Traveler’s notebook drawing

Lotto lottery with no prizes in verses

I believe that the proposed techniques will be useful and at least become an inspiring springboard for you, from which you will fly to your own, personally appropriate ways of saving precious moments, places, people and emotions.

Popular entertainment for guests at any celebration (anniversaries are no exception) – a win-win mock lottery. Papers with prize numbers are placed in a bag. Guests pull out lottery tickets, and the presenter reads the text to the won gift, an assistant gives the gifts to the guests. The lottery is a win-win-win, which means that each drawn ticket gets a free gift. The text jokes for presenting gifts won in the raffle can be as follows:

1. A souvenir for your tender eyes – read (Fairy Tales). 2. A thing that doesn’t go out of fashion. (Laces). 3. Here’s a lighter for you, use it, it’s not a pity. (A box of matches). 4. When you go for a walk, you must have a pin of steel to keep your pants on. (A pin). 5. Who is the happiest of all? Get this pelvis. (Pelvis). 6. Don’t be angry with us, my friend, You’ll need a box. (Box of matches). 7. Let the smile of the bride suddenly touch your eyes, and the good mood will never leave you again. 8. Destiny has taken a tribute from you, a box of matches in return. (Matches). 9. Take this (Button) and walk happily in the world. 10. You’ll have to live with grief, And forget the days of the calendar! (Calendar). 11. A household vacuum cleaner. (Broom). 12. You are desperately lucky – get (Sandwich). 13. Your winnings are special, About everything in the world read in the newspaper. (Newspaper). 14. Pour this glass and drink quietly. (Disposable cup). 15. I’ll give you the winnings, and you can use them in your work. (Sheet of paper). 16. Whoever gets a can of beer, Lives the whole year happily! (Beer). 17. Even the old man Kashchey himself swept the dust from his ears with it. (Brush). 18. Dear friend, get (Candy), But do not eat yourself, treat the neighbor. 19. (Handkerchief). # Don’t scratch the ticket, don’t scratch the numbers, Consider no prize, Cry and be quiet. 20. Since you got the chocolate, You won’t be bitter – you’ll be sweet! (Chocolate). 21. Hold out your hand. You’ll get a head of onions. (Onions). 22. you are a tough nut, which means good luck awaits you! (Peanuts). 23 .Though this cream is inedible, But the smell is just unparalleled! (Coconut cream). 24 .So you don’t have to eat in the dining room, Get a bay leaf. (A bag of bay leaves). 25. You want to be as strong as a gin, get a vitamin, brother. (Carrots). 26. you don’t drip on your neighbor, And win a napkin. (Napkin). 27. Today you are not a jubilee, you do not have a laurel crown, you better take from us (Laurel leaf sachet). 28. I’ll give you something that won’t happen to you, I’ll give you something that will come in handy. (Condom). 29. That you could keep money, We give you a purse. (Purse). 30. We give you a piece of chintz, you can marry again. (Handkerchief). 31. It’s not even awkward, but now for you (Carrot). 32. You’re “in the juice”, in the prime of your life! (Juice-pack). 33. Don’t be bored in the evenings – drink fragrant tea (Tea). 34. A substitute for a soccer ball. (Old tin can). 35. It will help you remember an object of the past childhood years. (Pacifier). 36. The lottery is not a trick, Here’s a tablecloth for you. (The cloth). 37. Change, but it feels good. (A handful of small coins). 38. You will get a rusty nail, please do not be angry, For even the most rusty nail comes in handy. (Nail). 39. You have won a spoon, Come and eat a little. (Wooden spoon). 40. If a child cries, you must silence him by beckoning him with a rattle and silencing him. (Rattle). 41.A portrait of the most beautiful person. (Mirror). 42. This prize was given to you to chew on in the evening. (Nuts, loafs or breadcrumbs). 43. An antique hanger. (Nail). 44. A vessel for the consumption of spirits. (Thimble). 45. Comrade, believe, hope and wait, your winnings are ahead. 46. You wanted to win a flashlight. You only got the balloon. (Balloon). 47. The boat came on this ticket, now you can go out into the world. (Paper boat). 48. To shave very cleanly You need a tool. (Blade). 49. Tulle yesterday ate moths, torn to pain, we give you in return (bag) – nothing else! 50.

