The Truth about Yalta. Holiday reviews for 2020-2021.

Yalta: vacation tips

Yalta is a brand city, just like Sochi. Is it as good as your imagination? We’ve collected reviews about Yalta. Find out what tourists think about the most prestigious resort in Crimea and whether it is worth going to Yalta in 2021.

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Impressions of Yalta.

The most famous Crimean resort is quite a civilized city. Many vacationers like the clean promenade and green streets of Yalta. Just imagine: a relaxed resort atmosphere, salty wind from the sea, the mountains in a haze on the horizon, beautiful palm trees and the remnants of beautiful architecture.

The city is alive and there are a lot of amenities – there are stores, cafes, markets, and even automatic lockers, where for 100 rubles you can leave your things for 6 hours. The streets are clean and tidy. Enough shade to take cover in the heat. The only things that make me sad are the high prices and the great number of people – in August Yalta looks like Moscow.

Father Kuzkin: “Out of all the places in Crimea Yalta seems to me more like a modern European resort. The level of infrastructure development is probably the highest.

Massandra Beach Panorama

Is it expensive to relax in Yalta?

Many people see Yalta as expensive. But it’s true that Yalta is expensive. If you’re going to Yalta, be prepared for the high prices. In 2020 the normal accommodation in the private sector on the first line from the sea cost 2000-3000 rubles a day. For 1000 rubles offered only half-sheds with conveniences on the street. For the same 1000 rubles you could find a nice apartment, but far from the sea.

According to the tourists’ reviews the prices for the hotels in Yalta on the first line are even higher. In 2021 their cost starts from 6,000 rubles. Hotels in 10 minutes from the sea cost 3,500 rubles and from 6,000 rubles in high season.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still a few convenient services. Search for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Svoboda. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Rent an accommodation in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and tourists’ references not to get a pig in a poke.

Entertainment and beach attributes are also not cheap: rent a deck chair costs 300 rubles, and rent a catamaran – 300-400 rubles per hour. The price for a one-way ride up Ai-Petri by cable car is 400 rubles. The prices for food on the shore are high – at the Moscow level. But the fare on trolleybuses and minibuses is inexpensive – 15-20 rubles. Learn how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

olga_vol: “On Mount Ai-Petri sell souvenirs, there I picked up Crimean herbal tea. A large package cost 50 rubles, and if you buy 10 pieces – 11 as a gift.

Reviews about rest in Yalta

Wagon rises to Ai-Petri.

What sea and beaches

The coast near Yalta is covered with fine pebbles. In summer there is not much garbage, beaches are well cleaned. The most accessible beach is Seaside. It’s free and always crowded during the season. The further from the center, the cleaner the sea. Sun beds are paid, but by 11 am free places do not happen. Want to have a rest with comfort – rise early and take a place! By the way, near the equipped beaches work free showers.

Tourists have the beach with the attractive name Golden. But according to the reviews of holidaymakers, the famous Golden beach of Yalta is not too convenient. He is not in the city itself, but in the southern suburbs. The bus will drop you off on the highway, and you have to walk 200 meters down to the shore. The golden beach is covered with the same pebbles. The trip is obviously not worth the effort!

Daria Shku: “I really liked the promenade, it’s big, cozy and beautiful. The town is surrounded by a mountain range, and you feel safe here. The local climate, the nature fascinate and attract. The promenade is very long, there are places to walk and have fun.

La_Bohème: “As a beach resort, I do not consider Yalta and do not recommend it. Plots with the beach, where you can settle down to sunbathe and swim, very small”.

The panorama of Primorsky Beach

The beach in the center of Yalta. Holidaymakers on the beach in Yalta.

Rest with children in Yalta

Yalta is known as a children’s resort. Parents with children love to come here because the southern coast of Crimea is the warmest part of the peninsula. According to reviews, Yalta is good for a holiday with children in 2021, because the city has a well-developed infrastructure: there are stores, cafes, pharmacies, children’s clinics and hospitals.

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In addition, the city and surroundings are full of places that are interesting to visit with a child. Look at the animals in the zoo and crocodilarium, go for a walk in the Seaside Park, go to the water park “Atlantis”, visit the “Glade of fairy tales” and the presentation of marine animals in the theater “Water area”!

Minuses Yalta. A large number of people, so the crowd of children have to be led by the hand. In the narrow streets of a lot of cars, and with a child is difficult to cross the road. High prices in catering, on ice cream and sweets.

