The Crimea or Sochi? Honestly compare where to relax.

Sochi or the Crimea: Where to go and who will win in the battle of the resorts?

Sochi and the Crimea are like Moscow and St. Petersburg: the two most popular Russian resorts, as well as the two capitals, are competing for the hearts of the country’s residents. Yalta beach lovers argue that “the czars exiled people to the Caucasus, and aristocrats used to go to the Crimea for vacations!” In reply the admirers of Sochi dark nights remind them of the modern times and “developing service of the European level”.

So let’s compare where to go in 2022 and which resort to choose – Sochi or the Crimea.

Summer vacations

1. The weather

This is how tourists call Sochi a city of eternal summer. The resort of Sochi is called by many tourists a year-round resort, full of palm trees, flowers and green lawns. The reason for this humid subtropical climate, thanks to it in Sochi grows even such a curiosity for Russia as bamboo or banana palms.

The diversity of Sochi palms is amazing. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Summer here comes already in spring – average temperature in May is +21 degrees, in June +25 degrees, in July +27 degrees, and in August – all +28 degrees. You should take into account that it will be very hot in the sun at lunch time.

When to have a rest in Sochi.


“South” – real estate for comfortable living

The district “Yuzhane” is one of the largest projects of SC “Neometriya”, which has no analogues in Krasnodar. Here are implemented complex solutions for comfortable life for the whole family: well-thought-out spaces, green yards for recreation of children and adults, own school and kindergarten on the territory and well-developed infrastructure. “Southerners” is located far from industrial enterprises. Convenient transport accessibility allows you to quickly get to the city center and key highways.

2. Prices

Cheap prices – this is not about Sochi. But it’s worth remembering that the city lives by tourism, which means that prices vary greatly depending on the season. It’s worth expecting that a room worth 4 thousand a night in winter, in summer will cost all 12 thousand rubles. So it’s better not to wait until the vacation to look for an accommodation – the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be.

The cost of the room will greatly depend on the requests – the further from the sea, the cheaper, of course. On average, a room for two people as of May 2021, within walking distance of Sochi beaches will cost about 20-40 thousand rubles per week.

Prices in Sochi vary greatly depending on the season. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Also keep in mind that Sochi is divided into “center” and “big Sochi”. The latter also includes nearby settlements, such as Adler with its Imeretinskaya embankment, where you can find lodging cheaper than in the center.

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You can get tickets from Moscow to Sochi and back from 8,500 rubles. A dinner at a cafe will cost at least 600 rubles per person. Lifehack for tourists: buy mussels to take away on the waterfront – the waiters give comfortable pillows to a pot with seafood. You can sit on the cushion right there on the beach and have a luxurious dinner on the first line.

Residential complex “Clouds 2” – apartments in 5 minutes from the sea

“Clouds 2” is a modern residential complex of comfort-plus class in Novorossiysk. Three monolith-brick buildings from 18 to 23 floors with the view apartments on the sea and the mountains are located in the most ecologically clean area of the city and 5 minutes from the sea. In the complex everything was thought over to the smallest detail: from the functional planning of apartments and landscaped yards to the comfortable entrances and a two-level underground parking. All necessary infrastructure for life and leisure will be available within walking distance.

3. what to see

Central Sochi will suit those who like to walk around comfortably: there is a pretty nice pedestrian street Navaginskaya, replete with stores, outlets and cafes. The Navaginskaya street will lead tourists straight to one of the main architectural landmarks of Sochi – the Sea Station. On the square in front of the building street artists every evening put on a colorful show. And behind the station the azure Marina with snow-white yachts – a landscape quite rare in Russia.

In addition, almost all tourists visit one more point – famous Sochi arboretum. This is a garden with a huge territory, where in addition to flowering sakura, banana palms, bamboo thickets you can also see peacocks, black swans and a charming villa. Do not be lazy to climb the mountain, where the park ends – it offers a magnificent view of Sochi. But if you are lazy – the cable cars “fly” to the observation deck.

The bamboo grove of the Arboretum attracts tourists.

Another point of attraction is the Sochi “derelict”, now defunct sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze. The opulence of the Empire style (the buildings of the sanatorium were built in this style), buried in subtropical plants attracts many people here. In recent years the sanatorium has become popular for photo shoots. By the way, this is where one of the episodes of the film about old man Hottabych was shot in Soviet times.

A Comparison of Holiday in the Crimea and Sochi

Sochi and the Crimea are two of the most popular summer destinations. It is hard to choose where to go for a vacation at the sea in Russia, although there are only two options: the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimean Peninsula. Everywhere there are good beaches and hotels, cafes with delicious food, attractions and interesting excursions. Let’s compare Sochi and the Crimea to choose where better and cheaper to go to rest.