Best landscape photography: the entries in the photo contest

Get your toy, close your eyes and dream, if you buy this thing, ride me in it. (Car). 51. Get it, hurry up, you – a notebook, write a poem. (Notebook). 52. No more practical win than a garbage bag. (Garbage bag). 53. While the boss “shavings off us,” Calmly make a mug of tea! (Mug). 54. You don’t have striped pants, but you do have a cigarette. (Cigarettes). 55. Why do you have a purse, put your money in a bag. (Bag). 56. (Yogurt “Delight”) A big pay rise awaits you for your heart. (Yogurt “Delight”). 57. For good people, nothing is too bad, Get it soon, comrade, (Skipping rope). 58. Imported hair dryer “Roventa” with an attachment. (Comb). 59. You won not a penny, but a real (Ruler). 60. And for sweets we have. There’s a little pill for you. (Vitamins). 61. We give you (notebook), so you have something to write on. 62. (A set of dish sponges). (A set of sponges for dishes). 63. You are a dear guest in our house. A present for you (A valuable nail). 64. For your nice smile, given to us now, We present to you this (Button), let it please you. 65. You’ve forgotten your friends, write a letter to them, baby. (Pen). 66. Come on, sweet friend, get it (Pie). 67. No typewriter, offer this item. (Stylus). 68. To prevent the wind from blowing off the cap, here’s a gift for you (paper clip). 69. This ball will stop a child from crying. (Balloon). 70. Straight from the department store (Toilet paper). 71. I’m going to have a drink and it’s very important. Here’s a paper napkin for your sleeve. (Paper napkin). 72. (Pills), I give you, don’t be ill, be strong, (Pills). 73. Who’s so happy? A keepsake for you – (thermometer)! 74. The thing of the world, as they say, this thing may come in handy. (Cork). 75. You got a flower – a rose, It does not wither in the frost. (Rose). 76. You’ve won like manna from heaven You’ve got a piece of bread. (Piece of bread). 77. And this ornament is a sight to behold. (Beads of paper clips). 78. You don’t need to get hot, you’ll be soothed by mustard. (Mustard). 79. Get your winnings quickly as a gift – (Balloon). 80. Unlucky ticket you bought, 100 rubles fine for diapers show us. 81. You will need a notebook if you want to know how much money you have earned. (Notepad). 82. This is a must for lovers of intimacy. (Candle). 83. Do you understand the meaning of the gift? Life will be joyful and bright! (Crayons). 84. I will not refuse (Kefir) for any good in the world. 85. Lucky you for the glory: kiss the neighbor on the right! 86. You and your companion will never be lost, From any guests do not come home hungry. (Spoon). 87. You (Postcard) got it, so we are supposed to. 88. You wanted a piano, but you got a calendar. (Calendar). 89. (Notebook) – it’s nothing, but that’s what you wanted. 90. Give your little girl-to-be this book. (Children’s book). 91. If you have a medicine cabinet in the house, you also need a candle. (Candle). 92. Now you have to buy a baby so you have someone to suckle on your pacifier. (Pacifier). 93. Make a clever face, You won an egg. (Kinder surprise). 94. You got lucky in your hands. Two potatoes you got. (Two potatoes). 95. This book is not the most important, Only you are the writer in it. (The notebook). 96. To write down where your paycheck went, You’ll need this pen! (Pen). 97. Let your life be warmer with the gift of Prometheus. (Candle). 98. Since you are not at your desk, You will need cards in life. (A deck of cards). 99. Don’t be sad, don’t grieve, Stand up and kiss your neighbor. (Kiss your neighbor). 100.

