The Dominican Republic in October 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and Reviews

Dominican Republic in October 2022: weather, beaches, fishing, what to see – VIDEO

Dominican Republic in October: weather, tour prices, airfare and hotels. Is it worth the trip. Reviews of tourists. Where to go. Holidays and festivals. Useful tips.

In October, more and more of our compatriots begin to look towards the Dominican Republic. The rainy season is coming to an end, the weather on the island is getting better, and prices for travel are still low. October holidays in the Dominican Republic for their conditions and richness of interesting events is not inferior to the high season, except that it rains a little more and the sun a little hotter.

Before travelers, previously been on the island, the question “Is it worth going to the Dominican Republic in October? They know that this paradise place even in the rainy season easily withstands competition from other resorts in the world, and the reduced cost of airfare is the most pleasant bonus at this time. Reviews of tourists, say that the Dominican Republic in October generously gives heat, sun, fruit and cool adventures!

Air Temperature

October in the Dominican Republic is a transitional time. The low season ends and the high season begins. At the beginning of the month in all resorts is still hot, and in late October the temperature drops to a comfortable +30 degrees. At night the thermometer column goes down to +22 … +23 ° C, and you can rest from the heat.

According to feedback from tourists, the weather in October in the Dominican Republic is variable. After a sunny morning it begins to rain, and in the afternoon the clouds disperse. The skies are less cloudy than in September.

October is a good time for sunbathing. Even through a little haze you can easily get burnt, so do not forget to put a good sunscreen in your luggage.

Jeanne: “The Dominican Republic in October – is ideal for a vacation. I came home with a gorgeous tan.

Погода в Доминикане >>

Table of October air temperature by day and night:

When t daytime t at night
Early October +31°С +25°С
Middle of October +31°С +25°С
End of October +30°С +24°С

Leisure, entertainment and excursions

Midsummer is favorable for a beach siesta. Sea waters warmed up to +28 … +29oC dispose not only to swimming but also to water and beach entertainments. Catamarans, yachts, motor boats, kayaks, bananas and boats are an incomplete list of recreational water equipment. In addition, holidaymakers can enjoy parasailing, snorkeling, skydiving and windsurfing, for which equipment and gear can be rented everywhere. If you prefer surfing, then it is recommended to buy a tour to the resorts on the north coast of the country. But lovers of scuba diving are waiting for diving clubs in the southern part of the Republic.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Diving is the main entertainment in the Dominican Republic. The most worthy places for diving are Cabo Cabron with its coral ridges, La Piedra with a depth of 21 meters, home to colonies of corals, stingrays and barbed Catharans, Colombia, where at 30 meters deep sea turtles, amazing morays and several varieties of cuttlefish found a haven among the high coral columns.

Diving in the Dominican Republic

One of the popular reefs is Las Tres Puertas, popular with the most experienced drivers of the world. The amplitude of the bottom here ranges from 5 to 25 meters and the length of the atoll exceeds the 5 km mark. The topography of the reef is a multitude of rugged clefts and rugged caves, with black coral ridges at depth. From them stretch to the light of the huge cylindrical sponges, forming ledges. You have to be extremely careful in these latitudes, as there are often strong underwater currents.

For fishing enthusiasts great news, it is in October that the time of catching rayfishes and blue marlins – predators preying on small fish and squid in the upper strata of the Atlantic Ocean begins.

Catalina Island

A special delight for tourists is the island Catalina – a place with several beaches with the cleanest sea sand, rich emerald water and royal fan palms. The uniqueness of the island is that it is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. And the famous “Cove of Stars! It is allowed to seek out and catch all kinds of underwater creatures, sea stars, but only for the purpose of photographing. Then the animals are released back.