The city is hilly, so choose your lodging carefully. If the hotel will be on the mountain, with a stroller to walk to the sea will be inconvenient! Families with kids prefer to settle in the hottest part of the resort – near the cinema “Spartak”.

And more beaches pebble – it is not soft and comfortable sand as in Feodosiya and Evpatoria! But if you are already in Yalta, it is not necessary to choose. Go to the beaches “Dolphin”, “Massandrovsky”, hotel “Levant”, “Sunny” and “Seaside” – they are recommended by tourists with children.

Yayuya: “Not everywhere have sidewalks. If there are sidewalks, they are very narrow, and in some places even our baby carriage didn’t fit the width.

Reviews of tourists in Yalta

Yalta embankment and views of the city.

Interesting or bored at the resort.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, Yalta is a big resort town, so bored here does not happen. If you like an active holiday, go scuba diving, ride a yacht, learn rock climbing and climb the mountain trails on Ai-Petri. Fans of excursions go to the waterfall Uchan-Su, Swallow’s Nest, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Livadia, Massandra and Vorontsov palaces.

Free entertainment also suffices. In the Catholic Church there are concerts of organ music, and street performers on the waterfront. If bored with the sea, wander the streets of Yalta, and you’ll see a lot of interesting buildings and monuments!

Tatyana Kameren: “Yalta is a very beautiful city, buried in verdure, with beautiful architecture. It’s a real pleasure to walk around Yalta.

Reviews about rest in Yalta

Taraktash trail leads from Uchan-Su waterfall to Yalta Yaila (Photo: @art_maltsev /

Best tours

We advise not to buy excursions in the street agencies in the resort, because there is a high probability of getting a mediocre trip and ruin the experience. It is more reliable to use a special service to find great excursions – Tripster. There is a large selection of programs with real reviews of tourists – so you book only interesting and high-quality excursion. And they often have discounts! We use only this service when we travel.

When it is better to go

Yalta lies in a subtropical zone with a Mediterranean climate. You can vacation at any time of year. In winter and spring the Crimea is good for sightseeing and health tourism. Bathing season begins in June and lasts until late September – early October. According to reviews of tourists, with small children in Yalta is better to come in the Velvet season. In September it’s no longer hot, and the water in the Black Sea is very warm.

Alexander: “August is a great choice for a vacation at the sea. It’s warm during the day and it’s better to go to the beach in the morning. The water in the sea is warm. The temperature during the day is about +30 ° C, it was higher, the air is dry”.

Leisure at the Sea in Yalta

Boat trip, Yalta (Photo: @nikolayv /

Review of Yalta: Conclusions

The resort town is located in a beautiful place. Nature and climate please everyone, but accommodation and food are expensive. According to reviews of tourists for 2020, prices for recreation in Yalta were higher than in the Krasnodar region. Without a fat wallet in the capital of the southern coast of Crimea is nothing to do! Add to this bustle and a large number of people, and it becomes clear why many people prefer other resorts of the Crimea.

What should you do to make your vacation in Yalta a success? You should come not in high season – at the beginning of summer or in the first half of fall. And the prices for accommodation are more decent then.

Is it worth it to go on vacation in Yalta?

Musician in Yalta.

Yalta – reviews of those who moved in.

I moved with my family to the village of Simeiz 3 years ago from Moscow. It was my childhood dream. Very happy. During this time in Moscow did not even want to move. This year my son went to the only university in Yalta. We are very happy that we live in paradise!

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I live in Yalta in 1977. I am Russian, I am from Siberia, but I do not understand Nizhny Novgorod because of their statements. Are we Russians or what?

I lived in Yalta for a few months in 2014. The city is for the lovers, narrow, tangled streets, even more boring than in Sochi.Housing is expensive, and not worth the money that they ask for it, but when I left, I began to miss it a little. Something caught Yalta. I think the nature and the air.

We moved with his wife to Yalta from central Russia in 2021. Have managed to buy an apartment in a new house at normal price. Tired of the endless cold, snow and slush … sad landscapes … birches … Central Russia. South Coast of Crimea – the Tale – Beauty … from Gurzuf to Foros I can not admire the Beauty … We came here to live in warmth to the Sea and the Mountains. Everything else was secondary. Work found no problems. Money enough for the necessary things and still doing repairs. The main thing – it gets Free – Heat, Sun, Sea, Mountains, a unique climate in Yalta, and what air … not nasyshivshey

The only significant minus I think – ugly ugly self-build, extensions, superstructures, sheds garages, fences, etc.. Yalta is really riddled with different self-buildings on any purse. But let’s hope that the authorities are moving in the right direction – the demolition of these favelas. In the rest from unpleasant – bank service, the prices for food and gasoline. Of course, like everywhere else, there are peculiarities…. But for us they are not essential. We live high from Crimea, we regret that we have not moved earlier.

