To Kaliningrad in winter: 7 ideas! Is it worth the trip? What to see?

What to do in Kaliningrad in winter – 7 ideas

Winter holidays in Kaliningrad

Do you want to travel to Kaliningrad in winter? We tell you what to see and where to go. What is the weather like and what is the best way to dress? Winter holiday reviews: is it worth to go? Tips for winter holidays.

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What to see and where to go in Kaliningrad in winter

How to have a great time and what to do in Kaliningrad in winter? Here are travel ideas for 1-3 days.

Go ice skating

There are plenty of places to skate in Kaliningrad. The most popular are the skating rink in the Lower Pond, the Golden way on Mira Avenue, near the House of Soviets, at the Labor reserves stadium, the indoor ice rink in Yunost Park, the Albatross ice arena and the Ice Park in Kalinin Park.

Kaliningrad rinks work until late at night, and almost everywhere you can rent skates for 150 rubles. Depending on the day of the week a ticket to the rink costs 150-200 rubles.

Look at the animals in the zoo

In winter in Kaliningrad, it is interesting to visit the local zoo. The zoo was founded in the late 19th century and is therefore considered one of the oldest zoos in Russia. Today there are about 3,500 individuals of 350 species – animals and birds from all continents of the planet.

The zoo is located on Prospekt Mira, 26, and works every day from 9:00 to 17:00. The ticket costs 300 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children from 3 to 18 years old.

What to see in Kaliningrad in winter

Swans on a frozen pond in Kaliningrad. Photo: vavilkin_a /

Go to the amber museum

Kaliningrad is not accidentally called the amber capital of Russia. The village of Yantarny, just 50 km from the city, is home to 90% of the world’s amber reserves!

This warm semi-precious stone, or more precisely – petrified resin, is famous for its beautiful color, shimmering and inclusions, or inclusions, of particles of ancient plants and insects. There are about 16 thousand exhibits in the halls. The largest piece of amber weighs 4.3 kg.

The museum is located in the Tower of the Don, on the shore of Lake Superior. In winter it is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Explore old Königsberg in the “Fish Village”

In the post-war years, much of the cultural heritage of East Prussia was lost, so a small quarter, the Fish Village, was built in the city. The recreated corner of old Königsberg stretches from Medovy to High Bridge.

The tourist attraction was created so that the guests of Kaliningrad could see examples of old architecture, relax in cozy cafes and buy pleasant souvenirs. Climb the Beacon Tower and admire the spire of the Cathedral!

What to see in Kaliningrad during winter

Fish Village. Photo: ermakovasve /

Take memorable photos from Kaliningrad’s bridges

What to see in Kaliningrad in winter? It is a lot of fun to walk around the city center. The view of the streets and embankments from the bridges over the Pregolya River is impressive. You can take particularly beautiful panoramic pictures from the Estakadny Bridge, which stretches across Kant’s Island.

Kaliningrad residents have a mystery: how to take a route over all seven bridges not to pass over the same bridge twice. At first glance, this seems impossible, but it turns out there is a solution!

Where to go from Kaliningrad for a day: 10 best places

Winter holidays in Kaliningrad

Ice drifting on the Neman. Photo: Adriana-R /

Visit Kant’s tomb and house museum

The eminent philosopher Immanuel Kant was born in Königsberg and spent his whole life there. The burial place is on Kant’s island, near the majestic Cathedral. On the stone wall you can see the name and years of Kant’s life – 1724-1804.

The house-museum of the philosopher was recently restored in the small village of Veselovka, 100 kilometers from Kaliningrad. Kant lived in this building from 1747 to 1751, when he taught the children of the local pastor. The road to Veselovka takes 1.5 hours.

Winter holidays in Kaliningrad

Kant’s tomb. Photo: gl0ck /

Marvel at a world turned upside down

If you come to Kaliningrad in winter with kids, visit the Upside Down House. The popular attraction is located near the Upper Lake, in Yunost Park, and is open from 11:00 to 20:00. Upside Down House will amuse you, allow you to get an unusual experience and will delight you with funny photos. For a visit to the original house is enough for 15-20 minutes.

Weather in winter in Kaliningrad

Due to the Baltic Sea and the Gulf Stream, winters in Kaliningrad are warm and short. Under the freshly fallen snow, the architectural monuments look great! In January, the coldest month, the average temperature is -2°C. In February, the temperature is recorded at +16 ° C, but sometimes there are frosts.

