Tivat Airport: How to get there

Tivat Airport: How to get there

how to get to tivat airport

Useful information for travellers to Montenegro: how to get to/from Tivat Airport by bus, cab and car, how to find a bus stop and how much it costs to travel by public transport and cab.

Tivat Airport is a small Montenegrin airport located just 4 km from the city of the same name. It is also called the “gateway to the Adriatic”, as it often receives charter flights from all over the world. The nearest resorts are Budva (20 km) and Kotor (7 km).

From Tivat airport you can reach resorts by the following ways

  • by bus;
  • by cab;
  • by car.

Read more about each option below.

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Airport Tivat: how to get by bus

Bus is the cheapest way to get to/from Tivat airport. Buses do not go directly to/from the airport – they are passing through. How to find bus stop? You need to get to the highway, which passes about 100 meters from the airport and walk left, in the direction of Tivat, for another 100 meters. When you see two yellow “mushrooms”, know that this is the bus stop. Wait for the bus and when you see it, stop. You can also just walk out onto the highway and catch the bus. The main thing is to go in the right direction! If you need to get to Budva, Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica and Kotor, get on that stop on the airport side. If to Tivat, Perast or Herceg Novi, get on the other side of the road. And be sure to ask the driver if he is going to the city you want. Keep in mind that buses run about once every 30 minutes. The fare is about 2 euros.

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Accordingly, all buses that go from Budva, Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica and Kotor to Tivat, pass by the airport – you just need to ask the driver to stop near the airport.

Another way is to get on the highway and go left for 800 meters to Tivat bus station, and there take a bus to the desired resort.

tivat airport how to get there

(photo © -5Nap- / flickr.com)

Tivat airport: how to get there by cab

You can, of course, get to/from Tivat Airport by cab – there’s no shortage of them. You can either pick up a cab on the spot or order one in advance (at KiwiTaxi).

Cost of a cab at the airport is approximately: start – 0,5 euros, 1 km – 0,8 euros. A cab to Budva and Kotor will cost about 20 euros, but in a high season cab drivers can greatly overprice. It is recommended to go by the meter. A cab to St. Stefan, Perast and Rafailovichi is approximately 25 euros, to Petrovac – 30 euros, to Sutomore and Bar – 40-45 euros, to Herceg Novi – about 50 euros. Prices may vary depending on the company and the season.

Perhaps the best option would be to pre-book a car of your desired class and capacity on the service KiwiTaxi at a fixed price. In this case, you will not need to look for cab drivers at the airport, haggle with them and worry about possible fraud and overpayment.

Tivat Airport: Car Rental

In Tivat airport you can rent a car – there are many different companies to choose from: Europcar, SIXT, HERTZ and so on. You can find the contacts on the website of Tivat Airport or rent a car directly at the airport (in the high season it is better to do it in advance). You can also choose a car and rent it online – for example, on the car rental booking service Localrent.com. Choose a car for your taste and budget – the choice is wide. The cost of renting a car from 10 euros per day. Do you have any questions? Russian-speaking customer service will help you with everything.

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The vacation begins: getting from Tivat airport to the resort

An article for those who are planning to get from Tivat to the desired resort

This article is dedicated to detailed analysis of how to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other Montenegrin resorts. I will tell you how to do it with maximum budget, maximum comfort and maximum profit. In the first case we are talking about public transport, in the second – the transfer / cab, in the third – the rental car. You have to choose one of these options.

How to get from Tivat airport to resorts

So you arrived in sunny Montenegro through the main airport Tivat. The long-awaited vacation has almost begun, but to fully immerse yourself in the nirvana of vacation you need to get to your destination.

There are three main ways to get to any resort in Montenegro from Tivat airport.

  1. Public transportation (bus).
  2. Taxi/transfer.
  3. By rented car.

I will describe in detail each of the ways and the nuances.

Public transport – from Tivat airport by bus

The main and not so good news is that there is no bus from the airport of Tivat to Budva and other Montenegrin cities. That is, such that you have arrived, received the luggage, left the airport, got on the bus and drove to the right place will not.

At most you can count on passing buses. First, let’s define the geography. If you have firmly decided to get from Tivat Airport to Budva (let’s take this resort as a base) by public transportation, you will get out of the airport building and fend off the pesky cab drivers and find yourself at the highway – Jadra Way. The road to the left leads to Tivat, to the right – to Budva and other resorts. Oddly enough, you should not go left, but right – to the nearest bus stop.

When ordering a transfer from Tivat airport, the driver will meet you with a sign

It is often written on the internet that an intercity bus may stop right at the airport, but this is more of an accident than a rule. Some of the arrivals occasionally try to wait for a bus on the spot, without moving anywhere, but I recommend not wasting time and go to the bus stop.