I live in Yalta enough time to write a review) So, let’s start with the pros: 1. Beautiful architecture 2. A mild climate 3. There is a sea And now the minuses: 1. In winter it is very cold, despite the fact that the thermometer shows -5 – 0 gr. 2. The prices are just cosmic, the wages for ordinary workers are 20-25 k. 3. Housing is very expensive 4. The authorities don’t care about anything, although this is standard throughout Russia 5. It is up to you whether you need it or not, there are no roads.

Yalta City

24.06.2020 в 12:48


Born in Yalta and have lived here for 42 years. I read the reviews and I see that 20 percent understood our city, and those who didn’t, you know, and nothing to do here is not your city. I saw narrow streets, old houses, and in these streets and these houses lived people whose names have been immortalized in time. Local guides give tours for locals around these streets, and every time they learn something new. I will not write much, but I will write that we went by car, travelled to Sochi, on arrival we all family have told that more beautiful and better than Yalta of city no. But you know that I’ve heard more than once that kids who go to study in big cities, in the first year are delighted, and they can’t wait to come back to Yalta, at home. There are rich and poor, and happy and unhappy, as well as everywhere else. But the spirit of Yalta, its nature and its grace is a separate topic. Peace to all.

Hello. We this year are planning a family vacation in Yalta. This is the city of my dreams, have long wanted to see it, and this time just about everything coincided. Read your review of the city and very impressed. Maybe you tell us on the spot about your special places and show us what is not on the general tours))

Victoria Nika

09.01.2022 в 16:30


I’m from St. Petersburg. Went to Yalta for the fall and winter. Very pleased with it. Everything is green! People are different, as everywhere else, but mostly sociable and very responsive, just like in our city when it was called Leninrad. And in general, people’s attitude towards us is our reflection in the mirror – what we make grimaces at, and so we see in response. Live in joy! I wish all the best to all!

Are you in contact?

I came to see a local beggar. There is nothing to do with a beggar there. Hunger, there is no money for anything, and there is no work either! Unemployment, there is a lot of competition among job seekers, there are no jobs. Not at all. Employers say half the town is “picking up the phone” for one job. I was without a job for six months, hungry and left. It is good to live here, but you only have money. To come and relax with money.

It’s very simple, I’m willing to pay $500 a day to clean 6 rooms. No one agrees. It’s not enough. Go to work. Live near the sea, work 6 hours a day, and not enough. Fuck.

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I would like, Yuri, to work for $ 500, I’m not local, I worked in Dulbere a year ago. Now I’m looking for a job in Yalta. If you’re interested, can we write to each other and talk?

Yuri, how do I contact you? Are you still actual work on cleaning rooms? My name is Natalia. Ready to move.

Leave a review Drop

I’m going to come to Yalta, I’ve never been there, I live in Tatarstan eastern part, bored with the snow I want heat,

Today was passing through for the first time in Yalta with my wife and children. At first glance the city is beautiful with a waterfront like Gelendzhik but 10 times smaller, all very beautiful and expensive. Quay beautiful but the problem with a parking, the whole hour rolled around the city in an effort to understand how mestne pass for limiting flowerbeds on the approach to the sea. Parked farther away, near Chekhov Street in front of 11A, then there were concrete flowerbeds blocking the road. Back in two hours at the parking lot found a shouting man in an SUV, which, in his words, can not because of me to turn in his yard and I blocked his way. I do not want to justify, but the dimensions of his car allowed him to easily pass this intersection for two movements of the car. But why – in fact much more interesting to hit the hood of a car to work the alarm and shouting at the entire street that he did not give way. I apologized, and I was promised to break the glasses and the windshield. But despite everything the city of Yalta to me liked, simply it is necessary to be more tolerant to each other and to do so its visitors would like to visit it again!

I live in Yalta all very expensive prices are huge salaries small it is impossible to buy shoes clothes no work

Yalta is a wonderful city! The climate is favorable, mild. The beauty in everything. Nature is fabulous. A negative write Ukrainians .

Yalta is good to love from a distance. At the entrance to the city gorgeous views, the embankment is not bad, for tourists there is something to see. On this end the pluses. Now about the minuses. Horrible traffic jams, especially in the summer. Narrow streets, inconvenient exits with climbs. Very old and terrible housing stock. Unrealistically and unreasonably high prices for everything. In general you can admire it on vacation, but it’s not really the right city to move to.

