The truth about Evpatoria. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Evpatoria: vacation tips

What is good Evpatoria and is it worth to rest there in the summer of 2022? Look at the current reviews of tourists about Evpatoria. Find out what vacationers think about the sea, beaches, prices and entertainment at the resort.

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Impressions of Evpatoria

Evpatoria is often called a resort province. In the seaside town can seem that time went back 20-30 years. You will not find big shopping centers and Russian ATMs, by bank cards serve far not everywhere. In Evpatoria a lot of private homes with attached second floor. In summer the locals rent rooms to tourists.

Old part of the resort is picturesque and comfortable. Fresh, cozy and beautiful! Around green streets and parks. Evpatoria nice to walk around at any time of year!

Leto89: “The city of Evpatoria is cozy and quiet. Life here is boiling only in summer, the hot season. Certainly, there is nothing to do in winter, you can just walk around and admire the city. If you are an unpretentious person, not spoiled by trips to foreign resorts, you will like it in the Crimea.

Reviews about rest in Evpatoria

Beach in Evpatoria

Is it expensive to relax in Evpatoria?

The farther from Southern coast of Crimea, the lower prices! This golden rule works in Evpatoria on all hundred. Foodstuff, including seasonal fruit and vegetables, is cheaper, than on JUBK, but more expensive, than in Novofedorovka and the Black Sea. In the markets of Evpatoria sell a lot of local fruits at quite adequate prices. Inexpensive and Crimean cosmetics.

Lodging is cheaper than in Yalta. According to reviews, during the holidays in Evpatoria in the high season room for two with a kitchenette can be rented for 800-1200 rubles, and a private house for the company of 5-7 people – for 5000 rubles.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still several convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private housing on the daily. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book lodging in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and reviews of tourists, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

Lenok96: “In general it’s expensive, but the service is not very good. In the supermarket “Fresh” a little cheaper. Fruit, vegetables are cheaper at the collective farm market. Milk, 1 liter – 70 rubles, drinking water, 5 liters – 70 rubles, whole chicken – 120 rubles per 1 kg”.

Reviews about Evpatoria

The beach of colorful pebbles (Photo: wuestenigel /

What sea and beaches in Evpatoria

One of the main pluses of the resort – a good sandy coast and shallow, well-warmed, clean sea. Entrance to the municipal beaches is free. According to reviews, in 2021 for sun beds in Evpatoria paid 100-150 rubles. Tourists complain that the city beach is a lot of people. There are changing rooms, but no toilets.

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Many people like the paid beach “Azure Coast”, which is located at the terminus of the route number 10. The entrance costs 30 rubles. This beach has a smooth entrance to the water, smooth sandy bottom, inflatable slides and rides. Sometimes dolphins come ashore.

Service and water entertainment on the beaches of Evpatoria not everyone liked it.

Eleha040984: “On each corner a bunch of sellers of doubtful goods like pies, shrimp and corn. In the sea almost on each meter of entertainment – “bananas”, “plates”. Swimming is really scary. Scooters and motor boats fly like on the highway.”

Panorama of the beach “Cote d’Azur”.

Rest with children in Evpatoria

Evpatoria is a children’s health resort, there are many health centers. People come to the resort for climatotherapy and mud treatment.

The city is built on a plain, so it is convenient to walk with a stroller. In Evpatoria there are pharmacies, stores where they sell baby food and formula. In the yards there are playgrounds.

Beaches only sandy, the sea is shallow, and the entrance is flat – ideal for small children! For bathing with kids parents recommend beaches “Sunny”, “Rodnichok”, “Solaris”, “New” and “Golden Sands”.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, in Evpatoria with children there is something to do: to see models of the sights of the Crimea and statues of cartoon characters, go with your child to the Park of Miniatures. Look at the contact zoo, aquarium, dinopark, dolphinarium and amusement parks. Families with children are very pleased with water parks “U Lukomorye” and “Banana Republic”, the museum “Pirates of the Black Sea” and a trip on the “Streetcar Wishes”.

But for excursions with children the resort is not suitable – it’s too far from the rich sights of the South Coast.

lenapehotova: “A lot of young and not very families with children. If you go only with one child, do not worry, he there will not be bored, be sure to find the company.

Rest in Evpatoria

Beach in Evpatoria (Photo: Aleksander Kaasik /

Interesting or boring at the resort

Yevpatoria is an ancient city and has preserved many historical monuments and temples of different denominations – the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, a mosque, a synagogue and a complex of Karaite kenasa. There are archeological excavations near the resort. To get acquainted with the past of Evpatoria, take an excursion route “Little Jerusalem”!

In reviews vacationers advise to go from Evpatoria on excursions to Sevastopol, Yalta, Bakhchisarai and the cave towns of Crimea. Prices for bus trips with a guide from 1000 rubles.