Less active beach lovers prefer a combination of sunbathing, occasional swims and leisurely sipping on cocktails. In October, a pleasantly relaxed and peaceful atmosphere prevails on the beaches and by the pools. The only breaks in the evening are the rhythms of the dance music in the nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Important recommendation for all holiday-makers: not to get sunburn instead of a uniform bronze tan, observe elementary precautions. Firstly, it is recommended to visit the beach in the morning and afternoon, secondly, after 10 am to move to darkened areas under the rattan canopies or palm-thatched roofs, and thirdly, do not neglect the sunscreen cosmetics with a high SPF-factor.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in December 2022. Weather and temperature

Carnival in the Dominican Republic.

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In October, tourists can witness a local religious festival – Feast Archangel Michael, the military patron and guardian of the tree of life of the state. His image is associated by residents with the intercession of the sick, healing and magic. Vacationers will see an unusual sermon associated with ancient spells and Native American shamanism.

Altos de Chavon Village

There is a good chance of getting to the annual Festival Puerto Plata music and dance festival in mid-autumn, which brings together artists from all over the country. They delight vacationers and locals with endless genres of concerts in blues-rock, jazz, shimmy, and folk styles. On the dance floors there are colorful shows of Latin American dances bachata, sensual, salsa and merengue. In addition, the festival program includes fairs, mass parades, club parties and rum tastings.

At the end of October, the Dominican Republic hosts the DR Jazz Festival, the oldest international jazz festival in the Dominican Republic, where top jazz artists such as Rufus Reid, Billy Drummond, Richie Flores, Alex Acuna, Abraham Laboriel and many others are present as jurors in their circles.

Water temperature

The sea in the Dominican Republic is warm all year round. In October, the water temperature is +28 ° C. Just what you need for a beach holiday! You do not want to get out of the water, and the bathing schedule is only affected by stormy weather.

Tori: “The air in the tropics is fresh and pleasant, the water in the ocean is +27°C, and the beach is clean. The vacation was successful, and there were no problems with the weather.”

Yuriy Sh.: “Algae was cleaned 2 times a day, and the murky water didn’t bother us”.

Table of water temperature in October:

When water t
Early October +29°С
Middle of October +28°С
End of October +28°С


The prices of flights in October are the same as in September. For weekdays, there is a 10,000 rub difference between the price of a connecting flight on a weekday and a weekend. So if you don’t book your trip well in advance (2-3 months beforehand) you may notice, for example, that Thursday flights are cheaper than Sunday flights. Approximate prices for a one-way flight per person:

Most tourists prefer to book package tours, which on average come out much cheaper than booking separate flights and hotel. For example, a week for two in a 5* hotel with half board costs 76200 r. Add tickets, the price will be at least 152000 p.. If you buy a package tour, the cost of living will be 120500 p. in a 3 * hotel “all inclusive”, from 130400 p. in the “four” from 128420 in the “five” (plus $ 100-150 extra charge for transportation per person).

How to dress for the weather

Thanks to its tropical climate the Dominican Republic is always warm. The temperature stays around +30°C all year round. Even heavy showers in October do not bring coolness, so there is no need for warm clothing.

Yasya Kasatonova: “People dress very simply – shorts and T-shirts, but for dinner everyone prefers to put on a beauty kit. You can’t enter the restaurant in beach shorts and slippers. I recommend to take a swimsuit, tennis and dresses.

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Precipitation and Hurricanes

In the fall there are erratic cyclones over the tropics, so it is difficult to give an accurate forecast of what the weather will be like in the Dominican Republic in October 2022. There are 11 days of precipitation in October. This is 2-2.5 times more than in January and February, the driest months of the year.

Small rains tend to fall in the morning and strong thunderstorms occur in the afternoon. Towards the end of the month, there is less precipitation and the humidity decreases.

It can start raining unexpectedly. It is advisable to stay in hotels that are close to the coast. If the weather gets worse, you will quickly return from the beach and wait out the rain in your room. In any case, an umbrella will come in handy for a vacation in the Dominican Republic in October!

Hurricanes are rare and usually in the first half of the month. Tourists are informed in advance about the approach of the elements. When there are storm warnings at the resorts close the beaches, cancel boat trips and excursions.

Darina Ivanova: “In October it was all calm, there were no signs of hurricanes. Although from the conversations with staff it was clear that preparation to the hurricane and cleaning after it takes a lot of time and effort.

