The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: days 1-4. All Inclusive

All inclusive tours to the Dominican Republic in 2022

We guarantee the best prices on all inclusive tours to Dominica. Spend your vacation in 2022 carefree. Choose last minute tours from Moscow to the most popular hotels in the Dominican Republic at bargain prices from reliable tour operators.

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The cost of the trip includes

  • – Air flight from Moscow to the Dominican Republic by regular or charter flights*
  • – Transfer (pickup and drop off at the airport)
  • – Comfortable accommodation and meals at an All Inclusive or Ultra All Inclusive hotel
  • – medical insurance

* specify when booking

All Inclusive in the Dominican Republic

Very attractive for travelers seem to be all inclusive tours to the Dominican Republic (all inclusive), which, while more expensive than usual, do not allow you to be distracted by the search for restaurants and cafes. Before deciding on this option of rest, it is worth carefully studying the prices of tours in 2022 and the list of services that are included in the price, as well as the distinctive features of the system is in the Dominican resorts.

What is All inclusive in the Dominican Republic?

In an effort to attract the maximum number of tourists, Dominican hotels for the most part provide an all-inclusive system. The price includes: – three meals a day; – snacks and ice cream at any time of the day; – locally produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; – a range of entertainment on the beach. If you wish, you can even find two- and three-star hotels that accept guests who bought all-inclusive tours.

The 10 best all-inclusive 4-5 star hotels in the Dominican Republic. Prices 2022

The option of eating outside the hotel in the Dominican Republic is a pleasure exclusively for the extreme. Meals, which are offered in local restaurants and cafes, are often made from poor-quality products and not always delight with a pleasant taste and aroma. It is unwise to risk your own health, and especially the health of children, so it makes sense to choose a tour with All inclusive. Among other advantages is the economy of time, because you have lunch, breakfast and dinner without leaving the hotel.

When and where to go

Travelers have a variety of all-inclusive tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow in 2022 at their disposal, and they may differ in different parameters. Basic, in addition to the category of the hotel and room configuration, are the date and cost of the trip for two, for one or for a family. For beach lovers are ideal for the winter months, which account for most sunny days. In the period from early winter to March lasts bathing season, and in the sky is rarely seen even a cloud. It rains the rest of the year, but that’s no reason not to go, as rainfall is intermittent and travel is much cheaper.

It also matters what resort you choose. Universal option is considered Punta Cana, which has everything you need for a vacation for every category of tourists, but there is an alternative option, namely the resort of Puerto Plata, which recently can be flown to without a connection.

Travelers are extremely concerned about the price of the holiday 2022, because no matter how much they would like to give themselves a holiday abroad, financial opportunities are not immense and to spend more than necessary is not desirable. On average, during the peak tourist season a trip for two people for a week will cost no less than 60 thousand rubles. Tickets for January are most expensive because of the New Year holidays, which many Russians like to spend in warm countries. In April and May the prices are considerably lower – from 45 thousand rubles. In summer, the cost rises slightly, starting from 52-53 thousand rubles, and in the fall, as we approach the beginning of the bathing season is the minimum price rises from 47 to 57 000 rubles. In order not to overpay, it makes sense to buy tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow on an all-inclusive discount “Early Booking”. It involves the sale of tickets at an attractive price for a few weeks or months before departure.

Where to vacation: Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic or Bali?

Benefit of this option, if we compare it with last minute flight tickets, is obvious:

– There is a wide choice of hotels and rooms, which allows you to choose a place of residence, which fully meets the individual needs; – there is no need to urgently get ready for a trip – hot tours can be purchased just a couple of days, that is, the minimum time for fees, so you can forget to take something important or not have time to think through where you would like to go on an excursion; – the tourist is confident that everything is ready for a foreign holiday and at the last moment will not have to cancel it; – for customers who use services to

A trip to the Dominican Republic will give great pleasure and a lot of good memories, so do not delay – buy a tour with an all inclusive meal plan and go on an unforgettable trip!

