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Locals, expatriates and travelers always know that Fethiye’s restaurant scene is never unhappy. As a thriving Mediterranean city and region with small coastal resorts on Turkey’s southwest coast, Fethiye is well known for its delicious eateries, cafes, hotels, terrace bars and restaurants. With stunning farmland in one direction, organic produce is as fresh on the plate as chicken and beef. By contrast, the beaches and Mediterranean Sea in the other direction make fish and seafood a regional delicacy. If you want to buy a property here or already own a home, know that every favorite dish is sold in resorts such as Oludeniz, Hisaroni, Ovacik and Kalis Beach. Our top ten restaurants in Fethiye are also easily accessible from your own property!

fethiye fish market-indeika-home

1) Balık Pazarı – Fethiye’s famous fish market.

Fethiye Fish Market, a famous tourist attraction, is popular at night and as a dining spot for locals. Seafood lovers in the old part of town enjoy the market because they can smell it before they even see it. Located in a courtyard surrounded by stores and restaurants, vendors stock their market stalls daily with seasonal treats like hamsi (anchovies) and barbel (Mediterranean red bass), but almost any kind of seafood is sold, including oysters, king prawns. and octopus!

The wonderful Balyk Pazary was once just a fish market. However, a few years ago, a forward-thinking mayor had the relatively brilliant idea of surrounding the market stalls with restaurants offering the opportunity to eat fresh food right away. Of course, take the fish home with you if you want, but for a few Turkish lira the chefs will prepare your fish ready to eat. Order bread, meze and salad as an accompaniment while watching the hustle and bustle of this world-famous market. In high season, listen to musicians who entertain you while you eat a delicious meal.

Some fishmongers may point you to their friend’s restaurant, but you don’t have to follow their recommendation and can choose any nearby restaurant. There is not much to distinguish them from each other as the prices are the same everywhere; however, we recommend the family restaurant Hilmi et Balık, where you will be offered wonderful mezes with fish you cooked. Lunch at the Fethiye fish market is a must.

Cesairli Usta Fethiye

2) Cesair Usta Doner.

Don’t be distracted by the golden arches of McDonald’s if you need a quick fast-food bite. Choose a local establishment instead! There are American fast food places like McDonald’s, Burger King and even Domino’s Pizza. But healthier and more interesting dishes can be found at this kebab restaurant in the Fish Market. Swap burgers for döner kebabs and pizza for pide to contribute to the economy of Fethiye instead of an American corporation, and you’ll get more meat and flavor for a lira and much fresher food!

The menu at Cezayir Usta Döner will not disappoint with several delicious dishes for meat lovers, fish lovers and vegetarians. Locals love the fast-food kebabs, doner (chicken, beef or lamb cooked on a vertical grill), but come early before they run out! Other fantastic kebab options include Adana Kebab (minced meat with chili peppers cooked on a skewer), Iskender Kebab (roasted lamb with tomato sauce) and the mouthwatering Köfte Ekmek, meatballs and salad in bread.

For vegetarians, delicious sweet corn is boiled or grilled and likely picked in the morning from the fields. For a choice of savory or sweet treats, why not try homemade gözleme (pancakes) made in front of you with various toppings. If you bought fish at the market, ask the chef to cook it for you and serve it in crusty bread to make the freshest balik ekmek (fish sandwich) you’ve ever had. Or, if pizza was on your radar, choose the Turkish version, pide. Choose between the meat version, the cheese version, or a combination of the two.

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mosaic casserole fethiye turkey

3) Mosaic Bahçe.

This fabulous restaurant within walking distance of the fish market, behind Domino’s Pizza, is named for its eclectic menu, which combines dishes from many Eastern Turkish cultures. The chef draws inspiration from the Turkish region of Hatay, which celebrates a mix of cultures and religions, Muslims, Christians and Jews; therefore, the food from Hatay offers great variety. The owner describes his menu as a mosaic of dishes!

While selling all the standard meze dishes, the chef also adds a few extras that no other restaurant in Fethiye serves; significant food from Hatay. Traditional food from eastern Turkey is always a little spicier and adds a twist to any meal. Chef Dogan and his team also specialize in local bread, which complements their mixed meze dishes.

