Tourist reviews of vacations in the UAE – 2022

Hotel reviews in the UAE

I want to thank this hotel for a wonderful and unforgettable stay. Very tasty food, elite and high quality alcohol, impeccable service. All the staff are trying to make your stay more relaxing. Read more

It’s a great hotel, very nice hotel, very nice staff, really tasty food, cool water park. took half board with dinners, you have to book in advance, different focus on the food. Read more

Beautiful hotel. Located in the city, but inside a complete feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thank you to the architects. It was perfect for a hotel as it was a great place to stay. Read more

It’s my pleasure to stay at this hotel. What a great hotel! Clean, cozy, and modern. Very friendly staff throughout. At the cafe, thanks to Javokhir. We came to reception for an extension of a late check out. Prolonged on. Read more

The room is in a modern style, new furniture, large TV, separate toilet and bathroom. The hotel is very clean and tidy every day! Read more

Checked in at the hotel on 29.08.2022 The cleanliness is 1st class, room cleaning is done everyday and all towels and toiletries are changed. The room seemed to be very clean and everything worked. Read more

We took a trip to this hotel for 9 nights. Now writing a review after 5 nights lived. Opinion has already been formed on the hotel. Room: spacious, with a kitchen, washing machine, iron, microwave. Read more

We stayed at Rixos Palm on 27.08.2022, checked in quickly and brought dinner to the room. We had dinner in our room quickly we walked in but smelled cigarettes on the balcony. Stayed at reception and was very well looked after… Read more

We had a great stay at this hotel and we had a great stay at the hotel. What was not to like : Liked everything. Read more

The staff is wonderful, always willing to help and advise. The breakfasts were great. Did not like it : Rooms did not seem to be 5 star but maybe I just had a bad experience. Read more

We had a great stay at this hotel and would love to spend some time with our family. We had a small child staying at the hotel in November 2021. Breakfast consisted of warm clothes, shoes, linen and silverware. Read more

We really liked the attitude of the staff, we were given a room on the highest floor with the view we wanted. The room was clean all the time. They made us a present on our birthday. Always polite and helpful. Read more

Dear Rixos, I love coming back here! Yes, the hotel is old. The accommodation has been partially renovated. Nevertheless, housekeeping is always top notch, great food choices, good alcohol and responsiveness. Read more

Great hotel, big beautiful area, there is a small pool, large pool, children’s pool, first line, very few people, always had sun loungers, no queue for the buffet, it’s very varied, all Read more

Everything was fine, the beach had towels and sun loungers. The hotel is very clean and very comfortable. There is staff at the reception who speaks Russian. No bathrobes in the room, slippers available. Shampoo, shower gel are available. On request. Read more

UAE in May 2022. Where to rest, weather and reviews

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Reviews of resorts in the UAE

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Emirates Travel: Best Day Tours from Dubai If you’ve already visited Dubai’s theme parks, wandered around the Al Fahidi district and enjoyed the views from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, you might want to look into neighboring emirates.

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What tourists think about vacationing in the UAE

Holiday Reviews in the UAE

Looking for a comfortable vacation by the sea? Get familiar with reviews of vacations in the UAE. Find out what travelers think about the weather, beaches, hotels, food, entertainment and prices for tours in 2022. Also provide up-to-date information and reviews of tourists about holidays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Holidays in the UAE now

As of January 2022, all emirates are already open to tourists from Russia. But to get there, you need to sweat a little bit. Here are the conditions of entry into Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman:

  • Take a PCR test at an approved lab no later than 72 hours before departure. The certificate must be in English and in printed form. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the test.
  • Do another express test on arrival at the airport. It is free and results will be available in up to 48 hours (usually 6-8 hours). You must be on self-exemption at the hotel until you receive the test results.
  • Have health insurance covering the cost of treatment for coronavirus and self-isolation at the observatory. You can buy it at
  • Have a return airline ticket.
  • Fill out a health questionnaire.
  • Have a mobile app for tracking your movements, location and contact details – COVID19-DXB Smart App (for Dubai) or ALHOSN (for the rest of the Emirates). What a Wonderful New World!
Excursions in Dubai - 2022: prices and descriptions

The conditions of entry into Abu Dhabi are stricter.

While the tests and questionnaires are customary for tourists, the app does not work for everyone, some people do not even have it installed. If you can’t install it, enter a number or generate a QR code, read a special thread on the Vinsky forum.

After taking the test when you arrive at the airport, you will have to sit in the hotel until you receive the results. It should arrive within 48 hours, but it is much easier and quicker to track yourself on the Pure Health website. If the result is negative, you are free to walk around town. If the result is positive, you will be put under a 14-day quarantine.

Generally speaking, as for checks at airports, it depends on your luck. Some people have all their documents checked thoroughly, while others just have a quick look. Some tourists even arrive with ordinary insurance that does not cover treatment for covids.