Evil is the lottery fate, A clothespin is only given to you. (The clothespin). 101. A device for transmitting thought at a distance. (Envelope). 102. To relieve you of your torment, Won the hand cream. (Hand cream). 103. Wider open your mouth, You have a skein of paper. (Toilet paper). 104. To look cool, we give you a limousine. (Children’s car). 105. With a dream of scarcity you’ll run all over town, but you’ll rarely meet (Paper napkin). 106. Your winnings are still ahead of you, but you’ll look at others for now. (Extra number). 107. Success awaits you today, Get your walnut. (Walnut). 108. You’ve won quite a few, You’re lucky, no doubt, You got not three candies, But three pieces of candy. 109. Perhaps you’re “soapy” to run away, But your lot is to keep on working! (Soap). 110. Bananas and coconuts You’ll be rewarded by fate (Banana). 111. Get this tube as a gift, To make every tooth shine in the sun! (Paste). 112. You’re in for a treat, my friend, you’ve got it (three candies). 113. Luck in your hands, you got a big apple. (Apple). 114. You are not bored today, Get Indian tea. (Packet of Indian tea). 115. To keep your hair in order, You’ll need a hair band. (Hair band). 116. Even though your name is not Fekla, But you got a beet. (Beets). 117. The seal of a small business. (Eraser). 118. Brush your teeth at least once a week to keep them healthy. (Toothbrush). 119. If you want to be rich, be rich. (Wallet). 120. The washing machine “Malyutka”. (Soap in a soap dish). 121. Oh, what a good boy you are, get a lollipop. (Chupa Chups). 122. (Chupa-Chups) 122. (Toothpaste). 123. You’re good at your job And you’ll be in our honor all year long. (Horseshoe). 124. You got this soap To wash your hands cleaner. (Soap). 125. You should hope for the best in life, Take glue, if life is not going well. (Glue). 126. Well done for playing, Get two Ferrari’s. (Children’s cars). 127. You forget for a moment how much this joke is worth. Said beforehand, it’s expensive to pay attention. (Kiss your neighbor). 128. Anything can happen in life, and it can even be like this, if you damage your reputation somewhere, (A clothespin) will help dry it up. 129. You’re the best, you’ll see, for you a glass, hangover. (A shot glass with vodka). 130. Don’t be sad, dear friend, your souvenir is already here. (Badge). 131. To him who receives this candle, He will have to travel around the world! (Candle). 132. To have a full goblet you need (Lid). 133. Yes, the ticket is yours, so hold on to it (Pencil). 134. A remedy for fighting pets. (Velcro for flies). 135. Walk with your hair beautiful, Captivating everyone with a thick, fluffy mane. (Shampoo). 136. You will be cheerful and energetic, And therefore the whole year will pass perfectly! (Coffee). 137. ♪ Though they say vodka’s a poison ♪ We’ll give you as a reward a shot of vodka. (Vodka shot). 138. The line’s come to you, You’ve got a fresh Mars bar! 139. Whether you want it or not, Here’s a lipstick for you. 140. For an overgrown baby – a wonderful (Pacifier)!

Contest for the best travel photo

Traveller’s Notes. Eight Ways to Keep a Travel Book

Do you take a travel notebook with you when you travel? I’m not just on trips – in the grocery store at home without a notebook! I laugh, of course, but only partly.

The truth is that I like to keep all kinds of diaries and notebooks, I have about twenty of them (personal diary, writing practice notebook, writing practice notebook, warm words notebook, daughter’s diary, homework study notebooks, gratitude notebook and others). And, of course, a special place is occupied by the travel book, in Russian – the travel diary.

This year it turned eleven! I started traveling much earlier, but only during my April trip to Italy (for the third day) in 2011, I realized that I needed a special place where I could save my thoughts, share memories, observations, emotions and events.

To be in the moment, to enjoy every minute (and later to write down “Dolce vita. Primavera” in a notebook).

So a black-covered moleskin appeared, with checkered sheets and a rubber band encircling the pages. On them, in addition to the lively bouncing words, are glued magazine clippings, tickets, stamps. And in the back pocket is a sprig of lavender, still holding a warm subtle scent.

In the blessed docudrama days, I combined my two passions, travel and the written word, and organized an author tour to Georgia (we traveled by bus straight from Perm). In addition to admiring the beauty of the lavish Caucasian country, eating khachapuri and khinkali in untold quantities, we also wrote. We kept the travel-book. First of all for myself, and then for others-some of the trip participants shared their impressions and observations on social media.

When I put up the post, I thought about the possibility that my experience would be useful, for example, so that others would not make the same mistakes that I or our group did, or that they would visit places not described in the travel guides.

Contest: 30,000 rubles for a dream trip!

The fact is, not all people are willing to take the time to share their impressions – to choose words, make notes and post them on social networks or other Internet resources. I think it’s great that there are those who write, post, because it inspires others, encourages them to travel to new places, or at least a person lying on the couch, gets positive emotions. And where they will lead him and what they will inspire, no one knows (I want to believe in something good:)). I have been told more than once, for example, that thanks to my articles people first fell in love with Georgia in absentia and then in person.

Photo: Kirill Loginov Photo: Kirill Loginov Photo: Kirill Loginov

It is also important for me to “digest” the events directly on the road. I have a lot of impressions – dozens times more than in real life! I have written in a notebook, and oof! relief, no need to keep everything in mind, freeing up space in the inner world for new sensations.

I’m sure my notes will be of interest to me many, many years later. I confess, I still reread them with enthusiasm! After the trip is over, the details (smells, tastes, sounds) quickly fade away, covered by a layer of city events. That’s why it’s so nice to look into the notebook and dive into the atmosphere of the trip.