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Holiday in Sochi

The most popular resort in Russia is undoubtedly Sochi. Here tourists vacation all year round: in summer they swim in the sea and sunbathe on beaches with a blue flag, and in winter they ski and snowboard from snow-covered slopes. There is an excellent infrastructure in the city, you will find entertainment for all tastes: water parks, oceanariums, amusement parks, spa centers, restaurants – you will find almost anything you want in Sochi, as they say, at tourists’ expense, of course.

To get to the resort is very convenient – Sochi International Airport is located just a couple of kilometers from the beach, so even a transfer will not take long. The flights to Sochi from large cities of the country are regular all year round, and in summer the number of departures increases and charters are launched. You can choose from a huge variety of accommodations, from cheap hostels and inexpensive guest houses to luxurious five-star hotels.

Since Sochi is popular with tourists, tour operators always organize package tours. Let’s compare what’s cheaper: to buy a package tour or go to the resort on your own. The lower prices are valid for the summer season and the coastal part of Sochi.

Weather in Sochi in season:

The sunniest months:
July 25 days
August 27 days
September 24 days
The warmest months:
June 25 С
July 28 С
August 29 С
The warmest sea:
July 26 С
August 27 С
September 25 С


The Road

We have already told about 5 ways to get to Sochi. If you summarize the analysis of all possible options – the plane turns out to be the most optimal in terms of value and comfort. But, here is an important feature – it is necessary to book an air ticket in advance, at the end of winter or early spring. After all, the closer the holiday season, the more expensive the plane tickets are. On average, the cost of a flight from Moscow and St. Petersburg is 6,000 rubles, from the Volga region and the Urals – 10,000, from Siberia and the Far North – 16,000, and from the cities of the Far East – 25,000.


The choice of accommodation options in Sochi is very large. Here you can find a room for every taste and wallet. But, as in the case with tickets, it is better to book in advance. After all, good and comfortable rooms at an attractive price are sold out very quickly. Although you can always find and book even a very cheap room, but it may not be as comfortable and clean as the pictures.

In addition, the price of accommodation depends on the location of the hotel or guesthouse. Sochi is the longest city in Europe, its length is as much as 145 kilometers. The cost of similar rooms in the central part of the resort or on the quiet outskirts, of course, will be different. However, Sochi’s districts far from the central part have long since become full-fledged resorts. Loo, Lazarevskoe, Khosta, Adler, Vradane, Dagomys and many others are not individual settlements, but areas of the city.

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On average, an inexpensive but comfortable room in a guest house costs from 1000 rubles, in a small hotel – from 1300, in a three-star hotel – from 1500, and in a four-star hotel – from 2800. Staying in a five-star hotel will cost at least 5,200 rubles. You can find and book a good hotel here.


If you go to Sochi from Moscow, book in advance, and settle in a small but comfortable hotel, the cost of the road and accommodation will be about 21 thousand rubles for two. The cost of transfer from the airport starts at 300 rubles, depending on the distance to the chosen hotel. The cost of food – from 1300 rubles per day for two people.

Trip with a tour operator

In the summer, tour operators organize package tours even from small towns. And all thanks to the popularity of Sochi. The cheapest way to go to the resort is from Moscow. When booking a tour in advance, in late winter or early spring, the minimum price for a 7-night tour – 38 thousand rubles for two.

But if you go to the resort with a tour operator is possible to buy a hot tour, though it is impossible to guarantee that it will be available. Last minute tour appears 1 to 3 days before departure, if there are vacant seats on the charter plane and hotels. In this case it is important for the tour operator to sell them at least at cost, so as not to incur losses. You can buy such a tour for 12-14 thousand rubles for two people. But if there is good demand for tours of such permits may not appear during the entire holiday season.

What is more profitable – on your own or with a tour operator?

Buy a ticket in Sochi

As you can see from the simple calculations – it is more profitable to go on your own, but not everything is so simple. For example, if you want to stay in a five-star hotel, or rest on an “all inclusive” – be sure to look at the cost of the tour operator. Often hoteliers give them lower prices, because the company buys a large number of hotel rooms for a long period of time. Therefore, the tour operator may offer a lower price compared to independent booking.

Pros and cons of vacationing in Sochi

As with any other resort, Sochi has its positive and negative sides.