Do not skimp on warm clothes! Take a windproof jacket with a hood, sweater, hat and gloves. Do not forget comfortable waterproof shoes. Snow often turns to rain, so an umbrella will come in handy.

Winter weather in Kaliningrad

The cathedral on Kant’s island. Photo: anton_shakirov /

The winter holidays in Kaliningrad.

Despite the vagaries of winter weather, there are many positive reviews on the network about the trip to Kaliningrad in the low season.

  • It is not necessary to take a cab to Kaliningrad airport, it is easy to get to the city by bus.
  • The railway station is located in the center of Kaliningrad. The station is located in the center of Kaliningrad, close to the center of the city, and offers easy access to the public transport network.
  • The station is located in the center of Kaliningrad, near the town center. If you enjoy a night out, keep in mind that after 11 p.m., only cabs are allowed around town.
  • To avoid overpaying, call a cab by phone.

Kristina Demidova: “It’s not very cold in winter, but no one cancelled the traditional Baltic wind. I used to go ashore to watch the sea waves, but for that I wore a down jacket, a fur hat and winter boots.

Ilmira: “There is practically no snow in winter. If it snows before the New Year it melts right away, and after the New Year, in January, it may snow for a week. In February it is real spring.

Winter holidays in Kaliningrad

Friedrichsburg Fortress. Photo: / Lutz Schneider.

What to see in Kaliningrad in winter

Where to go in Kaliningrad in winter and what routes to postpone until summer? How to plan a trip and not to be disappointed what to anticipate? The first thing to consider is winter weather on the Baltic. Most of the time it is quite comfortable for travel, daytime temperatures fluctuate around zero degrees or below zero. But on some days there are frosts, which are especially unpleasant in combination with strong Baltic winds. To protect against precipitation in the form of wet snow or rain and cold winds, the outer layer of clothing must be impermeable and waterproof. Dressed for the season, you can walk the streets, see the sights of the city, attend winter holiday events and even go to the countryside.

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Lower pond in winter


To begin with, you should go on a sightseeing tour and get acquainted with the city, choose the sights to visit and explore in more detail. Experienced Kaliningrad guides can help you with this. You can also use their services to organize thematic tours. The guides offer a variety of options, from walking tours of Kaliningrad at night to wine and gastronomy tours.

In Kaliningrad, there are many activities since winter is the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve preparations and celebrations, as well as a great winter vacation for schoolchildren and students. In order not to miss anything, you should carefully study city posters before your trip. There is a handy calendar of cultural events and an online poster on the Kaliningrad travel portal.

Winter walks in museums

In winter, when the weather is much more pleasant to be indoors, it is worth devoting more time to explore Kaliningrad’s museums. As a rule, the introduction to historical sites begins with the Cathedral and the Kant Museum on Kneiphof Island. You can get to the island by taking the Honey Bridge from the Fish Village and, weather permitting, a walk through the Sculpture Park. Cathedral – one of the centers of cultural life of the city. In its concert hall sounds the best organ set in Russia. The Great Organ has 6,301 pipes and the Small Organ has 2,224 pipes, for a total of 122 registers. Every day in the cathedral you can listen to small organ concerts.

Honey bridge to Kant island

Exploring the powerful fortification system of Königsberg, consisting of ramparts, fortress walls, ravelins, towers and gates, is better to postpone for the summer. For winter visits we can recommend the exhibition halls at Zakheim’s and Royal gate and a visit to “Fort № 5” on Bulatow Street, where there is a military history memorial complex. In winter, it is open to visitors from 10.00 to 19.00 daily, Tickets for adults cost 200 rubles, schoolchildren and pensioners are discounted. There is an audio guide, free photo and video shooting is allowed. “Fort № 5” is a branch of the Kaliningrad Regional History and Art Museum. This museum is located in the center of Kaliningrad in the old Stadhalle building at 21 Klinicheskaya Street. Its vast collections include exhibits from ancient times to the present and a natural-science, local history and art sections. Another Kaliningrad attraction – “Otto Leash Bunker” – is a branch of the Historical and Art Museum. Bunker shelter of World War II reproduces the situation in the German headquarters in the last days of the storming of Koenigsberg before signing the capitulation. “Bunker” is located in the courtyard of the hotel “Kaliningrad”, Universitetskaya Street, 2a, tickets cost from 200 rubles. It is possible to buy a single ticket for 450 rubles for three museums at once: “Bunker”, “Fort № 5” and Historical and Art Museum.