Where to go to rest in the Dominican Republic in October

Hurricane in Bavaro (Photo: Mondayne /

To the Dominican Republic - cheap! How to relax for $ 1000 for two!

Entertainment for visitors to the republic

The Dominican Republic offers travelers entertainment for all tastes. There are opportunities not only to relax on the beach, but also to take surfing instruction, visit water parks and casinos. Since October is still possible waves and winds, the month does not dispose to sea walks and canoeing. However, there are no barriers to sightseeing and sightseeing.

Beach delights

Beach pleasures in the Dominican Republic

Despite the fact that the weather in October in the Dominican Republic can give surprises in the form of rain, the month is suitable for a beach holiday.

Water and air temperatures are almost equal, which tourists love.

You can sit in the water as long as you want, it does not invigorate, but it saturates the necessary minerals for the skin.

For recreation in October, it is recommended to choose the beaches of Grande, Cabarete, Dorado, Sosua, Luperon, Amber Bay. It is desirable to settle in hotels on the first line to get to the room in case of a downpour. In case of unrest in the sea or for morning swims you can use the swimming pools, which function in the hotels.

Excursions and Sports

Thanks to excursions and sporting activities, a vacation in the Dominican Republic is full every minute. There are many pirate ships sunk in the area of Puerto Plata, and diving into the warm waters of the sea with scuba diving will allow you to explore their secrets. In addition, there are golf clubs and water parks, where tourists are not as many as during high season.

Surf lovers in the Dominican

Fans of surfing should book hotels in the northern part of the country. There are big and small waves in October, so this month the resort is visited by professional surfers. There are many campsites and beginner’s training schools are open. Fishing and a panoramic helicopter flight along the coast to the protected island of Saona is also available.

On milder days, you can visit national parks and nature reserves (Los Itíces, Jaragua, Armando Bermúdez). On hotter days, you can visit Santo Domingo to appreciate the city’s architecture and learn about its history in air-conditioned museums. The city has a museum with an underwater park and the Aquarium.

Beginning in the third decade of October, the winds die down. It is time to go to Los Haitises Park, where there are many picturesque caves.

Extraordinary beauty and iridescent sand beaches is famous for Amber Beach, where there are deposits of semi-precious stone.

Cigar factory, coffee and cocoa plantations are a must-see. Tourists enjoy special interest in the rum manufacturing plant. Drink, which is produced in Dominica, is famous all over the world for its delicate flavor and aroma. You can buy a bottle of alcohol at home. Next winter it will warm you up and remind you of the pleasantly spent days. Other souvenirs that are in demand are the ceramic dolls without a face and jewelry made of turquoise (larimars).

Festivals and celebrations

In October, the rainy season ends, which is sure to celebrate the locals. Ahead of the high season, which feeds Dominicans, and they tend to meet it cheerfully, brightly. The most important event is the Jazz Festival, which takes place from late October to early November in Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata. Each year during this period, the most talented jazz performers from all countries visit the republic. Participants not only showcase their musical talent, but also compete in golf and baseball.

You can get to the Merengo Dance Festival from October 1 to 9. During this period there are exhibitions of local artists, artisans. You can buy exotic seafood dishes in the streets, eating out. The crowning glory of the holiday is considered a beautiful fireworks display. Another interesting festival is a gastronomic festival. It introduces tourists to the national cuisine, and during it the scents of delicious food are in the air.

Jazz festival,

A memorable date for the inhabitants of the island is October 12. That’s the day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus’s caravels landed on the shores of Haiti. Events commemorating this event are held in the halls of the Columbus Lighthouse.

Holidays with children in October

Unstable October weather can spoil a vacation in the Dominican Republic with the little ones, but with school children a trip to a tropical country always turns out to be fun. Parents with children enjoy adventure excursions, trips to nature reserves, buggy rides, jeep safaris and Zip-Line rides.

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Beach in Punta Cana (Photo: / @joelcasilla)

Should you vacation in October in the Dominican Republic?

