The most beautiful places on the Black Sea in Russia.

You have to see it: the coolest places of the Russian south

Of course, you can rest on the sea, shuttling from the guest house to the beach and back, occasionally departing from this route to visit the closest museum. However, if you have opened this article, it means that your soul demands impressions. Check yourself. Familiar with each place we are talking about? Congratulations: you are an inquisitive and experienced traveler who will not let anything interesting pass you by. And if you find something unfamiliar – this is a great excuse to diversify your holiday.

It would seem that the Crimea since ancient times exhausted by tourists up and down. But you can pass by a unique sight and not pay attention to it. Our guide will remedy the situation.

The Crimea


Ai-Petri Mountain is one of the symbols of Crimea. Extremes can tickle their nerves with a walk on suspension bridges at an unimaginable height, and there’s also one of the best viewing platforms here. Climb up to the top and the coast is at your fingertips. In winter, you’ll find snowboarding and downhill skiing to enjoy as well.

Where is it located: the southern coast of Crimea, near Alushta and the village Koreiz. Of course, you can climb up on your own, but it’s easier to use the cable car in Koreiz.


Cape Tarkhankut

To feel like you are in the Maldives, you do not need to fly to the edge of the world. Cape Tarkhankut – this clearest water, beaches with white sand, charming grottos and coves. Here you will find silence and calmness, protected by rocks. Notable attraction – the old lighthouse, which was built about 200 years ago.

Where is it: from Evpatoria to go to Olenevka and then walk or drive another 8 km to the coast.


Ayu-Dag .

This mountain is one of the leading famous places in Crimea. Ayu-Dag is translated as “Bear Mountain” – from whichever side you look at it you see a bear drinking from the sea. Walking footpath has been known for several hundred years and leads to the observation deck. And after admiring the surroundings, go down – there is a wonderful beach waiting for you.

It is situated between Yalta and Alushta. It is more convenient to walk from Partenit village, where you can even book a tour.


Baidar Valley

Almost the whole Crimea can be described by three words – steppes, mountains and sea. But there are exceptions to this rule. For example, Baidar valley, formed at an altitude of about 300 meters many thousands of years ago. At the beginning of the XIX century a close friend of Pushkin’s maid of honor A.O. Smirnova said about these lands: “splendid vegetation, air is most invigorating and location is most beautiful”. Nothing has changed since then. Clear lakes, plains, narrow canyons and caves, horses walking in the meadows – a true idyll.

You can get there from Sevastopol. In this case, the route will pass through the villages Gonchanoye and Tylovoye. Another option is to get there by serpentine road through Foros.

Baidar Valley

Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray

Once upon a time there was a powerful khanate in the Crimea, and the famous khan Sahib Giray built his palace in Bakhchisaray. This word means a huge complex – here and the palace itself, and harem housing, towers, gardens, fountains, bath, mosque, summer pavilion, and much more. In short, the territory of oriental luxury and fairy tales. And just 8 km away there is a real cave town Cufut Qale, where houses are literally carved into the rocks.

Location: 133, Rechnaya st., Bakhchisaray city. The easiest way to get here is to drive from Simferopol, only 30 km away.

Khan Palace


When planning a trip to the Crimea, leave the Laspi Bay for last – you are guaranteed that you won’t want to leave. Judge for yourself – the rocks of bizarre forms, the air filled with the scent of pine, clear water, a delightful beach. Divers will especially appreciate the bay – at depths there is a “rock garden”, where the amazing beauty of caves and mazes lurk.

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Where is it: between Balaklava and Foros. There are shuttles from Sevastopol and Yalta, but you have to walk about 3 km from the stop Laspi.

Laspi Bay


Thousands of years ago there was a volcano here. Now it is a natural reserve with unique plants and beautiful scenery. But not only the mountain is worth seeing. Near the water rises a rock of interesting shape, resembling an arch – “Devil’s Mouth”.

You can find it near Feodosia in the village of Koktebel.


The Valley of Ghosts

On Demerdzhi Mountain the constant winds have gradually carved strange figures from the boulders of stone blocks over many thousands of years. Even a person with a modest imagination can see in them mythical creatures, amazing faces and human silhouettes. The effect varies depending on the time of year and day, even in the morning and evening of the same day the outlines seem to be different – it is a play of light and shadow.

Where to go: you have to drive about 20 km from Alushta to the village of Luchistoe. The most romantic way to visit the Valley of Ghosts is to book a horse ride in the village. Two kilometers and you are there.