By the way, it’s a good idea to tell, read what you’ve written down upon your return. Once we had a travel-meeting with some friends, where we told about Georgia, where we would like to come back again and again, about our solo trip to Ukraine (Kiev and Odessa) and the intricacies of volunteering in Italy. We enjoyed it ourselves and gave good emotions to others!

I’d like to share with you the techniques of how you can write down your travel adventures in an interesting way, so that it will be easy and joyful to remember them later. Journeys you take with you don’t have to be far away. Take it even when you go to a nearby town, on a small trip, there are interesting things waiting for you there, too.

1. A list of five (ten-fifteen-twenty) items

Every evening, or during the day, write down what you liked/disliked, what caught you, what resonated, what surprised you, or perhaps made you ecstatic or sad. Anything at all, but in this case, as a list, and briefly enough, in short.

2. acrostic.

I borrowed this method from Daria Kutuzova and I use it not only for traveling. You don’t have to be a poet and find rhymes to write an acrostic, white verse is good too. So, write vertically the name of the country, city, number, or ordinal day of the trip: one letter – one line. That letter becomes the first letter in your sentence. I’ll tell you a secret – everyone always does. It’s different, and that’s what makes it interesting!

Here is what a traveler I know wrote at the foot of Ushba:

Where does your heart live, Sakarvelo? In Adjara, Imeretia, Tusheti? R – do you care for your own people who left the country far and wide? W – do you get tired of people coming to meet you? H – do you know how much we all love you, hospitable and generous? And – I wonder if our words and fervent responses are reaching you? I – I love you, Sakartvelo! Me shen mikhar, Sacartvelo!

Results and winners of the photo contest

3. alphabet.

A very simple and quite entertaining game of association. List for each letter what you crossed paths with and what you remembered. You don’t need writing skills here, just one word is enough. Write it yourself and involve friends and family who are vacationing with you.

I will share some excerpts from my Georgian alphabet as an example:

D – guide George (how Georgians love their country!) … M – Matsoni, Martvili Canyon (did not like the tour, but the photos turned out pretty good). R – Rtveli (grape picking festival).

4. Trip in numbers.

Also nothing complicated. The main criterion, as you understand from the name – the description should be a number.

My Georgia in May in numbers #permyakom_to_Georgia 14 days on the road 2600 km – from Perm to Georgia 10 days of traveling around the country: Stepantsminda (Kazbegi), Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Mestia (Svaneti), Ambrolauri (Khvanchkara, Racha), Vardzija, Borjomi, Batumi 2 nights in a hostel 8 nights in tents 14 tourists, 1 “director” 2 experienced tourists 1 child 1 minibus Ford transit 1 trailer with suitcases and backpacks 1 passenger car 3 traffic fines 10 days of delicious porridge for breakfast 2 super Russian dinners at the “fire” (buckwheat, 1 khachapuri per day 6 packs of ice cream 2 bottles of “Borjomi” 20l of Khvanchkara for 15 persons 4 hikes in the mountains (“light hikes”) 1 hike in the drizzling rain 1 morning sunrise meeting 6 bags of svan salt 3 ajika (for presents) 2 glasses of chacha at a flea market in Tbilisi 1, 5-hour excursion by double-decker bus 3 days in Svaneti 2 days in Tbilisi 1 sunny day at sea 1 smiling-dancing promenade on the seafront in Batumi 1 concert of a Georgian folk-jazz band “Raeo” 3 times cycling 3 times hiking baths 2 times grey-water baths 4 candles lit in temples 7 postcards sent

The participants of the Georgian tour were surprised to find that they brought back much more impressions from their trip than from any of their other previous trips.

5. Interviews

Ask those you are vacationing with at the end of the day what they remembered. They share, and you take notes.

Here’s how my friend Anya wrote in her instagram account about her trip with her family to Sochi:

Sochi makes us happy! It became interesting to know what three events of the day were remembered by the family. Mom: the flight four years later; the sun and warmth after the Perm weather; the croaking of the frogs (there was an orchestra). Brother and niece: first airplane flight; first acquaintance with the sea; sun and warmth. Lesya: water (squealed at the pool and on the sea); big closets in the room to hide in; sun (always took off her sweater). Me: the first accommodation in a suite with a gorgeous view from the eighth floor; walking on the rocks along the beach and rinsing my feet in the sea; unaccustomed to walking in shorts and a T-shirt – warm!