Unreasonably high prices for everything. In May they start giving their apartments to holiday-makers at exorbitant prices. Only if you inherit it. It’s not strange that everyone has nothing to live for. The poor Crimea. One can only come here to have a good rest.

A marvelous city, a real pearl. It should be cleaned from the wild growths, covering the magnificent buildings, Yes, it suffered during the Ukrainian government, it’s not well-groomed. And still it is one of the most beautiful cities in the Crimea. I fell in love with this magical city. Things will get better. Not at once, of course. But there are no hungry, no dumpsters, too. Must be devoid of any sense of beauty not to appreciate the nature of Yalta and the architecture of this beautiful city.

Pros: Yalta:

Warm winter, long summer, the climate in general is extremely favorable, except that is extremely hot August.

2. Compact size, which allows you to walk everywhere on foot. If you’re not too lazy to scramble on numerous hills, komi Yalta polnitsya.

3. Beautiful nature. Wonderful works of art – architecture in particular. Picturesque views wherever you look.

4. There must be something else.

Cons: Yalta:

1. very. High. Prices. At. Everything! The highest in the Crimea. The highest in Ukraine. High enough even for Russia.

Lack of decent work and pay. It is difficult to find a job. And if to compare the prices and a salary level – it is possible to sit down and simply silently be sad. There are, certainly, rich people who buy the expensive real estate, but the money they have earned obviously not in Yalta.

3. The flow of tourists became at least three times less, which, of course, affected the well-being of the city’s residents, who in the mass of them are engaged in renting accommodation. There are no tourists, there are no payments for housing, for services, there is no possibility to finish, repair, build. But it’s easier to breathe, there’s more transportation. And money is another matter. Money, as you know, is not the main thing.

4. The level of education is low. In Yalta in general is extremely low. In Simferopol and Sevastopol there are several better universities. You can study there.

Private Sector in Sudak 2022 - price to 3000 rubles

5. The level of culture and cultural needs is extremely low. There are no decent exhibition centers. There are no museums of proper level. There are no good libraries. As well as those wishing to visit them, however. There is a big cinema, nice and beautiful. That is a plus. There is a theater. Beautiful, but terribly expensive. You can watch the same plays in Simferopol four times cheaper. People don’t like tourists and usually show that it’s a big favor to shelter a tourist or help him. Even the waiters in the cafes are pathetic. About the salesmen in the stores, to say nothing of that.

6. By the way there are no good malls either. It is impossible to buy normal clothes at reasonable prices in the city. The shoes too. There is a market. Lovers are welcome.

7. Since this summer, everything has been jammed with Donetsk people. And as a result of total boorishness, car accidents, showdowns.

Come live in Yalta – there are more and more ads for real estate. Someone is leaving, someone is coming. Wise decisions!

Good afternoon. I read and understand that our people are very limited. I myself lived in Yalta for several years. And I didn’t leave because I wanted to. The circumstances were just that. As for work, he who seeks he will always find. The first job was a 2 / 2 for 27000 with the provision of dormitory, uniforms and meals. The second day by 3 for 33000. Compared with the middle belt of Russia is decent. As for the prices, yes high, but for those who are too lazy to look for something. Everyone needs to get out and all around the house and at the right prices. Living in Yalta is a fairy tale. For 2 years niraya never switched on TV. All the weekends spent in the mountains, on excursions to cities and the sea. In millions of times better than in our cities. The problem with people who wrote bad reviews is that you came in high season, for 10 days and just can not learn during this time the city and all its charms. After all, there are wild deserted beaches and fruits that are free to rip on the outskirts of the city and, of course, the Crimea as a whole is pedestrian. This is a feature of the mountainous region, you can not make wide roads in the cities.

I came and within 3 months I realized that it’s very difficult to live here, everything is very expensive. You cannot find a job, you will either get a scam or be forced to work for $10,000. Good jobs are given to insiders, sometimes you have to work the first shift and they say: Oh, you don’t have to work today, go away. Locals rent apartments at high prices for autumn and winter, and when summer comes, they kick them out and begin to rent their apartments for three times the price to newly arrived vacationers. In short, when you run out of money, you will starve and leave. The average wage in the city is 18-20 thousand. All produce is expensive. Directions for travel are 17 rubles around town.

In Yalta, gradually everything will become more expensive and it will become as luxurious resort as Sochi, the plus Yalta is its climate, unlike the humid Sochi. For ordinary people with a little money makes no sense to live there, just a tourist. In small villages around Yalta it is even more expensive, the lack of competition and remoteness affects.