According to tourist reviews, in October in the Dominican Republic is drier than in Southeast Asia, and warmer than in Tunisia, Greece and Turkey. Therefore, more holidaymakers come to the resorts than in early fall.

At the end of the low season in the country there are rains and storms. However, the changeable climate does not prevent tourists to enjoy good beaches, swimming in the warm sea and interesting excursions. Because of the lower humidity holidays in the Dominican Republic in October are easier for young children, elderly travelers and people who have health problems.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in February 2022. Weather and temperature.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in October likes lovers of outdoor activities. In the autumn on the Atlantic coast excellent conditions for surfing. Tourists ride on the sea in kayaks and catamarans, and on calm and windless days engaged in diving.

In October 2022, the Dominican Republic will host spectacular festivals and fairs. Sosua and Cabarete will welcome a jazz festival and Puetro Plata will host a merengue festival. On the twelfth of October, the inhabitants of the republic will solemnly celebrate the Day of Discovery of America. The most interesting events will take place near the lighthouse of Christopher Columbus in Santo Domingo, where the remains of the famous explorer are buried.

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Vacation Features

Beach holidays holds the palm of the first place among all other types of recreation. And there is no arguing with it. The beaches here are above all praise – snow-white, clean, comfortable. Scattered along the coast of palm trees and smooth smooth entrance to the sea to complete the idyll.

Lovers of active recreation can advise to find out from the tour operator which sports centers are located near the planned your resort and choose what you like. The underwater beauty is richer in the south – the Caribbean – coast. Local resorts – Boca Chica, La Romana, Punta Cana – have diving schools and the best instructors. In this part there are almost no strong winds, and Santo Domingo – the capital of the Dominican Republic is a very interesting city, both in terms of sights and shopping. The northern part of the island, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, is a little cooler, the wind blows here, which raises a lot of waves, and thus creates an excellent environment for surfers. They have long fancied these places and come here from all over the world, just in the fall, when the ratio of sun, wind and waves is optimal.

Look for interesting excursions in specially trained searchers:

  • Tripster – unusual tours from locals.
  • Sputnik – inexpensive group tours.

Russian speaking guides only.

Dominica, island, nature

© dutchy53 / / CC BY 2.0

Well, it is possible to go on excursions to the cities you like from any place, the island is not large in size. There is so much beautiful architecture preserved in Santo Domingo that the old part of the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many colonial palaces, fortresses and museums. You can explore informative displays on the history of the republic, admire the amber collection or listen to a guide talk about ancient weapons. In the Columbus Lighthouse, according to legend, the ashes of the great navigator are buried, and the local cigar factory makes the famous tobacco products. You can watch the process and even smoke in the company of “tasters” just like you.

Take a few days out to visit the national parks. A walk through a tropical forest with tangled vines and songbirds will be a memorable experience. Park Haitises will take you on a trip to green caves, El Choco and Jarabacoa are famous for their landscapes and picturesque waterfalls, and wandering along the Amber Coast you can find a piece of precious resin.

Dominican Republic in October – Rest and weather

In October, travelers’ interest in the Dominican Republic is gradually revived. This is due to a noticeable improvement in weather conditions. However, they are still far from ideal, and impose a certain imprint on the nature of recreation. Want to know more details? Then read our article on Tour Calendar.

The weather is getting better in October, but the showers are still making themselves felt

Weather in the Dominican Republic in October

October is one of the most controversial months of the year. On the one hand it is the wet season, on the other hand the weather slowly begins to stabilize. Let’s start with the climatic disadvantages of this period. As before, the threat of typhoons and hurricanes persists in the Caribbean and travel agencies warn their customers about them. But in reality, it’s not that bad. Mostly the natural elements rage in Cuba and Haiti. It is there that cyclones arrive first. On reaching the Dominican coast their destructive power significantly weakens, and at most it can be fraught with a strong storm, which calmly wait out the hotel room. So there is no serious cause for concern. According to meteorologists, the number of rainy days in the middle of the calendar autumn is the same as in September – about 11. But their frequency decreases by the third decade, so if you do not have a specific time, it is better to plan your visit after the twentieth. The record-breakers in rainfall are the capital and La Romana.