The Valley of Ghosts

Cape Fiolent

Are you looking for an opportunity to sunbathe quietly alone with the rocks and the sea? You are on the Cape Fiolent. Pay your attention to Jasper beach. Among common pebbles you can now and then find the fragments of semiprecious stones. Do you wish to admire the sights with centuries-old history? Again, you have to visit Cape Fiolent. The rocks Orestes and Pilad, Diana’s grotto and the unique St. George’s Monastery are waiting for you.

Where is it: in the vicinity of Sevastopol.

Cape Fiolent

Livadia Palace

The favorite summer residence of the last emperor Nicholas II and his family is now open to the public. The snow-white building with its laconic and solemn architecture blends in perfectly with its surroundings. In addition, this is where the famous Yalta Conference was held in 1945, where the leaders of the victorious countries decided the fate of the postwar world.

Location: Livadia Village near Yalta, 44A Baturin Street.

Livadia Palace

Royal mound

The Crimea is covered with the ancient history. One of the most famous sites is the mound where it is assumed that one of the rulers of the Bosporan Kingdom was buried in the 4th century. The 37-meter corridor leads to the burial chamber, which smoothly widens and turns into a circular domed room. Carved Christian symbols can be seen on the walls. Historians believe that the dome served as a refuge for early Christians.

Where is it: On the outskirts of Kerch, about 5 km from the center. The reference point is the nearby monument “Defense of the Adzhimushkay quarries”.

Tsar’s Mound


The kingdom of pines, mountains and sea has always attracted tourists. Let’s digress from the beach vacation and try to see the most unusual places.


Lake Ritsa and Stalin’s dacha.

Many tourists associate Abkhazia with Lake Ritsa. No wonder – such beauty is unlikely to meet anywhere else. The lake is young enough. About 300 years ago there was a tectonic shift, and the resulting depression filled with water. Interestingly, the color of the lake varies depending on the weather – the water here can be deep blue, and turquoise or light blue.

After the war, Stalin took a fancy to this place and built his summer cottage here. It looks rather modest, but inside you understand that the cottage was built according to the latest technology of those times. For example, here is a detail – the windows were made of thick crystal, so that in the hot weather the heat did not penetrate inside. In a word, it is possible to tell about the summer house for a long time, but it is better to see it at least once. When you will be on Lake Ritsa, do not only admire the scenery, but take a closer look at this deliberately ascetic, inconspicuous cottage.

Where is it: to get there, you need to drive 55 km from Gagra.

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Lake Ritsa and Stalin’s dacha

New Athos Monastery

The monastery is famous not only among the Orthodox Christians, even people who are little interested in the church know about it. They are attracted by beautiful landscapes, the legendary cave and man-made waterfall.

The monastery was built in 1875 with the blessing of the famous Athos monastery in Greece. Emperor Alexander III rendered his assistance and patronized the construction. After the revolution it housed a museum and a recreation center, and during the war times it was a hospital. Monastic life resumed in the monastery only in 1994.

How to get there: you can walk a couple of kilometers from New Athos or use public transportation.

New Athos Monastery

Blue Lake

– That’s nothing, it’s just another lake, – you say and you are wrong. Blue Lake deserves your attention. Firstly, it never freezes. Secondly, even on a cloudy and inclement weather the water is always bright blue. Finally, there is no life in the lake. There are no fish or even plankton.

Where to go: you can book a tour or go on your own. In the second case, drive along the Sukhumi highway in the direction of Gudauta. At the settlement of Bzybta, turn left and move along the river.

Blue Lake

Gagripsh Restaurant

Of course, you can have a delicious meal here. However, the restaurant got to our list of cool places for another reason, namely because of its history.

In 1902 at the world exhibition prince Alexander Oldenburgsky bought this building. It was brought here disassembled and reassembled. Interestingly enough, no metal fasteners were used in the assembly. Strictly speaking, the prince purchased two buildings – the second was intended for Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg, but it did not survive.

In 1903, a new resort was inaugurated in the current restaurant. Later many famous people visited the historic building – Nicholas II, Stalin, Bunin, Fyodor Chaliapin, Chekhov and many others. You must have seen the interiors of the restaurant in the movie “Winter Evening in Gagra”. Interestingly, the appearance and interiors have remained virtually unchanged.

Where is it located: Gagra, avenue. Ardzinba, 21.

