The truth about Foros. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Foros: tips on vacation.

The Soviet elite did not accidentally choose the southernmost resort of the Crimea for recreation! Collected reviews about Foros. What delights and upsets tourists in the Crimean village? Find out what the prices at the resort in 2022 and how good Foros for a holiday with children.

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Impressions of Foros

Foros is an extremely picturesque village 40 km from Yalta. According to reviews from vacationers, in the season in Foros is crowded, and on the narrow streets everywhere parked cars. The coast is pebbly and stony, and the sea amazes with its crystalline water.

The resort pleases with silence, cleanliness and luxurious old park. Infrastructure, as always, lags behind. On the beaches in the middle of summer you can see such a miracle, as a closed toilet, and for entertainment have to go to other resorts of the southern coast of Crimea.

I have been vacationing recently, the place and the views are amazing. However, service leaves much to be desired. Quite dirty on beaches, a pebble. But all this can be tolerated, looking at the views of our beautiful Crimea.

SorentoPrime750: “Impressions from the village is very positive! You can definitely say that you want to come back here.

Reviews for Foros

Church of the Resurrection (Photo: Tanya.K. /

Is it expensive to rest in Foros?

The prices at any resort in the South Crimea are high and Foros is not an exception!

In the summer of 2022 double room in a mini-hotel or guest house costs from 3500 rubles per day.

Rest with treatment in the sanatorium Foros in the summer of 2022 costs from 8500 ₽ for two per day, in winter – 4900 ₽. The sanatorium recently underwent renovation and now looks very modern and stylish, and this is a great rarity for the Crimea.

Because of the sanctions in the Crimea it is difficult to find accommodation, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily rent. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and tourists reviews, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

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The food is sold in small grocery stores. Judging by the reviews of holidaymakers, cafes and restaurants on the first line are expensive. Tourists praise the local market with democratic prices for fruits and vegetables. By the evening sellers are ready to give unsold goods with large discounts. The main thing is not to forget to bargain!

Irinka Susorova: “We were in the Crimea for the first time. On some kind of instinct we chose Foros. For a family vacation – that’s what we needed. Very much I liked it. High prices for products in stores. You can find a cab, where for an absolutely reasonable fee you will take tours to anywhere in the Crimea.

Reviews holidaymakers for Foros

View of the resort (Photo: Dmitry Djouce /

Sea and beaches in Foros

Narrow stony beaches are the main drawback of the Crimean resort. There are several ways to the sea, but all of them are covered with large pebbles. Walk on it barefoot hard, so the local stores sell coral slippers. Foros like lovers of secluded rest. Approaches to the sea is not decorated in any way, and on the shore no one offers tourists delicious donuts and boiled corn.

The sea water is clear – you can see every pebble at the bottom. In responses about Foros for 2021 holiday-makers advise to swim on a beach “the Silent bay” at resort of a name of Terletsky or on a public beach at sanatorium “Foros”.

Stanislaww: “Foros is on the coast. Coming out to the sea, you come across stone beaches. Of course, it’s not to everyone’s liking.

The sea in Foros

Rest with children in Foros

Can not say that Foros – an ideal resort for recreation with children, kids is difficult to walk on the gravel, and on the streets of too many cars. Preschoolers have to be led by the hand all the time! According to reviews of tourists, with older children in Foros is good. There is where to walk, and a lot of interesting excursions.

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po1zon: “As such there are no beaches, huge pebbles or huge boulders. With such boulders with children of 4 and 6 years there is nothing to do even in the calm. And if the sea storms, and adults have nothing to catch, the stones will break your feet.

Reviews holidaymakers for Foros

We can’t say that Foros is a perfect resort for children, it’s hard for kids to walk on the shingle. Photo: Yuriy_Vlasenko /

Interesting or boring at the resort

Foros is not a party place. The settlement has a small city park with pine trees, benches for recreation and trampolines for children. On the territory of the sanatorium “Foros” is an old cozy park, which is more like a botanical garden. There grows a lot of exotic trees and shrubs, there are ponds with goldfish and turtles. In the evenings in the park there is live music and dancing. Entrance everywhere is free.

All tourists go to the Foros church. A beautiful temple stands on the Red Rock, at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level. From the observation deck there is a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. It’s very pleasant to meet the sunrise here!

Fans of active recreation are engaged in diving and take sea walks. Located above the village of Foros Kant mountain range – a mecca for Crimean mountain climbers.

According to tourists, Foros is a good starting point for sightseeing tours to the southern coast of Crimea. Vacationers are taken on excursions to the Grand Canyon, Ai-Petri, Swallow’s Nest, the famous Crimean palaces, Nikita Botanical Garden and Sevastopol.

Milena Shishkova: “If you want a vacation where you want to visit beautiful places and learn something new, then feel free to go to Yalta and its surroundings. It is these places are the center of all the attractions of the Crimea.

Leisure time in Foros

Church of the Resurrection (Photo: Uncle Sasha /

When to go

Foros has a Mediterranean climate. It is very sunny and warm in this part of the Crimea. Bathing season begins in May, but to comfortable temperatures the sea water gets warm by the second half of June. The middle of summer is hot and the rains almost never happen. According to tourists’ reviews, Foros has a pleasant sunny autumn. Dry and warm velvet season lasts till the first decade of October.