  • developed infrastructure;
  • a large number of entertainment;
  • a good choice of accommodations;
  • beautiful nature;
  • the convenient location of the airport;
  • beaches with blue flags.
  • the high cost of recreation compared with other Russian resorts;
  • a large number of tourists.
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Holidays in the Crimea

The Crimean peninsula is Sochi’s main rival in the fight for tourists’ attention. And although there is an ongoing dispute in world politics about the statehood of this territory, it does not prevent you from enjoying the gentle sea, golden beaches, ancient sights and delicious food here.

However, you should be prepared for some nuances that arise due to the legal status of the Crimea. For example, here you will not find international companies – no stores, no food outlets, no hotel chains. Also there are disruptions in water and light, the work of banks and mobile operators.

Many tourists arrive at the resort through the airport in Simferopol, and from there leave for their chosen resort. Planes from major cities in Russia, as well as in Sochi, fly all year round, and the number of flights in the summer period – increasing. So how to have a better holiday in the Crimea: on your own or by purchasing a ticket?

Weather in the Crimea in season:

The sunniest months:
July 23 days
August 26 days
September 22 days
The warmest months:
June 22 С
July 26 С
August 29 С
The warmest sea:
July 24 С
August 25 С
September 23 С


The Road

We told you about 5 ways of getting to the Crimea. Not surprisingly, the best option in terms of price and comfort is a plane. The cost of a ticket from Moscow and St. Petersburg – from 7,000 rubles, from the cities of the Urals and Volga – from 9,000, Siberia and the North – from 13,000, and from the cities of the Far East – from 17,000. These prices for tickets can be caught only if you book them in advance – at the end of winter or early spring. The closer summer comes, the more rapidly they rise.


Since the Crimea is not represented by international companies – the choice of five-star hotels is very limited, there are only 2-3 on the entire peninsula. And the cost of accommodation in them is noticeably higher than in hotels of the same class in Sochi – from 25 thousand rubles, and even at that price room to look for.

But there are a lot of cozy guest houses and mini-hotels, which leave pleasant memories of the rest. On average, a room at a local cheap hotel with good reviews of tourists costs from 2000 rubles.

On average, an inexpensive but comfortable room in a guest house costs from 1000 rubles, in a small hotel – from 1300, in a three-star hotel – from 1500, and in a four-star – from 2800. Staying in a five-star hotel will cost at least 5,200 rubles. You can find and book a good hotel here

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Minimum cost for an independent trip from Moscow is 28 thousand rubles for two people. That does not include airport transfers, which depend on the distance from the resort, and the price starts at 1500 rubles. For food for two people will require at least 1500 rubles a day. In one of the articles about rest in Yalta, we dealt in more detail the pros and cons of rest in the Crimea.

Trip with a tour operator

Package tours to the resorts of Crimea in the summer time tour operators organize from many cities in Russia. The cheapest trips are with a flight from Moscow. With early booking a trip for 7 nights will cost from 30 thousand rubles for two. But if summer is not far off, this price can go up 1.5 times. You can’t hope for a last minute tour – almost all seats on flights are always sold out.

What is more profitable – on your own or with a tour operator?

Find hotels in the Crimea

At first glance – flying on their own is more profitable, but in fact if the cost of the tour includes a transfer from the airport to the hotel – it fundamentally changes the situation. So when planning a vacation in the Crimea, it is important to look at both package tours from the tour operator and the prices for plane tickets and hotels.

Because of the small number of five-star hotels – rooms in them run out very quickly. For example, as early as February there are no available rooms for holidays in August. But their cost is so high that not everyone can afford such a vacation.

Pluses and minuses of rest in the Crimea.

To choose where to spend your vacation, it is important to learn all the positive and negative sides of the area. Let’s analyze the Crimea.

  • A large number of attractions;
  • the opportunity to visit the vineyards;
  • a lot of sanatoriums and medical resources;
  • beautiful nature;
  • Suitable for beach lovers, and for those who prefer an active vacation.
  • a small selection of hotels above 3 stars;
  • high prices;
  • possible shortages of water and electricity;
  • a large number of tourists.

Where the holiday is cheaper

tour search

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Sochi is considered the most expensive resort in Russia – the minimum cost of recreation in the Crimea is higher: 21 thousand rubles against 28 thousand. Of course, these prices don’t include transfers, meals and additional entertainment expenses. But the cost of meals in cafes and groceries in a store in the Crimea is higher, and the transfer is more expensive. The price of excursions and there – approximately identical.

If you choose between the Crimea and Sochi, and you care about the cost of recreation – a trip to the resort of Krasnodar Territory will still be cheaper.

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