Restaurant “Gagripsh”.

Anakopia Fortress

Fans of ancient ruins, covered with the breath of time, will not bypass this place. In the IV-VII centuries, the Byzantines built a fortress here. More than once the majestic powerful walls repulsed the attack of the enemy. Even now it is clear how strong the citadel was. The remains of watchtowers and a Christian church have survived. And in the walls of the fortress there is a well with pure healing water.

Where is it: near New Athos. The path passes by the Novoafon cave and higher into the mountains.

Anakopia Fortress

The Castle of Prince of Oldenburg

We have already talked about Prince of Oldenburg, who dreamed of making Gagra a great resort. For himself, he built a charming little castle in the mountains in the Art Nouveau style. Unfortunately, World War I and then the revolution spoiled his plans. The prince emigrated to France, and the castle was abandoned. Once it was a holiday home, but then the structure became deserted. Nowadays it is forbidden to enter, but you can admire the castle from outside.

Where is it: in the old part of Gagra, on a slope of mountain Mamdzishkha. You can get there by bus to the bus stop.

The Castle of Prince of Oldenburg

Beslet Bridge

The 35-meter bridge across the Baslu River was built during the reign of Queen Tamara. In the XI-XIII centuries it was of great strategic importance as it led to the mountain valleys. Even the ruins of the watchtower, which guarded the bridge from the sea, remained. Surprisingly, this medieval engineering marvel has survived almost unchanged.

Where is it: you can get there by bus from the central market of Sukhum. You will not pass by, the bus stop is terminal.

Beslet Bridge

Maiden’s Tears and Man’s Tears waterfalls

Strictly speaking, Maiden’s Tears is not a waterfall. Here you will not see the roaring stream falling from a great height. But you will see a water curtain of thin, transparent threads of water, which most resembles a spring drop. Crystal threads play in the sun and scatter on the rocks in tiny splashes.

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Men’s tears are a different matter. It starts at a dizzying height, you won’t even see the place where the water falls from. The waterfall is fuller and noisier.

A beautiful legend says that the beginning of the waterfalls were started by two separated lovers, whose feelings were envied by an evil sorceress. There is a belief that you should tie bright ribbons near the waterfalls as a kind of gift to the mountain spirit.

Where are: You can find Maiden’s Tears 17 km from the center of Gagra. Public transport does not go there, but a visit to the waterfalls is included in many tours. Maiden tears are located 20 km further, behind the Blue Lake.

Maiden’s teardrops

Kyndyga Spring

Not all of us should admire the ancient sights, it is time to take care of ourselves. We invite you to a natural spa in the open air. Water from a warm spring feeds several pools and there is a mud lake nearby. And all this beauty is surrounded by a eucalyptus grove.

Where is it located: 25 km from Sukhum. You can get to the village Kyndyg by bus, which departs every two hours from the central market.

Kyndyg Spring

Azov Sea

Azov Sea area is as if created for beach vacation. Here is a shallow, warm sea, pleasant climate and nice sandy beaches. There are less sights in Azov region, but this is a reason to have a thoughtful and unhurried look at them.

Azov Sea


It is a restored ethnic village, fully replicating the life of the Cossacks. Life here is exactly as it was many years ago. There are workshops, festivals and master classes. It is especially interesting to visit the village with children.

Where is it located: on the outskirts of the village Taman.


Dolzhanskaya Spit

A narrow 10-kilometer strip of land, overlooking the sea, has long attracted tourists. Unforgettable experience you can get, standing on this edge of the earth. On the one hand the waves of the Azov Sea, rolling onto the shore. On the other hand, just a few meters – full calm of the great Taganrog Bay.

Spit – a paradise for surfers. Here you can catch the wind and beat the waves. And the coastal waters are also rich in fish, so there are always many fishing enthusiasts.

Where is it: 50 km from Jeisk. Directly adjacent to the spit is Dolzhanskaya village.

Dolzhanskaya Spit

Palace of Alexander I in Taganrog

Walking around Taganrog, you risk to pass by this building, not dignifying it with attention. Really, what kind of palace is it? Squat one-storey building without architectural frills. But stop and take a closer look.

Once upon a time the mayor lived here. But it was in this house that Emperor Alexander I died in 1825. They say there’s even a bed where the autocrat ended his earthly journey. After his death, his widow, Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna, bought the house, which was later visited by Emperor Alexander II and Alexander III, poets Zhukovsky and Pushkin, the painter Ivan Aivazovsky.