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Lyudmila Puchkova: “I regretted a million times that I came to Foros in June. I expected to spend as much time as possible on the beach, but in fact I had to rest far away from the sea. Unfortunately, it’s a little early to talk about the beach and swimming season.

The panorama of the Foros park

The reviews about Foros: making conclusions.

The picturesque village on the southern coast of Crimea is a prestigious resort that is available to everyone. Foros is great for a quiet holiday by the sea in the summer of 2022.

Local beaches are for the lovers. Coarse pebbles and boulders are not too convenient for swimming. But in the peak tourist season a little people, and you can make a photo of the Black Sea completely without people! According to reviews of tourists, the best choice for connoisseurs of comfort – sanatorium “Foros”.

Village Foros, the Crimea South Coast – reviews

Everyone has heard about Foros. During the Soviet Union there was the government dacha, which is logical. Village Foros is probably the most quiet and secluded place on the South Coast. It is equally far from the noisy tourist Yalta and port Sevastopol.

Anita8987 avatar

Hi. I was in Foros for 4 days, from August 4 to 7 inclusive, and I want to tell you about this place. The village. He immediately made a good impression on me.

KssKiss avatar

(Hello, everyone!) If you had whispered in your ear that the most beautiful beaches and parks are in the village Foros, would you believe it?) Maybe so, and maybe not. But checked for sure)). So I decided to get acquainted with the place more closely.

Yakunina899 avatar

Hello all! The third vacation I spent in the Crimea. I heard that they praise the village Foros, which is located between Yalta and Sevastopol. We rented an apartment in Alushta and decided to take a day trip by car to Foros, it’s too good reviews about it. Drove from Alushta about 1.5 hours by car.

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jrcuk13 avatar

Foros is the southernmost urban village on the Crimean peninsula, which closes in on Big Yalta. How to get there: the village is compact and situated between Yalta and Sevastopol near the Sarych Cape. The traveling time from the airport of Simferopol is 2 hours.

Foros is a small town on the southern coast of the Crimea. Formerly only the elite had a rest here, not without reason there is a dacha Gorbachev. Now anyone can come here. I had a rest here in August 2014. And now briefly about everything.

Nyhhhaaa avatar

Foros a small village on the southern coast of Crimea, which I can advise those who want a quiet holiday. In Foros my family and I vacationed in early September 2016.

Weekend18 avatar

Hi all! Today I want to share with you the impressions of a trip to the southern coast of Crimea (South Coast) The trip was back in 2016, but the hands to write about it came only now. And so let’s start … On the southern coast, we went to travel as part of an excursion group, the benefit in the Crimea their great abundance.

miss____violett avatar

Hello everyone! In this review, I will tell you about the village Foros, located on the southern coast of Crimea, and which is the southernmost. We were here in mid September this year. When we got here, we ran into a problem with parking – here oooh very difficult to find a place to leave the car.

Mrs.Valeri avatar

For those who do not like the crowds and are tired of the fact that someone is constantly stepping on your rug, foot, or where else, you should take a closer look at the beach in the village. It is located near the Foros Park, which will also be interesting to visit.

Holidays in Foros a couple of years ago in late September-early October with a little daughter and her mother. Weather was wonderful, warm, but not hot, the sea quiet temperature of 23-25 degrees. The people in the village was a little.

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Kasyunia avatar

Hi there. I want to share my impressions from a trip to the Crimea in July 2015. It’s the third time we have chosen to rest in this place, we lived in Foros. We chose it because of its convenient location, it is roughly between Yalta and Sevastopol.

Lis8888 avatar

I always wanted to visit Crimea, and after he was part of Russia, my husband and I went to Sevastopol. My first impressions of the island as if I went back in time!

Anna_1985 avatar

I rested in Foros for the first time. A beautiful village, the truth is small. Clean air, the sea is transparent. On a beach only a pebble, with sand beaches NO! Very much surprised that on a beach the mussels, squids, brine, corn and any other products are not on sale, there are no entertaining services such as bananas and …

If there were police that could be called, it would be a lot better. But there aren’t. Somewhere they kind of opened a stronghold, but there’s nowhere to get it at night, which the hooligans take advantage of. All night long music could be blaring, at 5 a.m. they could start doing something at the construction site.

ShaitanKa avatar

I’m not sure if the borders will be open next season, or if it will turn out to be this summer, when everyone went to the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai resorts (some of them without a visa). Who knows, will the borders open next season, or will it turn out, as this summer, when all went to rest in the Crimea and the resorts of Krasnodar Territory (some out of despair, and some by tradition) So I decided to …

fighter86 avatar

The best on the southern coast of Crimea! I’ll tell you why, and also pass passwords 2018: where to eat, what to entertain children and how to be alone with yourself))

Location for my first visit to the Crimea, I chose carefully. We put aside Yalta, rejected Sudak, Novy Svet and Alushta. The choice was made in favor of Gurzuf. A small village immersed in greenery, with narrow streets and steep climbs and descents. That’s how you park! This is Gurzuf, baby!

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