The airport, after the passport control, they took a quick look at the test and that was the end of it. And no one in the crowd was sent to the tests or looked at the application. On the plane asked to fill out two forms, but no one was interested. At the hotel, they didn’t ask anything at all.”

annettekiss: “The DXB app was checked at the airport in Moscow when we were boarding the plane. There they also scanned the QR code from the app. The insurance policy is checked at check-in; it should indicate the Coovid coverage. Tests are also scanned and sent to Emirates at check-in. The results of the test taken in the UAE, came in a day, then you can move around the city. In the first day, only on the territory of the hotel. Without a mask you can only eat and be on the beach. The rest of the time everyone everywhere with masks. Food imposes staff, if something you take yourself – rushing to you to help. Boarding in a cab no more than 2 in the car, if large, then no more than 4.”

Vitkana: “They asked for qr-codes of the DXB application. <. >We showed screenshots, no one read the code, just looked at availability. Then we never heard about it again in Dubai. On the plane we did not fill out anything, in Dubai we did not fill out anything. For tests, the guide advised to look in the app PH Screening results. In the hotel, no restrictions, breakfast was immediately offered, isolation was not asked, we swim on the beach of the hotel.

Reviews about the weather and seasons in the UAE

The Emirates have a dry and very warm climate. During the year there is only 100 mm of rainfall, so to get in the rain during the vacations – a great luck.

According to reviews of tourists, the summer holidays in the UAE is not too comfortable because of the high temperatures. From May to September at noon the thermometer rises to +40. +50 ° C in the shade. In July and August it gets unbearably hot, and few people dare to leave the air-conditioned hotels and shopping malls.

Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai: ticket prices and tips

Another reason for the low season is sandstorms. In June and September, hot southeasterly winds – sharks – blow from the deserts of Iran and the Persian Gulf. They bring so much sand to the coastal resorts that locals and tourists spend several days in their homes and hotels.

Reviews of prices for vacations in UAE

In October, more tourists come to vacation in the UAE. According to reviews, the heat subsides and the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures becomes greater.

Arabian winter is more like midsummer in the middle belt of Russia. The air temperature never drops below +19 ° C. In November and December the sea is still warm for swimming, but in January and February the water temperature is the coldest of the year at +18 ° C. According to reviews, tourists on vacation in the UAE in these months mostly swim in heated pools, but some enjoy swimming in the sea.

What are the best months for a holiday in the UAE? According to tourist reviews, the Emirates is worth to come from October to December, in March and April. During this time, the air temperature ranges from +23 ° C to +30 ° C during the day and the sea water is heated to +24. +27°С.

Reviews of tourists about the weather in the UAE

(Photo: / @chrumo)

Tourist reviews of beach holidays in the UAE

The coastline of the Emirates stretches for over 700 km and is washed by the waters of the Persian and Gulf of Oman. Beach holidays in the UAE last almost all year round.

Most of the resorts come to Dubai . The most popular beaches are in the urban areas of Deira and Jumeirah. Lovers of seclusion choose Gantut Beach, and fans of kitesurfing choose the windy Kite Beach. Tourists enjoy combining relaxing holidays by the sea with trips to entertainment centers and shopping.

Tourism Reviews Reviews of UAE Beaches & Resorts

Many people like the ideally clean coastline of the emirate of Sharjah. However, on public beaches there are strict Muslim prohibitions, and banned open swimwear. The way out – choose a hotel with its own beach, or wear a closed bathing suit.

Those who come to rest in the UAE leave good reviews about Bahrain Island near Abu Dhabi. Tourists keen on sea fishing and diving prefer the beaches and coral reefs in the eastern emirate of Fujairah.

Tip . Check in advance the dress code for beach holidays at your chosen hotel. Also find out when the beaches have women’s days.

Map of beaches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Travelers reviews of prices for vacations in the UAE

The UAE is a popular country, but compared to Turkey, Montenegro or Tunisia, the rest there is more expensive. According to reviews of tourists, the tour prices go down only in the midst of a hot summer.

Food Prices in Dubai - 2022

During the high season a trip for 7 days for two will cost from 100 thousand rubles. If you stay at a 5* hotel, “all inclusive”, the tour costs from 125 thousand. The prices for air tickets from Moscow to Dubai and back start from 13 thousand rubles and almost do not depend on the time of year.

Advice . Last minute tours are half or even three times cheaper! One-week tours to the Emirates are sometimes sold for only 25-30 thousand for two people.

A helpful selection:

Ilya Varlamov’s review of his vacation in Dubai

Hotel Reviews

Look for hotels with discounts on Hotellook. Here are the top hotel search rules.

A trip to one of the richest countries of the East is a meeting with real luxury. In the Emirati hotels there are rooms upholstered in silk and brocade. According to tourists’ reviews, during the holidays in the UAE, a high level of service is guaranteed. Regardless of the rank of the hotel, the staff knows their business and diligently serves demanding customers.