Mozaik Bahçe is the perfect choice for something out of the ordinary. Located on the main road but still in the center of Fethiye, this attractive little restaurant has a shady garden where you can dine al fresco in the summer. The big lure at this place is the enthusiastic chef, who will happily talk all night about the food of Hatay and the dishes you eat.

ada restaurant fethiye turkey

4) Ada Restaurant – Sovale Island

The secluded island of Sovale, just a short water cab ride from Fethiye and devoid of roads or vehicles on the island, offers visitors the opportunity to spend some time on an exclusive private island. Sovale is home to impressive villas as well as Ada restaurant and beach club where you can relax, eat and drink day or night. If you’re only going there for dinner, the restaurant offers a free boat transfer that leaves from the Sat Peninsula and arrives at Ada’s private harbor. The romantic setting is enhanced by an idyllic rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Fethiye Çalış beach and Red Island. It’s the perfect place to admire the sunset with great food.

arena restaurant fethiye turkey

5) Eat at Arena Restaurant

For mouthwatering fresh fish and an alternative setting, look no further than Arena Restaurant. While the market may have a quirk to buy your fish, the seaside Arena Restaurant offers a fantastic view of Fethiye Marina and the island of Palms. The establishment’s upper outdoor terrace boasts stunning views while dining, while the main indoor dining room is suitable for cooler evenings. The menu offers fine fresh seafood, meat and poultry in traditional and international styles.

megri restaurant fethiye turkey

6) The Megri Chain.

Perhaps the closest thing to a chain restaurant, the Meğri team has a couple of restaurants scattered throughout the city. Meğri Lokantasi, an authentic Lokanta, offers a fantastic selection of Turkish dishes. In addition to the standard menu, pasta and risotto dishes are also on the menu. Just around the corner is Meğri restaurant, which offers international cuisine in a beautiful garden surrounded by plants and vines. Both establishments are highly respected, and we doubt you’ll go wrong with either one!

turkey kebab

7) Barbella Restaurant, Calis Beach

On the main road of the Chalish resort that leads to the waterfront is the quiet Barbella Restaurant, one of the best eateries, offering an extensive and varied menu at competitive prices. Order anything from kebab to Mexican chicken to a nice piece of steak. The vegetarian options easily tempt those who don’t eat meat! When you visit Barbella, choose between a set menu or order off the menu. Offering fantastic value for money, set menus cost less than £7 for a three-course lunch before drinks. What sets this place apart is the quality and excellent value for money of the food and the excellent service.

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fethiye turkey

8) Fethiye Tours Cruise at sunset and moonlight

Fethiye is part of the Turkish Riviera, so sailing is big business. For something a little different, think of a great barbecue cooked in front of you while enjoying the scenic delicacies that Fethiye Bay offers from the boat. Fethiye Tours offers a fantastic evening blue cruise to snorkeling and cruising along the turquoise coast, bays and coves. This laid-back activity means spending an evening swimming in clear waters while watching stunning Turkish sunsets. Your host and boat captain cook dinner under the stars, admiring Fethiye at night, and then return to town for a pre-bedtime drink at the lively marina bar. It’s a quirky twist on the nightlife scene.

ej cafe fethiye turkey

9) EJ’s Cafe, Calis Beach

Other international cuisines make up for the huge selection of Turkish restaurants and local dishes. For a break from the traditional, head to Calis Beach and a little slice of home called EJ’s Café. Owned and run by a Turkish man and his British wife, this little slice of Britain is a huge hit with immigrants who have bought apartments here. From burgers and chips to chicken sandwiches, from apple crumble to strawberry cheesecake, you’ll find everything you want on their menu.

They even regularly offer a full Sunday lunch. A selection of meat and veggie pies are often available to eat or take away, freshly prepared on the day. They also make delicious cakes every day, including sticky cinnamon buns, the perfect treat with a cup of tea on the beach. EJ’s Café also offers a delivery service for a night at home but you don’t have the energy to cook!

10) Gaziantep Ulashlioglu Baklavalari

Of course, every sumptuous meal should end with a great dessert and a visit to Turkey, do what the Turks do and enjoy a delicious baklava garnished with dondurma, Turkish ice cream. Those in Fethiye will find gold at Gaziantep Ulaşlıoğlu Baklavaları, the perfect place to buy baklava on the Mediterranean coast. Gaziantep is the gastronomic center of Turkey, where baklava was invented and made even more appetizing by local recipes using pistachios in their sweet creations. This place is incredibly chic and offers the flavor of southeastern Turkey from the moment you walk through the front door. The store is lavishly decorated with copper pots and leather goods, making you feel as if you’ve been transported to another world when you order the sweets. The baklava is made fresh, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Fethiye to have mastic ice cream, an ingredient that makes it resistant to melting!