Where is it located: street Grecheskaya, 40.

Alexander I Palace

Lermontov Museum in Taman

Taman is immortalized by M.Y. Lermontov in one of the chapters of “A Hero of Our Time”. The writer lived here for a while when he was on his way to a new duty station. Interestingly, the existing museum is located in the backyard of one of the Cossacks, Lermontov’s house was located a little away and did not survive. The museum now houses ethnographic and literary exhibits.

Where is it: Taman, Karla Marksa street, 100.

Lermontov Museum

Black sea

We leave hospitable Azov region and gradually study the Black Sea coast in Krasnodar region. These places will not leave anyone indifferent.

Black Sea

Salt Lake

From afar, the lake does not attract attention, but it is worth approaching closer – and you will be surprised. In fact, there is salt and healing mud instead of water. Let the persistent smell of hydrogen sulfide does not scare you away, the bottom mud of the lake is extremely useful for health. And after mud cure procedure walk a few meters to the sea, wash off the mud and relax on a small but very pleasant beach.

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Where is it located: in the village Veselovka, located on the beach 15 km from Taman.

Salt Lake

Akhun Mountain

This is the calling card of Sochi. The mountain hides a lot of interesting things. In its depths lurks more than 20 caves. At the top of Maly Akhun Mountain are the ruins of a medieval Christian temple built on the shore of a pond. Big Akhun is crowned with a 30-meter observation tower.

Location: between the rivers Agura and Khosta in Khostinsky district of Sochi. You can get there by bus or by shuttle bus from Sochi.

Akhun Mountain

Guam Gorge

Steep cliffs, densely covered with protected relict plants, a fast mountain river at the bottom, the passage, sometimes narrowing to two meters – all this Guamsky Gorge. Almost a hundred years ago, a narrow gauge railroad was laid along its bed, which is still in operation. You can take a ride on a small, as if a toy tourist train, and comfortably explore this natural wonder.

Where is it located: in Apsheronsky district of Krasnodar Krai, between the villages of Guamka and Mezmaya. From Apsheronsk to Guamka you can get by shuttle bus.

Guamka Gorge

Waterfalls of the Zhane River

The Zhane River has many tributaries, which have formed a beautiful valley, abundantly decorated with cascades of water. The waterfalls here impress not by their height, but by their number. Especially beautiful is the Emerald Waterfall, under which the “Bowl of Love” is located. It is believed that newlyweds bathe here so that their family life will be long and happy.

Where are they: 16 km from Gelendzhik, near the village of Vozrozhdenie.

Waterfalls of Zhane River

Akhshtyrska Cave

One of the most famous caves in the Krasnodar region was discovered in 1903. Historians have found that tens of thousands of years ago it was inhabited by primitive people. Now the cave is equipped with stairs and steps, there is artificial lighting, so tourists can comfortably visit the archaeological monument.

Where is it located: on the territory of Greater Sochi. You can take a bus to the stop “Trout Farm” and walk up the trail. 15 minutes of leisurely walk – and you are there.

Akhshtyrskaya Cave

Even from lying on the beach you can get tired. The best way to make your vacation unforgettable – is to take time to get acquainted with the area, dive into its history, see natural and man-made wonders. Even if there is something you didn’t get to see, don’t feel bad. List of interesting places so great that it can be studied for several years, so, not a boring vacation for a long time is guaranteed to you.

The most beautiful places on the Black Sea in Russia.

Beautiful places on the Black Sea

Where to find in the south of Russia truly beautiful and pleasant places? We share our experiences and opinions. Take note!

Many guidebooks under the heading “The most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast of Russia” list boring, pop and crowded places, which can be very disappointing. For those looking for something more authentic, quiet and unadvertised, we have compiled a selection of favorite places on the coasts of the Crimea and Krasnodar region.


Pink Lake Adzhigol near Feodosia

Pink Lake, accessible to everyone (no sms, registration or passes).

There is a famous pink lake in the Crimea – Koyashskoe, not far from Kerch. The place is beautiful, but it is a reserve, so in the best bureaucratic traditions with a visit all is not easy. But there is an alternative! Free and easily accessible lake Adzhigol is on the way to Feodosia, right at the highway. If you go to rest on the resorts of the east coast, look at the lake.

Pink Lake Adzhigol. Pink Lake Ajigol. Pink Lake Ajigol.

