilometers. Remark: Thais willingly bring lost, untraveled foreigners, even themselves stop and offer help. In general, I am delighted with the helpfulness of the people, but that’s a separate topic.

    What is a military beach? It is equipped, convenient, there is a cafe and changing cabins, it is possible to rent sun beds. And finally, here you can cling to the chest of the Gulf of Siam and enjoy the purity of the sea water without any ekivoks.

    Bang Sarai Beach

    There are always a lot of boats on the water of the beach, it is a fishing place, in the village itself there is a market where they sell fresh and just cooked fish. Here the dogs are beginning to show unfriendliness to a foreigner who has wandered far, can bite.

    How to get to Bang Saray

    There are several ways, but I would not recommend cabs, they are expensive and not worth it. Motosai, bike cabs, are cheaper, but they can be dangerous and inconvenient. The best way – a white songhteo, which runs on Sukhumvit, the main traffic artery of Thailand. It is a white, the city itself go blue, and on Sukhumvit from Pattaya to Sattahip – white, the trip will cost 30 baht to Bang Sarai, it is important not to miss a stop, it is the largest village after Pattaya, just behind the water park. You can stop and minibus, there is more comfort, the driver will prompt the place to disembark, the cost will be 20 baht more.

    Conclusions about the beaches of Pattaya: Particularly curious travelers master other beaches near Pattaya, especially praise the beach Sattahip, but it must be carefully yikat in the many turns, as this town itself is a port city.

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