Dominican Republic in September 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

To a lesser extent, the northern town of Monte Cristi is affected. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that although tropical downpours are quite intense and hit very quickly, they are not particularly inconvenient, as they are very warm, and an hour after their completion the ground quickly dries up under the scorching rays of the sun. The greatest likelihood of precipitation is in the morning, at lunchtime you may hear the roar of thunder. Arriving in the Dominican Republic in October, prepare for high humidity. In the first few days you will always notice the notorious “sauna spirit”, but later the body gets used to, and these unpleasant feelings are muted. Although people with diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory system, such weather is contraindicated. Acclimatization is given with difficulty, and as a result the rest is in vain. Therefore, before buying a tour advise to make sure you do not have these health problems. The beginning of the month is usually very hot, but towards the middle of the month the daytime temperatures fall to around 30 degrees. The thermometer column holds at +22 … +23 ° C in the evenings allowing a little break from the exhausting heat.

What to do in the Dominican Republic in October?

In the northern hemisphere, October is a deep autumn with freezing winds, slush and piercing cold. Therefore, during this time the tropical countries, which include the Dominican Republic, are visited mainly to “warm the bones. Palm, coconut exoticism, miles of beaches covered with the finest pearly white and golden sand, warm azure waters (sea if you want, ocean if you want) – this is nothing else but a true paradise with eternal summer. At the end of the month to the beach is added excursions: the heat modifies its ardor, and the chances for sightseeing increases.

Beach Holiday

Although temperatures are moderating, the water temperatures in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are on the other hand rising, reaching +29°C by October. As you understand, it is not at all invigorating, but some people like it very much.

However, the weather does not always allow to take sun and water procedures. First, there are sudden showers, and second, there are frequent storms, during which the height of the surf reaches 2-3 meters. They are so strong that not only knock down, but provolakivayut for about 10 meters, so in bad weather for their own safety is better to splash in the pool at the hotel. By the way, based on the same considerations, it is better to be placed on the first coast line, so in case of rain there was always the possibility of operatively returning back to the hotel. Windless quiet days attract long explorations of the seabed. The Caribbean coast abounds with excellent dive sites. The most popular dive sites are considered Saona and Catalina Islands, where the underwater kingdom is inhabited by morays, groupers, clownfish, stingrays and other exotics. Also in the Dominican Republic is customary to go surfing. The most suitable conditions for this sport are at the resorts on the Atlantic Ocean. Chasing a magnificent tan, you should remember that getting sunburn in these latitudes is easier than ever. If you know the measure and use sunscreens, you will get a chocolate skin tone in 10 days. Unfortunately, many tourists (according to their reviews) on returning home it goes very quickly.

Entertainment and Excursions

An extensive show program in the hotels, incendiary merengue played in all restaurants and pubs, and many resort entertainments of all stripes and colors will provide you with a lot of unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions. Shopping is to considerably diversify your leisure time. Dominican stores and astonishingly large shopping centers offer a wide range of quality clothing and a variety of local and imported goods. Native Dominican items that evoke associations with the country are coffee, rum, ceramic dolls “lima” without a face and jewelry made from “larimara” – the local turquoise. As we said, around the second half of October sightseeing activity intensifies. The main part of the tours devoted to unsurpassed in its magnificence of nature.

Get acquainted with it as a “savage”, and through trips to reserves and national parks. Some of them suggest access solely by water, but in October it is not the best idea, since at any time a storm may break out. Fans of “history in stone” are advised to walk the streets of Santo Domingo. Its colonial part is protected by UNESCO. On a sweltering afternoon escape from the heat will help numerous museum complexes of the capital. In our opinion, the most entertaining are Las Casas Reales in the building of the first Supreme Court in the New World, La Caleta and the Palace of Diego Columbus.

