Top 12: travel apps

20+ useful travel apps for Russia in 2022

“KP” selected and tested popular travel apps for Russia in 2022

The key to a great trip is good preparation for it. You need helpers that will save your vacation from unpleasant situations and unexpected turns, both literally and figuratively. We have compiled the top 20+ useful and working travel apps for traveling in Russia in 2022. They can be downloaded to iOS and Android smartphones. We have chosen the most popular, with positive reviews, and tested personally.

1. “Aviasales.”

An aggregator to find airline tickets among all available companies at once. Convenient because you don’t have to go to each one’s website and compare prices manually. The app helps you find great deals at a discount, and can also track the price and promptly notify you when tickets are available at a lower cost. You can create an itinerary for your upcoming trip.


Here it’s convenient to look for alternatives to the plane – shuttle buses and trains. In addition, the application has schedules of electric trains and buses running within the region – it will come in handy if you want to travel to different settlements. The app collects current news, travel blogs and tips.


Service for profitable and convenient booking of hotels and tickets. For payment you can use a card of any Russian bank. It is more advantageous to book a hotel after buying a plane or train ticket, plus OneTwoTrip has its own loyalty program “Big Cacheback Card” – allows you to refund up to 15% of the value.

The service allows you to find and book a hotel room. Photo: Alexey BULATOV

4. Yandex.Travel

An alternative to, which does not work in Russia. This hotel booking app is advantageous because it participates in the cashback program from Rosturizm. Another plus of “Ya.Voyage” is participation in the loyalty program “Yandex.Plus”. You can accumulate points for stays and spend on “Taxi”, carsharing, “Shop” and other services.

5. Тrіrstе

Service of unusual individual and group excursions from locals. Here you will find people close in spirit, which will open for you all the most fascinating, valuable and unexpected that there is in a new city. The site currently has 670 cities around the world, more than 291 thousand reviews from grateful tourists.

The service base includes unusual excursions from locals. Photo: Mikhail FROLOV


The Russian equivalent of AirBnB. Previously, AirBnB was the leader in apartment and condo booking. Within a week of the company’s departure, “Suto” added several thousand apartments to its platform and became a fairly full-fledged substitute. Verified addresses, quality photos, there is a direct link to the owners. There is no service charge.

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7. Avito

An option for finding accommodation from private individuals. There are not only apartments, but also country houses and cottages. The price range is very wide; you can find budget options. But, unlike “Daily”, the service itself does not check the hosts. Also on “Avito” you can find and buy things you need for travel. For example, do not bring a baby stroller, and buy it on the spot with the hands, and sell it in the same way at the end of the vacation.

8. CouchSurfing

The platform positions itself not just as a house-hunting service, but as a community of responsive travelers. Here you can find people who are willing to host for free. More often than not, hosts will be happy to tell you about their city and even keep you company in exploring the sights. New friendships are assured! An important point: The app requires a paid subscription.

Hosts will be happy to keep you company and tell you about their city. Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

9. Level travel

Proven service to find hot tours without intermediaries. “No tedious trips to the offices” – the motto of the aggregator. You can book package tours, which already include airfare, accommodation, and transfers.

Level travel keeps you informed if your flight is canceled and monitors all the changes in flight programs.

10. “World of Campgrounds.”

Service for booking out-of-town vacations. More than 5,000 tourist locations are registered here, for example, there is a list of special places across Russia for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. There are also boarding houses, sanatoriums and other great places to rest in Russia. For now, it is only available on the site, the app is in the works.

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11. “Big Country.”

An aggregator of multi-day trips across Russia from direct organizers. Here’s the most extensive list of tours to Kamchatka, rafting in Karelia and Altai, plenty of options for mountain hikes, great vacations in Adygea and other protected places in Russia. Accommodation included. Works only site.

12. packr – checklist for the suitcase.

Travel begins at home, with the packing. How not to forget anything and not to take unnecessary things? Download the app, where you can see lists of essentials and navigate according to them. There’s a separate checklist for each type of vacation. All travel histories and lists are stored. Note: the app does not work offline, so it is better to take screenshots.

To not forget anything, you can make a list of things in the app. Photo:

13. 2GIS

Before you go to the airport or train station, even at home with a stable Internet connection, download maps of the settlement where you are going. 2GIS detailed maps include not only addresses, but also photos, reviews and easy navigation along the route. The application tells you at which stop it is best to get off, which subway car to take, and where to turn. It is very convenient for walking.

14. MAPS.ME.

Handy offline map, loads an entire region at once. Suitable for traveling by car, will help not to get lost, because it works even when there is no stable Internet connection. Can navigate by GPS, build routes between two locations, no matter how far they are from each other. There is voice navigation.

The offline map is a great solution for traveling by car. Photo: Alexey BULATOV

15. TripAdvisor

A popular guide and search for places to stay, from restaurants to hotels. Lots of useful reviews will save time for exploring the city. You can find attractions or interesting cafes on the map by marking the search radius. The app is free.

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16. Carsharing

“Yandex.Drive”, “CityDrive”, “BelkaCar”, “Delimobile”, “RentMe”… If you have a driver’s license, download carsharing apps to your phone in advance. But we recommend that you find out if the city you are going to has a carsharing service.

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There are several options to choose from. You can rent a car with a per-minute fee, or for a day / two / three / week. Carefully study the conditions!

17. Yandex.Taxi

It is very convenient to take a cab in a foreign city, especially after the airport, when you want to get to a hotel as soon as possible. We recommend you not to overpay private carriers, and to download the application of the aggregator that monitors the changes in prices.