Otto Leash bunker

In the winter Kaliningrad will be warmer and sunnier for tourists visiting the Amber Museum. The exhibition is located in the tower of the Don and is open in winter from 10.00 to 18.00 all days of the week except Monday. Sections of the museum tell about the origin, natural features, varieties, mining and processing of amber. The museum carries out a great educational work, organizes competitions, exhibitions and master classes. Here you can also buy amber souvenirs to remember Kaliningrad. The outlets at the museum have a large selection of amber and fair prices.

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The Amber Museum

The beautiful old building of the Königsberg Exchange, on the banks of the Pregolya River, is home to the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts. On a bad winter day it is nice to wander through the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts, looking at the work of graduates of the Academy of Arts of Königsberg (1845-1945), the masters of the Soviet and avant-garde art, get acquainted with the works of contemporary artists of Kaliningrad. The museum works every day except Monday from 10.00 to 19.00, the ticket price is 250 rubles.

Museum of Fine Arts at the Königsberg Exchange

Museum of the World Ocean in the wintertime invites you to the main building to see the collections of corals and molluscs, to admire the inhabitants of tropical aquariums, to look at models of ships and scientific documents on the study of the ocean. In the winter, some of the ship museums docked at the Historic Fleet Promenade also welcome visitors. You can find out their schedule on the official website of the museum.

Ocean Museum

Kaliningrad castles in winter

According to historical information there were about forty castles of the Teutonic Order in the Kaliningrad region. Unfortunately, to date most of them remained only ruins, which is better to explore in the summer. In winter you can visit a reconstruction of the Teutonic castle “Nesselbeck”. The castle “Nesselbeck” is located halfway from Khrabrovo Airport to Kaliningrad, at the entrance to the village of Orlovka, 7 Central Lane. The building was built in imitation of the architectural style typical of the architecture of East Prussia. There is a hotel, restaurant and brewery. Horse jousting tournaments, equestrian fire shows and other theatrical performances are held for the guests. There is a “medieval” shooting gallery in the castle, where you can throw darts and axes or shoot with an arrow. For those who like strong impressions in Nesselbeck there is a museum of medieval torture and punishment. He is open daily from 12.00 to 21.00 hours, the ticket price is 150 rubles, not recommended to visit the museum of torture with small children. Learn the schedule of historical shows on the official website of the castle “Nesselbeck”.

Nesselbeck - a castle in the Teutonic style

Christmas fair on Kant island

A wonderful winter tradition has become a Christmas fair on Kant’s Island. It is annually organized by the Kaliningrad Street Food association. From December 20 to January 8, citizens and tourists come here for the festive atmosphere of the New Year, gifts and a glass of hot mulled wine. Fair stalls lure in a variety of treats – from traditional street burgers to pilaf, dumplings and falafel; guests will be offered not only hot mulled wine, but also herbal tea, exotic coffees, unusual desserts. There is a play zone for kids. Near the booths there are two stages for performances of musicians and artists. If you’re lucky with the weather, on the square near the Cathedral you can have fun from morning till late afternoon. There’s also a Christmas fair on Victory Square.

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Kaliningrad Christmas Fair

Where to go with children in winter in Kaliningrad

In winter in Kaliningrad, there are lots of places for family vacations.

Ice rinks and parks

If the unstable Kaliningrad weather has generously provided warmth and calmed the winter Baltic winds, you can take your children to the ice rink. There are several ice rinks in the city, where you can skate. The rink has changing rooms, is decorated with Christmas lights, there’s music and you can drink a hot beverage and have a good time. The most popular outdoor rink Golden Way until recently worked on the square near the main city Christmas tree. Now it has moved to the southern part of the city to 76, Internatsionalnaya st.

Night skating

In the Central City Park there is an ice skating rink Ice Park (formerly called “Lapland”). In Yunost Park, near the Upper Lake, there is also a small indoor ice rink, 600 square meters in area. Skates can be rented at all ice sites, but you can come with your own. The rinks work seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the tickets cost from 150 rubles, in the morning there may be discounts. If the weather is bad for street skating, it is worth visiting the largest indoor ice rink in Kaliningrad – Albatross Arena. The Albatross Ice Arena is situated in the Central Park on Donskogo Street. On weekends, when sports clubs are not training, and during school vacations, everyone can skate on the “Albatross” ice arena.

Despite the fact that during the cold season the summer pavilions and aviaries are closed, and the animals live in warm winter quarters, in the oldest Kaliningrad Zoo you can see a lot of interesting things. Visitors are welcome in the tropical house, pavilion of South American animals, house of hippos, house of birds, aquarium and terrarium.