How much is a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Tour prices 2022.

Holidays and festivals.

The end of the wet season is a cause for joy for Dominicans. It’s not hard to guess that by looking at the calendar of cultural events. In October it is full of all kinds of festivities. So, the last days of the month (beginning of November) in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete are notable for the oldest jazz festival “DR Jazz Festival”. Each year it gathers on its site the most talented regional and foreign jazz performers and vocalists. Among the events in the program are not only musical concerts, but also golf tournaments, exhibitions of folk crafts and culinary fairs. In some years in early October, Puerto Plata holds the Merengue Festival. It is not as famous and large-scale as the summer one in Santo Domingo, but it is no less spectacular and colorful. In the middle of the calendar autumn, the capital invites you to the big gastronomic festival “Taste Santo Domingo”, which combines ethnology and cooking.

For a few days it plunges into a world of flavors and aromas that make you salivate profusely. It is a meeting place for the main players in the gastronomic market, the media, gourmands and simply fans of quality and healthy food. Santo Domingo also hosts the three-monthly National Baseball Championships. Another sporting event is the triathlon competition, this time in Punta Cana. On October 12, the whole country celebrates Columbus’ American Discovery Day. The most lavish celebrations unfold in the capital, near the Faro-o-Colón lighthouse.

What fruits are in the Dominican Republic in October?

It’s a real fruit heaven…pineapples are just a fragrant, juicy nectar that runs down your hands. I think I can still feel that unique aroma. I definitely haven’t seen these in stores in Russia. And passion fruit, bananas, papaya, melons, coconuts. Just mountains of fruit, which is impossible to pass by indifferently. And delicious freshee. Diluted compote in the Dominican Republic type “Whoopi” there is not found. All that pour you bartenders (at least at our hotel) – only natural juices!

Still in October, avocados, bananas, sapota, dragonfruit, guava, carambola, and several others ripen in the Dominican Republic.

Is there algae in the Dominican Republic in October?

It is believed that algae is more active from June exactly to October, while it is lower from November to May. However, most experienced travelers unanimously agree that the probability of their encounter is at any time of year.

By the way, the cleanliness of the beach often depends on how well the hotel staff will clean the coast. So its choice should be taken particularly carefully, read the detailed reviews on all hotels in the Dominican Republic.

What are the prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic in October?

October in the Dominican Republic is still an unattractive season, however the flow of foreigners visiting the country compared to September has increased slightly, which could not but affect the pricing policy of hoteliers and airlines. In the first days of the month it remains the same, but closer to the middle to the end of the month there is a 10%-15% increase in prices. However, if you take advantage of early booking option, you will avoid overpayment.

Remember that you can buy tours to the Dominican Republic at a cheaper price on – search tours on hundreds of tour operators! Use our promotional codes AF2000turcalendar for additional discount of 2000 rubles (tours from 100 rub), AF1500turcalendar 1500 rubles (from 80 rub), and AF1000turcalendar 1000 rubles (from 60 rub)!

How to have a rest in the Dominican Republic in October by yourself!

  • Book a hotel – don’t overpay! Check prices on all reservations sites at once on HotelLook
  • Buying airline tickets on AviaSales – compare prices of tickets to Dominican Republic from all agencies and airlines.
  • Book tours on Tripster: Find and book tours in October.
  • Rent a car – compare prices of all car rental companies. With a car holiday in the Dominican Republic in October will be more interesting
  • Getting insurance – prices from all insurance companies on Cherehapa.
  • Transfer and cab – proven service KiwiTaxi

As you have already understood from this article, the October weather picture, despite the apparent improvement, is quite complicated. Clear periods can be abruptly replaced by days of incessant rain with gusty winds. And there are years when the month is as dry and sunny as December, January or February. That is why the reviews of tourists about rest on the “equator” of the fall are so contradictory. In short, some are luckier than others. In any case, buying a ticket for October, you should hope for the best, but at the same time realize that you take the risk that everything will not go as you wanted. We hope that you found our article on the Tour Calendar useful!

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