Tourist reviews of vacations in Mexico – 2022

Hotel reviews in Mexico.

My boyfriend was very happy to stay in Mexico in 2021.My boyfriend was in the second half of August. Read more

Nothing. Did not like : Location near nothing, slums. Walking distance to the beach. The hotel has no water to drink or anything. Nothing to eat. Wi-fi didn’t work very well and disappeared the next day. Read more

Best hotel we have been to, and we have been to Cancun 8 times. We had the best hotel we have been to in Cancun since the beginning of our stay. The hotel was very well located, its location, food, beauty of the room, everything except the price, it went up compared to last year (we were here, the hotel was very expensive, there was nothing wrong with the food… Read more

Good spa service, liked the service, nice atmosphere and polite staff, very good whirlpool room, nicely decorated massage rooms, everything was good, everyone was polite, very good. Read more

Nice place. Staff. Food. Entertainment Did not like : Old room stock. New guy in the lobby who didn’t really want to help. Read more

I needed a cheap hotel in Cancun right away. I chose at random and made no mistake! A small cozy room with a comfortable bed, roomy closet, bathroom and safe – everything a lonely tired person needs. Read more

The Barcelo Maya Palace 5* is part of the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort complex, which consists of 6 hotels. Barcelo Maya Palace guests can visit the restaurants and bars of the whole complex except the Barcelo Maya Riviera. Read more

Comfortable, clean, close to the beach. The food is delicious in the restaurant. Cons : No refrigerator in the room and the restaurant closes early. Read more

This hotel was great for those who like a quiet and relaxing stay. Breakfast was lovely but paid for (. The hotel is a great place to stay and the food is great! Check out for more info.

The hotel was very well located and the location was perfect for sightseeing even if the music does not let you sleep you can look at the water and try to stay calm) The room was very old, booked through airbnb (7th floor), the price was high but it was not comfortable. Read more

The author of the review did not give a detailed description of the stay at the hotel. I would like to share my impressions of the hotel in more detail. Read more

Top 5 Mayan cenotes in the Yucatan

One of the best roof top in Playa, with excellent service. Andrea is the best waitress, always attentive and charming, tries to provide the best service. Delicious, great sushi, especially with salmon. Read more

This was our first time at this hotel. This is a very nice hotel for those who like a relaxing vacation without children! The staff is exceptional! The people working here are wonderful! My best impressions. Hotel. Read more

We loved Mexico and would love to visit more, but in December we were freezing, lacked warm clothing, but even so we swam in the warm ocean during the day, and in the evenings tried to stay up late. Read more

Clean modern rooms, helpful staff Minuses : Huge amount of algae in the sea and on the beach, impossible to swim, had to walk a mile along the beach to normal water, very small. Read more

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Reviews about holiday resorts in Mexico

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The 10 Best Beaches in Mexico There are endless opportunities to enjoy all kinds of beach vacations in Mexico. That’s no surprise, since the country has coastlines on the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of California sides.

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Food Prices in Mexico City - 2022

What tourists say about vacations in Mexico

Mexico vacation reviews

We’ve gathered traveler reviews of vacations in Mexico for the year 2021. Learn firsthand about the weather, hotels, excursions and activities. Pros and cons of going to Mexico in 2022. Tourist tips.


Reviews of the weather in Mexico.

Mexico is located in the south of North America, in a zone of subtropical and tropical climate. The average annual temperature on the Yucatan Peninsula and coastal plains is +24. +28 ° C, so vacationers can enjoy their vacations here all year round. The best time is the dry season, which lasts from November to April.

In winter and spring there is no intense heat, so it is quite comfortable to swim. For diving in Mexico come from December to the end of March. The sea is quiet, and there are almost no storms.

According to feedback from tourists, in June and July in Mexico is a real tropical heat and high humidity. At the height of summer, strong waves rise on the Pacific coast, so many surfers come to the western resorts. Hurricanes begin in the Caribbean – the east of the country is threatened by severe storms.