We strongly recommend a trip to the stunning Tarkhankut: there you will see the white cliffs of the coast, a sunken cargo ship, a lonely lighthouse, the Bowl of Love, a beautiful beach “Miami” and Dzhangul landslide coast. For this it is better to rent a car or go by car, because the bus from Evpatoria to Olenevka takes about 5 hours, and the road is tedious. Stop there is better for 1-2 nights. If you want to see as much as possible for one day, it is better to take the excursion.

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Loreleya w: “I especially liked the promenade in the evening. The fire show, live music, theatrical performances by the fountains. Lots of people walking around. And next door – the sea! Evpatoria in the evening – it’s romantic.

On the snow-white cliffs Tarkhankut better to admire the water. Walking by boat costs about 3000-4000 rubles. Beach “Miami” in Olenevka, known as “Crimean Maldives”. It takes about 3 hours to get to the settlement from Evpatoria.

Best excursions

We advise not to buy excursions in street agencies at the resort, because there is a high probability to get a mediocre trip and spoil the experience. It is more reliable to use a special service to find a great tour – Tripster. There is a large selection of programs with real reviews of tourists – so you book only interesting and high-quality excursion. And they often have discounts! We use only this service when we travel.

When best to go

Evpatoria is surrounded by salty estuaries and is famous for its mild healing climate. All who come here, note that the acclimatization is easy and unnoticeable. Winters at the resort are mild and there are no strong winds. The beach season begins in mid-May and lasts until early October. The biggest influx of tourists is in July and August.

It is considered that the sea in Evpatoria and Feodosia is warmer than in other resorts of Crimea.

sveta202: “We came on May holidays. Very green, peaches bloomed. In the city we cannot see this beauty. A lot of birds – nightingales, starlings. We liked it very much.

The mousetrap: “In the second half of June it is summer-summer here: it is warm, even hot. The sea is shallow and it is considered that warms up quickly, however it seemed to me slightly cool”.

Reviews tourists Evpatoria

In the vicinity of Evpatoria (Photo: neravaren /

Reviews about Evpatoria: drawing conclusions

Crimean resort will suit fans of silence and quiet rest by the sea. According to reviews of holidaymakers, Evpatoria is liked by everyone who is interested in the historical past of the Crimea. The infrastructure, entertainment, mild climate and wide sandy beaches are good for a holiday with children in the summer of 2022.

In peak season, as elsewhere in the Crimea, a lot of people, and on the beaches have to fight for a place in the sun. Rest at the resort nice, but do not expect perfect service, super cleanliness and other attributes of foreign luxury.

The truth about Evpatoria. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Love the Crimea, as I love it! I read responses and I think: and whether in that Evpatoria I was? And whether in that Evpatoria there were my friends who have arrived there for the first time, and those who have a rest there many years? Is it expensive? Yes. But also on the South Coast is not cheaper. This is the South! And here in Moscow suburbs, where I live, the prices are off the scale. All adults, and planning a vacation, you can probably study the price tag. Everyone wants to eat. And concerning relations between people, all know, there is enough trash everywhere, or you all live in a fairy tale. And the Crimea is also not one-dimensional, but very warm, beautiful, friendly and for many years almost native. I personally do not mind Turkey and Anapa, you like it, go. Everyone finds what he is looking for, wherever he is.

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  • Go on excursions
  • swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • have a rest individually
  • travel by car
  • do active recreation
  • vacation for the elderly
  • go to interesting events
  • take pictures all in a row

If behind the sea and air – then certainly here! And we love Evpatoria and already six years we come here for gorgeous air and wonderful sea! The child has ceased to be ill, at the husband wounds on fingers and toes have closed, so I sincerely recommend it! If to walk on smooth sidewalks, to eat cheaper and a room for inexpensive, then definitely not here! Another plus is unstable internet, so an informational detox for you and your kids for sure!

  • swim and sunbathe on the beach

Ever since we came here from rest in Anapa our family has been “in confusion”, such sensation that people renting here and conducting business in general never happened. about businessmen i am silent about their policy “from absence of competition i will sell for how many i want, while there is a moment” i hope to allow here networkers, though then even local will understand what prices on all country. if to shut eyes to prices in general

Evpatoria?! Rest?! Is it so?! Good day! We are from Krasnodar, we wanted to look beauty of Crimea, and have come across full ignorance, rudeness, deceit, bullying, swindling. There are pluses about rest, it’s beautiful architecture, the town itself is quiet and nice. But people?! What is wrong with you? First we decided to go to the pharmacy-museum, when we said hello to the pharmacist, it caused indignation, what do you want. We went indoors, just said hello, like cultured people, and this turns out to be abnormal. “Harassers” on the street, demanding 4800 for their photos?! Where?! And for what?! All right, you can say that it’s a business people … everyone as can be so and spinning. There’s not much to eat… the prices are average, the choice is so-so. Well, maybe you can say that the wrong look.On top of a beautiful note on the car?! I already thought times have passed, but no … here are fine impressions about Evpatoria.