Photo: Anastasia Pobedinskaya

6. Questionnaire

Remember, as a child from hand to hand went notebook, where you had to continue the phrase. I took this travel modification from my friend Lena Asanova when she was traveling by bus in Armenia with her company, and she posted notes every day:

Place of the day – Events of the day – Discoveries of the day – Color of the day – Taste of the day – Song of the day – Entertainment of the day – Impression of the day – Joy of the day – Sadness of the day – Phrases of the day – Jokes of the day –

An example from Lena’s social media:

May Ninth is the final day in Armenia.

Places of the day – Vagharshapat, Yerevan.

Event of the day – A conversation with Deacon Vahe at the Temple of Saint Gayane.

Opening of the day – sometimes getting the wrong place is so important that you realize why you came to Armenia. We were going to the very first Christian temple in Vagharshapat, but we ended up at the Temple of Saint Gayane instead.

The color of the day is pink. Yerevan is often called the “pink city” because most of the buildings in the city are made of tufa, a stone that has a pinkish hue due to its volcanic origin.

The results of the contest 30,000 rubles for a dream trip

The flavor of the day is dried fruits, fresh strawberries, Armenian coffee, sujuk, homemade brandy – in general, everything we were given to try at the Yerevan market. If you have to go hungry in Yerevan, just go to the market.

Songs of the Day – Victory Day. In Armenia, May 9 is no less a sacred holiday than it is in our country. Unfortunately we were late for the parade, but we exchanged congratulations with the locals, saw a veteran, and heard war songs playing in the passing cars. In addition to celebrating victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Armenians remember the liberation of Shusha (1992) on May 9.

The entertainment of the day is a walk around Yerevan in search of a dinner spot.

Impressions of the day – a view from the Cascade of nighttime Yerevan and Ararat.

The sadness of the day – a lot of sadness. One of the easiest – I didn’t charge my phone before my walk in Yerevan. So I will have to go back for pictures.

The joys of the day: lunch in one of the most famous restaurants in Yerevan – Dolmam (I will have to go to their branch in Moscow); the food market, beautiful and generous; Armenian dry wine and cheeses in a very atmospheric place called “Wine Time”.

Phrases of the day – How are tomatoes different from humans? © Andrei P. Dai-dai-dai-dai! © Julia K. Reds! © Ksenia Mikhailovna Deputato-like man © Deacon Vahe

Jokes of the day – Katya: Sasha, give it away, please! [about the internet] Sasha: Pecks?!

On the roads of Armenia on #BiviBus

7. Word/Phrase of the Day.

If your trip is so busy that you don’t have time to breathe, let alone reflect, write like you do on Twitter – just one phrase or word.

“Quiet, benign, beautiful. #Shamordino”. Diary entry from a trip to Kazan’s Ambrosian hermitage.

8. This.

The practice is similar to the lists, the only difference being the repeated word at the beginning of the sentence. And you know, sometimes a small change, a nuance, triggers something inside and very different words are born.

So, a note on the results of a trip to the Tver region to the music festival “Nashestviye”:

It’s an eleven-year break and “Hello” again. It’s a little less than a day on the train from Perm to Moscow. It was two hours in the train from Moscow to Bolshoe Zavidovo. It was a downpour that greeted us. Our red rubber boots and green raincoat came in handy. This scorching sun in the following days. It’s the mind-blowing dome of the sky with clouds, without clouds, with thunderclouds and glimpses of blue. It’s the adventure of summer! It’s music twelve hours a day. It’s two stages. 260 thousand listeners! Splin, Kukryniksy, Night Snipers, Leningrad, Pilot, Krematorium, DDT, B-2, Seven B, Pilot, Kipelov, Nogu Svelo and others. These are the expectations from your favorite band. It is a bummer that they did not sing the desired songs. It is the lack of expectations for a band that you relate to calmly. And the surprise, and the enjoyment, and the budding love of strangers. It’s mega-sound, super-light. It’s a breakaway, a hoot and a wild delight. It’s self envy: “Wow, I’m here!”, “Wow, so many bands!” It’s a lunch break while someone sings who you relate to more calmly than those who will be singing afterwards. It’s an introduction to the combination of “rock plus symphony orchestra.” Impressed! It’s tears of intense emotion. It’s the joy of partying together in your, “our” company. The floor sundresses and spontaneous barefoot dancing. The fan-zone and the chance to see the artists up close. It’s the desolate night area in front of the stage, reminiscent of “Zombie. Apocalypse.”

In addition to the practices, you can play with the form – write in a cloud of thoughts rather than linearly (especially suitable for visual people or if you have a notebook without a cage). As an option, when writing notes, you can address someone directly, then it will be an impression that you are heard, you are in a dialogue.

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