Mystical Meganom

Cape Meganom in Crimea, we love fondly for the fantastic views in any weather. It is overgrown with legends, myths and superstitions: there and witches organize sabbaths, and UFOs regularly land, and all sorts of anomalies occur. There are also excellent places for wild recreation and nudists. To explore Meganom, stop in Sudak.

Svirskoje gorge: how to get there, route, photos

Our hike with our niece to Cape Meganom in Crimea. Admiring the sea. Hike to the Meganom Cape. A hike to the Meganom Cape. On one side – the cliff and the sea, on the other – huge rocks.

The Golitsyn path, Space, Heaven and Hell.

This is our favorite trek in the Crimea, on which we have walked many times. First – a simple path on the trail Golitsyn, and then – a fascinating ascent along the rocks to the ancient staircase of the Taurians, the cave-refrigerator, Adam’s box and the peak Kosmos. There are also the valleys of Hell and Paradise. The views are spectacular! Learn more about the Golitsyn Trail – at the link I told in detail about the listed places. To visit them, stop in Sudak or Novy Svet.

Cosmos Peak in the Crimea. Mystical sanctuary of the Taurians. Steep staircase of the Taurians. The road to Cosmos Peak and the staircase of the Taurians. On the way to the Cosmos Peak there are the views of the sea and the coast.

Cape Grape and the beach “Bounty” in the Crimea.

A place where the color of the water is amazing. Impregnable cliffs, secluded beach “Bounty”, playful dolphins. Is this really the Black Sea! It is located near Cape Fiolent in Sevastopol, behind the dacha cooperatives.

Nature of Crimea

Favorite place in the Crimea – Cape Grape and the beach “Bounty” in Sevastopol.

Dzhangul coast and Tarkhankut

Wild silent steppe with snow-white cliffs forever held a place in our heart. At the westernmost point of Crimea almost no one gets – you can wander alone and be amazed by strange shapes of rocks, ride the endless expanses, watching dolphins and dive to the seabed. Learn more about rest in Tarkhankut.

A grounded dry-cargo ship near the coast, Tarkhankut. The precipitous coast of Tarkhankut – view from the sea during a boat trip. Dzhangul landslide coast. Maldives? Dominica? No, this beach in the Crimea! Olenevka village, Cape Tarkhankut. Fine light sand, clear water and a rich underwater world – you can find this even on the Black Sea in Russia. In inclement weather the Bowl of Love on Trakhankut reminds shores of Iceland.


Ancient constructions are scattered along the Black Sea coast – it’s exciting to look for them on your own. Paths to them are usually simple. We found dolmens in Mamedov Gorge, near Arkhipo-Osipovka and in Shapsugskaya village.

Dolmen in Krasnodar Krai

Dolmen in the outskirts of Arkhipo-Osipovka and the camping “Coon”.

33 waterfalls

Cascade of waterfalls in the valley of the river Shakhe is a popular but very beautiful place. If you ignore the specifics of Russian infrastructure (garbage, rotten stairs, cafe hustlers), you will love it: hanging moss, powerful trees, fonts under the waterfalls, where you can swim. It’s shady and cool. The nearest resorts are Sochi and Lazarevskoye. We went there from Ashe.

33 waterfalls in the Dzhegosh tract (Photo: / Tanya Dedyukhina)

Arboretum in Sochi

This oasis of greenery in Sochi is a salvation for those who are exhausted from the heat. We spent the whole day there – it is fabulously beautiful and interesting: exotic palms, orderly cypresses, bright flowers. Even if botany does not interest you, stop by to take a break from the noisy, hot city.

Arboretum in Sochi

Arboretum in Sochi.

Atypical camping near Arkhipo-Osipovka

Last summer we found a wonderful camping “Coon” without the naked torsos, drunken drinking and shanson screaming – yes, this exists! It is located in a pine forest near Arkhipo-Osipovka – it is so sweet to fall asleep there under the noise of trees and so freely breathes! The sea is near.

Camping in Krasnodar

Excellent camping “Coon” – one of the best in Krasnodar region.

Praskoveevka and rock “Parus”.

A tiny village with an amazing rock-sail – a thin layer of rock, broken off from the coast and proudly rising out of the water. Especially beautiful there at sunset. The nearest resorts are Dzhankhot, Divnomorskoye, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik.

Where the best places to relax on the Black Sea in Russia

The rock “Sail” in Praskoveevka on the Black Sea coast, Krasnodar region.

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