Tours in Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

Cheapest tours and special offers to the Dominican Republic from Moscow

Cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic in 2022

Prices are per person based on 2 people. We’ve selected the cheapest tours for each month. Click here and choose a hotel for your dates.

September October November December
for 3 days
for 7 days 119 210 р. 130 838 р. 153 994 р.
for 11 days 136 127 р. 143 125 р. 167 732 р.
for 14 days 143 996 р. 158 605 р. 184 309 р.

Selecting tours by hotels

Hotels which our tourists choose more often for their journeys.

Rest in the Dominican Republic: inexhaustible happiness to the rhythms of merengue.

The Dominican Republic is not just a piece of paradise on our planet, where everything is exactly as we imagine a perfect beach holiday. No, it is a resort country that lives to the rhythms of bachata and salsa, offering its guests an experience not only of its beautiful nature, but also the fascinating culture of this land. There is a place for everyone in the heart of Dominica: for families with children, who decided to take a spontaneous vacation on a last minute ticket, and for active young people, and for two lovers who are here on their honeymoon – she hospitably opens the door to all guests, no matter if you’re from Moscow, from Tokyo or New York.

Resorts in the Dominican Republic: where is the best place to go? Description, prices, reviews

Types of vacations

A typical tropical resort in our understanding is not much different from reality: here it is true that hundreds of coke palms, pearly white and golden beaches, and smiling and tanned Dominicans are found at every turn, but it does not stop there. In fact, there are comfortable conditions not only for a lazy holiday, but also for underwater treasure hunters, connoisseurs of excursions and more.

Beach Vacation

The beaches of the Dominican Republic are its pride. A harmonious tandem of nature and man allowed the coast of this wonderful country to remain in pristine condition, but to be well-groomed and equipped for a comfortable stay. However, when choosing a resort is still worth clarifying some of the nuances of beach holidays. Somewhere shallow and calm you can only dream of, but a true paradise for surfers, where a good entertainment infrastructure offered to the detriment of a quiet holiday by the sea, and somewhere there is nothing but shallow lagoons, protected from waves, as if created for families with little swimmers.

Family vacations

A trip to the Dominican Republic with children is a good decision, but you should not hurry with the choice of resort. Experienced specialists travel agencies often recommend to stop in Punta Cana: from the airport it is close, almost all hotels are located directly beside the sea, and there is almost a record number of entertainments in comparison with other cities. Among the less obvious solutions for families can consider Boca Chica. The thing is the shallow sea near the coast of the resort: its depth in this place barely reaches 150 cm. The sea rarely storms in Sosua, not far from Puerto Plata. This resort town is located in a cozy bay protecting the waters from strong winds, so swimming will definitely be safe for both adults and children.

Youth Recreation

Finding the right place for a youth hangout in the Dominican Republic won’t be hard either. Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Cabarete are Dominican resorts that are perfect for this. The latter is tacitly considered the capital of surfing and kitesurfing, so that almost 100% of tourists in these parts – just about the active youth. Puerto Plata, in turn, has become the center of nightlife: a huge number of clubs and discos in addition is complemented by a variety of stores, cafes, golf clubs and all kinds of entertainment. And Punta Cana is good from the point of view of active youth recreation. After all, it is here are located hotels leading networkers of the world, and therefore the best restaurants, clubs, stores and other attractions are kept close.

Dominican Republic in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and Reviews

How much does a tour to the Dominican Republic cost?

Buying a tour to the Dominican Republic in 2022 with a flight from Moscow, you will probably notice that most hotels offer all-inclusive meals. So what does the price depend on? It’s very simple: it affects the stardom of the hotel and the seasonality of the trip.

The number of stars of the hotel greatly affects the final price tag, but they are not given here for “nothing,” and five-star service will be very different from service to four-star establishments.

The humid subtropical climate of the Dominican Republic allows tourists to enjoy comfortable weather conditions. Still, sea breezes and trade winds mitigate the heat, but the rainy season begins in May, so the high season is from November to April, when dry, warm weather reigns in the resorts – prices at this time of year will also be higher, respectively.

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