In winter, children’s amusement parks and indoor entertainment in Kaliningrad are particularly popular, there are many of them in the city, so there is plenty to choose from. These are the Museum of Amusing Sciences “Einsteinium” in Mega Market, trampoline centers “Vysota” and “Vanana Park” on Moskovsky avenue, “Amplitude” on General Ozerov Street, 24A. And then there is the “Empire of Incas” in the shopping center “West”, “Safi park” on Kamskaya str. 2D, “Igroland” in the TC “Mayak” and many others.

Children performances and performances.

Winter theatrical schedule of Kaliningrad is packed with events for children and families. Creative teams prepare the repertoire for New Year vacations and school vacations. The only children’s theater in the city – the Puppet Theater – is joined by other theaters and concert stages of the city.

Scene from a play

Kaliningrad Drama Theater invites you to the children’s theater productions, concerts and musical performances for young viewers are offered by the Kaliningrad Musical Theater, the Concert and Theater Complex “House of Arts” and the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Society.

Performance for children

The variety theater Yantar Hall in Svetlogorsk during the winter season brings leading Russian artists and troupes with tours and holiday shows. Tickets for performances are sold at the box offices at the North Station, in the Atrium “London” and the shopping center “Europe”. Museums do not stand aside of the winter family entertainment as they organize entertaining games-quests and hold master classes.

A winter fairy tale

Where to go from Kaliningrad in winter

If there is enough time and weather permits, you can dress warmer and go for a romantic walk to the winter Baltic Sea. You can get to the Kurshskaya Spit National Park by regular buses to Zelenogradsk. By the way, in Zelenogradsk, you can look into the building of an old water tower, where the Museum of Cats “Murarium” is located. In addition to walks in the dune landscapes of the coast, independent travelers can recommend a trip to the resort of Svetlogorsk, Sovetsk, Baltiysk or Chernyakhovsk.

10 best tours in Kaliningrad: classics and creativity

On the Curonian Spit in Winter

You can book a winter trip to the outskirts of Kaliningrad with the help of professional guides.

From Kaliningrad to Europe in winter

Holders of a valid Schengen visa can take a regular bus service or one of the many organized tours to the nearest European cities: Klaipeda, Kaunas, and Vilnius in Lithuania, or Gdansk in Poland. Especially good for such a trip is December. In the cities of old Europe there is a festive mood of four weeks of Advent – the waiting for Christmas. You can admire the lights of decorated streets and houses, wander through Christmas markets, and warm yourself with mulled wine. It’s the kind of trip you can take in a day.

Dlugi Targ Square in December. Gdańsk

And if you carve out for a foreign trip a few days you can go away from Kaliningrad and farther. For example go to the Polish city of Szczecin and see how the historic “relative” of Kaliningrad looks like. Stettin was a Prussian town from 1720 until mid ⅩⅩ century, just like Koenigsberg. It will be interesting to look for similarities and differences of cities with such common and such different fates.

Szczecin. Christmas Fair

Tips, reviews, tourist stories

Going to Kaliningrad in winter, it is definitely worth studying the city guide. The transportation system, best places to go shopping, and other useful information are also described in it.

Kaliningrad amber

Your experience of winter trips to Kaliningrad and photo illustrations of other tourists will be also useful.

Winter stories about Kaliningrad

    by Roman
  • Notes by Vladimir Shalaev depicting the atmosphere of the Baltic city – The city with two names
  • The story from Elena Borzykh – Where Koenigsberg ends and Kaliningrad begins
  • Konstantin’s detailed story about the World Ocean Museum
  • Yekaterina’s story – With amber spoon in your mouth
  • Elena’s photo album – Gallop across Europe… to Kaliningrad!

Szczecin in winter

Where to stay in Kaliningrad

Thanks to its uniqueness, rich history and proximity to the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad has become a popular option for a weekend or vacation. But do not look for hotels by the sea in Kaliningrad – there are none, as the city does not lie on the coast. In Kaliningrad there are resorts of Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk and small towns. In any case, if you stay in Kaliningrad, it is easy to get to them in half an hour even by public transport, and vice versa.

For guests of Kaliningrad there are hotels up to 5 stars and many apartments, cozy villas and stylish hostels. Here you can live in guest cabins of the ship “Vityaz”, which has become a museum exhibit, or in the old-style Fish Village – at the hotels Kaiserhof and At the Honey Bridge. The Mercure Kaliningrad and Holiday Inn hotels will keep up the atmosphere of gingerbread northern Europe, and the RiverSide will please those who come to the city in summer with its outdoor pool.

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