Tourist reviews about Tbilisi. Tips for your vacations – 2022

What tourists think about Tbilisi

Leisure reviews in Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia beckons like a magnet! Read tourist reviews of Tbilisi for 2021. Pros and cons of vacation. Prices in 2022. What impression the weather, hotels, tours and attractions left. What are the reviews of the sulfur baths and restaurants in the city.

Most recently we vacationed in Tbilisi, read why we loved it and why we will definitely return.


Tbilisi Weather Reviews

Winter in Tbilisi is mild and warm. During the day the air warms up to +2. +5 ° C, and almost every day the sun shines. According to reviews from tourists, in the winter months in Tbilisi come those who vacation at ski resorts in Georgia.

Spring comes early, in late February and early March. Autumn in Tbilisi is warm and beautiful. If you can’t stand the summer heat, come to Tbilisi in spring or fall – until the end of October. This is an ideal time for hiking around the city and sightseeing.

Lena Smolovaya: “The trees started blooming there in March! Fragrant fresh air during the day warmed up to +15. +20°С in the daytime, but in the evenings it was cooler to +8. +10°С”.

Dmitry Matsak: “In July Tbilisi is the hottest place in Georgia. We drove all over the country, and Tbilisi had the highest temperature of +30°C. Even in Batumi it was cooler because of the wind from the sea”.

Olya Vetrova: “The weather at the beginning of October was great – warm, sunny and dry. During the day it was +22. +25°С in the daytime, +15. 17°С”.

Tourist reviews on vacations in Tbilisi

Tbilisi in February (Photo: Andrew Milligan sumo /

Hotel reviews for Tbilisi

Look for discounted hotels on Here are the top rules for finding lodging.

The capital of Georgia welcomes tourists all year round, so there are many hotels and guest houses in different price categories. Hotels 4-5* are located in the center of the city. According to tourists’ reviews, budget hotels in Tbilisi are in demand. Rooms with a panoramic view of the city are 1.5-2 times more expensive than the same rooms with a view of the courtyard.

To make sure that your vacation in Tbilisi in 2022 will not disappoint you, read tourists’ reviews of hotels and choose the best one.

Olga Kochetkova : “Great hotel Astoria 4*. Room with two balconies. Breakfast was really good, there was something for everyone.

Yuliya Karbovskaya : “My favorite hotel in Tbilisi is Ambasadori 5*. It’s very interesting and has a great design. The elevator to Narikala fortress was a nice walk away.

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Liliya Volkova: “Dzveli Ubani Hotel 3* is small, right in the center and very well located. Everything is walking distance.

Leisure in Tbilisi, Georgia according to tourist reviews

Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel (Photo: / Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel)

Tourist reviews for tours in Tbilisi

Look for interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

If you are new to Georgia, take a sightseeing tour of Tbilisi with wine tasting. Those who already know the city, choose tours that reveal its features. Tours of Tbilisi cost from 9 to 75€ per person. Prices for trips outside the city are more expensive – 80-200€.

Tbilisi tours have received the most positive reviews from tourists:

  • The hidden luxury of Tbilisi: a walk through the front of ancient houses.
  • Panoramas and narrow streets of Tbilisi.
  • A chronicle of eras at the crossroads of empires.
  • Parades and destinies of Sololaki.
  • Kings, washerwomen and tulukhchi.
  • Soulful Tbilisi: the city and its citizens.
  • The ancient suburbs of Tbilisi.
  • Tbilisi – the city of craftsmen.

Svetlana : “Without the guide we wouldn’t have even guessed that there are such parades in Tbilisi! Some of them are just amazing. You can stand for a long time and look at the murals. Read more about the tour →

Vadim : “Awesome wine tasting, we really enjoyed it. It was very tasty, hearty, interesting and very Georgian! This is the real Georgia, and you’ll find it here”. Read more about the tour →

Tatiana : “It’s an unbelievable pleasure to go to Kazbegi! And when you have a great guide with you – Arthur, who tells about everything in an interesting and admiring way, the tour becomes unforgettable!” Read more about the tour →

Reviews of vacations in Tbilisi, Georgia

Streets of old Tbilisi.

Tourist reviews about the sights of Tbilisi

It is interesting to look at the city from a bird’s eye view. According to tourist reviews, a great view of Tbilisi opens from the mountain on which the ancient Narikala fortress is located. It is convenient to get to the top by cable car or on foot.

If you come to Georgia with a child, walk through the modern Rike Park, ride the children’s railroad in the park Mushtaidi and the rides that are on Mtatsminda Mountain.