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In adding a review. After reception of the note, we decided no more to stay. On the way it turned out that tried to tear off protection from the engine.

I understand there are marginalized people who do not accept the sign Z? We should have thrown a note to the FSB.

The best rest in “Cozy patio” Evpatoria I have very much grown fond of Evpatoria, had a rest June 2021 and already on suitcases, tickets are bought for June 2022. I go to the same fine people Irina and Alexander, such hospitality very seldom you will meet, an order of cosiness, meets the name “Cozy court” All near, all will prompt, will take.

  • swim and sunbathe on the beach

At the evil mother-in-law. Kositskogo, 27 Kositskogo, 27 “Ruslan and Natalia” – awful. Enemies I will not wish to spend the vacation in the given guest house. Never met such a boorish attitude, though we travel very often. Feel like home to an angry mother-in-law: “Do not walk on the carpet – you’ll wipe a hole in it! “. The atmosphere was horrible, we exhaled when we left there! The arrogance of the hostess, as if she does a favor to condescend to us mere mortals, and allowed to live in her “palace”))). To the sea, by the way, far away. However, as well as to the stores. Impression spoiled about the whole city thanks to this institution. Definitely not recommended.

Awful With such we have not yet encountered, although a lot of where have been! The owner, Natalia, thinks it’s okay to be under the windows at 8:30 and shouting to her neighbor Alexander, that she has guests “Kolkhoz Red Dyslo. “Also speak without shying away from foul language. In gost.dom problem with water, then hot and then cold, the torture to take a shower. With wi-fi also a problem. Natalia can only smile nicely when you pay her money. That’s where her hospitality ends! Is it worth it to you to go there, draw your own conclusions. Natalia do not forget that we pay you.

Hello. I think that it is very important to specify the address of this lady, and so it is not clear, Natalia is quite a common name. And in general Evpatoria is a fine city for lovers of the province. :) It is very sorry that some “bazaar woman” spoiled your impression of the city.

In Evpatoria we will not go more I was booked by the object “Resort quarter of Evpatoria” on booking from 23 to 30 August. Advance payment of 8000 rubles was made. Upon arrival settled in housing at another address, the house did not correspond to the photos on the bucking. The TV didn’t work, there were a lot of cobwebs, the beds were not of proper quality, mattresses and pillows are not suitable for sleep, a children’s potty on request and never provided. In addition, dirty other people’s belongings were left behind, there were no sanitizers, toilet paper, soap. Facilitator

  • travel by car
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We ran away from Evpatoria two days ago. We vacationed in Zaozerne, a 5-year-old child got sick with some terrible rotovirus. Nothing helped. On the second night of endless vomiting called an ambulance, nothing was done, not taken away, hospitals are all closed under cover. They scolded us for coming here. Miraculously found on the third day, when there was no hope for salvation, paid center, the only…. Where they gave us an IV. It took us the third time to get to Vienna (we had a lot of children, all of them were given IVs). In general, it was the last time, the last attempt to visit the Crimea. Full antisanitation, beaches dirty, toilet one and that is closed on the key, the key should buy. Everywhere stinks of sewage (take care of yourself and most importantly the children. No one will save you. We booked a minivan and we took the baby in our hands and drove to Moscow. The road is a separate song (my husband booked a business class minivan for a very expensive price, and then they cheated us. A wild road, wildly expensive. It is the Crimea, baby(.

In Evpatoria certainly there are lacks, however, first of all, you have come to have a rest in a pandemic when all hospitals are jammed with kovidnymi patients. Why you initially did not consider the situation not only in the country, but also in the world? Secondly, all beaches are regularly inspected. Where did you get the “smell of sewage everywhere” from? The photo you posted is one of the good beaches, this beach is specially visited from far corners to rest comfortably and taste delicious seafood. All the beaches are rented out every year. They are cleaned after the winter, if the sea took away some of the land – brought the sand. They put awnings. You free use all and can not pay 20r for the toilet?

Rest only if you have cash Rested in Evpatoria. Service at a low level. Last century. There is a feeling that the tourist should come with a bag of cash. One day accept cashless. The next day already do not accept. Water park costs not small money for a family of 4 people, but take only cash. We rested on Hercules beach. Entertainments on the sea it is a lot, the prices are overestimated. Plus was that accepted cashless. But one day come to order a catamaran, they say that from today cashless do not take. Remained mixed feelings from rest in Crimea.

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