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Camping in Queensland National Parks

This information relates to camping in Queensland's National Parks generally. Camping is not permitted in the Noosa National Park.
  • Before camping in a national park or protected area, you must get a camping permit and pay fees of $3.50/person/night or $14/family/night.
  • A family group is up to two adults and accompanying children under 18. Children under 5 are free and school groups on approved excursions are charged $2 per person.
  • The maximum length of stay is 22 days. Shorter periods apply in some parks.

How to Book

  • Book by mail, by phone (using your credit card) or in person. Tell the booking centre the dates and number of campers. We recommend you book at least six weeks ahead, to avoid disappointment. Some parks take bookings up to 12 months ahead.
  • At some parks you’ll find a ‘self-serve’ system, where you obtain a permit by completing a form and depositing fees at a camping registration station.
  • If possible, avoid the crowds at Easter and Christmas, and the heat of midsummer especially in northern and outback Queensland.

Tips for Camping

  • Camp Safely - Camping outdoors in Queensland can be wonderful. Remember national parks, state forests and water reservoirs are wild places with many hidden dangers. Follow these simple rules for a safe and enjoyable visit:
  • Be prepared - Plan your trip carefully and make sure your camping equipment and vehicle/boat are in good working order.
  • Take care near water - Beware of currents, submerged rocks and logs and waterfalls. Never dive into creeks or rock pools. Always supervise children.
  • Stay on the track - Read maps and signs carefully. Stay behind safety fences. Let someone know your plans in case you get lost.
  • Watch your step - Be careful near cliff edges, lookouts and waterfalls. Avoid slippery rocks.
  • Beware of stings and bites - Beware of marine stingers in coastal waters from Gladstone north October - May. Beware of crocodiles in the sea and estuaries north of Maryborough.
  • Watch out for biting, scratching and stinging creatures and plants - Wear insect repellent and clothing to protect yourself from stings, scratches and bites. Detour around snakes - never provoke them.
  • Never feed or play with animals - Human foods are harmful. Feeding encourages aggressive behaviour. You might get bitten or scratched.
  • Think before you drink - Boil or treat water before use. Even tap water can cause diarrhoea or giardia.

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