I too dream to move on a residence in Yalta. In general all UBC like, but Yalta all the same is the biggest city of UBC, and accordingly more convenient for a residence in terms of an infrastructure and work. I do not like Sevastopol, I from port city, and at us it is warm enough (+35 in the summer – a norm), but with Yalta it is not comparable on the beauty in the green and a climate. While for moving stops only the high cost of housing (apartments are awfully shitty, and the prices simply as in Kiev or Moscow). But I agree to sell my apartment in the most prestigious area of our city + save up and buy something shitty, but in Yalta. I do not want to grow up to ministers, it would be enough to live a little, and thank God! We are easier, we have no children and most likely will not be, penthouses we have no one to leave, on this and decided to move to where your heart is beating, and earn everywhere it is possible, it would be a desire!

I went to Yalta on August 25, 2019, I am shocked, it is not a resort and a dump, the city is dirty, the streets are narrow, stuffy, no beaches, some stones. There is no place to park the car. I dreamed of going there from my childhood, but when I came there I was completely disgusted. Better Anapa, if you go with children. To Alushta if you go on the mountains there are sandy beaches, but further do not advise, an assessment of Yalta with a minus.

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In Yalta it is good near the embankment to live, to walk, to eat and all in access.

I lived in Yalta for 20 years. During the season you can make a living in winter, for there is no work during the winter (work all summer, as they say plow, so the locals for years are not at sea).

Stores (good) with clothes, shoes, no, so you need to go to the nearest town to market. Yalta is a very expensive city (now so much so)

Education … a couple of technical colleges and one university. Also not a big choice. I don’t know how it is now.

That’s why I moved to Kiev 2 years ago (to look for a better life) and I don’t regret it.

For the winter in Yalta received 2000 thousand, and for the same work in Kiev 6.000

In connection with the changes in the Crimea. It hasn’t gotten much better.

Many migrants from Donetsk (honestly, more robberies and murders, I hope it is not interconnected. but the fact is.

Huge traffic jams. It is impossible to move around the city by public transport).

The banks are not recognized as Russia. It seems to me as if we are living under a dome.

it is hard to go to ukraine and so it is hard for me to live in Yalta

as they have already written about cultural recreation (concerts in Jubilee and that in summer)

And so in Yalta is dull

Yalta – the best place on earth! I love-love-love-love.

Dirty expensive city in general he did not understand to walk along the waterfront and all, narrow fishing rods parking no. Terrible sovdepiya! What people go there to live in general it is unclear.

Very-very hard it will be. If you know how to live thriftily, it can work, but provided that the rent won’t be paid out of the money. Food prices are high. Communal services are cheaper than on the mainland. Gasoline is more expensive. Life is expensive in the Crimea, and in Yalta especially.

I dream of becoming a resident of Yalta. This city heals my soul, lights up my head, feeds me. I decided for myself a long time ago that I must see the world, but I want to settle down in Yalta.

I live in Yalta, so I say get rid of this bad idea out of your head, there is no work here at all, only as a servant, and then you will compete with guest workers from Gorlovka, Makeyevka, Enakievo, and they are ready for anything, in their towns-villages poverty is terrible. About the house near the sea forget at once, the entire area up to the highway is recreational, to build only big uncles from Donetsk, the coastal zone is not for sale and not bought, or for millions and millions and the elected. The air can poschecheche than in some industrial cities, but Yalta is a city unventilated, to be as though inside a bowl from mountains with all ensuing, in summer constant music from Quay, a rule not to make noise after 23 is not observed at state.level. Still from pleasant there is no hot water already many years, from useless heating it is forbidden to be switched off by a municipality of Yalta that you will tell to a right of the consumer and the constitution won’t cause anything except smirks. To live here is very difficult in terms of non-compliance with human rights, if there is no normal housing, it is impossible to acquire it, there is a continuous fight for land and apartments, there are a lot of scams in connection with this. The reserve is overgrown and dirty, the people are depressing, there are not many young people and they’re all drunk, it’s a retired town, a young girl has to go here – to sign her own death sentence. In short you will be confronted with local manners howl and you will ask to return, I guarantee

Indeed, I’ve been living in Yalta for ten years, in principle, all is well here, just a little pricey

I used to live in Yalta, now in Novokuznetsk…..moya biggest dream – to go back! I do not care what they say negative – I know that not a place paints the man, but the man the place, the main thing that it would be to his liking! at the first opportunity to move to the Permanent Residence!

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