Gluten-free restaurants in Fethiye

Restaurants do a great job with today’s eating habits. Many are also aware of allergies such as peanuts or gluten-free foods. Instead of having one restaurant specializing in vegan food, many have separate menus for these types of foods. Ask at the door and they will show you the menu. You may also be surprised to learn that many Turkish dishes are vegan. Yes, the kebab stereotype is nothing more than that, and it doesn’t accurately reflect Turkey’s reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Read this article on Turkish vegetarian and vegan food to find out what to eat.

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Fethiye Harbor Restaurants

While in Turkey, locals, expats and vacationers prefer to spend an evening at the harbor. Traditionally these would have been seafood restaurants serving meze, fish and salads, although the concept has changed to include many places including coffee shops. It’s all about enjoying the fresh air on summer evenings and the view of the sea at night. Fethiye Harbor near the theater is perfect for lunch at noon or dinner. Restaurants with an excellent reputation and excellent quality include.

Zeki: Offering Mediterranean, fast food and Turkish cuisine, Zeki also has a barbecue theme. Choose salads from the fridge and then watch the food grilled at your table.

Samdan: Located slightly off the harbor, Samdan specializes in seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as vegetarian, vegan and halal dishes.

Agora Restaurant and Meyhaneh. Agora Restaurant, located right across the street from the crossroads, sometimes hosts live music evenings to add a twist to your romantic evening. It specializes in seafood, Mediterranean, European and Turkish dishes.

Address Restaurant and Café: This beachfront establishment serves as both restaurant and bar and is ideal for summer evenings. Located on the edge of the harbor, the restaurant serves local, Mediterranean, European, Turkish and vegetarian cuisine.

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Best Restaurants and Cafes in Fethiye with Beautiful Views and Delicious Food

National cuisine is one of the most important “cultural elements” that forms the overall impression of the country. If you dive a little bit into history, the traditional cuisine in Turkey has centuries-old traditions that date back to the Turkic tribes. That’s why many Turkish dishes and drinks are a mixture of Arabic, Mediterranean and Caucasian traditions. The main peculiarity is great variety and bright flavors. Of course, if you are not an expert (critic), you can take hotel food for the national cuisine, but alas, this is a very big misconception. Hotel chefs often distort the dishes and drinks, adjusting them for European guests. To really get acquainted with gastronomic Turkey, you need to go outside the hotel and visit local restaurants, cafes and pastry shops. Only in this way you can get acquainted with the country and appreciate its charm.

Best Restaurants and Cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and tasty food

The best restaurants and cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and delicious cuisine

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The national cuisine of Turkey is considered one of the richest and most exquisite in the world. When you come to this country, you want to try everything: kebab, borek and gezleme, meze, manti, simit, baklava, lukum, Turkish dessert kunefe, dondurma (local ice cream), etc. Dishes vary from region to region, from restaurant to restaurant. It is very important to choose the right food-location, where they cook at a high level and welcome guests. I have previously written about Side area and its gastronomy (to give you a link to an article about food). This time, I will talk about Fethiye and answer three popular questions:

  • Where to eat good food?
  • What are the best restaurants with a beautiful view to visit?
  • Where to find the most delicious Turkish dessert kunefe?


I highly recommend trying the traditional Turkish breakfast – vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers) and fruit, cheeses 3 or 4 kinds, sausages, eggs (scrambled or glazed), honey, jam and various jams, butter 2 or 3 kinds, muesli, fritters, tortillas, tea/coffee and more. The table is bursting with an abundance of food in beautiful plates.

Best Restaurants and Cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and tasty food

The best restaurants and cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and delicious cuisine

For myself, two of the best breakfast restaurants in the Fethiye region with beautiful views and at adequate prices stand out:

  • Citrus Mediterranean Cuisine . An amazing place with a wonderful view of the port, hearty food and courteous staff. Breakfast (one person) is 110 liras, brunch is 150 liras.
  • Taaa Sera Cafe Restaurant. A huge variety of dishes, which are already included in the total price of breakfast (price per person – 110 lire). Beautiful view of the sea. Quick and polite service.

If you have a car, I advise you to visit two other places that are in the mountains:

  • Enver Yalçın Yörük Müzesi & Apart . A good place to relax, gastronomic pleasure and learn about the traditions of Turkish cuisine. Many of the products are from the local garden. Price for a person is 40 lira.
  • Nefes Breakfast Restaurant . A beautiful area, there is a playground and rabbits running around. Everything is fresh and tasty. The price is 75 lira per person.