Especially since it’s only a short walk – 300 meters. The landmark is a blue road sign – “Bus Stop” and a gas station nearby. Here the bus must stop for sure. However, in this case, the driver may charge more for the ticket than it actually costs. In addition, from the bus station the bus may start already 100% full. And just will not stop. You’ll have to wait in the heat for another bus.

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Tivat Bus Station

You can get a guaranteed seat if you walk to Tivat bus station – it is located near Franca supermarket (both the stop and the bus station are marked on the map below).

Bus Station in Tivat

Important: You have to walk to bus stop or bus station by the roadside. There are almost no pedestrian sidewalks, and the roadsides are often crowded with cars, take this nuance into account when choosing a way to travel from the airport of Tivat to the resort.

Walking from Tivat airport to the bus station

Again, you can take a cab to the bus station in Tivat (better to catch it on the road) – for a maximum of 5 euros, and from there you take the right bus. The distance from Tivat airport to Budva is 20 kilometers, usually the bus covers it in 25-30 minutes, but here it is important to pay attention. For example, accidentally do not take the bus, which goes to Budva through Kotor, in this case you will spend extra 20 minutes on the road.

Bus schedule, ticket prices, travel time I advise to look at busticket4.me

Tivat bus station

If you take a bus from Tivat airport to Budva. If Budva is the final point of your route, it ends at the bus station of the resort. If you’re going farther afield, the Budva bus station is the middle of the road. During the season, dozens of buses depart daily from here to all corners of the country – from southern Ulcinj to northern Herceg Novi.

How to get from Tivat Airport to Kotor by bus

The easiest way is from the Tivat bus station. From there to Kotor buses leave once an hour, travel time is 15-20 minutes, and the average fare is 1.5 euros.

If by the will of fate you find yourself in Budva first, then from there to Kotor by bus is also possible without problems. Only take a direct flight, not the one that goes through Tivat. The trip time is 25 minutes, the fare – 3 euros.

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Below is a photo of the ticket sold in Montenegro at the bus stations. When boarding, the driver tears the ticket lengthwise and keeps one part.

This is what a bus ticket from Kotor to Budva looks like

I marked on the map bus stations of the main Montenegrin resorts, the exit area from the airport on arrival and the nearest bus stop.

To Tivat airport from the resort

You can get to Tivat airport from any resort town or city in Montenegro by bus in exactly the same way you got there. If there is a bus station, go there and buy a ticket to Tivat, if there is no bus station, go to the main road (usually the Jadran track), find a bus stop and wait for the bus. Then we either go straight to Tivat, or to Budva station, and from there to Tivat. Directly at the airport bus stops not always, but, judging by reviews, much more often than when it stopped the tourists arrived. However, it is easy to walk from the nearest stop to the airport building. If this option does not suit you, then order a round trip shuttle – about it below.

At the airport of Tivat you can not take a cab, and get to your desired resort by bus

From Tivat Airport by Taxi

As at other airports, here you will see dozens of cab drivers right at the exit. If you take a cab this way, be prepared to be cheated. In this case, the transfer around Montenegro from Tivat airport will be quite expensive. It may help to know the Montenegrin language – you can bring down the price a little.

In the 2019 season, the Tivat Airport-Budva cab for inexperienced tourists cost up to 50 euros. Those who know the local language and experienced travelers could get away for as little as 20 euros. It is important to know how to negotiate and bargain!

And yet I do not recommend taking a cab from Tivat airport in Montenegro immediately upon arrival. It is much better to book a transfer in advance. Look at the cost of transfers on the website KiwiTaxi. Through this service transfer in Montenegro can be ordered immediately online.

St. Nicholas Island in Budva

Lifehack: how to save money on cabs

Let’s look at one tiphack that will help you save up to 20 euros. For example, you need to get from Tivat Airport to Herceg Novi. Cab drivers at the airport without hesitation can tell you the price of 70-80 euros.

Do not be fooled by these suggestions, get out on the road, cross it and catch hitchhikers, including cabs going towards Tivat. Ask for a ride to the ferry across the Bay of Kotor – the normal price is 5-10 euros. On the other side the ferry will take you for free – only motorists pay money. And on the other side again catch a hitchhiker or negotiate with cab drivers. From the ferry usually take for 15 euros. Total maximum you will pay 25 euros instead of 50-60 euros. Or if you don’t want to bother with transfers order a transfer in advance. It will also be cheaper than ordering a cab on the spot.

Rent a car at Tivat Airport

The most convenient option to leave the airport of Tivat and, in principle, to move around Montenegro is to rent a car. I recommend to use online services and book a car in advance. Especially in high season.

Rent a Car in Tivat

To have a car waiting for you at the airport in Tivat – select it as a point of receipt when booking. Cars of international rental agencies are usually already parked at the airport. Local renters also have no problem driving a car to the parking lot at Tivat airport.

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