There is no sea in Tbilisi, so adults and children enjoy going to the Gino Paradise water park. Learn what to see in Tbilisi.

Yulia: “The fortress is ruined, but the area around it is landscaped. There’s a great view of Tbilisi on one side and a botanical garden on the other.”

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Vasili: “When you walk through Mushtaidi Park, it’s like you’re transported by time machine to your childhood.

GeraltizRivii: “Rike Park is clean and comfortable, with green lawns everywhere. Benches and places for gatherings of different formats.”

Photos and reviews of your holidays in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Narikala fortress complex in Old Tbilisi (Photo: varfolomeev /

Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi: Tourist Reviews

The pride of the Georgian capital is the famous sulfur springs baths in the Abanotubani area. According to tourist reviews, in the sulfur baths of Tbilisi foreigners and residents themselves love to take a steam and massage.

The bathhouses are open from 7:00 to 21:00. Depending on the set of services, you pay 15-150 GEL per visit. The cheapest public halls cost only 3 GEL.

Vadim: “You should visit the bathhouse, the relaxation is good. I would not take a bath and I would get a good relaxation. I would not take a massage. I don’t mind the money, but it’s not so much fun. ,

Lllllenanov: “The price was 35 GEL: a small room, small pool and shower with sulfur water. Plus we took a complex: peeling, soap massage and medical massage. I liked it all very much”.

Reviews of Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi

Baths in Tbilisi (Photo: Andrea Kirkby /

Reviews of restaurants in Tbilisi

Georgian cuisine has many fans around the world. In Tbilisi, tourists can spend a pleasant time in small budget cafes, khinkals and expensive restaurants. Everywhere the food is delicious and the portions are large. Try the national dishes: khachapuri cheese pies , vegetarian snack pkhali , corn tortillas mchadi , hearty beef soup khashi and the famous Georgian shish kebab mtsvadi .

To make your vacation in Tbilisi in 2022 a success, read tourist reviews about Georgian restaurants.

Petracortes: “Restaurant Kakhelebi – The perfect place. The waiters are incredible! Everything is very professional and fast.”

Madi: “Bernard’s is a cozy place. We haven’t tasted such delicious chihirtma anywhere else.”

Tourist reviews on vacations in Tbilisi

Huge khachapuri in aajarski.

The pros and cons of vacationing in Tbilisi

A trip to the capital of Georgia made a strong impression on all tourists. In their 2021 reviews of Tbilisi, they note the incredible beauty of this city, the friendliness and hospitality of the inhabitants.

The advantages of vacationing in Tbilisi in 2022:

  • Convenient to get to – there is an international airport.
  • Inimitable Georgian flavor.
  • Beautiful architecture.
  • Large selection of budget accommodation.
  • Tasty food and excellent wine.
  • A mild, warm climate.
  • Inexpensive public transport.
  • Many attractions – ancient temples, beautiful parks and interesting museums.
Holidays in Georgia in June 2022. Weather and prices

richi78: “Everyone has his own place where you feel good and relaxed, where you feel energized for further victories and where all the problems and sorrows disappear. For me that’s Tbilisi.

Cons :

  • There are stubborn beggars on the streets.
  • It’s too hot in Tbilisi in the summer.
  • Cab drivers overcharge you.

Tbilisi reviews

Wine shelves in a store in Tbilisi (Photo: / @anastsiia_voiten)

The nuances of vacationing in Tbilisi and tourist tips

From spring to fall, budget accommodations are in demand. Book your favorite option in advance.

The old city lies on the hills. Shoes with heels are not suitable for walking on the cobbled streets!

There are many exchange offices in Tbilisi. Do not waste time looking for the best option – the exchange rate everywhere is about the same.

ATMs greet tourists with inscriptions in the Georgian language. It is easy to switch to Russian or English. If you do not understand how to do it, ask any passerby. They will definitely help you!

MariyaAzovskaya: It is better to walk around Tbilisi on foot. Then you won’t miss a single alley with its local flavor.

Tourist reviews about Tbilisi. Tips for your vacations – 2022

Georgia is wonderful. Wonder of architecture, a miracle of nature and people are just wonderful! The air is wonderful, the music is wonderful, the wine is wonderful and the mood is great too.

  • Rest individually.

For those who like eating in Tbilisi, you have to visit this city, it is very hospitable, calm and peaceful, but the best thing is the local cuisine :)))) There are many good cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi, I suggest everyone to try Gand Khinkali in the centre of the city on Mikheil Zandukelze street 24, also very tasty shashlik, wine and khachapuri on vertila, I like to eat :)))

  • Rest individually.