Lunch and dinner

There are so many places in Fethiye where you can eat good food, enjoy the beauty around you and have a great time. I give you the coordinates of the best restaurants and cafes for lunch / dinner (all checked personally):

  • Mori Restaurant . Cozy and romantic place for special occasions I fell in love with it immediately. Very polite staff, amazing food and of course the views (right by the yachts).
  • Hilmi Restaurant Sahil . Reasonable prices, big portions. You can ask for a table right by the water.
  • Çarıklı Et Restaurant. A nice meat restaurant on the waterfront. They say they make the best meat dishes on the whole coast.
  • Barbunn Bistro & Alacarte . A high level of service and reasonable prices. The menu is varied and the presentation is a joy to behold.
  • Yacht Classic Restaurant . A beautiful restaurant at the hotel. Everything is delicious and very nice.

Best Restaurants and Cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and tasty food

The best restaurants and cafes in Fethiye with a beautiful view and delicious cuisine

A few words about another popular place – Fish market – fish market in Fethiye. I do not recommend to visit. I did not like this place at all, although there are legends about it. First of all, the noise – ga-rama. All the sellers pester, entice, grab hands and lead to the counter. Secondly, breeding is very good. I did not notice low prices on fish and seafood. You might as well eat in an ordinary restaurant. The third point is that if you come here, you should choose the restaurant where the food you bought will be served. Oztoklu Restaurant is the worst place that spoiled the whole experience. We came here with expectations, but we left disappointed. The food takes a long time to cook, and we were cheated out of money (we were charged 200 lira). We asked for grilled shrimp and squid, but they were just fried in oil. All the appetizers offered by the owner (supposedly free of charge) were on the bill. Don’t expect any compliments. In short, horrible. I do not recommend this restaurant and the market in general. No savings, the bill came out as in a good metropolitan restaurant (3000 rubles per person).

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Turkish sweets

In Turkey, sweets are cultivated as a national product. It’s a paradise for sweet-tooths and gourmands. Frankly speaking, I can’t imagine a holiday in this country without baklava, kunefe dessert, as well as Turkish ice cream, which is quite difficult to find in Moscow. I will tell you where to eat the most delicious sweets in Fethiye.

Ulaslioglu Baklava . A pastry shop with the best baklava in the city. Very hospitable and friendly owner (even offered free water). Packed in boxes that are handy to take with you on the plane. I think it was the first time I tasted such juicy, tender and honey baklava.

Ulaslioglu Baklava, Fethiye

Ulaslioglu Baklava, Fethiye

Fethiye Künefe Hane 2. Şube . This place makes the most delicious Turkish dessert künefe – a hot “cake” with interesting ingredients that harmoniously complement each other. Unsalted cheese, which is placed between layers of special Kadaife thread dough, then this is poured with sweet syrup. You are in for a gastronomic treat.

Fethiye Künefe Hane 2. Şube, Fethiye

Fethiye Künefe Hane 2. Şube, Fethiye

Fethiye Dondurma Dünyası . Amazing Turkish ice cream: rich and full flavor, nice viscosity, variety of choices. We went every day since we lived nearby (in the area of Çalış Beach). Tried almost all the flavors. My favorites were lemon and orange. The price for a balloon is reasonable – 8 lira (in other places I saw from 10 to 25 lira). There’s also a really good Turkish dessert with ice cream and kunefeh.

Fethiye Dondurma Dünyası, Fethiye

Fethiye Dondurma Dünyası, Fethiye

Servet Şekerleme Fabrika Satış Mağazası . A veritable boutique of Turkish sweets with a wide range of quality lukum, spices, dried fruits, tea, etc. The pleasure, of course, is not cheap (for example, 1 kg of lukum – 300 lira).

Servet Şekerleme Fabrika Satış Mağazası, Fethiye

Servet Şekerleme Fabrika Satış Mağazası, Fethiye

Turkish cuisine is characterized by variety, simplicity of recipes and brightness of flavors. While visiting any part of this magical country you should go outside the hotel and get acquainted with the country and “taste its traditions”. If you are planning to visit Fethiye (to give a link to the first article), then you will definitely come in handy a list of restaurants, cafes and pastry shops, where you can eat well (prices, of course, are different everywhere, depending on the level of food-location). Be sure to try the Turkish breakfast, the traditional dessert kunefe and dondurma (ice cream). By the way, I know of only a few outlets in Moscow which sell real Turkish ice cream: Eleven Restaurant, Taksim Meat, BeyDondurma (delivery is available).

Enjoy Turkish cuisine, try it and explore, look for your favorite dishes.

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