Hotel beaches are always clean. They are equipped with toilets, changing rooms and sport equipment rental points. The guests get free sun beds, umbrellas and towels.

Room rates for two in Dubai hotels in 2022:

Price, $
Guesthouse 25
Hotel 1* 30
Hotel 2* 35
Hotel 3* 40
4* Hotel 50
Hotel 5* 90

Tip . Hotels 3-5* always meet the stated category, and many 1* and 2* hotels were built a long time ago – 30-35 years ago. If you’re looking for inexpensive, comfortable accommodations, check out the offerings of modern ghettos.

UAE Holiday Reviews in September, October & November

(Photo: / @julianasnaps)

Food Reviews

Traveling to the Emirates is a great way to experience Arabian cooking. Muslims don’t eat pork, but they cook lamb, veal and goat meat beautifully. Seafood and fish dishes, fresh vegetable salads, fruit juices and desserts are popular with the locals. The most common cuisine is Lebanese, but restaurants and cafes serve dishes from all parts of the world.

According to reviews of tourists in 2021, on vacation in the UAE have to spend money on food. Lunch for one at a mid-level resort café costs $20-30, and the cost of dinner at an upscale restaurant starts at $130. Food, including baby porridge and formula, is not cheap. You can save at budget establishments serving Indian and Asian cuisine – you can eat there for $8.

Vacationers like inexpensive fast food on the street:

  • chicken or beef shawarma – $1.4;
  • falafel – $6.8;
  • cheese and greens in a pita (manakish) – $1.8;
  • flatbread with sesame seeds (barbari) – $0.8;
  • freshly squeezed juice, $2.7.

Tip . Try the aromatic Arabic coffee and order the meze, cold and hot appetizers that are traditionally served at the beginning of a meal.

UAE Decembers, January & February reviews

(Photo: Kathryn Burrington / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Reviews of excursions and activities

Look for interesting excursions on the Tripster website. Individual and group, no crowds and in Russian.

Emirates attract excellent sandy beaches and ultra-modern entertainment. Vacations can touch the exoticism of the East and the centuries-old Arabian traditions, to visit the grand celebrations and unusual attractions.

Fujairah, UAE: Tourism reviews of Fujairah hotels - 2022-2021

According to reviews of tourists during the holidays in the UAE should not overpay for sightseeing tours of cities. Many recommend traveling on their own or take tours to places that are difficult to get on their own. For example, do not overpay for a tour of the Burj Khalifa – you can get there without the help of a travel agent, and it costs less. Learn how to buy a ticket for Burj Khalifa.

Among the activities popular are:

  • Sea fishing – $110;
  • Ferrari World park – from $110;
  • Water parks – $ 55-75;
  • Ski Dubai – $49;
  • Jeep safari in the desert – $ 65;
  • Dubai sightseeing tour on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper – $70.

Check out Tripster’s interesting signature excursions:

UAE reviews for March, April & May holidays

Reviews of vacations with children

The dry climate and warm sea attract many parents with children to the UAE. The most favorable months for traveling with a child are considered October and November.

In the resort centers built a modern 4 * and 5 * hotels, which focus on family holidays. They have all conditions for a comfortable stay with the kids – special menus, animation, children’s play clubs and shallow pools.

According to reviews of tourists, for a holiday in 2022 in the UAE with teenagers is ideal in Dubai. There are several water parks and entertainment centers, a large zoo and the Lost Chambers oceanarium. The skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi and the grandiose Ferrari World theme park are no less impressive for school-age children.

Tip . In winter, when the sea is cool for bathing children, choose a hotel with a heated pool.

UAE Vacation Reviews June, July & August

(Photo: Raymond Mendoza / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Pros and cons of vacationing in the UAE – 2022

Most tourists leave positive reviews about vacations in the UAE. They dream of coming back here again and recommend a trip to the Emirates to friends. Pros :

  • In the warm Arabian country you can rest comfortably all year round.
  • There are many regular and charter flights to the Emirates.
  • It’s easy to combine beach activities, excursions, shopping and outdoor activities.
  • The UAE is a safe country. Vacationers are free to walk the streets of cities at any time of day.
  • The level of hotel facilities is high. The resorts are represented by hotels of all leading international networks. There is a choice of housing in different price categories and offers on an all-inclusive program.

According to reviews of tourists in 2021, there are few disadvantages of vacationing in the UAE:

  • The trip is expensive for middle-income tourists.
  • From May to September in the resorts of the Emirates is too hot. Children, the elderly and those who have chronic diseases are poorly tolerated by the high temperatures.
  • On public beaches there are strict Muslim bans on women’s clothing.
  • Alcoholic beverages are sold on a limited basis. They are only available in special stores, as well as in the bars of restaurants and hotels.

Interesting video! TV host and blogger Anton Ptushkin gives a video tour of the rich life in Dubai:

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