Truso Gorge is a great idea! Thank you, I liked it very much. This is a real off-road tour. Always wanted to try this with my daughter and so we bought a group one. The views are unparalleled. Took a lot of pictures. We had an attentive guide and a careful driver. Even the weather did not spoil our mood. From recommendations: the car for this tour stiff – delica. It certainly has a hyper passability, but it is worth considering that for 100% comfort is better to overpay and sit more spacious. So I recommend, especially for the individual tour!

  • go on tours
  • Rest individually.
Holidays in Georgia - 2022: reviews and tips. Is it worth the trip?

Rest with family and friends – it’s cool guys, thanks a lot for the rest and the coolest experience! To the organizers, thank you very much for your hospitality, openness, friendliness and cool emotions. Thanks to Georgia for the beautiful views, delicious food and unforgettable flavor!

  • Rest individually.

I recommend Olga for an informative, fun, and delicious holiday. We went to Georgia with my nephews and friends in a small group of 8 people for the May vacations. After a year of quarantines, restrictions, rules and oppressive information about the virus in all the media, Georgia for us was living water, intoxicating wine and a festival of tastes and communication. Olga prepared for us a voluminous and interesting program – we discussed everything in detail with my wife. During these 5 days we had time to communicate, watch, walk, listen, laugh a lot and learn more and more about Georgia and why so many of our friends and relatives want to “go there”. – to Georgia again. The tradition of soulful feasting is very similar to ours in Western Ukraine. I recommend. Olga as a guide and Alex as a driver are professionals who just do business with a soul.

  • go on tours
  • Rest individually.
  • do active recreation

We recommend! I went to Georgia for the first time. For my husband it was a planned trip to meet business partners. Our friends who had just returned from a vacation in Georgia recommended Olga as his tour guide. We 100% agree with their opinion: if you want to know more about the country, a knowledgeable guide is important. We chose the excursion: Ancient Mtskheta. It was a really informative tour, with details, facts, history. At the same time Olga insisted that we take lots of photos as a memento :) It was a very pleasant day with coffee drinking in a private garden, stories about the appearance of the Georgian state and lots of photos of us together with Ruslan. Usually on our trips together it is either him or me.

  • Rest individually.

Tbilisi is a wonderful city, it is impossible to forget it! It is clean, with lots of attractions, old and new buildings, amazing churches and cathedrals and wonderful people. My husband and I went on a tour over the May holidays, we visited a few cities in Georgia on the way, but for some reason we liked Tbilisi the best. The sulfur baths area is so old and photogenic, on every corner are wine stores with free tastings, delicious pastries, cafes, and what spices are there! The people are responsive, speak good Russian, will always tell you where to go, and even show you the way. We liked it very much! Now I want to go to Georgia again!

How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi - all ways

  • go on tours
  • Rest individually.
  • go on bus tours
  • take pictures of everything!

Dzveli-Kalaki, a place that is definitely worth a visit) Holidays this summer in Georgia and three days stopped in the colorful capital city of Tbilisi. Tbilisi is surrounded by picturesque mountains and there are many historical and modern attractions that must be visited. One popular place is Old Tbilisi (Dzveli-Kalaki), which is located on the right bank of the Kura River. Old Tbilisi is known for its Turkish Hamams (baths), which were built here in the 12th century during the Ottoman Empire, and the street Shardeni, where there are clubs

We often go to Tbilisi with our family and every time we visit the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. This botanical garden is located on a mountain hill in the heart of the city, not far from Maidan Square, on the right bank of the river Kura. Even though we were here in October, there were a lot of tourists in the Botanical Garden. You can get here by cab, but it will cost 10 – 15 GEL and by cable car for 2 GEL one way per person. But you can only pay here.

Everyone will see something different in this city. Before I tell you about the minuses of this city, I want to tell you about the minuses: crazy car driving, and there is a lot of smoking everywhere.

Other than that, it’s a plus. There are endless things to write and talk about Tbilisi. Everyone will see something different in this city that will make you love it.

Choose hotels in the Liberty Square subway district. Many people of Tbilisi assure you that this is the most beautiful area of the city.

The subway in Tbilisi is a real salvation – the fare is 50 tetri, which is very cheap. But you need to buy a card for 2 lari, which must be recharged. If you keep the receipt, you can return the card when you leave Georgia.

There are many beautiful sculptures in Tbilisi: heroes of Mimino, flying monument to Paradzhanov, lantern man, dancing people, musical instruments and animals. The sculptures could be anywhere.

I think in Tbilisi for the first acquaintance you should take at least 3 days, another 2 days to the neighborhood.

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