It is better to order a cab from a reliable aggregator. Photo: Ivan MAKEYEV

18. BlaBlaCar

A large hitchhiker search service. It has a database of drivers who are ready to give you a ride on the desired route. Often it is here where you can find the cheapest option to get to your destination.

Top 12: travel apps


Travelata has a handy mobile app for finding tours

If you prefer a travel agent to an independent search for tours, then you have probably long been familiar with the leading aggregators:

These are modern services, with as clear an interface as possible. Almost all of them already have convenient mobile applications. For example, stuck in a traffic jam, you can go to Travelata and find an interesting last minute offer. The service presents the proposals of 150 tour operators, highlighting the most interesting options. You can book your tour directly through the app on your smartphone.

Search for airline tickets


There are over 700 airlines in the Aviasails app.

If an organized tour is not your option, download the airline ticket service app.

These are the most popular searchers. They have offers from more than 700 airlines. For easy selection – voice search, price calendar, making a complex itinerary.

Hotel reservations


On Bookings you can find lodging anywhere in the world

Find a hotel or other vacation accommodation in minutes with the Android or Apple (iOS) mobile app, too. Compare the prices of different sites can help you find accommodation services for tourists. The vast majority of them have handy mobile apps.

Choose the one you are more accustomed to, download the app and you can find a hotel, even if you need to check in in an hour.

An app with maps


MAPS.ME app is indispensable for active tourists

For active tourists, apps with maps are indispensable. Preferably offline – you never know what will happen to the Internet in a gorge in Crete or on a serpentine road in Montenegro. Pay attention to the services, which are based on Open Street Map:

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They are very similar, only Maps has a clearer interface. Therefore, the choice here is purely a matter of taste.

To work with the application, download a map of the country you are going to visit in advance.

Finding a particular landmark, cafe, restaurant, gas station or store will not be difficult for you. It will also help you to find the best route to the place of interest. If you are going to travel around Russia – download 2 GIS – a very useful application for tourists.

Search for Restaurants and Cafes


Tripadvisor will help to find a good restaurant

Tourist resorts always have a lot of catering establishments, but it is an extremely difficult task to choose the one where they are sure to have good food. That’s why apps with restaurant reviews are so popular. The most popular ones are:

These services can be searched by region, type of cuisine, or price level. The final choice will help you make the reviews of tourists and photos.

Search for free Wi-Fi.

Wi-fi Map

Wi-fi Map will show you where the free Wi-Fi is

If you want free Wi-Fi internet access when you travel abroad or at Russian resorts, we created Wi-fi Map IOS. It works in offline mode and helps to find the nearest wi-fi connection points. With the help of this service it is possible to connect even to the password-protected network as users share actual passwords with each other.

Bank app

Tinkoff mobile app

The mobile app will help you get in touch with bank representatives at no additional cost

In order to avoid spending large sums on roaming while waiting for the consultant’s answer, install the bank’s application on your smartphone. You can use it to perform ordinary operations – check your balance, make transfers – as well as urgent ones, such as blocking your card in case of emergency. Tinkoff Bank has a very convenient mobile app. This bank, by the way, offers a special card for travelers All Airlines, with the help of which you can accumulate points for a free ticket to any airline. If at heart you are an accountant, or just prefer to keep a strict accounting of all financial expenses, the Finance PM app won’t be superfluous. Enter all your expenses during the trip into the program, and the service will prepare a report for you, how much money you spent during the trip and on what.

Tinkoff All Airlines Credit Card - to register or not? My review

Calling and ordering cabs and transfers


Uber is an app for ordering cabs

Tourists very often use cab services. However, to understand the pricing policy at the resort, especially abroad, is almost unreal. Especially frightening are the prices of cab drivers at airports. The best option is to find a car using a mobile app. In order to be guaranteed standard prices for cab services even abroad, you need to install the program on your smartphone:

In Russia will save the app from Yandex.Taxi for IOS or Android- in Sochi and the Crimea it is almost the only option not to go broke on a cab.


Google Translate

Google Translate will come in handy on foreign trips

Paper dictionaries are also a thing of the past. Now it is enough to download the application Google Translate (for Android or Apple) on your Android or iPhone, and there will be no problems with communication abroad. Voice dialing is very useful, when directly in the way you can say an obscure phrase and know its translation. Another Google Translate feature is visual translation. It’s enough to point the camera at the text and the program will translate it.

If you are in an exotic country, it is better to translate the text into English, and then from it into Russian. The direct translation into Russian sometimes sounds quite funny.

Airport app


GateGuru helps you get your bearings at the airport

The Android app GateGuru helps you quickly and easily find your way around an airport. The program will show you where the stores, cafes and restaurants are and give you feedback about them.

Communication Apps

Viber, WhatsApp and Skype - the most popular messengers

Viber, WhatsApp and Skype – the most popular messengers

Messengers are very relevant and in everyday life, and when traveling at all they are indispensable. Download on Android or Apple:

You can use them to communicate with family and friends if you are already on vacation. Or to negotiate with the owner of the apartments, car rental if you’re just going on a trip.

Vivino app

Vivino app

The Vivino app for choosing wine

If all the previous programs are useful for almost all tourists, this one is created for those who love wine. The Vivino AppStore or Android app will help with wine selection. You only need to scan the label, and the program will provide all the information – a description of taste, average price, evaluations by experts and other users.

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