Photos and reviews of Mexico

Baja California (Photo: / @mjhphotography)

Maria Martinova: “June temperatures range from +26°C to +32°C. At all the resorts there is a steady heat. During all time it rained 6 times. They were short, and everything quickly dried out. However, it was stuffy and sometimes there was a strong wind.

Marta Andreeva: “In July the country was met with prolonged heavy rain, which rained for half a day. I didn’t bring an umbrella or a raincoat. I had to buy everything on the spot.

In September and October, it is as warm as in summer. According to feedback from tourists, autumn in Mexico is quite comfortable. The sea and ocean are a little cooler. By the end of October, the tropical rainy season ends. The risk of tornadoes is minimal.

Maria Vladimirova: “Despite warnings about the unstable weather, in September, my way was in Cancun. The beaches here are marvelous and the sea is warm. The temperature is +32 ° C, at night it is cooler up to +25 ° C. The water is +29 ° C. There are powerful storms at night.

Maria Yurieva: “The best beaches in Mexico are in October. The velvet season is perfect for vacations. The air temperature is +28 ° C. Water in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean from +26 ° C to +27 ° C.”

Isamal - the yellow magical city where the Mayans still live

Mexico vacation reviews

Tulum (Photo: / @earth)

Hotel reviews in Mexico

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Comfortable hotels 4-5* prevail in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Vacationers are offered meals “all inclusive”, “breakfasts” and “breakfasts and dinners”. According to tourist reviews for 2021, hotels in Mexico is better to book in advance through Rumguru or Bucking, because they are more expensive on the spot.

To make your vacation in Mexico in 2022 a success, study tourist reviews about hotels and make your choice!

Eugene : “Hotel Iberostar Selection Cancun 5* is ordinary. The beach is super, always free sun loungers, the room stock is not new. The food is good, but very monotonous.

Olesya Kolesnik : “I stayed in Grand Oasis Cancun 4*. I don’t have any complaints about the staff, food, and rooms. Would recommend it to a young married couple.

Nataly : “Viva Wyndham Maya 3* is a good and comfortable hotel for families. The food is varied and to our liking. We had wifi in the room and on the beach.

Reviews of hotels in Mexico

Hotel Grand Oasis Cancun (Photo: / Grand Oasis Cancun)

Reviews about the beaches and sea in Mexico

The beaches in Mexico are beautiful. The wide, sandy coastline is great for leisurely relaxing by the sea, diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and sea fishing. According to tourist reviews, the sea in Mexico is always warm for swimming. No matter what month you arrive, swimming will be comfortable.

The best Mexican resort is considered Cancun. In addition to Cancun, the Caribbean coast has good beaches in the Riviera Maya resort area. On the shores of the Pacific Ocean beaches in Acapulco, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta are praised.

Kira Zvyagintseva: “If you like sea extreme, go to Marlin beach. Huge waves reach frightening sizes. Lovers of parasailing and kitesurfing hang out here”.

Katekomarik: “Tortugas Beach is my favorite in Cancun. The entrance to the water is smooth. It has all the infrastructure – cafes, sun loungers, etc.”

Katekomarik: “Caracol is a nice beach with very few people. A lot of shade, plenty of room. The waves are medium, not hitting. Clean, algae do not interfere with swimming.

Tonina - Ancient Mayan Tower of Babel in Mexico

Reviews of Mexico Beaches

Cancun coast (Photo: dronepicr /

Tourist reviews of excursions in Mexico

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We have popular tours to archaeological sites, the ancient cities of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum, tours to the Mayan wells – cenotes and factories where tequila is produced. Many people enjoy sightseeing walks around Mexico City, trips to the Rio Lagartos Reserve, the island of Cozumel and the Pink Lakes.

For a successful vacation in Mexico in 2022, read the reviews of tourists about the excursions.

Natalia : “Terrific archaeological tour, thanks to guide Emilio! A professional, giving himself to the end, despite the heat and our fatigue.” Read more about the tour →

Alexei : “Mayan city “Black Jaguar” – wonderful tour! The 13 hours flew by in one breath. The route is not the most touristy places. More about the tour →

Mexico Reviews

The Ancient City of Teotihuacan (Photo: / @jeison)

Tourist reviews of the attractions

The home of tequila, a country of contrasts and exotic nature is made for active tourism. Tourists swim in the cenotes, swim with turtles and dolphins, surf and sail.

If you want to learn how to dive or are into diving, visit the underwater museum of Cancun. There are 400 realistic sculptures on the bottom of the sea.

Love : “Diving – unforgettable impressions and emotions! The underwater world is amazingly beautiful: a variety of fish, sea urchins, saw a lobster! The museum itself is also very interesting. Read more about this excursion →

lusika: “One of the most beautiful places is Tulum. It is full of mesmerizing views. It’s not without reason that they make photo shoots for catalogs and magazines! Everywhere you can meet iguanas and coatis.

With a child, visit the interactive Museum of Light in Mexico City and the Museum of Traditional Mexican Toys in Aguascalientes. Active kids love the Xplor Park, Lost Mayan Kingdom, Ixcaret and Six Flags amusement parks.

Passenger: “Lost Mayan Kingdom is a very convenient park. I think adults will be interested as well.”

Tourism Reviews for vacations in Mexico

Tulum (Photo: / @rpnickson)

Pros and cons of vacationing in Mexico

More than 21 million tourists from around the world visit Mexico every year. In this country in one trip you can relax on the beaches, visit the tropical jungle, see the majestic volcanoes, ultramodern metropolitan areas and distinctive villages.

8 Best Mayan Pyramids in Mexico

The pros of vacationing in Mexico in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • Spacious sandy beaches.
  • Warm sea.
  • Great opportunities for active tourism.
  • The richest cultural heritage.
  • Archaeological, architectural and natural attractions.
  • Carnivals and celebrations.
  • Delicious Mexican cuisine.
  • Good enough service.
  • Friendly people.

Justjemchug: “I liked Mexico: colorful country, friendly people in the tourist area. If you speak Spanish or English you won’t get lost there.

There are few minuses:

  • Long flight time.
  • Russians need an electronic permit.
  • Holidays are not cheap.
  • The all-inclusive option is rare.
  • Garbage and dirt.

Elena Yagupova: “Mexico City is a dirty city. Despite the fact that we lived in the very center in a safe and prosperous neighborhood, the feeling of dirt never left us.”

Tourism Reviews for vacations in Mexico

A taco diner in Mexico City (Photo: / @trovatten)

Nuances of vacationing in Mexico and travel tips

Learn a few words and greetings in Spanish before your trip. Even if you pronounce them incorrectly, Mexicans will be happy. They are always happy to help a tourist who is trying to speak Spanish.

Vacations in Mexico are not cheap. Great savings will not work.

Feya: “Prices in restaurants and shopping malls, like in good places in Moscow. So you should be prepared that it’s not a budget holiday at all.

The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea bathe the country to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. On the beaches of Mexico bathe all year round. In winter, the temperature of sea water is +24. +25 ° C, and in summer +29. +30°С. The Caribbean Sea is 1-2 ° C warmer than the Pacific Ocean.

Even in designated areas, cross the streets carefully. All Mexican drivers have a license, but many drive very mediocre and inattentively.

Do not argue about religion with locals. Mexicans are devout Catholics and have a temper. Attempts to criticize them are painful and can be very offensive. There are also “forbidden” topics – politics, soccer and questions about income.

Drink bottled water only. Tap water is not good for drinking.

Buy tequila from big supermarkets in the cities. It’s cheaper there than in the smaller stores in the resorts.

Mexico vacation reviews

Mazatlan, Mexico (Photo: / @danielapodaca96)

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